December 13th, 2011

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Do you think Taylor Swift is a good song-writer?

Inspired by this conversation I'm overhearing that has left me baffled.

What do you do on days when you just dgaf enough to do your hair?

I've taken to wearing my manatee beanie on these days. I used to just throw that shit in a bun.

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does the frequency that you and a partner have sex dwindle down over time?

ps: i am sorry if this doesn't make any sense i took one of my rooommates sleeping pills and i'm like freaking out it's called soltan or something idk

(no subject)'s 3:15 am and I've been studying for my statistics final (it's tomorrow at 4 pm) for about 7 hours now. I'm so sick of math and I don't feel ANY better about it. I feel like I'm going to fail.

How do you study for a math final effectively? I have a mock final but I could only get a few of them correct without looking at the solutions, and the questions don't even say what chapter they're from, so I have no idea where to begin. :|

Who else sucks at math? >:|  

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I missed breakfast this morning. We had a (rather old) sealed box of oatmeal in the office. So I fixed a bowl. I was still hungry so I started to fix another bowl. When I looked carefully at the oats I saw a weevil crawl out of the mix.
I threw away the box.

How would you react?

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These are movies that I have saved over time to watch instantly on Netflix. If you HAD to pick one of these to watch, what would it be?

Which of these should I watch?


What's the last movie you watched?
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why does allstate give me such a radically different quote than geico when it comes to the same kind of auto insurance? if it's important, I've been an allstate customer for the last 3 years.

allstate wanted $240/month and geico wants $80/month, including comprehensive and collision.
Calvin "Yay!"

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I start my new job tomorrow!

How long should I wait until I add this job to my Facebook profile? (There is a three-month probationary period.)

Celebratory second question: when is too early to open a Christmas present? (My fiance is champing at the bit.)

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I got on the elevator this morning and this guy was waiting and then he didn't get on. I got on with another dude and two ladies. One of the ladies called to him "You're not going up?" and then the doors closed. And the other lady said "He won't get on the elevator with you," and the other lady said "Oh, cigarette smoke." The other lady said, "No, he doesn't ride in the elevator with women." Why do you suppose he wouldn't ride in an elevator with women?

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Ok guys, I thought I had this hoard of awesome artist portfolio sites that I meant to look at later, but it turns out this hoard doesn't exist anywhere in my bookmarks.

Could you please send me to some art portfolio sites? I don't care if you think they're awesome or crappy, I just want to check some out so I can get some ideas for my own site.

Technically this is homework-related

but I thought it would be interesting to hear your answers as well:

What is your favorite non-English song and why?

I'm writing an essay for English on why media is a good reason to learn another language, and I think I'm going to focus on bachata, since it has been the biggest influence in my attempt to learn Spanish.

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Guys, the chocolate shop I'm working at is having a grand opening party tonight. They've just started doing the advertising for said party this morning. Am I right to think this is a fucking dumb idea and no one will show up?

What was the last not-smart business practice your bosses involved you in?

DK/DC: favorite kind of chocolate truffle?
Such a lot of fuss

Adderall and Ambien?

I take Adderall for school and this is finals week. This means that for the next two days, I'll be taking my meds to work on my last final project.

The problem is that Adderall can mess with my sleep schedule and I'm not as young as I used to be. I just can't function during the day if I spend the night before tossing and turning. I'm considering taking maybe half an Ambien, but I'm concerned about interactions. I don't like taking pills to begin with, but I just want to survive the next couple days before winter break.

Has anyone here taken Adderall during the day and then taken an Ambien at night? Have there been any weird side effects? For reference, I took 50mg of Adderall at about 11:30 this morning, will do the same tomorrow. This is a normal size dose for me.

DK/DC: Do you have any time off for the winter holidays? If so, any plans?

I'm off school Thursday and plan to get a massage and facial over the weekend as a reward for a tough semester. Off work on the 23rd and planning to just hang out at home and take it easy.
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American Girl

TQC - Will you help me with my job?

In March we are having an American Girl Doll party for 40 girls (ages 6-10). We did it last year so I don't want to reuse all the same ideas. We did a Mexican game that involes trying to steal a piece of fabric off another player (It had the word chicken or rooster in it). We did freeze dance and a nesting doll relay. The craft was fabric tie pillows, which were actually too hard for some of the girls.

What should we do this time?
We'll likely reuse freeze dance as it was popular. We are doing a book-on-head balancing relay.

Please do not google ideas. I've done that. I want YOUR ORIGINAL ideas. Thnx!
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did anyone else here decorate a gingerbread house this year?

i just did and i feel like i have never done one before. also, frosting is difficult to spread.

what was the last thing you searched for online?

what's on your clipboard?

