December 11th, 2011

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1. Both my ears are clogged (not earwax, just fluid) and I feel like I'm living in a bubble.. antibiotics have done nothing and I'm definitely going back to the doctor on monday, but in the meantime, ideas to get my ears to fucking OPEN?

2. What's the longest period of time you've been sick for?

3. Favourite fruit? Favourite way to eat said fruit?
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do you listen to TQC's advice?

many months ago, under a different user name, I asked you guys if I should buy a pair of shoes, and the answer was a resounding fuck no with a couple of dissenters...but today I saw them on sale and bought them.

but usually I listen to you guys I promise

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Do you use google books? Do you like it? I'm on my laptop a lot so it's a convenient way to read for me. I'd rather go to a bookstore but there are no independents nearby and the chains keep closing down.

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I had bean soup and fried cabbage with a side of sauer kraut tonight. How concerned should I be??

be afraid, very afraid
let er rip
thar she blows
wear clean undies tomorrow Haj
i hope you live alone
i don't care. i'm perusing People of WalMart
a clean colon is a happy colon
live long and prosper
what are you on about you bloody wanker?
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I just got a new iPod. I plugged it in to charge about 20 minutes ago. However, it disconnected from iTunes (and my computer) when I picked it up and moved it slightly. Is it normal for iPods to disconnect if you move the connection cord?

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Have you ever taken out a loan to pay rent?
Have you ever moved out of state to take a job?

I am a recent graduate and there are many job openings in my interested field in NY and CA. I don't currently have a job or money, but I would like to get a better opportunity out of state. I'm not sure of the right way to do this.

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Are there any active LJ communities where you can ask noob makeup questions?

I have bluish-grey eyes, and I read that purple eyeshadow brings them out best. Would I want a vivid lilac 'shimmer' eyeshadow or a softer 'purple ash' matte?

Are there any pros vs cons of shimmers vs matte eyeshadow, or is it a purely aesthetic preference (like clubs vs formal work attire kinda thing)?

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what do you think would make a small trivia night more exciting?

my friend hosts trivia every other week and he's looking for ways to spice things up after the holiday break, so he told us to all come up with ideas. we don't have anything like a sound system like those Team Trivia guys do. it's basically just us, the hosts, sheets of paper with questions and banter.

all i've come up with is lightning round, and i feel like lots of people will think of that.

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Does your town do anything special for the holidays?

Our fire department drives around on a fire truck playing Christmas music. They have a Santa who walks around with them and hands out candy canes. I was thinking if someone just moved here how weird this might be for them.

if this does not apply:

What are you up to?

grab bag

Every year for Christmas on my dad's side of the family, we do a grab bag for the adults. The price limit is $40 per gift. About 20 people participate, from college students to elderly, but most people are middle-aged parents. It's a struggle as you can imagine to pick out a good gift that people would want and could use. The popular ones tend to be gift cards or alcohol of some sort. Our rules say when it's your turn, you can either open up a new gift or take someone else's. The person whose gift was swiped has to choose a different one, etc, and this can lead to much hilarity, so it's more fun when the gifts are good.

So, tqc, I'm out of ideas. What should I bring to the grab bag? $40 limit.

Do you do a grab bag / white elephant with your relatives? How does that generally go?

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Does anyone know any good young adult books or adult books about mermaids? My 13 year old wanted a Kindle for Christmas and I picked up a few ebooks for her but I would really like to find a book or series about mermaids since they are her favorite mythical creature. We aren't too picky about sex or violence as long as it's not graphic. I have done some searchers and found a few but I could get a recommendation that would be great.

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My dad really liked a sweater at my campus store. When I went back to get it for him for Christmas, it was sold out. Should I substitute another one or get him something different? 

Alternately, what's your opinion on casual sex?
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I have an Arts In Action class in which we have a final project: a presentation of something creative that we have done. I am not terribly creative (well I am, it's just that nothing ever gets finished) so I've opted to make a video montage of some of my photos/important moments and various quotes/clips I like.

Religion and politics aside; What are some creative/inspiring/positive quotes I could use [edit] or other random things I should include?
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This is probably a dumb question, but:

Anyone have a management degree? Are you doing something relating to your degree?

I would really like to work in the food/nutrition field--is there anything I can do that I can incorporate my management degree into, or should I switch majors? I'm a junior and I really don't want to change at this point....but I'm so undecided. :\

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How do I make myself stop eating these whoopie pies I made? They have Nutella cream in the middle and they are driving me crazy.


