December 1st, 2011

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How do I spin the truth?

I'm having problems coming up with a good "spin" to describe why I left my previous job.
Basically, the boss was like a drill sergeant, he didn't seem to understand personal space (talking in my face, etc.), and his expectations were too high for me to meet. He was unreasonable, closed minded, and the job was just too difficult and stressful, and I normally can handle a lot of stress.

None of the things I wrote above would sound good coming out of my mouth at a job interview. How could I phrase this so it's short, simple, and doesn't result in awkward questions, shocked reactions, or the interviewer thinking I can't handle any stressful job?

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For the yogis...
What are your favorite yoga pants? I'm looking at lululemon but the price is something ridiculous and want to know what other people like.
What is your favorite yoga mat?
How much do yoga classes cost for you?

Don't practice yoga... how flexible are you?

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Have you ever, like, parodied an essay? I don't know how exactly to explain what I mean, but kind of like how the Onion follows actual news format and uses news language, but is still a spoof/something like that...have you ever dared to do that for a school essay?

Probably a terrible idea, but I hate this topic I have to write about and I'm so tempted to just be tongue-in-cheek for the whole thing.

And because people probably don't do this because they are wiser than that, what has been your favorite essay you've had to write? Most hated? Favorite writing assignment in general?

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what is an appropreate Christmas/Thank you holiday gift for my garbage guys?

they totally rock and since my knee is messed up they carry my trash the extra 4 feet to the truck for me and then put my can back for me where as with other people the jsut throw the cans wherever.
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What do you do to entertain yourself or pass the time when your power is out?
There have been winds with 80mph gusts pounding my city since last night and what with all the fallen trees and things, power has been in and out.

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This is probably against my better judgment. This is an add-me post

Do you have a Facebook?

If so, do you play Words with Friends (Zynga)? On your cell phone perhaps?

If so, would you like to add another player? Just comment below with your name, and anyone else who plays WwF can message you privately to add you as a FB friend for future word puzzle funness.
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What are some bathroom etiquette procedures that people you live with have no clue about?

My roommate wipes steam off the mirror with his towel. Which is ultra irritating because it leaves fibers and streaks when it dries.

He also steps out of the shower completely wet soaking the rug on the floor.I have to wear shoes in the bathroom for fear of my socks being soaked as well. The rug is not a shower drain, shower drain is a shower drain.

Also, there will come a time when your peehole is partially blocked with semen or unwashed crust or your aim is just piss poor that day, it happens to the best of us. But please wipe that shit up. I can tell you pissed on the floor because the floor is YELLOW.

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(Inspired by the movie "He's Just Not That Into You")

If you had to pick any of these two adjectives to describe yourself, which two would you pick? Smart, Funny, Sexy, Cute.
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Have you seen the "Two Lesbians" video? What are your thoughts on it?

Liberals reposting the video news story, with ally anecdota, to other liberals achieves quite little. Sure it helps to spread a message, but it's akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. If you actually care, get involved. Do a google search, find organizations, etc. A friend of mine posted it and said she watched the video in tears. I am still formulating a rage-less response.

Cuisine du Jour

Taco Truck (freshly made to order TJ tacos (carne/pollo/carnitas/cheese))


BBQ Truck (pulled pork, chicken, veggie option from one of those "gourmet food trucks")

Please help me decide! This is for an event with 30-50 folks in January. Downside for tacos: I've done it before. Downside for BBQ: messy and slightly more expensive.

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Why do you suppose people have the urge to pet animals? Evolutionarily speaking, I mean. Like the urge to pet animals starts very young and I don't think it ever really goes away for most people.

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If you were someone whose wary about credit cards (i.e. doesn't have them, or have one or two and never uses them and/or pays them off on time), but had to fly across the country immediately (emergency) but had no way of paying for airline tickets, would you apply for something like this?

Consider the following:
a.) You don't fly...ever
b.) You pay cash for large purchases
c.) You don't plan to use the card after you pay it off (in under 6 months).