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Poll #1802851 Holiday poll 4

You look down an alley on December 24th (you're walking to your car or home or whatever), and what a sight you see. A sleigh hooked up to 9 reindeer is parked in the alley. Upon closer inspection, you see a HUGE sack of presents in the back of the sleigh, Upon even closer inspection, you see a man in a Santa Claus outfit, lying against the sack. His face is covered in blood. On the seat next to him is a goose that isn't moving. Could it be that the bird hit the man in the face? It's close to midnight. What do you do?

Call 911. Leave this freaky scene
Call 911. Try and help Santa as best I can
Call 911. Try and help the goose best I can. Screw the human
Help myself to some presents, and then call 911
Take ALL the presents. Call 911
Take a picture. Post it on Facebook with a witty caption.
Push Santa off the sleigh. Don the cap myself. SOMEONE HAS TO DELIVER THESE TOYS!!!
Get the hell outta there. I'm not getting involved no how, no way
Unhook the reindeer. Boot Santa out. Hook the sleigh to my car and drive it home. Keep presents, sell sleigh on ebay

Classic stakingaclaim questions

1) What are your favorite characters (from movies or shows or comics) who wear eye-patches?
2) Can you tell me your life story in 5 sentences? If yes, pls go ahead and do so. If not, pls do not tell me your life story.
3) What kind of sausages do you like?
4) How much pot would you have to smoke/ingest before you became 40% baked?

can we like all do shots every time someone asks a question that gets over 20 comments? (this is rhetorical, but you can answer it anyway)
oh mr. tea

Make life choices for me and my family!

My husband wants to get a Master's degree in something, but he's not sure what. He wants to get a Master's in political science, which I say in Richmond, VA (where we own a house, so we're stuck here for a while) is not very useful. What's a more useful degree for someone to have that I could suggest to him?

-He has a BS in Anthropology with a minor in music, because this was before that whole recession thing where having a marketable degree became Even More Important
-I am getting a Master's in library and information science, which he does not want (fair 'nuff, less competition for me), so that's off the table
-He'd need to make 40k+ after obtaining said degree. Anything less than that would make it financially unreasonable to pursue said degree.

Do you have any additional advice? Ideas? Anecdotes?
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If you could have a detachable body part or organ, what would it be and why?

I would have a detachable penis that I would swap out with my other penises of various shapes and sizes so I am always having sex. And for kicks, I might even swap in a vagina just to reaffirm my dislike or fuck myself with one of my detachable penises.
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In 'The Blair Witch Project' who do you think it was who was chasing the characters, leaving rocks and hangings and eventually killing them? Was Josh dead when he was screaming at the end?

I need answers people. Answers!
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Which super hero powers would you like to see in the next Xmen movie?

Gorgon - woman with prehensile armpit hair. The pit hairs also have stretching
The Barnacle - young man can tell who's guilty and who's teabagging them
Quad - she's got superhuman strength from the waist down. Above the waist - totally normal
Lightning Bolt .05 - super speed, but only from the waist up. Runs as fast as a normal human
The Beige Widow - with one kiss, she can fill you with overwhelming...asexuality. You lose all interest in sex
Major Peepers - he has every kind of super vision, from infrared to x-ray to telescopic...and that's all he can do. Ordinary in every other way
Substitute Teacher X - can't read minds, but can project his own thought into other people's minds
Madame Doolittle - she has the ability to summon any animal to her long as it begins with the letter "N"
The Dynamo - can teleport at will...minimum of 100 miles
The Tricentennial Man - can assume one dimension, two dimension, or three dimensional form
Zappa - she is the absolute mistress of static electricity, can create static shock with merely a thought
Mr. Constitution - immune to poisons of any kind, is allergic to nothing. Really, that's all he's can do
Mimic - can imitate any sound or voice
Freedom Lass - can survive without an atmosphere, can move around in zero gravity, is super powerful in space. However, has no flight and can't get to space
The Incredible Sulk - turns into a mindless, super strong brute if you make him...depressed. Doesn't smash things, but rather, makes a gloomy nest to cry in, usually in the building he's currently in
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Christmas Shipping Question

So I found a perfect gift to give my sister for Christmas. Unfortunately I am leaving on Friday to go to Canada. If I got it shipped express will I get it by Friday?, the website lists that I can do Two-Day U.S shipping: 2 business days after shipping for an extra $8. Does that mean I will get it on Friday if I order it today? If not, does anyone know of a website that sells Greek: Chapter six that ships before Christmas to Canada?

DK / DC: What is your favorite dessert?

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what's on your mind right now? lets have an anything post! anything goes. talk about your life, your friends, your pets, your job, your SO, your hobbies, your favorite "_____", ANYTHING you want!

