December 8th, 2011


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Does UPS usually put boxes in plastic bags when it's pouring?

The oil guy forgot to close our gate (glad my dog isn't a runner) and I found three boxes sitting on our porch, totally soaked through.

What do you drink most often?
What's new in your life?

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When was the last time you cried about something fictional, or do you not cry about fictional events at all?

I cry easily, and just hit a part in a book where I had to step away because it hurts.

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What's the weather like where you are today? And where are you?

Im in Edinburgh, Scotland, and we have a severe weather warning out for 90mph winds. All the schools are closing at noon, trains and buses are cancelled or running to an emergency timetable, and perhaps most bizarrely- the zoo has closed (?! It's open 365 days a year... I don't think I ever remember it closing before)

dk/dc what's your favourite month? I like August cos I'm an August baby!


Does anyone in TQC find anything from this list particularly appealing? (completely work safe, fear not!)

I don't know why, but I'm totally down with #1, #3, #8 and #10 coming to the States. And I don't even eat fast food!
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Food Pyramid. I'm looking at it.

If you had to choose one favorite food from each level of the pyramid, what do you choose?

1) Favorite Bread, Cereal, Rice or Pasta
2) Favorite Fruit
3) Favorite Vegetable
4) Favorite Meat
5) Favorite Dairy product
6) Favorite Fat

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We played this game at our work  Christmas party where everyone wrote down a fact about themselves that would be difficult for other people to guess.  If you guessed someone else's fact you got a prize and if nobody guessed your fact you got a prize. If you were playing this game, what would be your fact?


I sold Sadam Hussein a minivan.

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Are there any famous people (actors/politicians/etc) that you often confuse with each other or think of as kind of the same person? Who?

For me, it's Minka Kelly and Rose Byrne. They might as well be the same person.

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Poll #1801631 Holiday poll 3

You build a snowman, and you put on the hat and suddenly, it comes to life.How do you react?

RUN AWAY! Clearly the work of dark forces
Capture it. A talking, walking snowman? I'm rich!!!
Take it in stride. It's all part of Christmas magic! We dance and sing
In a fit of fight or flight, I choose fight and smash Frosty to death with a shovel. Dust to dust, snowflake to snowflake
Start building more snowmen. I clearly have some kind of mutant power over snowmen. I'll build an army that will conquer the city!
Build a snow bear. It'll fight Frosty to the death for my amusement
Stick my beers in his chest. He'll be my walking ice chest
Have him carry the garbage cans down to the curb and all my chores that require brute strength
Build a snow woman. I wanna see some snowperson porn right here in my yard
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Have you seen Melancholia? How was it?

If not-
What was the last independent movie you watched? How did you like it?
Do you want to see Melancholia?

Me: The last independent movie I watched was Martha Marcy May Marlene. It was reallyyy good. I definitely recommend it.
I have not seen Melancholia, but I do want to.

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Have you had a wtf moment lately?

I live in the city (downtown) and saw this guy walking what I thought was a dog.  Then I said to my fiance "that looks like a goat"... and then as I got closer "it IS a goat!" 

Why was there a goat being walked down the busy shopping street of downtown Vancouver?

What are your quick go-to meals?

where have you been banned, TQC?

Me - ontd_political where "it's time to get political in this community where freedom of expression reigns. Fight censorship and "the man" with this group of informed citizens who demand change.


because the moderator over there seems to think a personal blog is a valid news source.

where have you been banned? Why?

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TQC, can you do me a small favor? I want to pick something up to store things in my kitchen, but I'd like to do it on my way home. So, to get some kind of idea of how much space I have, can you please measure the side of your fridge for me in inches? I have a pretty average sized fridge and a shelf or pantry next to it (back against the side of the fridge) would be perfect.  Thanks!


DK/DC/I have a gigantic SubZero fridge that your entire kitchen could fit into - If you were searching for such a thing, how important would it be for this storage to have doors?  If you were anxious to do it OMGRITENAO, would that change the importance of doors? (ie - I am buying something from this store and will not look somewhere else.)

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How are you at giving presentations/public speaking in general?

I tend to be really hit or miss. Sometimes I'm right on and awesome and the whole assembly is enraptured, and other times I almost pass out from nerves and sweat until I'm standing in a puddle. Fortunately, my presentation today was well-researched and I got a lot of laughs.