Asking for my BFF who has to fly home (2,300 miles across the country) for a family funeral in 2 days. She lost her job last month and is working part-time. She doesn't have the money to pay for a ticket but she's extremely fantastic at budgeting/living within (sometimes scarily below) her means to afford big planned purchases. I mentioned her applying for this card (since it's no frills, and I know she'll pay it off before the interest hits), but she loathes credit cards. Thoughts?
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When you feel "horny," whatever that means to you, what does it actually feel like?

Is it your brain fixating on sexy thoughts, or do you feel twinges in your gentles? Et cetera.

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If someone says "there's taint on your soul", what 's the first thing that runs through your mind?

There's corruption/sin in me. I am impure
This person is talking about the area between my soul's genitalia and my soul's arsehole. I had no idea my soul was anatomically correct

You overhear someone say "I got so drunk I apparently motorboated some boobies out by the pier". What do you think happened?

The speaker drank too much and suckled someone's breasts
The person drank too much, got in motorized boat, and ran over some seabirds

Say this one out loud. You overheard someone say "That crack was kind of large, so I started playing with the caulk. Soon, there was caulk everywhere". Again, sound that out. Now, after hearing that, what would you assume was happening in the story?

There was a crack in the floor and the speaker filled it up, courtesy of Home Depot
Obviously some kind of gay orgy

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what should i do with my hair?

my hair is mostly my natural color (the dye has grown and out and been chopped off) and is currently a few inches below my shoulders. i can post new pictures if necessary, but they won't be entirely accurate as i've just woken up. (this means they will also be gross.)
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what does your hair look like? what's your daily routine?

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Which of these sandwiches would you rather have in your mouth?

If you had to pick between these two, which would you choose?

Additionally, what do the walls look like in the room you're in?
Mine are painted a light brown and have two Guinness posters on the wall right in front of me.
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Two questions for you today, TQC, although they may be a little hard to answer if you don't have regular access to small children.

1. Can anyone tell me anything about the specifically religious content of Rainbows (the too-young-for-Brownies thing)? Specifically in England, as I'm guessing this may differ by country. Do they outright teach Bible stories as fact? Or is it more just socialising with a bit of Jesus thrown in, or what? I tried their website and it was no help at all.

2. My niece (aged five and a half) has been coming out with some religious stuff recently (I don't know what precisely, this is just what my sister told me), and we're all a bit worried about this. We'd like her to learn how to think critically about things, religion included, rather than just accepting it because grown ups say it's true. Any advice on how to go about having a chat with her? If she were ten years older it'd be easy enough but none of the family really know how to broach this sort of thing with a five year old. Any stories of similar experiences of your own would also be greatly appreciated.
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Should we give postal workers some slack because they have a hard job?

At the post office, I am shipping two packages. I tell the postal clerk I want to ship the first package first class. The guy next to me is arguing frantically with another postal worker about a different register giving him a different shipping price. The clerk that was helping me begins talking to him saying it may be a faulty register.

She turns her attention back to me and takes my second package. I tell her I'd like to ship it priority with delivery confirmation. She takes the package and weighs it. The guy then tells his clerk that he can't fucking wait all day. And the clerk responds, you either fucking wait or I can't help you.

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Is anyone here good with laptops?

I'm looking to buy a new laptop cos mines is starting to make a scary whirring noise/is overheating/the battery is on its last legs...
so... I've seen this laptop for a great price, but I'm not good at these things and don't know whether this is a decent laptop or not.
It's a Packard Bell TS Laptop (Intel Celeron, 4GB, 320GB, 15.6" Display. Baring in mind that I only want to use it for internet basically, do you think these are good specs? It also comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and Adobe photoshop elements so thats kinda good right? :)

Heeeeelp, I don't know whether to order it or not!

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What would be an awesome Christmas gift to get my 6 1/2 year old son and 3 year old daughter as a joint gift? Or two separate big gifts?

They're into pretty much anything. We live in an apartment, so that kind of restricts things.

I want to get them something special this year because of how rough it's been, but I have no idea.


I was thinking Playstation Move or X-Box 360 Kinect. Pros/cons/horrible idea?
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Inspired by a radio segment....

