December 4th, 2011


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You have two choices for work shifts:

5 a.m. - 12 p.m.
12 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Assume those are your only options and this is a permanent choice. This job is five days a week, with weekends off. Which do you choose and why?
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Annoying question where I look for.. a word

It's 8.35am and I've been up all night trying to finish an essay. My brain has gone to smoosh..

Please TQC, help me find a word!

When you are comparing two things which are similar and different, you could say that these things ___________ and differ..

You can say that, right?

How would you say that two things kind of 'converge' and 'diverge'?

They "_______ and differ" is a real phrase, isn't it? I'm starting to think maybe I imagined this word.

And before you ask, I have actually try synonyms for differ on :(
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How sacrilegious am I if I rip the cover off of a bunch of books?
Okay so copying them is a ridiculously smart and simple option that I totally overlooked, the books will be spared.

But what if they're just harlequin romance novels?

Besides the obvious of used book stores and thrift stores, where else might I fight such books?

Go blonde or stay black?

Pic of black hair (skin tone reference included).
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 Pic with blonde hair
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I'm starting out with waist length virgin hair. The last time I was blonde was in 2008, and I would probably go back to a similar ash blonde or a very light ash brown-blonde color.

If not black or brown, what color do you suggest?
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As I'm writing a paper, I keep coming back to a line where I mentioned the Harry Potter series, but I don't know if I should be italicizing it or not. It's not naming any particular title, but my brain is saying "italicize it!"

So, in a sentence that reads "The way that magic is portrayed in The Magicians is a far cry from the magic in the Harry Potter series ...", would I need to italicize?

DK/DC: Are you currently stressed out majorly about anything?
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Tell me about a film that you thought would be crap but turned out to be good.

If you had a cat, what would you name it?

Do you know of a good weight loss community on lj?

Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3 for a non gamer girl?

Can you recommend a good game for a girl that doesn't play them?

How would you want to die if you had a choice?

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I have a christmas dress up party to go to, and I was going to go as the little match stuck girl, because I am a grinch, but have just realised the theme is actually 'nativity', although we are being strongly encouraged to "Queer it and fuck it up as much as you want. Near nudity and Mary-Magdalene-in-Chains kind of hilarity is strongly encouraged, nay, requested."

What nativity character/thing can I go as? The innapropriater the betterer.
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For those of you who have/want children, have you always wanted children? What I mean is, did you dream of having kids from a young age? Was there ever a time when you didn't or thought you would never want kids? What happened to change your mind?

For those of you who don't want kids, have you ever wanted them? Do you think you ever will? Why or why not?

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I just switched cell companies and got a new phone....

what kind of phone do you have?

who's your carrier?

If you have a Droid....what can I expect from it and what fun things can I do with it?
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What's the last hard thing you did?

I'm typing a letter to send to various people who might be related to me in an effort to find my dad's side of the family. I'm scared and hurt and feel unbearably lost.
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Has anyone ever thrown themselves at your SO in front of you? How did u/your SO react?

My SO is a really talented dancer and last night at the club some girl came up to him and gushed about how she was in love with his dancing and how she couldnt stop staring and how she wa upset when he left the dancefloor. My SO was being nice but tried to divert the attention on to his friends by saying things like "Have u met so and so, hes a great dancer as well" but all she said was "oh i only saw you i didnt see anyone else". Lol i was so surprised how she wa throwing herself at him! When he mentioned i was his girlfriend she said i was really lucky etc etc and before she left she even said i love you, i love you! to my SO lol.

How would u have reacted? I was extreeemely shocked how strongly she was coming on to him and also really annoyed that she kept pushing it lol

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Where was the most exciting trip you went on with your school?

My lecturer has organised an 'outing' for us tomorrow (not an official trip).
I have loads of work to catch up on and have been to the place before, plus it's just for the sake of it. My ex-housemate who HATES me is also going on the trip.
However, I feel bad as i'm meant to be getting a lift with my friend (and a couple of others) and don't want to abandon them. Though i'm sure they'll do fine without me.
Do I go or not?

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So it's my last official day of unemployment tomorrow, TQC, and I need your help deciding how to spend my last precious moments of loafitude!

What should I do on my last day of unemployment tomorrow?

Go get my hair cut
Do productive things like clean and work on my novel idea
Spend the entire day in a mild drunken haze while doing productive things
Screw productivity and haircuts, just get drunk!

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Apparently, my son likes to SCREAM bloody murder now when he's hungry. He literally ate less than an hour ago (6 oz and he's 3 months old). I've never felt like a worse mother. :(

Will you cheer me up please?

ETA: He never used to scream. The only time he would scream previously is when he would choke on his spit while laying down (he got it from his father :/) This is the first time he started screaming because he's hungry.

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TQC, how do you deal with exasperating people in your life?

A really good friend of mine has a habit of getting angry/sad about a given situation and then not wanting to take steps to fix it, even if the steps are really easy and she knows that she'd cheer up afterward. I try to be patient with her and just let her vent, but I'm naturally a fixer and want to see her more cheerful, and when I propose solutions she just says things like, "No, it's fine, I'll just keep things the way they are." Would this annoy you?

DK/DC: Have you seen Once Upon a Time? I'm really digging the two episodes I've seen so far!

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My sister and I got my mom a specialty container to store her cake decorating supplies. It was cheaper than expected, so we're going to get some goodies to go in. Which would be the most fun way for the gifts to be wrapped?

a) wrap it all separately, Mom opens the small gifts first, then the container.
b) place the items inside the container, wrap the container.
c) wrap items separately, place goodies in container before wrapping the container.
d) some other option that is infinitely more fun.

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When was the last time you were gluttonous?

I just finished off a 2 liter of Cherry Coke Zero in about two hours....uuuuuh, I hate myself.

Im trying to wean myself off of soda completely so Im going from Sprite, to diet and then hopefully nothing...Im tired of drinking my calories.

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When you find yourself in a relationship, does whoever you're dating in any given year tend to give relatively no fucks about your birthday, or am I just lucky?

What do you tend to expect on your birthdays, and how often are these expectations realized?

Also, what is up with everyone having birthdays in November and December? There's a new one every other day in my group of friends.
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What was the last thing to annoy or bother you?

I am a secular Jew, I guess you could say (i.e., I am an atheist, but I celebrate Jewish holidays and traditions because everyone in my family is religiously Jewish and I was raised that way). I celebrate Hanukkah. My SO keeps asking what I want for Christmas, despite my corrections. Would this annoy you?

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How hard do you study for exams?  or how long do you study for them?

DK/DC:  Do you workout?  if so, how often and what do you do?

No working out:  do you have any easy awesome recipe to share?

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on fb on your front profile there is a list of 10 friends that stays the same under the number of friends you have. i cant figure out if its who i visit most? or who visits me the most?

i havnt been hungry at all lately everything i eat makes me feel sick why is this?