December 12th, 2011


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what do your farts smell like?

rotten eggs
moldy bananas
swamp gas
dandylions and butter cups
monkey spunk
rancid milk
dung beetle musk
moar ticky
haj...we need to talk
i'm an uncle! his name is jon stone
toe jam
fetid butter

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Short version of question: would a reputable retailer of laptops be required to state if the laptop they're selling online is refurbished, or is it possible to be duped into buying one?

Long Version: I want to buy a laptop for my fiancee for christmas and I may be doing so online. I've found two that I like. One is $298 at Walmart, the other is $329 at Staples. For what they are, and for my budget, they seem like very good deals. Similar laptops at best buy, future shop etc. seem to be more expensive. Generally, if I see a laptop on bestbuy or future shop for 300 bucks, it usually says in big bold letters REFURBISHED. So the fact that I'm getting such a deal at Walmart and Staples makes me wonder if there's any way that I could unknowingly buy one refurb'd. I feel as though Walmart and Staples are big enough companies that they probably wouldn't bother with being sneaky like that, but then again what do I know.

I realize I could always contact customer service but I just wanted to see if there were TQC'ers with expertise in this matter. Plus it's and excuse for me to peruse TQC which I havn't done in a while.

EDIT I went with the staples one. Additionally, I got it delivered to my nearest store, as well, so when I do pick it up I can ensure it's exactly what I want, or return it.
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My brother and his girlfriend just had a little baby girl yesterday :D I have prettymuch no experience of babies or being around new mothers so I am wondering, what would be some appreciated Christmas gifts for new parents?

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I need your opinion, TQC!  At what point would you leave a note and/or call the landlord?


We just moved into a new apartment 3 1/2 weeks ago. The people above us have a dog that barks like mad all the time (and they leave the damn blinds open so he can bark at shit outside!) And they just stomp all over the place.  We've been pretty tolerant and just bitch to ourselves, but the last straw for me came this morning.   At 1:20, it sounded like they were playing or wrestling with the dog, with all kinds of running/stomping/barking in their bedroom, which is right above ours.  This got my dogs riled up and I was unable to get everyone calmed down and back to sleep for over an hour, and I have to be up at 5:30 for work.  Plus, about 4:00 every morning, same thing.  Also of note, I have yet to meet these people.  So, WWTQC do?

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Does anyone know of a reliable site listing upcoming releases from the Disney vault?

I've been googling around for almost thirty minutes now, and I've found a couple of outdated sites and a few rumors about Lady and the Tramp and Aladdin coming out on blu-ray in 2012, but that's it.

So far this is the only semi-reliable-looking site I've found, and it doesn't look like it's been updated in a while.

Any help would be appreciated!
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have you and someone you know ever made up a story as to how you both met?
any reason?

on another note, do any of you have any suggestions for removing the smell of vomit from my younger sister's room? i've been googling, but i was just curious if anyone had any first hand experience.
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What is your opinion on Eat Pray Love?

I am getting over a breakup and have already delved through reading It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken and feeling sorry for myself, and am now looking less for "it's okay *pat on head*" and more "this is how I got through it, life is awesome" stuff. Anyone know of any books that fit the bill?

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Recently, my hair seems much thinner and a girl I work with is trying to convince me I'm loosing my hair related to thyroid issues. It got much worse when we did a 'test' when I just ran my fingers through my hair and got 4 strands of hair without even pulling hard.
Now I'm mortified and realized I can't get an appointment with my doctor for a month...but theres a Med Express in the next city over that takes walk-ins. Should I go for peace of mind and to get a better idea of what's going on...or would they send me to a dermatologist or something.
Idk :(

Joint venture

How do you think of the concept of joint venture? A business agreement in which parties agree to develop a new entity and new assets by contributing equity. When two parties come together to take on one project, both parties are equally invested in the project in terms of money time and effort to build the company. When one company wants to invest in some country, another local company get 50% or 30% etc profit from there and maybe there are some other profit as well. Overall, do both parties have a merit or demerit?
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I'm sorry, as I know these questions get asked a lot, but I have an iPhone and I love gossip and news apps, like TMZ, BBC News, CNN, MSNBC, Politico. Do you have any other favorite news or gossip apps? I tried doing searches on the phone, but nothing really came up.
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Dr. TQC!

In the US can you elect to have a c-section? (not pregnant, just wondering).

My dr keeps switching my anti-depressants because they either don't work at all or give me horrible side effects. It's been a year of this after a long term med stopped working. Should I consider weaning off and just taking a mood-stabiliser with no anti-depressants? [ETA: I see this dr about once every two weeks & wouldn't go off meds without supervision.]

