November 29th, 2011

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TQC, I just got a new job at a chocolate/coffee shop. Dress code is black pants and black shoes. Would yoga pants be appropriate here? Or would black jeans be better? Pretty sure that black dress pants would be too dressy...

Also, got any sneaker recommendations for long hours on my feet?

DK/DC: What should I do to celebrate my imminent NaNoWriMo win? I'm about an hour from NYC if that'll change your answer.
Jimi Hendrix

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If you were in a life or death situation, what do you think you would be capable of?

Shooting someone
Stabbing someone
Strangling someone
Bludgeoning someone
I don't think I could do any of those things and am hoping that if the time comes I've got sensible shoes on to run away fast.

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While walking through the park one early morning, you come across an interesting sight. Charlie Sheen lying on the grass, pants around his ankles, passed out. As you contemplate taking his picture, you notice that his wallet is right next to him, as well as a condom wrapper. It seems like he took out his wallet to get the condom and didn't put the wallet back. He's snoring away. No one else is in the park. You haven't seen a soul since you walked in. You see a lot of bills sticking out of his wallet. You know he's a very wealthy man. What do you do?

Pull Charlie's pants up. Put the wallet back into his pants. Walk away
Hide the wallet under him. I'm not touching his pants
Take a picture of him, pants down. Sell it to the tabloids
Put his wallet under him, and then take his picture
Take his wallet. Walk away
Help myself to some of his money. Walk away
Look for his cell phone. Check his recent call numbers. Call someone to pick him up. Wait until someone shows up
Same as above. Call someone to pick him up, except I take some of his money
Call the police. Let them deal with the problem
i say, old bean

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tqc, i was coughing so hard last night i woke up this morning with a backache that just won't go away.
what'd i do to deserve this? :(

when was the last time you were sick?

on another note, anyone ever quit smoking cigarettes here before?
how'd that go?

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Around 4AM last night my boyfriend sat up straight breathing super hard and panicking. I asked him what was wrong and he said he felt something like an icy finger poke him hard in the back and that his back was now really cold. I put my hand on his back and there was a spot about the size of my palm that was noticeably colder than the rest of his back.

What happened to him last night TQC!?

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So a girl dates a tattoo artist and one day is all, "hey honey, will you tattoo me? I want a scene from Narnia on my back."

And he's like, "Sure!"

But he's thinking, "Teeheehee, I know what you did last summer!"

Last summer she cheated on him with his BFF.

So he gives her a consent form saying that the tattoo will be at the discretion of the artist, she signs it, and later they start the tattoo. It's "a scene from Narnia". The scene he chooses is the scene of a big pile of poop with flies hovering around it. Maybe an abstract representation of Archenland, idk.

Now she's suing him. Do you think she should win?

At what point is a regretable tattoo the artist's responsibility?

Do you have/know anyone with a tattoo they regret? What is it?

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The tone of the article I linked to above is pretty lousy, you'll just have to take the details and ignore the rest. I picked it because it was one of the few that mentioned this totally might be a fake.

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If you're removed from your phone because of work or a long activity and you get a text during that time, do you tell the person you're texting "Sorry, I was at work/doing whatever" to let them know why you didn't respond immediately when you finally get back to them?

My roommate used to do this because she didn't want people to feel ignored.

Do you have any friends that text you a million times if you don't immediately respond?
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Poll #1799196 Preheating ovens

When you are baking something, at what point in preheating do you put your food in the oven?

Right away, who needs to preheat?
During the preheating. I don't like to wait.
Once it is preheated.
I don't use the oven.

Also, if you are going to cook something in the oven and don't have a specified temperature, what do you cook/bake it at?

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How would you respond to this?

A guy I went to high school with and haven't seen in about 10 years just facebook messaged me and said, "I've had a crush on you for years.."

This is not someone I was ever remotely interested in.
And I have a boyfriend.

Should I just ignore it and not message him back? Or what should I say?

