November 24th, 2011


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How old were you when you figured out where babies come from? Did you ask your parents about it? What did they say?

Parents, how did you explain the joys of procreation to your children, or how are you going to?

My friend is pregnant, her four year old wanted to know how the baby got in there, so her dad explained that he made her a magic potion that she drank which put the baby in her belly. Four year old is now refusing to drink anything her dad gives her. It's hilarious!
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Hey, show me pictures of your pets being adorable or silly or just, you know, existing? Because I am in the mood to look at some cute animals.

Don't have pets? Would you post pictures of animals you absolutely love?

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How do you feel about other people spontaneously doing your laundry without first getting your consent?

I have a difficult time understanding how this is supposed to be helpful or a pleasant surprise, especially when, in my experience, people never check to see what clothes should not go into the dryer, and they end up shrinking some of my clothes. The privacy aspect doesn't bother me hugely, but it does seem obvious to me that you might ask, "hey, can I toss this stuff in the washer?" before doing it without knowing how someone likes their clothes to be cleaned. I tend to buy clothes once a year, and that might be one or two new pants and shirts, and I want to keep them nice for as long as possible. It really, really peeves me and I just had my grandma stop by my place today and throw my just cleaned clothes into the washer again, so I admit to feeling somewhat heated about it atm.
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How long do I let my humidifier run? Do I turn it off before I fall asleep? Will it dry up!?
I've never owned one before but I'm combating severe nasal/sinus dryness in the morning combined with stuffiness and itchy, dry throat that makes me cough all night. What do I do!?

What's your favorite kind of drunk?
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Dear tea cue sea,

I'm fairly certain I'm absolutely drunk and have puked a few times, I think I also just came out via Facebook whilst drunk, which will be difficult to deal with once I'm sober, Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better?

tl;dr: Drunk cures that do not necessitate complicated ingredients, please?


The boyfriend and I are going to his parents house for food later, and I'm kinda nervous - I've met his parents, and his sister that will be there, but meeting a whole bunch of other people (like 12) is stressing me out.
how do i not get stressed out?/how do I not make an ass of myself?
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For those of you celebrating Turkey Day, what will be the most disappointing thing you can think of that will happen/not happen today?

At Thanksgiving dinner I will be dining with some pseudo-in-laws and we will be eating sushi. Sushi on Thanksgiving? Really? So disapoint. I haven't had the big turkey dinner with all the trimming and stuffings in about 4 years. I want it so bad it's not even funny. :(

Don't celebrate Turkey day; DC: If you watch tv shows that are aimed at children/young teens which are your favorites?
I like MLP:FiM, Adventure Time, The Normal Show, and what little I've seen of Thundercats I kinda like more than other stuff on average. :)

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Polygamy vs monogamy

How do you think of polygamy? Muslim people have this culture, while we, the liberal democratic countries have monogamy culture. But why can we say polygamy is bad from our point of view. Let’s be fair and tell me why monogamy is good and polygamy is bad or polygamy is good and give me some reasons why monogamy is bad. Thanks!


I think this question doesn't work since ppl just say it depends...

What I wanted to ask you was...

Why polygamy is bad in the norm of liberal democratic countries?
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Background: There are four of us in a rented house. The house is owned by a landlady who lives elsewhere and none of us knew each other moving in. We have lived together for 1.5 years.

Situation: One housemate, Tim, keeps mostly to himself, which is fine. We noticed he had an American girlfriend a few months ago. Turns out she was here as a student, finished her degree, and moved back to the US. She has come back to visit Tim since, for two weeks, then went home again. She is suddenly back again this week. We assumed she was visiting, but one my housemates was chatting briefly to her, and she said she'd moved back to the UK suddenly because she'd gotten a job. Her visa runs out in 3 months, so she's not sure is she can stay longer than that, therefore she is just going to live with us. "Hope that's ok! I'll contribute to some bills."

Would you be ok with this?

I'm very much not ok with it, though I'm having a hard time articulating why. Even if she offers to pay rent (don't know if she will), I don't think she should be here! We are having a house meeting tonight, and I'm not really sure what to say to her. What would you say???