What's the last thing you couldn't stop eating?

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It appeared that a kid was sitting on my dad's car. When I went outside and told the kid to move, it still appeared that he was, until closer inspection, when I realized he was on a bike, leaning on my dad's car.

What horrible things are they going to do to my dad's semi-precious vintage Cadillac?
Did I have any grounds to yell at them, even if they were only leaning on it?

I feel so dumbbb.


Can you give me recipes for your favorite warm alcoholic drinks? My mom's friend suggested* hot cocoa with rum but that sounds gross.
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I have a single can of pumpkin in my cupboard. I want to use it but I don't know how. I found a pumpkin scone recipe but it only uses like 1/3 of a can... I want to use it ALL! What should I do with it?

When was the last time you were really proud of yourself?
My one-act performed last night. It's the only thing I've ever directed, and I was so happy with how it went that I cried. :}

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TQC: My best friend has a bad habit of "dropping in" on people. My birthday was last Monday, so today she came up (she goes to school in NJ, I go to school in NY) to surprise visit me and stayed all day. We had lots of fun, naturally, but it wasn't the best time AT ALL to come. It's in the middle of finals. I have class tomorrow and a lot of work to do. I had also made plans to go to the movies with this boy that I've been too busy to see/had to cancel on previously, but because she came I had to call him to cancel/apologize profusely about an hour before we were set to go.

1.) How would you handle this? I don't want her to feel as if I don't value seeing her, but I need to find some tactful way of telling her that that isn't okay.
2.) Are you a "birthday" person? What do you typically do on your birthday? Do you like surprise parties?
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Hey guys. Can you help me find a video? It was online, and it showed you how to fold fitted sheets. It was short and it was very helpful. I'm not having any luck finding it, unfortunately.

Are there any videos you've found particularly helpful or interesting that you'd like to share?

DK/DC: Go away, I have nothing for you.

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I want to laugh really hard. What are some of the funniest movies you've seen with the best one liners? They can be way over-quoted, I don't care.

Or just post some funny shit here. What's some funny shit you've seen lately?
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What bodily issues do you have right now that you'd like to complain about?

I have fibromyalgia and my right shoulder/neck's been getting the brunt of the pain for the last couple years, but for a couple months I've been waking up with my entire right arm/hand/shoulder asleep (even though I sleep on my back) and feel like I don't have very good control of it the entire day. I spend hours at a time on a deli slicer at work each day so this is beginning to trip me out.

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Okay so I am terrible with technology.

I tried downloading a rar of an audiobook, and when I open betterzip, the files are numbered, but when I put them into itunes, they jump out of order. I've tried changing the way itunes sorts music (album, artist etc) but even when I convert it to an audiobook it's out of order.

Any ideas?

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Parents, if you have childless friends, do you get offended if they just aren't into your kids much? Let's say they ask about them when hey talk to you but don't go out of their way to babysit or see your kids. Do you invite them to your kids birthday parties? Would you be offended if they didn't come because they don't have kids themselves?

Hair extensions for very very thin damaged hair?

My mom is killing her hair. She's blow dried it so much that her hair is actually singed.. it looks as though she has put too much hairspray in her hair.. but really its just her burnt hair.

Now before you say the obvious, tell her to stop drying her hair - let me tell you that she won't.

My question is about adding in hair extensions. Her hair is very thin.. Would adding in quality extensions be really noticable?? Her hair is pretty much beyond the point of restoring, cuz I know adding hair extensions is only gonna damage it more. I figure why not try and make her hair actually look healthy while she can? Unless it would look obviously fake on very thin hair?
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Potentially stupid question but my husband and I can't agree: if I order something online today and they have a guaranteed 5 business day processing and delivery, will it arrive Friday or the following Monday?
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How often do you get your hair cut? Is your hair long or short? Dyed? What colour is it? Is it healthy? Do you like your current haircut?

What do you do to your hair, generally?

Basically tell me all about your hair :)

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ETA: Pics? :)

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do you always have background noise if youre at home during the day (ie: radio/music/tv?)
ive been staying at a house where when this one particular person is home he is CONSTANTLY watching tv, like doesnt move for 8 hours, and leaves the tv on when he does, even through commercials.
it makes my brain want to explode. i like quiet.

dk/dc what are you craving right now that you CANNOT have?
me: dairy queen sundae with chocolate fudge, YES.