I always buy stamps for my house. Last time I went I bought regular stamps and post card stamps. I realized today that my parents mailed their bills with the post card stamps.

On a scale of 1-10 how crazy am I for feeling terribly guilty about this?

What was your last moment of being ridiculous?
Anyone else with major guilt issues?
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If a used car I might be buying was literally JUST state inspected, is there any point in taking it to a mechanic before buying it? (Like, is the kind of once-over the mechanic gives the car any more complex/in-depth than an inspection?)

What can you put in shitty red wine to make it taste better? We made mulled wine the other day but it was too...cinnamony and idk. I was thinking sangria but can't decide what fruits to put in.
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My fellow students: What do you have to do for your finals? How many do you have and how confident do you feel about passing them?

Everyone else: What is your favorite game for what system?
Kill Bill - Elle
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How much wine is too much wine? I'm not sure I can feel my face.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet?
What was the last selfless thing you accomplished?

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My boyfriend is upset that I'd prefer a cubic zirconia instead of a diamond.

Is it odd that I'd prefer it that way?
Why would he be upset if that's what I want?

What movie do you quote the most with your friends?

Have we had a post recently where someone leaves a comment of a movie quote and we're supposed to guess the movie?
If not, someone wanna make one?

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If you buy ziploc bags, do you reuse them?

I was reading a memoir and the author mentioned somebody reusing ziploc bags, and it had honestly never occurred to me to do so. So now I like to wash them out and reuse them. =3

What habits of your's have you altered to be more *green*? I could use more suggestions.
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If you were to receive the magic gift of my fudge for Xmas, which one would want most?

Dark chocolate chili
Two layer milk chocolate and peanut butter
Dark chocolate cinnamon
Dark chocolate Grand Marnier
Dark chocolate bourbon

ETA: I can't fix the typo in the poll, damn.
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Inspired by an episode of Friends.

Do you think the idea of tasting breast milk is gross?

I wouldn't really /want/ to try breast milk but its not /that/ gross.
Why would breast milk be gross?
Who wouldn't want to taste breast milk?
I don't know.
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Should I go into work tomorrow to celebrate a co-worker's birthday? The "party" is just going to be cake and giving her a card. I'm scheduled to go into work at 4, but the party is at 12:45. Basically I would have to walk there (about 1 mile), walk home, then walk back to be at work at 4.

Don't care? Does your job do anything for employee's birthdays?

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What are your thoughts on standardized tests? Do you think they're a useful tool for assessing student achievement?

What's the worst (define that as you see fit) standardized test you've taken?
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Someone recently asked a question in here about Kasabian. I heard them do a cover of a Gwen Stefani song a few years ago & I really like their version (tho not the original haha). But I don't know any of their other music. So....

What Kasabian songs should I check out?
What Jessie J songs should I check out?

ETA: What other (current) British music do you recommend? I'm already familiar with the well known ones like Lily Allen, Adele.

texting while out?

You are out with a group of colleagues for a couple drinks at the bar after work (if you don't drink/don't work, substitute it with some equivalent or just pretend)-- it is a fair size group, about eight of you there at one table, laughing and talking, very casual conversations.

A couple members of the group have their phones on the table. Only one group member, though, is texting. She seems to be sending a very occasional text, nothing too drawn out, and it doesn't seem to interrupt too much or distract too much. Nonetheless, do you consider this rude for the person to text? If so, why?   

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How can I prevent myself from panicking during a mock interview for part of the final project for my Spanish class tomorrow?

It combines three of the things that make me most nervous and I have the least confidence in: public speaking, interviews, and speaking in my so-so Spanish to fluent speakers. I don't even know why I get so nervous. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I just hate the professor for this assignment. Hate hate hate.

Drugs aren't an option because I don't have any and don't want to be loopy.
One Of Those Days.
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So I got all excited when this video hit the web: right here

But then I read about these shenanigans: WTF??

EDIT: "The rock group is part of the 571st Air Force Band, which learned Nov. 5 that it will be one of six bands decommissioned before the end of fiscal 2013." Are they decommissioning the band because they achieved viral success they couldn't/didn't control?
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Okay so i find it hard to phrase this BUT here we go:

so when you watch a nature documentary and you see a wildebeest, you know at some point it's going to get eaten.

so which animals are the most screwed in those kind of attacks?
and which ones always/usually survive an attack?