December 6th, 2011

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What's your idea of the ideal non-traditional holiday meal of your choosing?

I'm trying to convince my family that we should have either tacos or sloppy joes for Christmas dinner this year.

Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial?

I haven't, but my co-worker gave me her 'Eggies' thing today because she bought it and hated it, and I kind of wanted to try it.


There are two types of euthanasia; active euthanasia and passive euthanasia.

Active is the ending of life by the deliberate administration of drugs.

Passive is ending of life by the deliberate withholding of drugs

or other life-sustaining treatment.

I think passive is ok while active is against the ethic. How do you think?
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Would you rather have a little information or no information? (Inspired by people being vague. And never saying "no" outright, instead spewing some jargon at me as if I'm supposed to understand that they mean "no". I don't have time to deal with that bullshit.)

I prefer no information. I dislike expressions like "business casual", that looks like an oxymoron to me on paper and it sounds wrong.

Does anyone here have Wind (phone company) for their cellphone? What are they like?

Does anyone here have Mobilicity? (another phone company) for their cellphone? What are they like?

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TQC, I'm digging Florence + the Machine's new album. I just love how ethereal and yet percussive the instrumentation is, and how gorgeous the lyrics are. Got any other recommendations for similar music I might not have heard of?
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Is there a show on TV that you liked that has sort of disappeared and you'd like it to come back?

I just realized that there hasn't been a season of Make Me A Supermodel on Bravo for like two years and I want it to come back.

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I have 2 six page papers due in the next two weeks that I really don't want to write (both deal with religion).

TQC, what can I do to get myself motivated to write these papers?

Also, I want to purchase a tablet, but I don't know which brand I should go with, Apple, Toshiba, Dell...etc. If you have a tablet, which one do you have? Would you recommend it?
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Cheesy post!

I'm reading The Stand and I remember that one of the characters grates a block of American cheese. What? I've only seen the pre-sliced American cheese that comes individually wrapped. Has anyone ever heard of or tried a block American cheese?

Speaking of cheese, does anyone have a good mac & cheese recipe? I'm hoping for a recipe that you tried yourself, not just a random one found on google that I have no idea if it'll be good or not. No box m&c recipes, please. I want REAL cheese. Pref cheddar.
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What would you be most upset to find in your living room Christmas day?

A drum circle, with a dozen hippies drumming away
Eleven people doing weed. 'Piping' away
Ten guys dressed like Jesus, jumping in a bouncy house. (how'd they get a bouncy house in your living room?)
Nine hookers swaying to some Barry White. 'Ladies' of the night, if you will
Eight farmer's daughters milking eight cows THAT ARE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM
Seven pregnant geese. Real mean tempered
Six beautiful swans swimming. Wait, swimming? Oh yeah, your living room's been flooded
Five husbands/wives. Hmmm. That would explain the five wedding rings on your hand
Four pigeons have flown into your house. No big deal, but one of them accidentally dialed a long distance number. Not telling how long they've been 'calling'
Three French hens.They've nested atop your favorite jacket
Two turtledoves, slang for thieves dressed as maids, robbing you blind (from Gangs of New York)
A partridge on a pear tree, the latter of which has come crashing through your window
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So when I was 11, I went to fat camp to lose weight. I am currently scanning all of the family photographs, and have encountered the photo album with all of my fat camp pictures.

Should I scan these for posterity, or should I throw this album away so it never sees the light of day again?

I am torn between my love for history and preserving it, and the fact that the album is fat camp, which I look back on with shame and humiliation.
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Where can I write a review for an online vendor? I'm having a really bad experience w its been over a week since i ordered and they are just now shipping it, ive told them several times if it cant be here by 12/9 i dotn want it anymore and they didnt respond until 2/3 days later just to tell me it takes 2-5 business days to process an order so again i told them just cancel it, they ignore me again for 2 more days and now theyre telling me its shipped. i checked the tracking # they gave me but all it says is that a label has been created but it hasnt reached a UPS facility yet. Normally i wouldnt care so much but i need that costume for santacon on friday! :((( sorry for rambling im so upset.

Unrelated, i want to go to a british grocery store. what should i get there?

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What is your dream job?

Is your current dream job different than your overall end all be all dream job?
(meaning your realistic dream job vs. something that's totally out there and you wouldn't be able to get right off the bat)

Inspired by me just getting my dream job after over a year of unemployment and heartache!!!

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So I'm currently restarting my couch to 5K app thing, and am looking for some recommendations for songs to go on my motivational playlist.

What songs do you like to run to?

I like pop and rock when I run personally, with motivational lyrics :p

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What are some of the more interesting shows/documentaries on astronomy that are available via netflix instant?

I'm glancing through and there are so many options. I need to write a bunch of reviews for my class and I don't want to waste my time on ones that will put me to sleep. Bonus points for half hour episodes.
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I had a second interview for a bank teller position a week ago today. The HR lady said she still had resumes to go through and a few more interviews to give, so she wasn't sure when she'd be ready to hire, but she'd let me know either way.

I sent her a thank-you email the day after. Should I send her a follow-up letter tomorrow?

Right then. Overwhelming majority says "overkill", so I won't.

Replacement question: How good are you at returning emails?

Fun second question: How's the weather?

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My friend's son is turning one. I really don't have a lot of money at the moment. Should I try to put together a cute $10-$15 outfit to mail or should I just mail a gift card? (Money is tight for her,too) Would you address the card to the baby or to the whole family?

What's going on in your life? Is there anything that you'd like to talk about?

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Inspired by the wedding gift question below:
Do you agree with this chart of who pays for what in a wedding? How did you split costs?

