December 7th, 2011

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What are the chances of my teacher letting us use our review on our final exam for the semester?

The (math) review contains fill-in-the-blank questions with word bank...and about 40 random problems with the formulas on the sheet.

I asked her, but she won't tell me.

EDIT: Chances of my review actually ending up to be my exam and I just re-copy the answers? That has happened before in other classes.

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Amazon sent me an email that said Kindles are $79 now. I kinda want to get one with my Christmas monies but I'm not sure. How much to books generally run? Can you do other things on it besides books (like a tablet)? Is it going to be something that I buy and then keep having to buy tons of books? Should I buy this damn thing? 
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other people's sex sounds, leaking through the walls into your delicate ears:

horrible? funny? uninteresting? arousing?

does it change, based on whether it's a friend/roommate/stranger/parent?

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Poll #1801239 how much do you fart?

how much do you fart?

i'm a king-sized bean and cabbage fueled gas bag
about average
i don't fart.... i toot
i don't know what you are talking about
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What should I get my almost 2-yr-old niece for Christmas?

something that will keep her occupied for longish periods of time (my
sister gives birth in March, possibly right around my niece's birthday).

what's something I could give her that would encourage talking? She has
crazy-good speech comprehension skills, but she hasn't really started
talking b/c she doesn't need to. Her parents totally spoil her, she
communicates a la pointing-and-grunting, and they figure it's ok because
they know what she means. She has, like, 5 words, and half of those are
shorthand (nana for milk, and such).
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The closest green object to you is now a zombie. (not just that one, but all of them. If it's a book, all books are now zombies).

The closest object to your left is the only weapon you can use to fight the zombie hoardes.

What are they? How screwed are you?
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For a long-term, marriage or marriage-like relationship (so you live together and share finances), which of the two following partners would you prefer, all else being equal?

Partner A - Makes a LOT of money, like a LOT, but works constantly. They work 10-14 hour days 5 days a week, occasionally 6 days a week, travel out of town one weekend a month, and are gone for an entire week every 3 months. They also bring work home, so even though they might be spending time at home they get (and respond to) a work email almost every hour, more during busier times.

Partner B - Works a "normal" 9-5 job with a short commute so they're home by 5:30 PM every day of the week and never works weekends. They never bring work home, and they travel out of town for work maybe one weekend a year. On the other hand, they don't make that much money. They're not poor, certainly make enough money to support themselves, but luxuries aren't common and a two-income household is necessary to make ends meet for both of you (and whatever children/pets you may or may not have) without sacrifices.

They are both very happy with their jobs and all that, no complaints on their end.

Which partner would you prefer?


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Poll #1801420 Holiday Poll 2

Which would you rather eat?

Reindeer steak (taken from flying reindeer)
Salad made from holly and ivy (your choice of dressing)
5 slurpees made from Frosty the Snowman's left foot (sweetened with cherry and the saltiness of his tears)
Christmas turducken (turtledove stuffed into a partridge stuffed into a French hen stuffed into a goose stuffed into a swan)

Which holiday figure would you sleep with first?

Santa Claus/Saint Nicholas
Mrs. Claus
Ghost of Christmas Present (jolly fat drunkard in furs)
Ghost of Christmas Future (Grim Reaper)
Black Peter

Raising their children behind bars

How do you think about letting criminal parents raise their children behind bars? Some criminals sentenced to serve prison but to take their children along. Many suffer from the complication of raising young children age under 15 behind bars in additino to the challenge of life prison. But as a mother point of view, it should be happier than being ripped away from their own children. Which Do you think is better? being apart from his or her child and put him up for adoption or being with him/her behind bars is better?

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So my car had some major major issues today. The wheel thingy came out of the steering thing and is now apparently jammed behind the gear box. (sorry i suck with car stuff!)

Now im sad cause apparently its going to cost a fair bit to fix and i have no car :(

Anyone got anything funny to cheer me up?

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I am hungry but have 3.5 hours of work left. I cannot leave to get anything to eat until then.
Should I order pizza now or wait until I get home and make spaghetti or eggs? Those are the only two things i really have to cook at home.

dk/dc what is your favorite type of take out?

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Poll #1801446 Hypothetical

Let's say tomorrow the laws on public nudity were lifted and there would be no penalty for baring your privates in public. How would this change your life?

I wouldn't have to do as much laundry
It would change my life a lot. I've been looking for reasons go walk out of the house without pants
The world would become sexier. So much eye candy
The world would become uglier. There's not a lot of people I'd want to see naked who would now be naked
It would really free up a lot of my time, such as the hours I spend stalking my neighbor in the hopes I peek them in the shower
It honestly wouldn't affect me that much. I already go out naked a lot as it is
Tell the truth, I probably wouldn't even notice
I'd have to invest in more wool caps, scarves, thick socks and mittens. I'll be cold a lot
I'd save so much money. Think of all the porn I no longer have to pay for. I can just go to the mall
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What the Fuch

I just saw some Police Chief or something on TV talking about drunk driving during the holidays. His last name is Fuch.

How do you think that's pronounced? How much shit do you think he got growing up with that name??
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What do you consider "sexy"? How much of sex appeal is based on non-physical things (brains, sense of humor, etc), for you? What non-physical attributes do you find sexy? What physical attributes do you find sexy?

Is sexy in the details?

For you, is finding someone really good looking the same as thinking they're sexy?

Collapse )
Sorry for the awkward wording, I'm tired today :)
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I'm meeting a guy who has a used car I want to buy. What kind of things should I be checking for to make sure I'm not getting ripped off?

I need to remember to check the roof for hail damage and ask how old the battery is and make sure the title is clean but other than that I am so bad at car stuff.

Also, what are these smiley face things on the front of the car and are they removable?

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My Macbook fan keeps kicking up to about 6200 rpms- it's usually around 2000. Microsoft word had me do an update today, but otherwise all is the same.

I googled and tried what google said- so any ideas about how to fix this piece of crap? or anything to look for?

What's going on in your life? How are you? Want to talk?
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I'm reading a few posts on tumblr about how badly tumblr tends to approach social justice, and twice now people have mentioned spoons. Like "not having the spoons" or "having spoons" or whatever. What does this mean?

Edit: got it, thanks!
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why does my cat get super excited about food, eat too fast, then yak it all back up time after time? does he not remember what happens when he eats too fast?

dc - what are some things you don't like about yourself that you've learned to accept?
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Does anyone here know where I can watch Italian movies with Italian subtitles online? I've rented some from the library, but they won't work on my computer because the region is different. I'm in Italy.

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I'm reading a book that contains the line "In the short traverse from mountain to ocean [in Peru], travelers pass through twenty of the world's thirty-four principal types of environment." I wanted to look this up to find out if it's true, but I can't find anything to tell me what the 34 types are. (Or if there are 34 types.) My google-fu keeps kicking back pages about environmental issues. I feel like there should be some 'ography' word that covers 'types of environment' better, but I can't think of it.

Does anyone know what the 34 types are? Or if there's not 34 types? Or what that word is? Or where I can find out more?