December 10th, 2011

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I'm applying to adopt a small dog from the local pound and I'm noticing most of the descriptions say "I am skittish and need a calm, quiet home!" I've never had a small dog before and the research I've been doing on some of these breeds (Chi mixes and Terrier mixes mostly) isn't turning up anything. I don't throw parties or have a lot of people over but I don't want the dog to have a heart attack if I want to play some loud music and dance around or at least have a few people over once in awhile. 

Are all small dogs really skittish or is this either a shelter volunteer being lazy and copy/pasting the descriptions or is this just an appropriate reaction to a dog being dumped in a loud dog pound?  

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Where might I find a matte black nail polish?
I found some online, but they were super expensive and I am cheap.

Alternatively, where might I find a top-coat that would make nail polish look matte?

I'd prefer not to spend more than $8-10.

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I woke up last night feeling like there was something stuck in my eye, and it was painful enough to wake me up suddenly.  I went into the bathroom and rinsed my eye out with water, and the only thing that helped it was dripping water into my eye.  I noticed there was a long blister looking thing on the inside of my eye, between the eyeball and lower lid crease.  My eye is still puffy today, the thing is still there, but my eye isn't oozing and it isn't very red.
What is it!?
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Do you know anyone who shows off about being/doing something that most people wouldn't show off about? I know this is awkwardly worded, so here are some examples:

I know a lady who sort of takes pride in her unhealthy eating habits. Any time someone brings up healthy eating/healthy food, she scoffs about how those foods have "no flavor" and goes on about all the salt/sugar/fat laden things she eats and how she really ENJOYS her food.

I also know someone who always brags about how messy her house is and how she never washes her bedsheets. She acts like shes just SO busy and has SO much on her mind that she doesn't have any time for the mundane stuff the rest of us worry about.

Do you know people who do this? Am I wrong for finding it annoying?

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When is the last time you were shocked by the media?

I am shocked because this morning one of our right wing-ish papers printed something fairly reasonable about polyamory, and didn't horribly misquote my friends.
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dear questionclub...

i am not reginald, i am franklin. i am reignald's older and much more awkward sibling. don't let reignald's awesome demeanor fool you, none of that shit came from me.

in breaking news: i like this person. we'll call them derp. derp is super nice. derp & i carpool as we both work pretty close to one another, and we live pretty close to each other also. derp & i have also been fooling around for someodd months, but we aren't "boyfriend/girlfriend".. however we might as well be, as i have a key to derp's car, and derp tends to buy me things, and i tend to sleep with derp when the opportunity arises. derp let me use the car yesterday to drive out of town for a work function. i wanted to give derp money for gas, but derp never accepts my gas money. derp has also asked me to not put gas in the car. i got the bright idea to hide money in derp's car.

fun fact: i learned today it's "unnecessary" (derp's words) to pay back.. and to not do so.

why won't derp accept my cash, qc? derp doesn't have a problem letting me buy food for us, or smoke us out, or buy skyrim game guides for derp & friends.. but.. derp doesn't want my $20?

franklin needs yo help.

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Someone asks you for a Christmas list of things you want, a parent, a friend, an SO, whatever.
Do you think it's helpful or rude to include price of the item and where they can find said item for the lowest price?
What does your Christmas list look like?
And if you're not celebrating it, what are you gonna be doing Christmas Day instead?

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How can I motivate people to get off their asses and do shit, instead of meandering around shopping malls or watching television all day?

[I'm going back to my parents' small town for Christmas, and I am remembering why I felt like nothing of consequence ever happens there.]
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This topic has probably popped up from time to time, but:

Do you have any fears (or phobias) that affect your quality of life? If you are open to sharing, what is it?

I have a really intense fear of failure, to the point that it definitely disables my ability to function healthfully. I have begun to deal with it better in the past several years. I can still tell how much the train of thought is ingrained in me, though, and I still have a ways to go with it.
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Tell me about something heartwarming you recently observed?

My dog and my mother's dog are playing tug-of-war with an old sock. They've each got an end of it in their mouths and they're growling and yanking and tumbling around. But the second one of the dogs loses their end of the sock the other one will stop and wait until they take hold again. One of them was up on the doghouse and the other on the ground, and the one on the ground kept trying to swing the end of the sock up high enough that the other could reach and take her end back so they could keep playing.
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Will you tell us in detail about something really delicious you've eaten recently?

