November 26th, 2011

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1. what is your natural hair color?

2. what colors have you dyed it? what is your favorite?

3. what is your favorite unnatural hair color (for yourself or in general), of combinations of colors?

ETA: pics encouraged. :D

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I've been trying to remember a movie so that I can find it on Netflix. The premise is animated talking animals are looking for a cure for a chemical spill in their forest. It involves them flying in a home-made air balloon...and there's a porcupine named Russell.....what effing movie am I thinking of? Did I dream this, and if so, was I high during?

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1) How much sleep do you get per night?

2) How much sleep do you require in order to feel well rested?

3) Any tips on how to deal with sleep deprivation?


I normally need about 6-7 hours of sleep to feel good...lately Im lucky to get 2-3 and they are not consecutively.

Im up every 2 hours during the night and Im having trouble staying awake during tasks...which is a danger issue :(

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Are there any commercials on TV that disturb you? Are there any TV commercials you hate?

I'm really disturbed by the Geico ad where the guy has trained the little guinea pigs to row a boat to generate electricity. I really hate that ad.

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I don't like to wash my hair everyday, but have to because of swimming/going to the gym etc.
Are there any really mild shampoo's which will just get out the gook without stripping it clean, or is it possible to make one's own delicate shampoo?
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How would you/do you feel about being in a relationship with someone substantially smarter than you are? Would you be bothered? Inspired to get brainier? Would the type of "smarts" matter? Or would you not care as long as they weren't pretentious or condescending about it?

What kind of smart are you?

edit: how would your answers be different if I had written "more knowledgeable" instead of smarter? Also, when I'm asking what kind of smart you are, I mean, what area are you knowledgeable in?

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maybe a dumb question but

if i buy a song off itunes, can i put it on a CD? i'm making a mix of songs from a tv show my friend and i both love and i need this one song but it's off some bonus English Japanese extravaganza disc i can't find anywhere so i just wanna pay the $0.99 and be done wih it.
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I bought a london broil for dinner but then remembered I don't have a broiler pan, and I can't grill it because I'm too broke to buy charcoal. I'm pretty confined to my kitchen and it's limited stock.
So, tqc cooks, What would you do with this delicious cut of meat if you were in my shoes? would a regular cooking sheet work ok? :\
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Has anyone ever been to a Steampunk convention? Or any kind of convention? Describe please?
I've only been to a ALA (American Library Association) convention. It was great - free books all around!

I saw that NJ has a Steampunk convention so I thought about driving the 4.5 hours to go, then I noticed that there is one right near Boston in May!
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what size underpants?

I'm going to buy some nice wicking workout-friendly underpants for a relative for Christmas (she would probably not buy them for herself and she will appreciate them, so it's a good gift for her). But I have no clue what size to get. I can't exactly ask her how much she weighs, but I think she takes like a 12 or 14 in pants. What does this translate to in underwear sizes?

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My boyfriend's computer has randomly decided it doesn't want to play movies any longer. We're able to play other things (Supernatural and Fringe episodes, etc) but not movies (Specifically two James Bond movies) They're all .AVI except one of the Bond movies. All the same files work perfectly on my older laptop, and we're both using VLC Media Player.

Whyfore, TQC, does my boyfriend's computer not want to watch Bond? It will open VLC, but with no video panel, and quickly play through nothing at all.

Why does my kitty...

1. Why does my kitty cover her food bowl with newspapers?

2. Why does my kitty pounce my face? Often I'll be laying on my back on the bed, and she's sitting on my chest, and I'm petting her, and suddenly she's grabbed my cheeks between her paws and her jaws have a grip on my upper lip. Scary! And then she runs away.


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I am trying to remember a news story I read a few years ago. It was about this couple that faked a very sick foster child. The 'girl' was a victim of horrible child abuse and also a terminal physical disease. The couple wrote a book using her name and bilked a lot people out of money for the 'girl's' support. No one ever saw this child and if anyone wanted to interview her the wife would do the phone interview faking a child's voice. This was a very famous case and they even make a Law and Order out of it. Does anyone remember the names or any of the other details?
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Ugh okay, I know there are probably a billion of these questions but whatever, scroll past it if you hate helping people.

I need gift recommendations for my uncles. They're really hard to buy for because I only see them once a year and I don't know what they have, so I need something that they most likely wouldn't buy for themselves.

Uncle 1# likes video games (Call Of Duty, Bioshock, whatever), The Simpsons, comics (The Walking Dead, Sandman, Alan Moore), View Askew movies, and basketball (Sydney Kings). He listens to a wide range of music and plays guitar.

Uncle #2 likes old sci-fi like Doctor Who, Twin Peaks, puzzles, basketball (Sydney Kings), and board games (we play board games when I visit. Usually there is a new one each year, and last year it was Ticket to Ride, so something like that might be good? Idk board games though).

They're both pretty tech savvy and they work as forensic engineers. They're not into cooking and I'm not sure what size clothing they wear, so I can't really do that.

What do you think I should buy them? I can spend about $150 on each of them. Points if I can buy it online.

Is there anyone in your life that you're having trouble buying for? Tell me about them and I'll try to help!
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What are your thoughts/opinions/experiences on phlebotomy as a career? (Just me thinks.)

Obligatory, related second question: Can you handle the sight of blood? Yours or somebody else?
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do you like listening to audiobooks? where do you listen to them?

i'm trying to listen to one now, but it feels like i should be doing something else because I'm just sitting in my room doing nothing.


Urgh. Need your thoughts.

I just went to a bar/restaurant that I usually find incredibly uncomfortable to be in. The layout is awkward. One of the people in the group goes out of her way to ignore me, which is okay because I don't like her but added to awkwardness. For the last hour, a group of girls reached over my back to put their coats and purses right next to my arm on a windowsill and smacked into me every.single.time.

Now...I go to bars and have a good time- I don't love 'em but I was at one last night just fine.

Tonight I actually had to leave because I wanted to kill someone.
Was I overreacting or would you have been totally uncomfortable too?
side note: I did not drink at all so I'm talking stone cold sober "you" in this situation.

When was the last time you felt particularly dumb?
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I am an atheist, but I realise that many people are not. Is there a book or website that I can read about theism and theists so I can understand where they're coming from and not feel so alienated? Any advice?

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Anyone have any experience/done any research on the light field camera? The soon-to-be-available-commercially version by Lytro seems more like a dumb pet trick than anything else, but the technology would seem to have an interesting future. I don't really understand the science, other than the cameras capture a broad spectrum of information about the light entering the camera, like the angle that the light ray is hitting the sensor, and then uses computer power to control the rendering of the picture. In the Lytro version, e.g., you can bring different parts of a picture into focus with a click: but that seems like all you can do, which doesn't really seem like a lot. Strictly for early adopters, I guess.