How much should be spent on an engagement ring?

Do you still think the 3 months salary rule is reasonable?

How big should the diamond be?

Should the man let the woman have a say in what she gets or should he ask her mom, sister best friend for help?

Should the woman drop hints on what she wants and if so, how?

What is your dream proposal?

dk/dc: Have you ever been to Mother's in New Orleans?
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Do you yourself do things that annoys you?

I always leave ALL the kitchen cupboards open when I fix myself something to eat. It looks like the place has been ransacked or something.

Also, every time I go out the front door in the morning, I have to go right back in because the second I lock the door I realize I've forgotten my mittens/binder/cellphone/lunchbag/whatever. ergh.

I'm mostly pretty together and organized otherwise.

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How do you catch up on tqc? Do you scroll back earlier a few pages then read to the most recent or do you start with the most recent & read backwards? Do you try & read everything you've missed?
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Have you ever tried this? Would you?

A mashed banana or peaches inserted in your vagina is a delightful invitation for him to whoosh his penis around in it! Once you climax, switch to 69 position for sweet afters.

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For the teachers:

Have you ever used a flipped classroom method? How did it go?

I am anxious to try it because I feel like I am held back by my students needing time to read the material for class (I don't have enough materials to send home with everyone to do as homework). I'd like to try giving them lecture at home and fun, hands-on stuff at school but I am also 100% terrified. I have students who have a lot of after school stuff, some students whose parents help them with homework and some whose parents don't let them do homework, and a few kids who don't have internet access (although a lot of them stay after school in the homework help program). It sounds like it could free up a lot of time for awesome learning in the classroom but I am so scared!

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For those of you with cats, do they have more lovey days then others? Today I have gotten so many kitty kisses, head bumps, nose licks, purring cuddles then usual. Normally they are affectionate cats but today all three are super lovey. The only thing I can think of is that I am not having the best health day and my daughter is feeling under the weather too.

For those that don't care if you could have any pet in the world what would you want?

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Do you take public transit to work/school, or do you drive?

I'm currently trying to decide if I should start buying bus passes to get to my new job. If I drive, I can leave at 7:20am and get home by 6:00pm. However, due to gas, parking and tolls, it costs about $8.75 daily. If I take the bus, I have to leave at 6:45am and get home at 6:30pm, but a pass is only $100/mo. I've never really relied on public transit here, so I have no idea how reliable and pleasant it would be, but sitting in traffic really isn't that reliable or pleasant either.

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My hair salon emailed me tonight saying that if their customers put up a review of the salon and print it- they will get a free haircut.

I have an appointment tomorrow.
I feel like I'm screwing them if I print up a review...would you do it?

How was your day? Anything bothering you?

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The board of trustees at my school approved an on campus smoking ban this week even though the student government has voted against the ban every year for the last five years.

What's your opinion on smoke-free campuses? 

A smoke free campus will affect faculty and staff as well, many of whom have likely been smoking for many years more than the students. 
For resident students, this will basically force them to quit smoking.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

It's pretty hard to believe that Christmas is in (almost) 24 days.

One of my favorite, but also least favorite, things about the holiday season is getting gifts for my family and friends. While I have all my family gifts picked out, it's my friends that can be quite challenging.

What are some awesome gift ideas for close friends? Funny, serious, etc.

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Have you ever ended a toxic friendship with someone whom you still love/d dearly? In retrospect, do you feel you made the right decision? (Feel free to elaborate as much--or as little--as you see fit.)
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I'm applying for something that calls for a cover letter, resume, and three writing samples. Should I attach them separately, or save them as one file? They're short writing samples (200-400 words each) if that makes a difference. Consensus was one PDF for cover letter/resume, another for writing samples, so that's what I did. Thanks!

dk/dc Can we have a gif party?
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My boyfriend has a video reel from 1978 that features his dad. I would love to get this transfered to a DVD, but keep the reel intact. Know of any companies that can do this? I tried googling, but I'm not 100% sure exactly what he has. All it says on it is "Scotch Brand Video Tape".