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Do you have ridiculously dry skin? If so, what do you do to make it less dry and stay moisturized? I've tried all sorts of lotions, showering everyday, drinking tons of water and nothing seems to help. The skin on my neck is so dry it constantly looks dirty :( Help!

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For those of you who co-habitate with a SO: do you wash your laundry separately, or does one of you take care of all the laundry?

What is the fattiest recipe you've ever cooked?
I made bacon-cheddar bread last night and I can't stop eating it. There is a whole POUND of bacon and two cups of cheese in it! Augh!!! This is delicious madness...

Why in the world did it get unseasonably warm today? I wanted to wear a sweater and boots but had to wear a breezy dress instead. Wtf!
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What's your take on whether or not the holidays have been commercialized and consumerized? How do you feel about Rebecca Black Friday? What do the holidays mean to you?

I ask because there are some extremely irate retail workers on the internet that are complaining about having to work today and tomorrow and using corporations and consumers as their hate-goat.
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what is the cutest, most mommish thing your mom has done for you since you've been an adult?

my mom (and dad) just came up to minneapolis from florida for thanksgiving and she had crocheted matching hats for my tiny dog and me.

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Should fat people be allowed to use Handicapped spots?

I was out with my mother the other day and maybe it's some sort of confirmation bias but as we were looking for a spot to park (She has stage 2 MS), out of the store comes thirty fatties in electric carts. It was the most impressive display of laziness and gluttony I've ever seen. It makes me very angry. My mother is actually sick. I mean, sure a percentage of these fatties need the spot and have a real problem but I would venture a guess that most of them do not have that problem.

I am not saying that fat people can't be fat for a reason but they can't all have problems that make them fat. I am not even saying fat is bad, or that they don't deserve some compassion. But come on. Maybe we could make classifications of handicapped. The blue area for people who have mobility problems related to disease (including disease that make people fat, but we would have to set criteria, inability to move a lot is not a reason, my mother doesn't move a lot and she is not a fatty.) and a red area just a bit past it (say places 4,5,6, where blue would be 1,2,3.) for fatties and pregnant women maybe. That way anyone that has problems can get to the door with minimal effort and discomfort, but without inconveniencing those that had no control over what happened to them.

So, I post it to you, should fat people be allowed to use handicapped spots?
Should we revise the handicapped classes to include a special group for the fat?

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my mother is driving me crazy but i've already had 2 beers and 3 glasses of wine. what should i do/should i just keep drinking?

i mean, good lord, she's trying to make Paul all deep and spiritual and philosophical. i'm not saying there isn't some depth behind this movie but it's not exactly enlightening.

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I've lost my iphone at uni, and through Find My iPhone I can see that it's still there. My dad is ringing the library now.
It's been found!

Do you have any good luck stories about finding something you thought you'd lost?

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I need your help!
Currently I am living in Mexico. I teach English to elementary students, but tomorrow I am subbing for a friends University class. I have done it before, but I'm out of ideas. Usually they just ask us a bunch of question because they like speaking to people who speak fluent English without an accent, but I kind of want some fun games.
What will keep them entertained?
Do any of you have any suggestions?
The teacher said any game is fine, or any kind of presentation on Canada because they love learning about Canada but I don't know.


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I'm bored. I sort of stopped sleeping much lately but I hate crowds and NEVER do the whole black Friday thing.

Should I go?!

What's going in your life?
Is there anything you'd like to talk about?

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Why is there a 45lb weight difference between the top of the "normal" range and the beginning of the "plus" range on the website I ordered tights that are of course, too big, from?

There IS a smaller plus size where I'm in the weight range, but it says only for people 4'11-5'5 and I'm almost 6 inches too tall for that. Where is the in-between, TQC? I am BARELY plus-size, shopping should not be this hard!!!

Alternately: Where do the ladies(and gentlemen who are so inclined!) of TQC buy larger tights? Bonus points if you're tall because I am FED UP.