December 5th, 2011


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Has anyone used melatonin to help regulate a sleep cycle? I read that on the bottle, but I heard from others it just helps you fall asleep.

Now that it's really dark in the winter, I'm sleeping in very late on the weekends and it's hard to wake up on the weekdays. I'm not going to bed later than usual; I'm just sleeping really late. So, my problem is not getting to sleep but waking up from it. Does anyone have any advice, other than just forcing myself to wake up? I've tried that by setting tons of alarms, but I just turn them all off and go to sleep, or if I do get up, I'll nap later.

EDIT: If anyone else has this problem, I found this paper that seems to say tryptophan and St. John's Wort work as well as light therapy.

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If you had to do a research report on any one president and any one first lady (they don't have to be from the same couple, you could do John Adams and Julia Grant), who would you pick?

Before you answer:
1. Your president cannot be Washington, Lincoln or Obama.
2. Your first lady cannot be Michelle Obama. 

Inspired by my 3rd grade class project that was so goddamn awesome. Those limitations were placed on us because it was before you used the internet to do reports and the teacher wanted to make it fair. So the current president wouldn't have enough information printed yet and Lincoln and Washington would have the most and she wanted everybody to have to do similar amounts of research. Then we had to dress up as them and present our reports to our class and parents. 

I was Pat Nixon. 

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why can't i stop watching nip/tuck?
i started making my way through it because it was recommended on's page for american horror story (if you like this, you might also enjoy...).
it keeps getting more and more ridiculous and horrible, and every character is the worst human being ever.
it's like a train wreck, and i want to see how bad it will get.

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Can you tell me what the text on the image below says??

Collapse )
Bonus question: When is the last time you received help you did not ask for? Was it appreciated?

Yesterday I was by myself with Jasper (my 2 month old) at Wal-mart and I had him in a pouch sling and the lady in front of me in line saw me struggling to reach the gallon of milk in the cart and started helping me load my groceries on the was unexpected and very nice :)

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I have grown my hair out down to my waist. This makes it very heavy, as it is also thick, sturdy hair. I need to keep it contained, or it will constantly cover my face.

Rubbber bands, hair ties, and French braiding are fine for every day wear, but the ponytails and topknots are starting to cause headaches.

Other than chopping it all off, are there any gizmos that y'all could recommend (besides headbands that never stay in place)?
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it's cookie day! I want to make some I've never made before. Do you have an unusual and delicious cookie recipe that I should try? (no worries about the actual recipe if it's too much effort, basic ingredients work)

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Time travel is involved - Is it creepier to be in love with your original love interest's (who is now dead because of the elapsed time) adult child or adult grandchild (either one would be the same age as your original lover)?

Inspired by a particular super hero.

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On Sunday my boyfriend is having his partner for his acting class over to practice their scene for their final. I told him I'd make dinner, since this is happening at about 6PM. And really, I love cooking for guests. I asked him what he wanted and he said, "something beefy with noodles."

I immediately though beef stroganoff, but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for what I could make that has beef and noodles.

What should I cook on Sunday?
Should I make a dessert? If yes, what?
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Do you have someone in your past that is "the one who got away"? Do you still think about that person?

If you do, and that person is from high school and that person isn't on Facebook (or has a fake name), would you brave going to a 20th high school reunion just to see that person again?

TQC, I know you all are mostly younger, but are you going to go to your high school reunions?

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There's a squeeze bottle of ketchup in my fridge with all the writing in Russian that I've never seen before. TQC, will you tell me how it got there? Non srs. answeres, please.

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Do you enjoy Nutella? What are your favorite ways to enjoy it?

I really like it on apple slices!

My nephew drew a picture and I was thinking of having it made into a bunch of stickers for Christmas gifts for my mom and aunt- Do you have any better ideas?

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i've never had a salaried, etc., job before, and i have no idea how this works. i'm applying for a job that says to mail in my cover letter, resume, and "salary requirements." how should i word my salary considerations? should that be a separate piece of paper, or should i add it to my cover letter? any other advice? thanks!
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Have you ever been in a position where you had to choose between two people, in terms of being in a relationship? What did you decide, and what were the circumstances? Are/were you happy with your decision?

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What tools can I harness to pry open a stuck window?

It is basically sealed shut because it hasnt been opened in years (possibly over 20+ years....).
Its got dust in all the small cracks & it might have been painted over at some stage.. although I dont see any in the window frame/seal/thingie.

I tried using a metal nail filer which worked around the sides.. (i think...?) but it doesnt fit in the bottom bit..

Edit: YAY!! I manged to open it!  Nail file + sand paper = victory!


I just got my papers to apply for field school in Poland. I am so excited!

What was the lest thing you were totally stoked for?

Also, has anyone ever been to Poland and have any heads up about what to expect?
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Tomorrow morning, I am calling campus counseling services and scheduling an appointment. It is for many reasons, though the big one is that my emotions run my life and are, in fact, taking the path of ruining my life - or at least, my ability to enjoy it.

Anyway, I'm scared. I have never been to any kind of therapy and I don't know how to do this. I'm nervous and due to a habit of self-depreciation, I feel inadequate for needing help in the first place.

Will you give me some advice? You can share your experiences with therapy if you're comfortable doing that. This is all just so new. Even considering making the call is filling me up with anxiety.

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I got my first depo shot today and if you've gotten one before, you know it goes straight into the muscle. I've gotten muscle shots before but they've never hurt this bad before.

What should/can I do to lessen the pain?


Do you also dislike Christmas?
hate pimentos

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Um, so, when did Neville Longbottom turn into such a hottie?

What was the most recent party you were late to?

Who are your favorite people who were gorpy-looking as children who are cute now?

Is that a mean thing to ask?
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For my photography course I have to have an online portfolio and it's frustrating me so much. I can't afford to pay for web space right now so my teacher has given us websites to go to, to put our work onto. One that she suggested was wordpress but I cannot work it out at all, so does anybody know any blogging websites that are also good for doing things like online portfolios? I'm not sure I want to use flickr or tumblr, but if push comes to shove I'll use flickr.

Has anyone had any experience using moonfruit? Idk how I feel about it and googling reviews hasn't shed much light on it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help :3

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I had a cricket ball sized lump of cookie dough that was wrapped in plastic wrap. I was being stupid and pretended to throw it at my partner's head when I accidentally let go and threw it at his balls. I was apologising and hugging him for a bit, maybe less than a minute? Now, we cannot find the cookie dough anywhere. Our house is spotless at the moment but we can't find it! We have a dog, but he wasn't licking his lips or giving us any indication that he ate it in the 30 seconds or so that we had our backs turned to him.

Where the hell did the cookie dough go? The dog didn't eat it did he?

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when you have a food item that has a pull back seal (like peanut butter for example) do you pull the whole seal off or do you leave a bit of the seal on the jar and kind of put the seal back over the said food?

it drives me BONKERS when people dont pull the whole seal off the food.

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I really want to get into couponing but I don't understand how they get so many for the same item. Like, how do they get 50 coupons for the same product?

Anyone here coupon? Any tips or tricks?