November 30th, 2011


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What are your thoughts on those who save everything--even kissing--until the wedding day? Would you ever do it or do you know anyone who has?
For those of you who have seen the preview, what are your thoughts on the new TLC show, Virgin Diaries? If you haven't seen it, the video is here.
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When you reheat a cold food item that has fresh lettuce in it, do you heat the entire thing including the lettuce? Do you remove the "fresh" parts and put them back in after heating? How do you feel about hot lettuce?

(I personally was thinking of a Taco Bell hard taco I toasted in the toaster oven)
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I just realized that I don't think I've ever felt content with where I am in my life or what I'm doing with it. Is this true for anyone else?

Do you ever just want to pick up and go backpacking across a country, or travel the world, or do something beyond and outside of yourself?

What are you listening to?

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TQC, what should I do?

I'm meant to start work at a new cafe tomorrow, but the manager hasn't called or emailed me to set up a specific time. I've emailed him twice, once on Sunday and once on Monday, and I've gotten no response. He told me at the interview that I'd be starting on December first, and that he'd email me more specifics over the weekend. That email never came. I know he's been on Gmail this week because he'll periodically pop up in my chat box, so I can't understand why he's not answering my email. My only option now is to call the existing cafe (it's expanding into more towns) and see if he's around so I can talk to him. Has this kind of thing happened to you before? I dunno about you but I'm really annoyed.

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We always hear about retail horror stories but do you have any funny stories about working in retail? Or any job in general?

+ We had a kid poop in the men's section, which led to a spirited walkie-talkie discussion
+ We used to play dodge ball with each other when the store was closed when we were selling volleyballs
+ We had an only lady who used to poop on the walls in the bathroom and then steal clothes
+ The general use of the walkie talkie was totally worth getting paid nothing.

I worked as a Santa Claus photographer one time and he told me that the closing manager for a bar he owned used to throw catered orgies after hours at the bar and that when adults hired him for Christmas parties, a significant number of women expressed their desire to have sex with Santa.

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Who would you rather play scrabble with?

Regis Philbin
Christina Hendricks
Stephen Colbert
The 'Situation'
President Obama
Ellen Degeneres
Jessica Simpson
Alex Trebek
Sasha Grey
Neil Patrick Harris
Ryan Reynolds
Stephen Hawking
Lady Gaga
Dr. Drew
Robin Williams

Lunch room naming

Plz help me with creativity :(

They recently renovated the first floor of my work building and are holding a contest to "name" the lunch/break room. I work for the University of Michigan (U of M), Wolverine Tower ("Wo-To"). Its a pretty small room, couple tables, a few vending machines, and 2 flatscreen TVs on the walls.

Anyone have any good ideas?

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This may be a shot in the dark here, but here goes!

Does anyone know of a specialty drink store online? My husband loves fancy hot chocolate like with mint or other flavors, so I wanted to buy him some for his birthday. Does anyone know of a good site for things like that?

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Inspired by the many times this has happened at the pizza place where I play cribbage - does anyone have a good explanation as to why people are incapable of flushing toilets in public restrooms? Why do people do that? It's so disgusting. Has this happened to you?

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does anyone know/use of any webhosts?
i am setting up a small business (where people will actually purchase product online via this website) and need a reliable web host. i have been looking online and reviews are varied for many sites. my brain is going to explode with comparisons.
(im in canada if it makes a difference, and i was going to use wordpress as a cms)
anyone have a small web based business? any tips? anything i should specifically look for in a web host

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What should I get for lunch today?
I want to get something out. The possibilities are endless as I live in a big city with a lot available.

What do you see right now? I'm at Starbucks, so I see a lot of people.
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What would your reaction be to hearing about a TV show titled "Matrioshka"? Without knowing anything about the show, can you comment with the general impression this title gives you?

And vote please. =)

What is your general reaction to the title "Matrioshka"?

Good, I would be curious to watch it.
Bad, I would unlikely watch it.
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Why do you experience so much pain from cramps, get cold sweats, and generally suffer so much when you're having run-of-the-mill diarrhea? (By which I mean, stand-alone diarrhea where you're not ill and the suffering is over once you poop.)

What brand of tweezers do you use, if you tweeze hairs, and what kind of tip do they have? Mine are Tweezerman LTDs and they have a slanted/chisel tip.
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what? it's good!

Dear TQC,

What’s a weird food item you get a craving for every now and again? I don’t mean like chocolate or a salty snack, I mean something most people probably wouldn’t crave ever or very often.

