November 25th, 2011

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Has anyone here read anything by Immanuel Kant? If yes, which of his works is easiest to understand?
We talked about him in college on Tuesday and I am intrigued but I'm afraid I'll be too "stupid" D:

(for reference, I have been reading "The Second Sex" for about two years and I'm sure it's easy compared to Kant's works!)

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Do you drink?

How old are you?

If yes - how often do you drink to the point that you are buzzed/drunk?

Do you think you drink more than the average person?

(This isn't homework or anything, I'm just bored at 5 in the morning and curious)

eta: my answers - yes, 24, between once and three times a week depending on my free time, usually closer to once a week.

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For the guys: how important is it to you that the girl you're seeing is well-dressed/well-groomed, etc? For the girls: how important do you think these things are to guys?

How often do you get 8 solid hours of sleep in a night? How many hours do you think you really need? I usually sleep 6-7 hours, and this is fine, but I'd like more.
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Movie day! We always go see a movie on the day after Thanksgiving. Today Dad and I are seeing Tower Heist. Are you going to the movies today, TQC? What are you going to see?

Are you excited for Oscar movie season coming up in a few weeks? I am.
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Where do you stand on the idea of giving gift certificates/gift cards/money to people in lieu of regular presents?

If someone gave you a gift card/gift certificate/money instead of a present, would you be disappointed?

Have you ever received any gift cards or certificates for a place you would never use?

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Its 10.30 - by the time I get dressed and have breakfast, it will be 11. is there any point in going shopping? or, seeing as a bunch of places have 2 day/weekend sales, should I just wait until tomorrow, when it will hopefully be less crazy?
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Last night I went to Wal-Mart's early Black Friday sale in an attempt to get a couple of the $2.84 kitchen items my mom really wanted and a video game for my brother who was working at the time. The staff brought out a pallet of stand mixers and about thirty people crowded around them and started tearing into the shrink wrap. There was a woman stuck behind another woman who couldn't reach over her to get one, so she pulled down the pants of the woman in front of her. Of course the pantsed woman freaked out and scampered away, so the one who did it could get up to the front and get her stand mixer.

What is the most ridiculous and capitalistic display of asshattery you have ever personally witnessed?

(no subject) tells me that I need to "add $0.36 of eligible items to your order to qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping".

What should I buy? srs/nonsrs answers. Whoever finds the cheapest thing (but more than $.36) wins.
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Barnes & Noble

I'm trying to spend $1.50 on to qualify for free shipping. I work at a library so I don't really buy books/movies (unless they are unavailable in the US).
What should I buy?
Also- What would be a good guitar or Mortal Kombat related gift for under $15?

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Is the US the only country where we line up for hours  to get somewhat decent deals on things we don't need and practically kill each other for it?

It's hard to picture like, Canadians or Australians or something, going crazy over TVs and pepper spraying people for products, like I heard someone did today. Does any other country have an equivalent to black friday?

Alternatively, why are my fellow Americans such nut jobs?

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Do you think is wrong/inhumane to play pranks on your pets??


My husband bought Despicable Me last night at work and it came with a blow-up "minion"...upon blowing up said "minion" we discovered that our cat Achoo is absolutely, horribley TERRIFIED of blow up I proceeded to follow him around the house with one point I had him cornered in by the bed and he tried to escape by running underneath the bed but I was too quick, I went around the other side and shoved it under the bed with him.

Loling so hard.

I cant wait to see what his kitty revenge tactic will be.


Dk/dc: What are you doing today?



Did jcpenney fuck you over today? If not, who fucked you over today?

I made Penneys my Black Friday destination this morning because they had a bunch of kitchen electrics which worked out to $9.88 after rebate. The only restriction in their advertisement book was "1 rebate per item, per address." But now I am reading through the rebate forms, and some of them say that I can only get a rebate on one item -- a limit of a single rebate to any person by name and a single rebate to each address.

The rebates are $10 each, and I bought 4 different rebate items. So if I only get one of the rebates, I'm going to be out $30 that I expected back.

I'm annoyed. I've written to their customer service department, and if I don't get satisfaction there, I'll take it to my state's consumer affairs department.



