December 9th, 2011

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What's the last thing that made you see red?

Yesterday while in a rights committee meeting at work, we discussed a local psychiatrist who has refused to assist someone we support until she takes an IQ test, because if her IQ reads below 70 (she's FASD), "there's no point trying to find counseling for her". This is in regards to a young woman who can understand what counseling sessions will do for her, and really wants to try it since she knows she is having problems that she can't fix by herself, and is ready to accept help working through them.

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Where is it socially acceptable to fart?

the gym
grocery store
camp ground
car/bus/subway/air plane
i never fart

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I've gotten myself into cooking a freaking TURKEY on Sunday. I'm not much of a cook and have never done this before!!

What do I need to know? Does anybody have a recipe/directions I can use?? I don't even know what kind of PAN I need!!

Even if you can link me to a semi reliable website? I just need the basics!!

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So last week my coworker came into work and asked if we had an influx of handicapped people at work. When we asked why, he mentioned that he had to park a good deal farther away in the regular car lot. He has some physical limitations that are life long. Well not only have I seen people park in the handicap spaces who I iam quite certain do not have any disabilities but they also do not have the placard.

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Parking illegally in handicapped spaces? Ignore or report?

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I kill the bus driver.

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To the bakers-
I was working on an amish bread starter. These past few days I literally had no free time whatsoever to bake and let the starter ferment for three days longer than the recipe said to. The last time I smelled it, it smelled like sourdough. Today, it literally smells like wine. Is the starter ruined? Or will it still work for its purposes?

The recipe I am doing was printed off by someone else, but it looks a lot like this one.

Also- this is my first time with a starter. I used a metal spoon with it today...did I ruin it anyway? Why does it say online not to use metal spoons?

I was so excited for this project, gah. Fuck finals.
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first of all tqc I wanted to thank you for being so helpful with my car questions...I took it to a mechanic and the seller ended up buying me a new battery! and now I have a car :)

secondly of all tqc I wanted to ask you how you feel about mushrooms. do you like mushrooms? do their little gills creep you out? what type of mushroom is best? have you ever eaten mushrooms from the wild? etc.
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How much would you charge for 3-4 hours of work that involved redoing a menu and creating an event flyer? You would be using your own paper and ink, and using up about 50 pages.

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tech help!

last night i was on my laptop using wireless and at about 10pm it cut out. i tried trouble shooting and all that, and also tried connecting to another wireless connection, but it won't let me do so. it says to "investigate router or access point issues," but my wireless was working perfectly fine until last night. i don't use a major internet provider - my landlord has his own internet set up which my SO also has, but his internet is working just fine. typically it will stop connecting when i have to pay for the month long access, but this time it won't even bring me to the paypal page to do so - i can't connect to any wireless connection at all. any ideas on what i can do? oh and i have a sony vaio - if that matters.

iphone users: do you ever get told old texts you have sent are resending? or have you had trouble with texts not sending right away/taking a long time to send. it seems that my texts have lately been riddled with the angry red exclamation point next to attempted texts.

clearly technology is not my friend.

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TQC, have you ever filed a police report against someone for theft? How did that work out for you?

tl;dr: I had stuff I bought from mailed to my ex-mil's house. Ex-bil swiped it and now I have to go to the sheriff's office after work and file a police report. The mail carrier is going to sign an affidavit saying she saw him take it after it was delivered.

dk;dc: What are you up to?


Has anyone here ever hired a cleaning service? Or work for a cleaning service? Tell me a bit about it?
I am currently looking in to hiring a house cleaner to come once a week and am debating whether to go with either:
a) well known company
b) private single cleaner

I would prefer to have a long term relationship with someone who does basic house cleaning on their own, so I liked the idea of a private person who just comes in, and id be totally fine with hiring a student (or whomever) to come in to help them make extra money. I just want basically vacuum, clean toilet, clean bathtub, clean countertops, done. My house is very small. I am just a bit concerned obviously about dealing with the possibility of someone stealing/wrecking/etc. I have a lot of expensive equipment for my job that I really cannot afford to lose or have messed up by spilled cleaners, similarly, my SO owns the house so I do not want to have a potentially ruined carpet/hardwood/wall (or whatever) and have to fix it out of pocket.

If you have been or have hired someone for this, what kind of questions did you ask? What were you looking for? What should I look out for in a person? I also have a dog who would be kennelled when they were there-if anyone knows/is/was a cleaner, is this a bad thing? Will cleaners not clean in places where the dog is present? Do you think it would cause any other problems im not thinking of? She is a bully breed so i suppose when shes older may be intimidating, but right now is a puppy..

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Are there any blogs or websites with science-y articles written for the layman? Aside from cracked. I need get my science fix but I am not a rocket scientist.

Edit: Thank you everybody! I'm ready to LEARN!

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My friend who lives in America (I live in Canada) says she isn't going to wrap the gift she got me for Christmas, because they are just going to tear it open at the border when she mails it anyway.

Why the hell do they do this? I didnt know they did that.. I'm still going to wrap all hers. Do they really take the time to go through peoples mail, unwraps peoples gifts and then stuff them back in the box?? I'm kinda mad!

Also, why wouldnt they just use their damn drug sniffing dogs instead of unwrapping shit?? Wouldnt that save a fuckload of time?
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Knowing how insignificant our professional relationship was, I should just play some Skyrim and go to bed instead of seeing if she's up for being chatty again since she knows a large amount of alcohol wouldn't stop me from remembering our conversation, shouldn't I?

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So.. What can say some of my items are to the post office that are a lie on the outside of the box, so that the contents are a surprise (since its a gift) to the person who opens it? The only things I can't think of lies for are a 3-pack lindor chocolate (as in it only has 3 chocolates in it), one of those small 6-pack ferrero rocher things.. and a medium size square box of truffles?

I was thinking of saying the box of truffles was a childrens toy.. does that sound suspicious?? hahah. :(

ps they wont be able to see what it is by opening it since they will all be wrapped. For instance I'm sending a calendar which I'm saying is a book.. and a game which I'm saying is a DVD.. how're they gonna tell the difference :D

Ridiculous Product Reviews

I just read a one-star review of the Kindle Fire. The reviewer rated it one star because she had problems with her Barnes and Noble nook, had problems returning it, customer service was horrible, and she was going to buy a Fire, so take that B&N!

That's why she rated it one star.

What's the most ridiculous product review you've ever read? Bonus points for links. I'll try to dig this one up and post it in the comments. :)