Personally, I get weird cravings for parmesan cheese every handful of months or so. I don’t sit and eat it by itself, but I usually go out of my way to make a dish that goes with parmesan. Another one is habanero pepper – that I will sit and eat by itself, either a whole pepper (pickled by preference) or some excellent habanero sauce. Sometimes I mix it up a bit by eating the pepper and drinking rum, if I’ve got any handy (and it’s not, you know, too early in the day for me). So good.

Chef's Hat

Where can I buy a chef's hat (the ones that look like mushrooms) in person? They only seem to be available online, and I need one in a few hours. Don't bother mentioning Walmart/Target/[insert other box stores here] because they do not have them.

DK/DC: What is the last digit of your primary phone number (cell, home, work, other)?

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my neighbor has a huge crush on me and hes being really weird about it, ive hung out with him a few times. i just moved here 2 months ago. he is convinced that i hate him for some reason. he keeps texting me "sorry can i come over nevermind i know you dont like me around" "im annoying you dont like me" "you hate me" a bunch of those kinda text even though im wicked nice to him and i told him i like him a lot as a friend and hes welcome to come chill whenever. its starting to make me really uncomfortable.
what would you do?
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If someone you've been seeing for a long time, but not exclusively or too seriously, wanted to relocate halfway across the country with you, how would you feel?

(Yes, this is happening to me, but I'm genuinely curious about YOUR answers. I, personally, will speak to mine tonight when he gets off work. We've been on-and-off, and generally have a great relationship, but him suggesting dropping two jobs and easy access to all his friends and family to join me out here is making me feel unduly pressured.)
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What movies would you like to see on the big screen again? Or if you never got the chance to see it in theatres, what would you like to have an opportunity to see for the first time in a theatre?

eta: There's a theatre in Seattle that takes recommendations for movies and they show a different one every weekend. Looking for ideas. =)
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I need a TV show to start watching whose main focus/storyline does not revolve mostly around a relationship/couple stuff. My fiance broke up with me a few days ago and I need some absorbing to watch to help me take my mind off of it when I start to get down. Any suggestions?

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do you hoard things? do you have any relatives or friends with a hoarding problem, and if so, does it affect your life much?

i move too frequently to keep much junk, but i do have a box under my bed of bolts and washers and old bike parts that i like to play with sometimes.
also found out recently that my late aunt had a basement full of thousands of skeins of yarn (anybody want to buy some yarn?)

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What are your thoughts on extravagant* weddings? Have you had one or do you hope to have one at some point?

I just read that a US couple spends an average of $26,542 for their wedding (not including engagement rings or honeymoon). Why are so many people willing to shell out that much money for a ceremony that generally only lasts one day? (I'm not trying to be snarky here; I'm genuinely curious.)

*define that word as you see fit, I guess
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Do you eat processed/pre-packaged foods? I realized that cooking can be considered a form of processing, but what I mean is, things like Kraft Dinner, Hamburger Helper, frozen dinners, etc, etc.

If you do, how often do you eat them? Are they a big part of your diet?

Personally, I eat Kraft Dinner maybe once every couple of months or so, and sometimes I buy packages of cookies. I also buy packaged crackers and I eat granola bars for a snack at school/work often. I'd like to try making those myself sometime. Mostly I try to keep that packaged foods to a minimum.

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What are the totally random things that bother you for no reason?

I hate when I'm watching a cooking show and the person is wearing a long sleeved shirt that is almost touching the food. AH ROLL UP YA DAMN SLEEVES.

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Should I go home on Friday?

It's a 4 hour train journey. I will be hungover as it's my friends 21st the night before. My step-dad has a stall at the local Christmas event in my town which i'd quite like to go to, and will be expected to help out on. My mum and stepdad are coming to my town on Saturday so i'd get a lift back with them. They're going to a party on Saturday night and i'm busy Sunday so won't see a whole lot of them.
Right now, my biggest concern is travelling with a 21st birthday hangover....
ETA: Also that it's a pretty long journey for one night when i'd be seeing family the next day anyway.

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So I think this cat adopted me.

My cat was outside and I had the backdoor propped open. This beautiful cat that I've seen around always wanting pets comes in. My cat comes home. They look at each other and neither seems to care.

What do I do? Should I let this new cat stay?

it's not what you know

Job-hunting/career conventional wisdom is that networking is the key to getting (good) jobs. Contacts are very important and will get you in the door. Etc.

