November 23rd, 2011

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1. Have you ever been in or driven a Toyota FJ Cruiser? Thoughts?

2. Do you enjoy the soundtrack to Drive?

3. I just watched Pay it Forward. What the hell, why does the kid up and die all of a sudden? I mean, I know WHY but it seemed so sudden and weird.
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Im staying at my boyfriends for a month before we separate for a month++ of LDR. The problem is i canNOT stand his housemate. Hes 18 and parties every night which is ok until he wakes the whole house up at 3am on a Tuesday blasting his music while drinking with his friends. My bf cant really say anything because his housemates dad is the landlord and owner of the real estate agency, plus my bf doesnt have a problem w it. Only i do and im the guest and i dont have a say.

What would you do TQC? The way i see it i have 3 choices: (i) stay here and shut up (ii) stay at a good friends which means i wont get to sleep w my guy ;( or (iii) fly home early and begin our LDR earlier.

Ugh he is really pissing me off because i have a terrible migraine and was just looking forward to restful sleep! I just cant stand this dude!!! He is the most obnoxious brat ever. And i cant stand the fact that my bf will be living w him for another year yuck.

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I hated working in retail but I did for four years. I just quit my last retail job on September and I'm promising myself never to work at the mall again.

Will you share your stories about working in retail? Did/do you like it?

Just retail stories/experiences in general?

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Should I get dressed today?

Things I am doing today:
Laundry, writing lessons, cleaning the kitchen again, maybe going to a thrift shop to buy books for a classroom decoration project. Maybe grading tests, if I am feeling ambitious.

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Dr. TQC,

I've been on a new birth control (Generesse FE) for the past two months. It's been known to cause women to stop getting their periods, and my body works so that if you so much as sneeze at it, it'll skip a period. Fine, that's no problem. But what could be causing PMS symptoms (such as cramping, muscle weakness and bloating) if there's no egg to expel (assuming Generesse stops the egg from being released)? Crossposted to VP, sorry if you had to see this twice. :)

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I got an iPhone yesterday.
I signed up for a contract with Verizon, but my service provider used to be AT&T.

When I receive calls, they go to my old phone (the one that I used with AT&T) instead of going to my iPhone, but I'm able to make calls on my iPhone.

Who should I call about this? AT&T or Verizon?
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is there enough to do on lj?

You are at work/school* and almost every website (Gmail, Facebook, etc.) is blocked EXCEPT for LiveJournal. You know there is a lot of downtime today.

So, what would you do on LiveJournal for the next couple of hours?

* PS: In my defense... there is no work for me to do right now, so don't give me that obvious answer. :|
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Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, TQC, what are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for my parents, my friends, my cats, my new house, the internet, legal weed and the weather where I live.

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Dear Americans,
You have such fun and interesting snacks we dont have in Canada! (at least I dont think so)
Inspired by me eating pre packaged cheddar cheese crackers and peanut butter, from Florida, yum!
What are some snacks that are not available in your country that you love?  How did you try that particular snack?

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do you like indian food?
whats your fave dish?

dk/dc: how does one get rid of stupid fleas without the help of an exterminator? (the "host" aka the cat has moved out of the house)

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Can we have an "I remember when..." post?

I remember when the only way to get the showtimes for a movie theater was to call the theater and listen to their recorded messages. I also remember buying the paper specifically to look through the movie section to see what was playing where.

I also remember when cordless phones became THE THING to have in your home and part of the fun of answering it was pulling up the antenna.

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I'm visiting my mom in a couple weeks, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get there - Would it be better to spend $90 and greyhound, (its a 12 hour trip, or I could take two days and spend the night with friends in Vancouver) or is it better to spend like, $40 more and fly?

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serious question- how do people who work & have children do it? especially those who are single parents. I just got home from work & I am exhausted.. trying to make food then clean & pay some attention to my dog seems like the biggest chore ever right now.

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i know tomorrow's Thanksgiving in the US and you may be tired of it, but does anyone want to talk about food at all? i love food. tell me about your favorite food, or something?
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Yikes. Two family crises in the past 24 hours (involving our adult children) and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Will someone PLEASE send me some strength and patience to get through the next day or so. Plus I would appreciate any extra good mood that you might have. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Over a month ago, my family adopted a new cat. We already have a cat and our original cat has been around other cats, so we assumed she'd be okay with this new cat. We expected some hissing and huffiness, but it has gone wayyyy beyond that. The new cat tracks down and attacks our original cat. Like, runs right up to her and starts smacking the crap out of her. Now my original cat is freaked out and won't leave my bedroom. She holes herself in there almost all day, only leaving for like 15 min at night to sneak out to eat and use the litter box. This morning, New Cat decided to go into my bedroom and start whacking Original Cat. Original Cat freaked out and gave this deathly howl and jumped on my bed and peed. What can I do to help them at least tolerate each other? Original Cat has never peed outside her box, I know she did it because of stress/anger and it's not her fault, but I don't want it to happen again. I feel so bad for my OC because she's my baby and I don't want her so upset at New Cat. Every time New Cat even walks by my bedroom door, OC growls and hisses because she's afraid of New Cat. It's been over a month, shouldn't they be used to each other by now, even a tiny bit? I don't want to re-home New Cat because other than attacking OC, she is a great cat. How can I stop New Cat from attacking Original Cat? How can I help them get along?

