December 3rd, 2011

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Who else thinks the faculty involved needs to be charged with sexual harassment at least?

"It also details a separate incident this school year when administrators became suspicious because the boy had $200 in his pocket. He claimed it was because he was going to go shopping after school, but administrators accused him of selling pot to another student. The boy asked to call his mother; instead, they forced the student to strip down to his underwear while five adults watched."
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What's the last sort of awkward, kind of uncomfortable thing you had happen to you?

My cousin came home, blitzed as hell, at 4am...he got in a bar fight and broke a rib or two. I wound up wrapping him up and talking to him until he crashed next to me in my bed. It's two to five and Idek what to do right now because I don't want him to wake up.

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I would like to make little pouches to put on the backs of my students's chairs to save desk space.

What do you think my cheapest option will be?

a) buying quilting fabric (I have a 40% of coupon if I buy in the next 2 days)
b) buying second hand children's jeans
c) buying those aprons from Home Depot (I'm not sure if we have one around here, though). Those are 77 cents, according to pinterest.

Relevant factor: I have 30 chairs that need pouches, though not necessarily all at once. The pouches need to be large enough to hold a standard paperback novel and have straps/strings to tie around the chair.

(EDIT) Why do you suppose a boxed set of The Hunger Games trilogy was $60 at Barnes and Noble but $31 at There wasn't an online sale or anything, that was just the price.

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Who would be more interesting to talk to?

A ghostbuster
A goatbuster (captures renegade goats)

Who would be more interesting to talk to?

A psychic
A sidekick (crimefighting assistant)

Who would be more interesting to talk to?

A streetfighter
A streetwalker

Who would be more interesting to talk to?

A tv buff
A buff T.V. (transvestite)

Who would be more interesting to talk to?

A man who's rapped once or twice (onstage)
A man who's raped once or twice (college)
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What is the last thing you were disappointed about?

I drew my dad's name in our family Christmas swap so I decided to get the The Twilight Zone on dvd. He always talks about how good the pilot episode is. BUT the dvd does not include the pilot. The Blu-Ray version does include it but of course we don't have a Blu-Ray player.

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have you ever been to mexico? where? how about at this resort? do you know anybody that stayed there?

where has been your favorite vacation spot? never been on vacation? what's your favorite leisurely activity?

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Because I don't feel good and am watching a sappy Lifetime movie. If you were asked to pose in a tasteful but naked calendar to raise money for a cause you believe in would you do it? Would you be OK with your SO posing?
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TQC, I don't know how to drive. I have until about a month from now to learn how to drive well enough to get my license. Is that doable? How hard is driving, anyway? I have anxiety so I am full of irrational fear about driving, hence why it's taken me 22 years to get around to it.

Does the car have to be insured in my name before I can take my road test?
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How depressed do you get when you're unemployed?

I've been jobless for the past couple of weeks because I've moved, and I had to give up the job I got hired for the first week because I didn't have a car, and today the sadness kicked in. I feel like I'm one of those people that just shuts down completely if they don't have a job or classes, and it makes me sad that I can't seem to occupy myself while I wait for callbacks and stuff.
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Edit: dk/dc: Will you tell/show me something that makes you happy?

Edit 2: I've had a long day and not enough energy to respond to everyone right now but I just want to say thank you. Your responses have really cheered me up. <3

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How confident are you in yourself?

If not too much, why? Is there anything I could do to help you become more confident?

dk/dc, What's the one thing you want for Christmas that you know you won't get?

annoying situation

Your sibling or best friend has an on-again, off-again relationship with his/her SO (with whom you were initially Facebook friends). Every time they break up, the SO deletes you from Facebook and immediately tries to re-add after the two have reconciled--i.e., usually a few hours or days later. Would you continue accepting this person's friend requests?
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I live near Sesame Place. All of their commercials for their Christmas-y stuff contain a woman singing the phrase, "Light up the world with light."

Tell me, TQC, WTF else would we light up the world with?
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I spoke to someone on TQC a few weeks ago who recommended I visit Florence in Italy. Three of my friends and I are now planning to go when it's warm next year. Has anyone been before? What would you recommend we don't miss during our stay? Know of any awesome places to eat? Anything else?

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Sorry to follow one "dress me" post with another, but I need help!  My work is having their company holiday party on 12/17 and the dress is formal.  I have lost a bunch of weight over the last year, am slowly starting to be interested in dressing feminine and need to get dressy clothes for this event. However, I have no idea what would look good on me or even what counts as formal.  

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if you watch Community, what do you think is their best TV episode so far?

i'm a HUGE fan of their recent Halloween episode but my friend thinks their best is the latest one.
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If your son would want to wear a skirt or a dress, would you let him?
Would this depend on whether it's in public or in private/at home?

This question is inspired by a still ongoing discussion between my father and my aunt, because she let her son do this (in public) when he was 4 or 5, and he doesn't approve at all.

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My dad discovered that I was seeking males from my facebook which I totally forgot about. I'm sure he had an idea I was gay but this made it official. My mom and dad we separated pretty much since I was a kind so I am not close with him at all. Me and my family weren't close at either even though we grew up together but as were getting older were trying to get that family bond back.

Well my dad didn't take my status to well, he basically said he could not condone me in the family anymore and basically banished me from the family. I thought it was sad but wasn't hurt to much by it since we were never really a family to begin with. He converted to islam and has a Islamic family he resides with now.

Anyway, my sister invited me for a beach trip at the beach but my dad is going to be there. One part of me wants to put family first and be cordial but the other side of me is kind of mad. I mean, my family knows what he did and I'm supposed to go to a family bike trip with him, the person who supposedly exiled me from the family? Something doesn't seem right.Also it will be very uncomfrtable for me and I'm sure he wants to confront me about it which I'm not ready for. I don't want to pretend like were a family I want us to be a family which is more then blood. I feel like I am comprising myself for my family, but then I feel like you have to do that sometime. What do you guys think? Would you go?

Edit: Thanks everyone for the advice and support. What I took from your advice was to consider my feelings in the matter, which I don't normally do, I was just going to do it for my sister and family but I decided not to go. My dad called me today and told me I can be with the family under one condition, don't ask don't tell. It was a slap in the face, but I have to be rational and know this is a pretty big step for my hyper religious militant father but I will never consider him family or my dad, just the man who fathered me if I must meet a condition but I will tolerate it to be with my real family and not cause a rift.

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Have you shared a bedroom (as an adult)?
How was it?
Is it something I should take seriously when considering a years job placement which involves sharing a room?
(My housemate and I have an incredibly thin wall between us and she is in ALL the time, which may be a tiny amount of preparation, but i've had houseshares go so badly i've had to move out).
ETA: I should add i'm 20, and would be about a year out of uni when this happened.

Job prospects

My sister is thinking about going to pharmacy school and I'm studying to be an accountant.

Just curious, how is the job market looking for both areas? I've done a google search, and I'm getting a lot of hits with articles saying that there is a major pharmacist shortage, while on forums they are saying otherwise. However, that's not really a big enough search for me, so anyone who is studying or in the field, how is the job market?

Also, I did the same search for accounting, and I am getting barely any data on that. How is the job market for accountants?

We live in California in the Bay Area, so that's the San Francisco/San Jose/Palo Alto area.

DK/DC: What profession are you becoming? How is the competition in that area? If you are employed, how easy was it for you to get that job (assuming you are in your career path)?