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is there such a thing as a banana that is so unripened that it is bad to eat?
meaning, it is the size and shape a banana should be, just VERY green.
I just cut up said non-ripened banana to put on a sandwich and it tasted a bit off.

what in the holy hell are you yippin' on about woman: whats your favourite sandwich?
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Controlling Kids

I work at a library & run two book clubs there where we discuss the books then do a related craft. (Girls ages 6-10). Usually they get a bit loud during the talk but sometimes, like today, they were literally screaming (high pitched screams), yelling over each other, jumping on the storytime pillows, and had popcorn all over the floor (which I made them clean up). I told them multiple times to get off the pillows and quiet down. I understand they just got out of sitting in school all day and I do want it to be fun but they are so incredibly poorly behaved. Individually, they're nice kids but together they are a nightmare.
Do teachers get training for this sort of thing?
What should I do to control them?

I'm emailing the parents and I think I am going to require them to sit in on the meetings from now on. The club was originally started as mother/daughter but the mothers just never stayed. They hang out in the library but not in the room.
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Will you please record yourself, using vocaroo or something similar, reading the text behind the cut? BUT DON'T READ IT IN YOUR HEAD BEFORE RECORDING. Spontaneous reading-aloud is necessary. You don't have to do the whole thing, just as much as you feel moved to read. There's nothing dirty or offensive in it, don't worry.
And post your recording.

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Does your job allow you to have unusual hair colors and body mods?

I work at a grocery store and as of right now, we're allowed to have facial piercings and unusual hair colors. I have a nose ring and and hot pink peekaboo streaks in my blonde hair. They're changing dress code in February and we can't have any of this. I'm trying to figure out if I can complain to HR or something, since I've had unnatural hair colors(red to orange to teal to pink) and facial piercings the entire 6 yrs I've worked there.
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I'm trying to put an album onto my ipod but it's not working. The music plays fine on itunes, but when I drag it across and put it on my ipod, it doesn't like sync or whatever, the information and that all stays light grey instead of black. (I've put a picture under the cut to make this clearer)

The files are all the right kind for itunes/pod. I've updated my itunes, tried unplugging my ipod and plugging it back in again, tried syncing it but nothing. It's really frustrating. What would you suggest? If you have any ideas can you put it in like ~simple language since technology isn't my strong point.

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dk/dc: how's it going?

shoes and bunnies

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I have an etiquette question. My dad's girlfriend, basically my stepmother, is a hairdresser who told me a few years back she'd always do my hair for free. I used to take her up on it all the time, but it's been a while. I used to be closer to that part of my family, but I don't really see her often anymore because I only see my dad like once a week anyway. So, I really need my hair done. Would it be rude to ask my stepmother to do it? It is a super-imposing type favor to ask of someone you aren't that close to anymore, or does it sound like no big deal? Help thanks.
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I was away from the phone. I was in Lithuania. I was dead.

My emotional and stressed pal is pissed off at me for avoiding her calls (while pretty frazzled myself).  Am I a really bad person (for passive-aggressive evasion and crap excuses)?  Am I the worst?

DK/DC: How do I train my family to give me better sweeties for Christmas (liquorice, jelly beans) instead of horrid chocs and toffees?  Or to not get miffed and take offence if I just take them into work for everyone else to eat?
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TQC- my dog needs a wheelchair.  :(
I was looking online and the cost for a dog his size is $300.  Do you think my vet will be any less expensive?  Have you had or know anyone who has been in the same position?

I really want to get one for him so he can run around and be back to his old self.  Right now his back legs have nerve damage, so while it doesn't cause him pain they just don't function properly for him to move around very fast.

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MLP - pinkie chicken

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I need a nickname to use to refer to my ex fiance. He is not a terrible person, we just didn't match up, so anything too mean is unnecessary. My asshole ex is "Captain Douchecanoe," so that one is spoken for. Any ideas?

What do you refer to your exes as?
Mark with girl
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When choosing a pet, did you have a preference to male or female? If so, why?

Growing up on a ranch, my dad believed that spayed females (cats and dogs) were much more loyal, and I believe he was right in his situation. When I adopted a dog on my own I got a female. 
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Do you have any sort of invisible disability?

I'm severely hearing impaired. Sometimes I feel like I'm too deaf, or not deaf enough. This post was inspired by someone calling on the work phone, and I asked him to repeat himself (mumbler!) and he said "WHAT ARE YOU DEAF!?!?!". =(
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Should individuals with HIV/AIDS be required by law to divulge this information to their sexual partners prior to engaging in intercourse? Should individuals who knowingly or purposely infect others with HIV/AIDS without revealing their illness be prosecuted for doing so?

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I bought this waistcoat a while ago, and other than a greeny blue nordic knitted jumper I can't think of what to wear with it! Eta: you guys make me sad. Clearly ive been spending too much time with the uk festival hippy community.
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EFL/ESL listening activities

Do you know of any recordings, shows, videos, etc. (preferably things that are available to watch/listen to online), that would be good for someone trying to learn English who speaks it an intermediate level (B1 of the CEFR) who has problems with listening comprehension? I've googled "EFL listening activities" and I've found some things, but it'd be nice if I could find something that's actually interesting for this student to listen to. First language is Spanish and second is German if that matters.

What languages have you attempted to learn/are you learning? How well would you say you speak them?