I live in an apartment with a little balcony. I usually decorate out there for the holidays but I really want to string up some lights along the balcony rails. I've seen other people in the complex do this with their balconies so I know it's possible. But I don't have an outlet outside. As far as I can tell, my neighbors don't have any outlets either but they somehow manage to hang lights outside. How are they doing this? I'd ask them myself but I don't know anybody in these lit up apartments well enough to just knock on their door and ask how to copy their lighting techniques. 
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Should I buy my whatever we are depending on what day it is a Christmas gift? (We started as friends, admitted we have feelings for each other and are at a standstill.) We haven't discussed it and I really don't want to bring it up (mostly because I feel like if I do, he will feel obligated to get me something and if he wasn't, it just makes the entire situation uncomfortable in my opinion)

What is a nice homemade gift I can get my co-workers? I usually like to put something small in with their cards, but since I am on a VERY tight budget it has to be cheap.

Who else do you have to shop for?

DK/DC/Bah, humbug: Would you rather go shopping with Carson Kressley from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy/DWTS, Randy from Say Yes To The Dress or Clinton and Stacy from What Not To Wear?

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What's the largest amount of money you've ever wasted?

I can't remember what the amount was, but it was well over $5k for nurse aide schooling. I did it because mom was bitching at me to go to college for something. I hated it. I would rather be homeless than do that for a living.

It's really crappy pay, too. If you get $10 an hour to do it you're lucky.
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Hey TQC, will you help me diagnose some mystery pain? I can't go to the doctor, and it's not life threatening or anything, but it does make it difficult to sleep at night (not like the insomnia helped) and be active during the day.

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My bed is a big, not-too-well-made four poster in a dark mahogany stain. I picked it out when I was 13 or 14 and now I find it drab and dated looking. I can't afford a new bed right now, but i was thinking of painting this one white until i can afford a good quality bed I love. I'm eventually planning to paint my bedroom a pale blue-grey colour, my bedding is mostly white and so is the trim.

Do you think painting my bed white would be a good idea? Would it be difficult, given its current dark colour?

What does your bedroom look like? How do you feel about it? Pictures?
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I want to make some weird Christmas cards but I have a dilemma...

Should I spell Christmas as 'Kristmas' or 'Khristmas'? I'm putting it with the words 'Kraken'. Or should I just spell it as 'Christmas' even though the sentiment would read 'Kraken Christmas' and not be as fun. It would still be alliteration though wouldn't it?

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In a heterosexual relationship, do you think there is one gender that tends to end relationships more? I've noticed that in my social circle the girls tend to be the ones doing the dumping.

My friend has a theory about how men take longer to fall in love than women do, but once in love women fall out of love/move on faster. Do you think there is any truth to this?

DK/DC: What are your favorite stores for lingerie/undergarments?
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TQC, what are your plans for the weekend?

Other than reading TQC, what are you doing tonight?

Also, I have curly hair, but I now live in a house with a water softener, and my curly hair is limp and straight. Does anyone know of a really good shampoo that brings back curls? ETA my hair is fine like a baby's with wispy ringlet curls. It isn't thick or coarse curls.

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Can anyone recommend any good, cheap mp3 players? My sister has asked for an ipod for Christmas, but that's just not gonna happen.

I'm looking in the $50-100 range.

Edit: Found one! Thanks guys.

NEW QUESTION: What's the last thing you bought?

Previous to the aforementioned mp3 player, I had to purchase 16 pool thermometers for work.
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Are you an only child?

If so, do you feel as though you missed out on something by not having siblings? If so, what do you miss about not having siblings?

If you have siblings, have you ever wished to be an only child? What was attractive to you about it?
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What is your favorite Pink Floyd album?

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
A Saucerful of Secrets
Atom Heart Mother
Obscured By Clouds
The Dark Side of the Moon
Wish You Were Here
The Wall
The Final Cut
A Momentary Lapse of Reason
The Division Bell
I can't decide, they're all so awesome
I hate Pink Floyd

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Perusing Dan Savage's latest column, I encountered the concept of the queer heterosexual - "Sex-positive, supportive of trans folk, and heterosexual." Although I meet those descriptors, something about the term just rubs me the wrong way, because I see queer as a specific identity that I have no right to appropriate. what do you think?

Link added for context:
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Hey TQC,

I'm starting my Christmas baking, and I was wondering if any of you have favorites or traditional baked goods that you like to make for the holidays. Will you share ideas and/or recipes with me?

For me, we make gingerbread cookies every year, so I started with those tonight, since they freeze really well. Only mine are ninjabread cookies, with thinkgeek ninja cookie cutters. :)
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TQC what kind of cookware do you have?
do you recommend it?
I'm looking for new cookware (preferably in the ~$150 area) that does not have glass lids. Any thoughts? Amazon has only turned up one result that looks decent. I'd also prefer nonstick :)