How many jobs have you had, and about what proportion of these did you get via contacts as opposed to just answering an ad, filling out an application, etc.?

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Should I continue on with my planned lessons tomorrow or just scrap them and start over?

A huge change of plans today threw me way off so I need some kids to catch up to others and we need to get Call of the Wild in before winter break. IDK. I'm having a rough patch in teaching, my lessons aren't working right now :( Normally, I'd use my lesson feedback and adjust but I haven't gotten it back yet.

EDIT: Decided to scrap tomorrow's lessons until I am more prepared to teach that content/have better reading materials. Doing some modified reading assignments to get us all on the same page and happy :)

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What do you think of Stephen Colbert's frequent 'endorsement' of Bud Light Lime?

"There is currently an attack which will attempt to mislead you into providing your username & password to a third party" Anyone else seeing this at the top of their LJ screen? Just want to make sure it's not the attack.

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Collapse )

I know I'm not the only one that's ever felt this way. How do/did you deal with this? How do I put my stress aside and just get the fucking thing done so I can move on? Alternately, does anyone want to do my homework for me? I'll give you thirty dollars and half a Subway sandwich.

Also, I have to have a decent grasp on Spanish by the end of December. Where can I find a pen-pal site that isn't dead?

ETA: Sorry for late/no response, I posted this during class-break. (night-school, yay) But you guys are right, I can do this. Thanks, tqc cheer squad!
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Unfortunately, the book I was reading was all about romance, and I'm not in the position to read about romance right now. What's a good, interesting fiction book you've read lately that I can get lost in, TQC? Bonus points if it does not primarily revolve around a relationship.
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How much time do you spend each day cleaning your home, on average? Are you a daily cleaner, a weekly cleaner, or something else?

I usually spend about 20 min to half an hour before bed straightening things up, putting things away, loading the dishwasher, etc, every night. Of course when I get busy, I slack off (lately I've been slacking). Then on the weekend I'll usually do a proper clean, bathrooms, mopping, etc.

How often do you change/wash your bedsheets?

How often do you change your toothbrush?

For me, weekly for bedsheets (LOOOOOVE fresh clean sheets) and I change my toothbrush when the blue stripe is about half way faded.

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TQC, as some of you may or may not remember, I made a post on here a couple weeks ago regarding my English professor.

It has been a long semester in regards to this class. I have wanted to scream and pull my hair out more times than I can remember simply because I felt the teaching had not been sufficient. She's been unclear, her lessons don't really qualify as lessons because they're so scattered, and just in general a thorn in my side when it comes to critiquing/advising me on my papers. Naturally, I did not hold back on the course evaluation.

The past two classes, she has been approachable, easy to get along with, and she's even been making sense. I'm wondering: is she only seeming better because I have one more class with her and I'm done or is it because I was letting the stress get to me and cloud my perceptions? I feel I may have been a little harsh on the course eval, although it is safe to say that I was as objective as possible.

Have any of you ever been in a similar situation? Where you felt like the teacher/class was horrible and a waste of your time, and then it suddenly seems like rainbows and butterflies and learning the last week or so of class?

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My husband does not believe in medication/therapy for help with issues.

I have depression,anxiety,self injury issues/body hate issues and his words are "If you know you have these problems you should be able to fix them yourself"

I dont seem to be able to explain to him how I feel...can you guys help?

Im not sure what Im even asking for...I guess links to things explaining why people cant just fix themselves?

Im so upset right now :(

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How many people do you know that drive drunk? (Or, like, roughly what percentage of your drinking friends drive themselves home after going out?)

Lately I've moved to a much sprawl-ier city so everybody drives instead of walking home after bars, and EVERYBODY FUCKING DRIVES DRUNK. Like literally everyone. I honestly don't have the energy in me to fight with belligerent drunk people for their keys every time we go out. The last time I went out it took over an hour and a half to convince the guy we were with to give up his keys. So, I figured I would not go out with them. But I love them, and worry about them, and I also like going to bars. So now I feel like I need to go out and not drink and be their DD every night. IDK what to do tbqh.

Holiday $

If you are a holiday shopping participant, would you consider setting aside 5-10% of what you plan to spend on gifts for family and friends, and give that much to charity? If so, who would you donate to?

In a slightly different vein, ABC News has suggested that those of us in the US spend $64 of our holiday gift budget on goods made in the US. Would you consider doing that, and if so, do you think you would be able to?

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