Edit: Should I put a food dish in my room for Original Cat? I don't think she is eating enough because like I said, she holes herself up in my room all day. Should I put a litter box in there? Or should I not and encourage her to leave?

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What songs would you put on a playlist for a road trip across/around/over America?
(and I mean typical 'Americana' songs, not just songs one would listen to anyway)

It would be a stupid, boring, pointless and possibly dangerous idea for a woman in her 20's to get a job as a trucker for a while to see some of America, y/n?
(Assuming such a job is readily available)
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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We will be having shrimp, turkey. beef etc.
I will be in the DFAC surrounded by 1,000 people. How do I declare my new-found veganism and insist they change too???
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What is the best/most cost-effective way to transport an iMac halfway across the US? I'm flying and can't bring it with me.

How often would someone have to go off-roading in order to justify owning an SUV designed for off-roading?
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What's the last thing that turned your day around for the better unexpectedly?

I just did my once a week weigh in for Couch to 5k. Since I started jogging and eating better, I lost five pounds! :D This makes up for nearly drowning in the rain outside for three hours and winding up soaked and freezing.

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Does anyone want to help me pick out an engagement ring?

ETA: If someone were to find me a band of silver with emeralds within 500 dollars, I will love you forever and and AND send you delicious Christmas candies! Also..I made one and fell in love. It's so weird but I LOVE it! What do you think?

no/dk/dc..Do you like Icee's or Slurpee's more?

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How high is your pain tolerance?

What is the most painful thing you have gone through?

I used to think it was pretty high, but right now I feel like a whiny little bitch.

Definitely nopples (thats not a typo) are bleeding,cracked,blistered and chaffed....and I dont have any choice except to keep on doing it.

This pain seriously beats out my c-section recovery (which included driving myself 2 hours, on the interstate, two days after surgery without pain meds) and laying with a broken hip in the Florida heat for 3 hours...Fucking babies.

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Okay so you know how The Book Depository is amazing, is there any reputable equivalent for DVDs?

Amazon and ebay end up adding so much with shipping to Aus, or refuse to ship here on some items from some sellers, that I tend to shop brick and mortar unless it's not available in this country.

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So if you plan to drink for this most boring of all holidays approaching- what would you drink?

I rarely get drunk but I have a feeling it might be necessary to survive my day tomorrow.

Who are you looking forward to seeing (for Thanksgiving or just in general)? Why?

I'm excited to hang out with my nephew tomorrow. He's a good way to avoid everyone else.
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I practice a strict vegan diet (meat for ethical reasons, dairy for allergy) but am doing Thanksgiving at my cousins tomorrow and don't want to be fussy about no milk/no butter/etc. I just ate some gorgonzola that I bought to stuff pears with in hopes of prepping myself~ (I'm drunk and it sounded like a great idea) and the stomach ache is already setting in. How fucked am I for tomorrow?

Can we talk about stuff and things?
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My cousin has requested a laptop skin for Christmas. She told me to surprise her with which one. I turn to you, TQC, to help me to decide because they are all so funny.
I have it down to:
1. Destiny: You were meant for me. Perhaps as a punishment
2. Individuality: You are unique, just like everyone else.
3. Romance: Love is in the air, and its pooping on my head.

Important info: She is a newly wed, but would totally find the love ones funny. And she collects snowflakes, which is why I thought the individuality one would be nice. She works at a law firm, and her husband is a lawyer.

You can see them all here:

Whats your favorite demotivator of all time?
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My dog has an ear infection and it's made him really, really, really stinky; it's kind of nauseating. His ears can't get wet so we can't wash him... The smell is all over him because he's weird and rubby (as in, he rubs on all the things and it spreads the smell) and it gets on your hands if you even pet him a little. He's also really sad and pathetic because he doesn't feel good and I don't think he understands why no one wants to touch him... He's soft and fluffy, so he's used to getting a lot of attention. My parents won't touch him and I've been trying to avoid it, but he just looks so depressed... We've reached an agreement that he can sit on the couch with me as long as he doesn't move too much.

If you had a sad, smelly dog would you pet him and try to ignore your stomach churning or relegate him to being sad and stinky on the floor until he's better?

And we're taking him to the vet; we're not just leaving him to fester. 

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