December 2nd, 2011

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In what ways do your friends, family, SO, etc. police your appearance?

How do you react or respond to it?

Me: people are always telling me to grow out my hair. I respond with annoyance because this has gone on for years.
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I live in an anti-social bubble. Is everyone in the U.S. talking about how TARP was actually $7.7 trillion, not $700 billion like Americans originally thought? Do most people know about this?
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what are some suspenseful and exciting hard-to-put-down books?

after finishing a clockwork orange, i've found it hard to be excited by a book and to actually complete one. they are so boring compared :(
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Christmas & Sleep

If you grew up not celebrating Christmas, did you ever feel left out?
If you grew up celebrating and now don't- how come?
Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis nightmares?

I grew up celebrating Christmas/weekly church/ Catholic school. Now my family has dropped the religious aspect.
Due to a new medication I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time last nite. It was horrible!

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So I have this little ensemble - bra, thong, and garter with stockings. Now, I know that the thong goes under the garter, but I want to be able to take it off while leaving the garter and stockings alone.  My boyfriend told me he likes garters and stockings, so that will stay on.  How would you wear things in this situation? I'm open to any suggestions.


DK/DC - How much holiday shopping do you have left?


Almost all of it, but that's only like 6 people.

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Kinda like Pottery Barn...but not...

Short back a gig for one night a week to instruct people through painting a...well, painting. Basically, I come up with an idea, paint it out, and people sign up for classes for that particular painting and I take them through it. The classes are about 2 1/2-3 hours long, so they need to be...not too complicated.

Only....I'm having problems coming with ideas right now because I don't know what the general public would be interested in painting.

So what would you want to paint if you took such a class?

Seasonal and non-seasonal ideas needed, keeping in mind that I suck at humans in anything other than the Ancient Egyptian style. >.>,,

Cell Phones

For those of you who have cell phones: What's the longest amount of time you've used the same cell phone?

Do you normally wait until you qualify for an upgrade (if your phone company has that) or do you rush to get the newest OMGIHAVETOHAVEIT!!!11ONE1!phone when it becomes available?

People find it weird that I keep my cell phones for a "long" time:
Phone #1--4.5 years
Phone #2--4 years
Current phone--6 months and counting

I wait until I qualify for a free upgrade (every 2 years or 18 months--I don't remember) but am not in a rush when I do until my phone falls apart (between phone #2 and current phone; I changed companies between phones #1 and #2). None were/are smartphones in case you're wondering (they don't appeal to me).

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iphone questions:

1. i downloaded an app to use gchat on my phone. i'm having a conversation with someone who just added me on gchat and they aren't coming up on my iphones app, nor is the conversation being directed to my iphone. i restarted my phone and he's still not a "buddy" on it. every time i try to add him it says "Error cannot connect to server." what is happening?! and more importantly can i fix this?
2. i just bought my phone last week and i'm getting a software update to get iOS 5.0.1. i've heard horror stories about software updates deleting all your contacts/pictures/etc, so i'm a little hesitant. should i just update it or ignore it?

dk/dc: what are your favorite ways to unwind after a stressful week?
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If you were hungry and penniless, would you rather beg on a street corner or steal food from a big chain supermarket. Let's say that the chances of getting caught for shoplifting are minimal.

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You're singing along with the music in your car, and you mess up the lyrics. Do you:

A. Keep singing your own lyrics.
B. Attempt to switch to the correct lyrics.
C. Quit. You're a failure.
D. I don't fucking sing in my car.
E. Something else.
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Where are the world's most reckless/daring/fast drivers located?

I'm talking about "driving styles" of everyday people in different countries and cities, not like racecar and stunt drivers or anything. I was reading this reddit thread if it clarifies my question.

I learned to drive in RI and we're purportedly notorious for bad driving, but I'm sure there are places in the world where people are FAR scarier drivers.
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Hey guys. So basically I spent all of yesterday reading feminism 101, a blog that explores introductory feminism topics in a clear and concise way with lots of sources (and some crazy people in the comments, as always). ~New obsession, I guess. I'm wondering,  though, if any of you have any feminist or queer theory sources (blogs, books, whatever) you could share? Thanks.
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my sister is going to Florida in January for 2 weeks on a business trip near Cape Canaveral.
She's able to travel around the area and will have a bit of free time outside of work. does anyone have any recommendations of what she could do?
or what to expect?

she hasn't really done any sort of traveling but is pretty open to it. she's 22 and I think she has said she's also going to be there for her birthday, so suggestions on what she could even do then are appreciated!

and if you don't care, do you do any sort of traveling for your job?

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a recent post inspired me to make this post.

tell us about your encounters with celebrities!

also - i'm currently visiting NYC for 2 weeks and i am a big time foodie. what should i be sure not to miss eating while here? i like just about every kind of food.

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What's the temperature where you are?

Does anyone else think Finding Nemo was stupid?


I think FN was okay, but it's way overrated and I can't believe it broke The Lion King's record. TLK is 100X better.
Kill Bill - Elle
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For those of you with tattoos, how did you find your artist? My old artist was somebody whose shop my brother recommended, but I moved across the country. I'm highly picky and really take the time, but all of my old tricks are failing me (and I live in Seattle, which should have really highly skilled custom tattoo artists, you'd think..)

How often do you shower?
What is your favorite pastry item?

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This question is for frequent flyers:
Do you prefer to save money and have a flight with stops/plane changes or do you prefer to save time and have a non stop flight?

dk/dc/goddoesn'twantmantofly: When on vacation and in a new city what's your favorite thing to do?

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Where the fudge did I put the stuff I bought for my TQC secret santa?

Its not on my craft desk or computer desk and Im about to have a meltdown!!

In other news, whats the last thing to misplaced? Did you find it?

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will you tell me about your douchey step parent (if you have one)? how do you cope with it? most days we just ignore each other but sometimes he makes me feel like i'm scum.

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I'm looking for this giant stuffed shark I saw a while ago on some online store. You can fit yourself inside its mouth. Where can I find it? I don't even know what to Google when I look for it so I need your help.
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spelt berries

I'm making this salad and I've been cooking the spelt berries for over an hour now (did not soak them first). How do I know when they're done? If you have cooked spelt berries, how do you test for doneness? The interwebs say the cooked berries are "chewy and soft," but how chewy is still-too-chewy?

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what do you call your grandparents? if you have more than one of each, do you call them something different? do you know how they came to be known as that?

when i was growing up i called my dad's dad grandpa joe and my mom's parents grandma and grandpa. my parents and my husband's parents' are all alive, and since i'm having a baby in a few months i'm starting to wonder how you go about "assigning" grandparent nicknames. any ideas? just ask them what they'd like to be called (what if they all just say grandma/grandpa?)??

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Is it safe to drink wine (for information purposes I have white wine, it's "Sola Nero") after its been opened and left in the fridge for over a month or so? I know the taste isnt optimal, but would it cause any harm to drink?

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Let's say you're a brand new mommy, and it's your birthday 9 days after your baby is born.  What would you want as a present?

DK/DC:  If you do Christmas/festivus/whatever with presents in your do you do it?  Does everyone get everyone a present?  Do you secret santa?  other?  .. do you get presents for your friends too?

NO HOLIDAYS:  Whatss your favourite food?