I just ate a piece of peppermint cheesecake.It had a chocolate-peppermint ganache on it with bits of candy-cane crumbled on top. The "crust" was made of brownie. It was GOOD.

Also, I'm excited since I'm getting my Christmas tree tonight! Do you decorate a tree at Christmas? Is it real or fake? Do you have any special tree decorating traditions?

best place to visit in UK?

okay. hi there again! well my question is, for a vacation in UK , what place would be the best to visit?! like what region, or what monument? and also why? what are it's attraction.
i don't know where to go and what to chose, so anyone feels like helping? i'm a foreigner and i'm planning a trip in UK, so where should i go? 

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Pretend you live with your SO and his/her mother or father. You discover that your SO's mother or father has been going through and moving some of your belongings when you're not home. How (if at all) would you address this?

eta: You are paying rent.
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Batman #222 (June 1970)

My uncle is obsessed with the Beatles, and has quite a huge collection of memorabilia. It's usually impossible to find him a gift related to the band that he doesn't already own, so I was rather thrilled when I realized that there was an old issue of the Batman comic that (sorta) featured the Fab Four. There is no way in hell he has that, and he might not even be aware it exists!

Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere to buy it -- and time's ticking, if I am to get my hands on it before Christmas. I've tried and a few other places, plus; the few auctions on eBay and such are going for way more than I can afford; and I live in Sweden, which is sadly bereft of comic book shops.

Does anyone out there know where I can find it? Please just keep in mind that I can't afford to pay a whole lot (which means I'm looking for low-grade copy), and I need whatever seller you find to be willing to ship internationally. A million thanks in advance!

ETA: I'd need the total cost to be around 30 dollars.
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are there any...articles or resources out there...that talk about the psychology of being anonymous? not necessarily anon forums like on LJ, but just the things people say/do when they think they're anonymous.

do you like Robyn?
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I need ideas! I'm trying to make stockings for our various critters and I can't think of what to put on the hamster's stocking. I have a paw print for the dog, fish bones for the cats, but I dunno what to put for my little rodenty girl.

Any ideas, TQC?

It just needs to be easy to draw/cut out/sew
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I just got an ipod touch and I want to download some apps. I've never had any apps before because apparently my phone lives in the 18th century. That being said, what are your favorite apps, and what do you recommend? What is useful? I enjoy gaming. Not sure what other kinds of things there are.
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What's the last thing that really brought you down?

Someone responded to one of the letters I sent out in an attempt to locate family on my Dad's side tonight. She told me she'd married into the name and gave me the name of her ex-husband's father. I just located him online and he passed away three years ago. One of the letters came back "Return to Sender". The other four still haven't responded.
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Can anyone recommend any healthy, but many-carb foods/snacks for me?

It's much harder than I thought to reach my new daily carb goal (2200) as my metabolism wipes everything pretty fast and while my drinkable fruit packages are helping, they're still only about 80 carbs. I know pasta is a good one and I'm working on that, but I can't make smoothies until I get my blender back from my family at Christmas.
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I'm going to start my first semester of grad school in the spring.
I emailed someone in the department and asked what classes I should take. She said since most people are teaching full-time, they take these two particular classes. Since I'm not, I asked what the next class would be. She told me but said that it would be difficult for me to do in my first semester.

Should I risk it?
If I'm totally new to the school, do you think it would be more beneficial to drive down there and meet face to face with an advisor? (I already went to open house)


How was your day? What's happenin'?
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Do you mix any non-alcoholic drinks? I almost always mix fruit juices if there is more than one type in the fridge (especially if one of them is pineapple-- yum). I'll also pour Sprite/7Up into a fruit juice (or eggnog!) if I want it a little fizzy. Do you have any interesting/favorite combinations of non-boozy drinks?

BC timing question

drank...possibly still driniking..

usually take my BC at 10 and set an alarm to make sure i take it at the same time every day. shut alarm the alarm off last night cause i went to bed a bit early.

ended up taking my BC at 11. This is the first month, 2nd or 3rd week of taking the neds. did i completly mess up my schedule? or am I ok?