November 28th, 2011


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Which would you rather do?

Get electrolysis on your scalp, and then get bad, obvious hair plugs on your freshly bald head
Always have 3" eyebrow extensions

Which would you rather do?

Go streaking at a Sex Anonymous seminar
Go streaking at a Wiggles concert

Which would you rather do?

Try to start a wave at a fumeral at church. Try to do it several times before being asked to leave
Crash a wedding. When the priest asks the audience at a wedding "If anyone has any reason why this couple shouldn't marry, please speak now", you stand up and say "BECAUSE SHE'S A SLUT".

Which would you rather do?

Eat a stick of real butter
Eat 50 chicken skins (chicken breasts)
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So I'm working on an essay about the differences between Standard British English versus General American English. Our teacher wrote that we should discuss how /æ/ is used for words like path and grass in GA and /a/ is used for those words in SBE, but that there are instances of SBE in some dialects that use the GA pronunciation . Only problem is that I cannot find the information in any of the notes, book, and I really don't know how to phrase that as a search query (seriously, what would I put - variations of SBE /a/ pronounced as /ae/? I'm so confused on that query). Do you know any dialects that use this that I could look at? (would a good example be that it only changed for some instances of /ae/ versus /a/, as both SBE and GA say [k:æt]?)

DK/DC: What was the last song you listened to?

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My friend described The Big Bang Theory as "how dumb people think smart people think." If you've seen the show, what do you think of his take?

n/a: Which TV shows do you think are overrated?

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1) What is your understanding of the pro's and con's of circumcision?

2) What are your opinions on the procedure?

Brought to you buy the fuckwit in the debate about ear cropping in dogs saying "Its no crueler than circumcision, its done before their nerves are developed, they dont  feel anything so how can it be cruel"

Uuuuuuhhh...what? WHAT?

Cue a huge derailment of the conversation into how my son is going to be made fun of his entire life and probably get AIDs because I didnt cut off a flap of skin.


What are some issues that get you riled up?
Muh Life.
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So, I have a playwright workshop and have to write a scene. The scene has to be three to five minutes (three pages only) annnnd...

"Three characters; A, B and C. A and B both want eachother (or something from one another). C enters and wants something from A, but not from B. C may (or may not) interfere with what A and B want. What happens?"

Other than a cliche love triangle, I'm totally blocked! What should I write about?

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I bought my friend pumpkin pie poptarts for his birthday.

What's your favorite flavor?
What flavor do you wish they would invent already?

Is there any type of food that you have a really hard time controlling yourself with?

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Best non-trilogy franchise in movie history (excess 3 movies)?

Pirates of the Caribbean
Tyler Perry/Medea
Die Hard
Fast and the Furious
Harry Potter
James Bond
Star Wars

Edit: Apologies to Indiana Jones. Forgot there was a 4th film. Obviously I haven't seen it yet

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any crazy awesome "cyber monday" deals youve found? where?

what are some quality mens watches brands? (can be somewhat expensive-o but nothing too intense (over a 1000g is too intense for a watch for me)
i like calzones

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Do you know any awesome frosting recipes? I'm making a giant cupcake for a friends birthday tonight and I need a really good frosting because the cake is boring (golden butter cake).

Do you watch Misfits? What do you think of the season so far?
Jason the Ninja

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If I've developed a romantic interest in a woman I'm friends with, should I just ignore it until it goes away?

I don't see how anyone could have that conversation without it coming off like: "You know what this friendship is missing? Sex with each other."

Is there a way around that?


My husband and I came home from being out of town for the weekend to find that our apartment had been broken into through our bedroom window and robbed.

Has your home ever been broken into? What was something stolen that you miss the most? Did it take you a long time to feel safe again?

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I have a futon and when I put it up into couch form the mattress won't stay on it. It keeps slipping down.

do you have any suggestions on how to keep it from slipping?
getting a new bed/couch isn't an option.
dragon lady

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What's the last thing that made you feel frustrated, but made you feel bad for feeling frustrated?

Didn't fall asleep until 2:30 this morning, cousin woke me up at 4:30am playing with and dumping out her Legos in her room (constant crashing noise) and kept me up until half past eight with fits and screaming because she doesn't feel good and didn't want to go to school and wanted pumpkin pie for breakfast. I just woke up again and still feel kind of cranky and feel bad for feeling the way I do.

DK/DC: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "Don't Touch Me" and 10 being "I Want All The Hugs", how affectionate (physically) do you think you are? With strangers and with family, doesn't matter.

Pretty much a consistent "1" with strangers, "2" most of the time with family and friends unless it spikes to "10" once in a blue moon.
World in my Hands

Detached Questions

Do you have a style? Any pictures of clothing you like/fit your style? Or anything you want to buy?

Favorite wine?

I want to make cookies but I have little to no experience in cooking/baking anything. Do you have any simple homemade cookie recipes?

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Poll #1798934 Movie Franchise poll 2

They're always rebooting movie franchises. Seems whenever there's a lag in the box office, time lapses or a director drops out, they talk reboot. Which of the following franchises would you support? By support, I mean watch in theaters

Star Wars
Die Hard
Indiana Jones
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Pirates of the Caribbean
Tomb Raider
The Mummy
The Hangover
Evil Dead

If you'd support none of them, leave it blank and leave a comment about how much you'd dislike it if they touched any or some of these franchises
yoga pants

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How do you introduce a dog to a new kitten?