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You've received the following gifts for Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukkeh/whatever. Which gifts would you really appreciate? Anything you don't check are gifts that you'd consider regifting or exchanging

Quality-made scarf. Expensive. Orange. Has little ducks on it
2 tickets to a hockey game
Hello Kitty jump rope
Voucher for cheese-of-the-month club. Simply mail in the voucher and it's all gouda from there
New Moon DVD (Twilight series)
Monolopy - Smurfs edition
$30 gift card for a local sex store
Fruitcake, gourmet. Very succulant
Ticket for one free skydiving lesson
Adam Sandler double feature DVD - Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore
'Dragon-scale' reptilian steering wheel cover
DIY henna kit
Voucher for 100 rounds at a local target range. You still have to rent the gun
Bunny slippers with large bunny heads over the toes. Bright teal but warm

Inspiration post

Have you ever made a huge life change? Was it successful? Are you glad you did?

Inspired by me moving to Portland, leaving behind a lot of toxic influences in my life, and losing 50 pounds in a year and a half.

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1. from wednesday night until sunday night, i was at my parent's house with my girlfriend. when we weren't sleeping, we were together the entire time. my parents are the text book example of passive-aggressiveness and since hanging out with them, i am SO FUCKING IRRITABLE. every little thing annoys me and i want to punch someone in the face.

now that my girlfriend and i are back home, i am still crabby and have apologized for being so pissy. i have suggested that tomorrow, we should both spend a few hours in each corner of the house, doing our own thing, just to decompress. i really need this time to myself (my therapist thinks i do, too), but when i suggested it, my girlfriend said that she's offended because she thinks that when i need time to myself, i'm "punishing her" by not wanting to be around her. how do i respect her feelings but let her know that needing time to myself has nothing to do with her?

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Best kind of elf?

The kind that makes toys (North Pole)
The kind that makes cookies (Keebler)
The kind that makes war (Legolas)
The kind that gains XP (D&D)
The kind that is concerned about the environment (Earth Liberation Front)

What could you use the most right now?

A toy
A cookie
An orc slain
A natural 20
A serious reduction in the amount of SUVs on the road
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Christmas Everyday

When I was about 4 or 5 years old I saw this Christmas cartoon on TV called "Christmas Everyday" about a girl named Tilly who wishes it could be Christmas everyday! Her wish comes true and of course, the whole thing is a disaster and everyone learns a lesson in the end.

I have NOT been able to find it since then! I KNOW my parents taped it for me back then (1987), but since then there has been a lot of moving around and the tape has been lost (long ago).

Does anyone else REMEMBER this cartoon?

Does anyone know where I can find it?

I have the imdb info here.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!
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What is something unexpectedly nice a business has done for you?

A makeup company just sent out a second order for me because I mistyped my address and the first package got lost. I told them it was entirely my fault and they did it anyway.
I <3 TLV

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I'm buying myself a new TV as an early Hanukkah present =D I've narrowed it down to two that are on sale right now at Target - A Magnavox 37" LCD tv for $374, and a Philips 40" LED tv for $499. The Philips seems like a great deal for that size of an LED, but the Magnavox is way cheaper and not much smaller. My TV budget is $500 so I can afford both, but it's always nice to spend less if I don't need to spend more. What do you think? I know Philips is a decent brand but I know nothing about Magnavox.

This is what my living room looks like and where the TV will go, if it would make a difference. You can also see my current tv that this will be replacing!

Which TV should I buy?

Magnavox 37" LCD
Philips 40" LED
last unicorn

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Will you guys show us some then and now pictures of your pets? "Then" would be when you first got them, when they were young (puppy, kitten) etc., and "now" would obviously be more recent. So we can see how they've changed!

Alternately, just show us some cute pictures of you pets, please :)

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What do you think of the following exchange? Do you agree with person B?

Person A: "Sometimes I question my happiness level in my current relationship and wonder if I'd be happier single or with someone else. These thoughts are generally fleeting, but I do have them."