Non-Medical. I got my first credit card 2.5 years ago. I have had three unrelated problems since then. (One month, no payments sent from my bank went through, one was my card number was used in Maryland, and now this payment company keeps trying to charge me monthly for a class that I quit. I changed the credit card number but there is one dispute that hasn;t been resolved. And they're saying if I don't give my new card number they're goina to sue me. ) Should I just get rid of the card so these thing stop happening?

Organ trade

There are a lot of patients who are at the critical stage and need organ immediately. If taken one organ away from human’s body, there are a lot of harms, but at the same time ,it is true there have been many trading going on in black market. It is bad but the poor can get some money to sell their organ and some can be saved from the organ. How do you think about this organ trading problem?

*edit; blackmarket or yakuza mafia ppl do business, kidnapping children or capture heavy debtors(because they are unable to return their money so for the compensation) take their organs and sell to the rich recipients...
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Do you think it's weird for someone to end a facebook happy birthday post with a period instead of an exclamation point?

Ex: "Happy birthday." instead of "Happy birthday!"

What have you accomplished today?
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Hello TQC!

You know that website that tells you where in the US you should live based on your interests, preferences, etc.? Is there a similar site for outside of the US? Say, Europe or Canada?

Also: what are you doing to preserve your sanity this holiday season?

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so for secret santa this year I got my cousin. He's 19 and just moved out for the first time on his own. I'm thinking I could get him something for his new place, but i'm stuck on what exactly to get him. I don't want to give him any decor stuff because I really don't know his style. What's something useful and not lame to open I could get for him? Any ideas? Budget is $50.

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1.) Will you post a pic of your Christmas tree, or at least describe it?

2.) (Edited to change the first question since I got the answer right away, thanks :) ) What is your favorite 90's cartoon?

3.) What is your favorite kind of tea?
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i am thinking of buying my boyfriend this massage cushion for xmas. however the negative reviews are scaring me a bit :/ one of them even said it didn't work in australia and we are in australia. for the record, i will be ordering this on amazon to be delivered to his house (going to a shop to check the product is not an option as i fly off tomorrow).

have any of you bought any massage cushions? how are they? do you think i should go for this as a xmas gift? he's always asking me for massages and he sometimes gets lower back pain which goes on for days so i thought it'd be perfect for him but i'm having 2nd thoughts :/

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i've never had this done before. i want to get my engagement ring inspected to make sure the prongs are doing ok and that my diamond isn't in danger of falling out. do i need to go to the store where it was purchased for this? how much can i expect it to cost? i'm pretty sure my husband didn't buy any kind of insurance policy on it when he bought it...
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This curry I made is so mothereffing spicy my hearing's gone a little fuzzy. How spicy do you like your food? Wanna eat some of this?

Favorite winter accessory?
Favorite thing to buy at an art store?
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Drunks minding the liquor store

It seems to me that I can't get hired by companies that I am a customer at beforehand. It's as if they think it's like a drunk minding the liquor store. Maybe it's because they're familiar with me, or maybe I'm imagining it. Some examples in my situation are grocery stores and insurance.

Has anyone else noticed a problem being hired at a company that you're a regular at?
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I received a Barnes + Noble giftcard, but I own a Kindle.

Is it possible to convert Nook books to a Kindle format? Everything I've found so far goes the other way (Kindle to Nook), so I'm hoping it goes the other way.
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Should I read "A Game of Thrones"? I have 3 weeks before I have anything of import to do, so if I get sucked into the series, it won't be a problem. I'm trying to avoid books with a huge romance factor - is there much of that?

What are you reading? Are you enjoying it?
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can any of you big-SUV-drivers give me tips on how to deal with big blind spots and limited visibility when driving an SUV?

I finally got my FJ Cruiser today and I knew beforehand that it has quite limited rear and side visibility, but I just want to be best prepared before I take this beast out onto the main roads tomorrow. mainly the issue with this car is that it has big C pillars (rearmost pillars) and tiny tinted windows so you can barely see out the sides when backing up/pulling out.

BORING BORING CARS ARE BORING: do you like Andrew Bird?

Renting Textbooks for an Ipad

I'm going back to college for my eventual Doctorate in Nursing, and hopeful, FNP license. I am looking into getting an Ipad and renting books for the Ipad instead of buying the physical book. Have any of you done this? How has it worked out for you?

Don't know/don't care... what annoying thing does someone else's pet due to you on a regular basis?

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