We have a 1 year old Australian Shepard and 4 adult cats that do not get along. One of the cats swatted the puppy when we first got him and maybe one or twice after that, so we keep them separated at all times. The puppy is terrified of the cat. We got a new kitten yesterday and we are wanting to try to get them to get along. So far we have just showed the puppy the kitten and let him try to get used to her. He seems very scared but also very curious. He has gotten close enough to sniff her once and seems to want to play with her (obviously we can't let him really play with her because she is only about 9 weeks old and tiny and he is a 1 year old 50 pound puppy.) So basically, what can we do to make sure they get along, and make sure the puppy doesn't hurt the kitten?

Here are some pictures of said puppy and kitten:

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Swedish telly

Does anyone know what the swedish tv show Labyrint is about? I can't find anything online besides a very small note on wikipiedia and an IMDB entry that says nothing.
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An Assortment

What are your work-related pet peeves of yours? (And where do you work?)
Mine: I work at a library.
-When people complain about small fines- like one dollar even though they check out hundreds of dollars worth of items every week.
-When I am sitting at one computer waiting to check people out and they start unpacking their bag at an empty computer. Would you go to an unmanned cash register at a grocery store?
-BIGGEST pet peeve : people not returning items at all. That is literally stealing from your neighbours.

What are some off-beat things to do in NYC, esp Manhattan? (I know someone just asked about Brooklyn). I did the touristy stuff years ago. I always see a show or two when I go. I definitely want to check out The Mysterious Bookshop, NYPL, and the tenement museum.

Can you recommend any websites comparable to ModCloth and PlasticLand?

What upcoming events are you looking forward to in your area? And where do you live?
I live in Massachusetts. The Museum of Science has a Pompeii exhibit, the MFA has some good exhibits going on, and the Stone Zoo had reindeer photo ops! Also a museum in Waltham is having a Steampunk themed Christmas fair.

Who are your top role models?
Mine are Christa McAuliffe and Bobby Kennedy.

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I honestly don't like running much, but most of my friends seem to do. How do I work up a routine so I can actually begin to LIKE running, or at least be able to keep up with my friends.

What should I bring with me? Is it too cumbersome to bring my phone or a water bottle? Or just my iPod?

Should I stretch before or after I run? I've heard I should do one or the other, but not both.

Is there a certain type of drink I should have after running? What pace should I go, and how many miles should I try and achieve? How do I attain a "runner's high"?

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You're about to enter a Pictionary tournament. Grand prize is a million dollars. You have to choose a partner to enter the tournament with.

1. Who would you ask to be your partner?

2. Let's say it was limited to only TQC. Who in TQC would you ask to be your partner?

3. Now you can only enter the tournament with a celebrity. Any one. Which celebrity would you want to be your partner in Pictionary?

4. For this question, you may only choose a fictional character, either from cinema or literature or tv. Who do you pick to be your partner?

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Does anyone live in Philadelphia?

My roommate and I are considering cities on the East to move to and I'd love any and all info about Philly!

How much is your rent?
Ideal neighborhoods?
Anything else you'd like to share?
New York

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TQC, do you remember this movie?

It's probably old, somewhere I'm going to say between 8-12 years old. A girls parents are divorced and she ends up talking to some stranger online and plans to run ~away~ to him (or her, I can't remember). She tells her mom she is going to her dad's but really she is going to the strangers. Her dad I think shows up later to pick her up and then they realize she's gone? She is first with some random dude who then takes her to this other guy and that guy kills the random dude and leaves his body in a car in some obscure location. Anyways, he gives her something to drink that is obvi laced with drugs and she passes out and I forget the rest of the movie.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I watched this movie AGES ago and reaaaalllly want to see it again.
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What small, token gifts should I get for my aunts? Nothing edible, as they are always on insane diets.

What generic guy gift for roughly $20 should I get for my BIL? I don't know him that well.
Kill Bill - Elle
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I'm wearing a portable heart rate monitor for the next 24 hours and it's got to be one of the most uncomfortable fucking things I have ever dealt with.
What textures/sensations/things make you extremely uncomfortable?

Are you generally healthy?
What flavors do you enjoy most?
gir- you deserve a cupcake

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If you have a flex spending account, how much do you pay into it each month? What is your minimum/maximum allowed? How handy do you actually find it having a flex spending account?

I'm thinking more specifically a medical account, but I have the option for a non-medical one too? What would you even get with that? Are medical accounts even worth it after the new restrictions? Does a medical flex spending account cover co-pays?

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I have a toshiba satellite laptop, a little over 2 years old. I keep pretty good care of it. Turn it off every day. Yesterday, I was playing Sims 2, had been at it about an hour after turning it on and it just quit. Turned off.  I turned it back on and it took forever to turn back on. I then shut it right back down. Fast forward to tonight. It started up faster, but still slower than normal and everything is running at a snail's pace, taking forever to respond to anything I do. Any clue what the deal is? I haven't defragged in forever, but I keep real time antivirus going.  And I haven't been on real internet in over a week, only briefly tethering from my phone over the weekend. And ideas?