Person B: "If you were actually happy in your relationship, you wouldn't question those things."

help me continued

Earlier today I posted about how a guy I went to high school with but was never friends with facebook messaged me "ive had a crush on u for years..". This is a guy I have never been remotely interested in and additionally, I have a boyfriend.

The majority of responses said to ignore him, though some people said I should say something. I chose not to answer because the whole thing is just weird to me.

So anyway, here I am sitting here some 7 hours later and I get another message from him:
"please respond"

I am not good with this kind of stuff. Can someone just tell me what to say so I can copy and paste it? I don't want to be mean, but I feel really freaking awkward and uncomfortable about this.


Definitely blocking.
ME: I've never seen you in the same way. I do hope you find someone who makes you happy though.
HIM: let me worship u my princess
i will prove our love is pure

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My dad just went out and bought a Macbook Pro. He's really only fluent in Windows and up till now has used AOL software (yes, up until NOW). I'm meant to teach him how to use his Mac. Any tips for me (or him)?
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I'm working on a research paper regarding internet censorship in the US. Obviously, I need some data! Thank you in advance!

Do you think the United States needs to implement a method to censor the internet for it's citizens?

Yes, definitely.
Yes, but only if there was a list of predefined and agreed upon list of material to be censored.
No, it isn't necessary.
No, although it could be useful, it does violate the First Amendment.

Have you ever been censored on the Internet?

Yes, and I looked for a way around it.

Feel free to explain. (Websites blocked by a school/library computer, posted information removed, employers censoring/monitoring employee's internet use, etc.)


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I want the perfectly decorated Christmas tree this year (this is my first year having a tree of my own)

What should I put on my tree?
What do you put on your tree?

Garland, beads or tinsle?
Colored lights? or white?

Star or an Angel? (or the Hello Kitty Angel I saw in the mall....)

Candy canes?

what is your favorite flavor of candy cane?
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So I had an idea to solve the country's (US) drug problem.

We legalize all drugs. We leave it unregulated and no one gets charged for drugs unless t hey commit a crime in which case it's "[crime] while under the influence of [drug]." Much like alcohol...

Additionally, people who are in the hospital because they are taking drugs get lowest priority treatment. So if someone comes in with coke up and down their bodies, they get put to the back of the list no matter how bad off they may be... Or if they come in smelling of weed. All drugs equal. I am also counting alcohol as a drug... All of them would be legal so they all get treated the same..

Even further, there are no publicly supported rehabs of any sort. People either have to stay druggies, go it alone or pay for their own treatment.

I think this set up would allow druggies to be druggies (of whatever severity), save public money for those who haven't destroyed themselves (because admit it, druggies took an active role in their own downfall) and it's keep our courts and prisons free for actual crimes.

If you are just going to insult or say "that's dumb" don't bother. I would prefer actual discussion.

What does TQC think?

Dk/Dc Do you taste a difference in concentrated fruit juices compared to never from concentrate?

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So, regardless of whether you believe they actually happened or not, which of the many biblical miracles/miraculous events do you think would have been coolest to see?

I'm pretty sure seeing the Red Sea part would have had me peeing my pants.

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I had yet another issue with needing to speak with my doctor and her secretary not returning my call. I don't want to go to the office because my doctor is booked every ten minutes for the entire day and I really don't want to screw her over for something she has no idea about.

What would be the better option: leave a message with the office operator to give the message directly to my doctor OR write a letter to my doctor with something specific to her only on the envelope (maybe along the lines of *to be opened by Dr. Smith ONLY*)?


What's new in your life? Anything you want to talk about?
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accordion just says Christmas sharing to...someone?

If you were walking through the mall and encountered three people playing schocky Christmas music--two people with violins, one with an accordion, none of them especially inspired players--and they were doing this to attract people to the Salvation Army kettle, would you be more or less likely to put some money in the kettle?

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What was the most difficult course, for you, that you took during college and why? How'd you get through it?

Right now I'm taking dimentional analysis and it's makin' my head want to split.