I need an egg to make corn bread, and I ran out this morning. My neighbor's out, too. My rooommate has a carton in the fridge, and I sent him a text asking if I could have an egg. I think he's in class, though, so who knows when he'll respond. I don't absolutely need to make corn bread now, but within an hour if I want to eat it with dinner. Should I just grab it or wait until he says okay? (If it's important, we aren't really friends, but we're civil.)

EDIT: He sent me a text back.

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From unemployed …to so many options!

So…I have a laid back job at a local farm, taking care of horses and doing riding lessons. It’s seasonal and won’t pick back up until March or April again. 20-ish hours a week @ $7.25 an hour.

While the horses are up on the mountain for the winter, I got a ‘permanent’ part-time job at the mall in a cell phone accessory kiosk. There is internet access, I can wear what I want, eat on the job, and listen to my iPod. Wheee. 20-27 hours a week @ $7.25

To get a new apartment, I want to take on a second job. The Sprint/Radio Shack kiosk next to me has set up and interview with me for another ‘permanent’ part-time position and said as soon as my background check and credit check come back, I’m in for up to 32 hours a week @ $7.25 + any commission of a cell phone plan I sell.

Today when I went in for work…a third kiosk around me came up to me offering me an application. The job is sitting next to a bathtub display, making sure no one touches it for $8.00 an hour, 10-15 hours a week, plus commission if I convince someone they need a new bathtub.

What job(s) should I keep/take?
Experience with working your ass off/taking on too many hours?

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Since early this morning I have had extreme pain under my right shoulder blade, it feels like someone has stabbed a chisel under it and is trying to wedge it hurts soooo much.

I have tried hot showers,vibrator,cold pack...everything and nothing is helping...any advice before I just give in and take a percocet?

What is the last thing you said out loud?
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What is the most challenging book you've ever read? How did you feel when you finished it? Accomplished? Discouraged? Exhausted? Something else? When and why did you read it?

Did it change you in any way?

Do you regularly read books you find challenging? Do you enjoy them? What sorts of books do you read?
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christmas etiquette

I work at a restaurant with an ex partner. we get along okay for the most part. today he told me that he is going to get me a christmas present but I didn't need to get him anything. Now i have to get him something, because of the whole exchanging of gifts. I figure he's going to bring it to the christmas party. he will probably bring his current girlfriend.

questions: what would be an appropriate gift? do you think his girlfriend would find it disrespectful to exchange gifts? (sidenote: i have the girlfriend on my fb, but we are not close.)

dc: are you a last minute x-mas shopper? when do you usually get your present shopping done?
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Hey TQC, time to play doctor.

I get massive gross hives when I go outside in colder weather for over an hour before they begin to go away.
They itch and the burn pretty badly and I get them over my entire body, no matter what.

Anyone know what's happening here?

What's your favorite song of all time?

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The headline of the main story in the newspaper here reads "I've no idea who and why Tahu was killed"

It's not just me, this makes no sense right? I'm wondering if all my grammar is failing me.

Have you read any bad headlines lately?

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Peoples with uteruses:

Do you ever get random, temporary period-like cramps even when you're nowhere near menstruating?

Because I don't get periods, but recently I've been getting sporadic five-second long cramps out of nowhere and I just don't get it.

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How is my dog getting out? I have three dogs, and one of them is constantly escaping from the fenced in front yard. The others will get out if they see an opportunity, but it's only my one female always greeting us from the backyard in the morning. I can't find any holes under the fence, the gate is always locked, and she can't jump it.

DK/DC: Did Alec Baldwin deserve to be kicked from the plane?

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What are some of the most epic scenes from Disney movies?

The fight between Kocoum and John Smith was pretty high-stakes, I'd say. And, of course, the part in the Lion King right before Scar drops Mufasa to his death and is all whispering in his ear. OH- and when Quasimodo lifts the unconscious Esmerelda above his head and yells "santuary"! Brings tears, man.
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I had a custom engraved 360 controller made for my husband for Christmas, and now the artist wants to know if I want black paint inlaid into the engravings to make it pop out more. I can't decide, and my mind's eye is awful, so I'm looking for advice. Should I tell her to do it? Which way would look better in your opinion?

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DK/DC: What's the best Christmas gift you've ever gotten? What about given?

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To those of you who go to Christmas/Holiday parties- how do you handle gift giving?

I used to only give stuff to my aunts who came over for our Christmas Eve party but last year two of my older cousins bought me gifts so now I must reciprocate, but each of those cousins has siblings so I'm torn over whether or not to get them something too!

Do you have any weird gift-giving rules?
My cousin will only buy gifts for people younger than him.
Muh Life.
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So I had a medical thing done today and decided that I deserve oreos. I bundled up and went to the corner store- while I was there a man in his 40s-50s, well dressed in a suit, watched me while I made my way around the store. He continued to watch me as he paid for his gas and I paid for my munchies. I smiled a little and nodded to him, thinking he would stop, but before he left he moved very close to me and whispered something in Spanish/Portuguese and walked out. I don't speak either language.

TQC, what did he say?
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what would you do/have you done when a landlord refuses to pay back a deposit? mine has gone completely off-radar despite my house being professionally cleaned before moving out. I've contacted him a bunch. I no longer live anywhere in the same part of the country so I want to avoid small claims court if I can because, you know, it'll cost me the amount of the deposit AT LEAST to fly in to take him to court lol.
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Do you think Godwin's Law* still applies?

*As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1

any other (possibly) outdated 'rules' about the internet?
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Do you have any favorite songs of yours where you don't know the lyrics and sing nonsense or your own lyrics? I was listening to The Caterpillar by The Cure on the way to cribbage tonight and realized that I love this song so much but there are a bunch of lyrics in it I have no idea what they really are.