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What is your favorite kind of pickle?
Whta do you like to eat pickles with?
Have you ever tried a pickled egg or other unexpected pickled food?

I like Claussen kosher dill spears on their own or with sandwiches. I really want to try pickled eggs.

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I'm thinking of chopping off all my hair. It's pretty long and I don't know how people will react!
So, on a scale of 1 to SWEET JESUS NO WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, how much will I regret it?
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I'm sure it'll be poofier than it is tied back, so I won't look like quite so much of a broad-shouldered pin head. Theoretically.

Another cat question

I use clumping litter in my cat's litter box. Every day I scoop out the solids and clumps. I add more litter to the box when it looks like it is getting under 3" deep.

Presumably I should dump all the litter at some point and start with a fresh batch. How do I know when it's time to dump it all?

Me over shoulder

Paging Dr. Eljay...

Ok, I know how well it goes over when people ask for medical advice on LJ so I'm going to put this disclaimer up front: I do have an appointment with a GI specialist (good insurance kicks in next week, I've been dealing with a cheap, crappy plan that covers almost nothing) next week. I'm just looking for any guidance so I have an idea of what to tell my Doc.

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last unicorn

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How happy are you with your body? By that I mean, your general sense of well-being, fitness level, hotness level, skin, hair, etc.

How fit are you? How often do you workout/exercise/move in some way? How is your diet? What kinds of foods do you eat?

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Intro to Environmental Studies (1) or Intro to Ethics (2)?
I don't have a major yet, which is why I'm taking these classes; to see if they interest me.
What do you think?

*EDIT* class descriptions:
(1) Introduction to environmental studies that includes an overview of human
activities within the global ecosystem. Examines population growth,
energy use, agricultural techniques, water quantity and quality,
biodiversity, air quality, and waste disposal, and searches for
solutions while exploring future options.

(2)Acquaints the student with the major concepts and methods of ethical
theory within the Western tradition. Topics will include the nature of
evaluation, appraisals of the "good life," the source and justification
of obligations to others, the possible relativity of ethical codes as
they vary from culture to culture, and the connection between individual
desires and social restraint. Application of these topics to issues of
contemporary importance, such as the moral implications of abortion,
sexual freedom of expression, changing social roles, the role of
religious belief in moral theory, and the social sources of ethical
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Edited to Add: What kind of strange brainfuck is this? Of course I know that the Sun is far far bigger, and I'd expect everyone else on the planet to have the education to know that too. So why did I type it wrong in the question? On okcupid I answered that the Sun is bigger, and I'm surprised that anyone at all is answering that the Earth is bigger. But then I went and did it myself. Does love make fools of us all?

1. Okcupid has a bunch of questions you can answer, and you get match scores with potential dates based on whether they answer the way you would want them to answer (and you get to assign an importance weighting to that). One of the questions is "Which is bigger? The Earth or the Sun?" Why in the world am I running into so many women who answered that with "The Sun" "The Earth"?

2. Did you ever trim your cat's claws yourself? How did that go? I'm worried that I'll cut into the quick and not only will she never forgive me, she'll rip my throat open and dance on my corpse.

Grumpy Angel

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How many people live in your household?

Do you have a dishwasher?

How often do you run it (times per week, I guess).

It's just my husband and I, and I think we run the dishwasher at least 3 times a week, which feels a little excessive...
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I have a debit card but my parents control it and its out of state so I can't check my balance at the bank its from. Do you get charged at an ATM for a balance inquiry?

Oh and for VERY flat-chested girls im talking double a to a cup whats the best push up bra you have had?
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I have a pair of cousins, boy and girl, 10 years old, who live far away and I don't know them very well.

Instead of vouchers for Christmas, it'd be nice to get them something a bit cool, funky, different, etc. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD (including unicorns, banshee-in-a-bottles and time machines) so something ... different, would be ideal.

Can anyone recommend some good online shops that sell things kids would think is rad, groovy, keen, or whatever it is this crazy kids say today? :p

I'm in Australia, so Australian stores are a bonus!

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I really want to work in America for a time, but I know how few jobs there are and how difficult it is to get work as a foreigner.

I've just found out about the Disney cultural representative program (foreign workers work in Disney World and represent their country).

Are there any similar schemes open to people from the UK? I'm thinking of theme parks etc but I have no idea what's out there. I don't really mind where.

Handmade X-mas Gifts...

***When I stopped working at a barn recently, I lost contact with my co-workers/teachers. Should I still give them their christmas presents?
The gift would be a braid of their favorite horse's tail @ the stable made into a bracelet with silver hardware.
We never established that we would exchange gifts, I just thought it would be a nice gesture.

***Also, I got some paper mache 3D skulls around halloween from Michael's. I was planning on painting up one each one day of the dead/sugar skull style for my friend, his wife, and their new make a little family of them. Is a skull each enough, or should I get them something else small to go with it?

***What should I get my boyfriend's parents for christmas? Restaurant giftcard?