November 27th, 2011

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For those who wear perfume/cologne, how often do you buy them? Do you stick w one kind or try different kinds?

I try to finish a bottle before buying another but most people i know usually have a fee different bottles. I like having that one signature scent that people remember u by or that makes u remember a certain period in time.

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My guy was watching a commercial the other day when I was half-asleep and he said the product was really cool/clever. So now I want to get it as a holiday gift, but I didn't really catch what it was. Want to help me identify it?

It was an Ace Hardware commercial (I -think-) and it was something like... a screwdriver set? But it like, kept turning when you stopped to readjust your hand? Does this sound familiar at all? Sorry, I know nothing about tools. XP

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My boyfriend has been going on about a PS3 for the last 3 months.

We've been having a bitching contest/stupid fight over basically nothing lately. Black friday, I went out and got him the PS3 bundle and a 40" TV to go with it. He calls me while I'm in line for the tv, telling me he's on his way to buy himself a PS3. I have to tell him no, that I had already gotten him one.

He gets mad and says 'why did you do that, I didn't ask you to' and offers to buy it off of me on his next payday.

What the hell is his problem?
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How much do you love your home?

How much does the general neatness/tidiness of your home impact your mood?

I really love my house and I generally try to keep it nice and clean, but lately I've been busy so I kind of started to let things go. It made me really grumpy and it was constantly nagging at the back of my mind. So this weekend I did a nice big clean-up. I dusted and vacuumed and swept and did laundry and mopped and just generally tidied. Everything feels so much better, fresher and cozier and my mood has really improved. Its a load off my mind! Now I can just maintain again and that is much less stressful.

Do you currently live in the place you consider "home"? What does home mean to you?
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I'm interested in working for a non-profit but I have no concrete concept of what that could be like. Do you now or have you ever worked for a non-profit, or volunteered for one, like Americorps?

Do you ever get depressed when a break or vacation comes to an end and you have to go back to school or work?

My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow but we start back to school and he has a paper due, so we can't really celebrate. I should surprise him with gyros for dinner, Y/N?
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There is this t-shirt that has a lot of sentimental value to me - I made sure to take good care of it for 15+ years and now I can't find it. I have torn my room apart but it is nowhere to be found. :( I hope for the best but fear the worse. Don't know how it would have happened though....

Have you ever lost anything of sentimental value? If so, what was it?

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"This company is the biggest tire manufacturer in the world, even though you'd never drive on their tires."
Can you name the company?

What was the last thing you put into your mouth?

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Theres this one catalog store that offers outrageous christmas gifts every season.
i think one season they offered a his+hers pair of coffins or something.
Anyway, does anyone know the name of this catalog?
I know it had a Wikipedia page with a list of everything outrageous they've offered every year or something
I dont think its Hammacher Schlemmer, but it could be

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After taking a 3 month hiatus from going to the gym I'm going to start going again tomorrow. Initially I stopped going because my life just got too hectic. Now I really don't have any excuses, just laziness. I can tell I'm gaining back weight I worked so hard to get off. How do I keep myself motivated? I also want to juice for one or two meals a day at least for a week to see if I feel any better. (Fruits and vegetables in a juicer, Not steroids.)

TL;DR What keeps you motivated to go to the gym and stick with a healthy lifestyle?

DK/DC What are some words you can't spell without spellcheck? Mine are recommend and necessary.

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There are 3 girls in the family 2 are sisters the other is thier cousin. We are getting the sisters American Girl dolls (the new babies that came out recently) for Christmas because that's what they have been requesting for the past 3 years. They aren't spoiled and know the meaning of being grateful for what they get and not making a scene. Thier cousin however is spoiled beyond belief and gets anything and everything she wants no matter the price and if she doesn't get what she wants she will scream and through a huge fit right then and there until she gets what she wants.

My question is this:

Should we get the cousin an American Girl doll also to avoid a scene in front of the family?
Or exchange gifts privatly with the sisters at our home or thiers and hope the cousin doesn't through a tanrum later on?

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In celebration of my BFF who is 6 weeks pregnant I had a few pregnancy related questions for those who have been there done that.

1.) What was something your friends/family did for you during the duration of your pregnancy that made things easier for you? (She is starting to have some some heavy duty exhaustion and some morning sickness.)

2.) Any funny pregnancy related stories you'd like to share?

3.) Can you recommend some pregnancy blogs/websites that you like(d)?

Thanks guys, I'm super excited to be a godmother :*)


Monday morning, you roll into work and sit down. A half-hour later, your boss and someone from HR show up and tell you that you aren't working there anymore. They pack up your personal possessions and send you on your way by 11AM. The rest of the day is yours. What do you do?

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If you were on a HBC pill because of horrible periods and or ovarian cysts...have you ever stopped taking the pill and functioned normally?

My pills are making me crazy but I'm afraid to stop because the pain was too excruciating.
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Can anyone think of any hip hop lyrics about (positive) success?

My parents are trying to put together some quote/picture/congrats thing to go with my brother's grad photo in his yearbook, and they thought it would be neat to use some lyrics.

Edit: I found this.

"The message I stress: your lessons
Don't settle for less - even the genius asks questions
Be grateful for blessings
Don't ever change, keep your essence" - Tupac

What do you think?
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Best qualities.

What are some of your best qualities of character?
As for me, I am smart, brave, friendly, equitable, handsome, responsible, courteous, and very modest. Sometimes I just wonder what a great person I am.

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TQC, my boyfriend wants a few days of time to himself this week. I'm going to be NaNoing and cooking but that doesn't really take up too much of my day, and I'm unemployed until Thursday. How should I keep myself amused until he decides to come back and talk to me again?

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Inspired by being hit head-on by a drunk driver last night and surviving with only scratches and bruises:

Have you ever been in a car wreck? How bad was it?

How do you get over it? I keep seeing the headlights heading toward me.

And for everyone: how much did you pay for your car? What kind of car is it? Did you buy it used or new?