November 22nd, 2011

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TQC, I can't stop vomitting. I've been vomitting every hour I've been awake for the past 8 hours. Even when I thought there was nothing left to vomit up, I'd vomit some more.

What's wrong with me? srs/non srs

Do you have any tips on how to deal with this shit? Like which food/drinks I should or shouldn't be consuming etc. I have assessment due in the morning and an exam the next day and I need this to stop before then.
The Dark night

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On Thanksgiving day, they're going to be having a Twilight Zone marathon. Anyone else gonna watch a crapload of it?

Anyone wanna watch it with me? If so, bring dessert. I don't have dessert yet

Meeting the parents

You're meeting your significant other's mom, brother and sister for the first time on Thanksgiving (and staying over — eek!). From what your SO tells you, they're "the most benign and boring people on the planet" and you fail to gain any good insight on what they're like beforehand. You know mom is kind of a crazy cat lady, brother is "lame and unemployed/unemployable" and sister is a baby-crazy nanny. Keep in mind that you're staying for like 36 hours, so small talk will only go so far … WTF do you talk about to win them over?! Conversely, what do you NOT talk about. Serious/not serious OK :P

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Whatcha doing?

I got a new icon! Isn't it nice? :D
Have y'all missed my terrible obvious questions? [if you remember me that is.]

[If yes, we're actually dating now! Ever since he broke up with the other guy he was seeing. :D]

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Who is your favorite newcaster/journalist?

I grew up with a major crush on Charlie Gibson..but now Im in love with Anderson Cooper.


What time do you get out of bed on days you let yourself sleep in?

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If you had to vote for someone in the opposite political party of the one that you belong to, who would be your first choice? Last?

Ron Paul, I guess. He just seems the least hateful.

Cain/Gingrich would both be in last place. Gingrich's telling the OWS protesters to get a job and take a bath made me lose all remaining respect I had for him, and Cain is just an idiot.
Falling Snow

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How do you go about making friends on LJ?

I blog for myself more than to entertain others, but it's always been nice to have people to read your posts and comment with advice/tips/ideas or just a kind word. I was gone from LJ for a few months and now I really don't have any friends here anymore, and I have no idea where to start!

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Does anyone here drive a Mazda CX-7? Preferrably a GT? It looks like its the hottest contender in my new-SUV search and other then smaller cargo and "cramped" back seats I am debating between paying more for its luxury VS the more economical CRV. Can you tell me how you found it if youve driven one, own one, etc?

If not, what kind of car do you drive?

All that is Nog

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love egg nog?

My taste buds are defective. I am cursed to not enjoy that rich egg noggy ambrosia

Have you had egg nog yet this holiday season?

No, but I will soon. Very soon
No. Bah humbug to the holiday season and all its celebratory sweets and tradition

I'm enjoying an egg nog Nip right now. How jealous are you?

Very. Let's make out so we can share it
Very. Holding back tears of frustration right now
Slightly. If I hadn't just enjoyed a refreshing glass of egg nog myself, I'd be very upset
I could take it or leave it. Indifferent. I also have no soul

How biased are my questions?

Extremely impartial. You'd make a good juror, 4C
Slightly biased. Only slightly
More than a little biased, but that may be the egg nog envy coursing through my veins and good sensibilities

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TQC, I have an interview at a chocolate shop/cafe today! Any interviewing tips, particularly for this kind of business (or in general!)?

DK/DC: what dish are you most looking forward to this Thanksgiving? I'm all aflutter about the carrot pudding I'm going to be making, it's an old family recipe.

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I have a flight tomorrow departing at 4pm.

It takes about half an hour to get from my place to the airport (a bit longer if there's traffic).

What time should I leave for the airport? Should I be leaving earlier since I'm traveling the day before Thanksgiving?
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Do you consider helping/trying to help people patronizing? It can be just helping someone lift a table or trying to help someone talk through his or her emotions, doesn't matter.

What about "protecting" people emotionally?
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where's the best place to get good quality mens winter outerwear?

how cold is it where you live?

do you like shopping at department stores?

what color or theme should I use to decorate my christmas tree this year? I don't have any ornaments or lights so I am excited to do something fun. any recommendations on where to find nice christmas decorations?
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What's the last thing you did that made you feel like an asshole/what parts of your personality can make people think you are an asshole?

I think I'm all right, but I can be a patronizing know-it-all with communication problems sometimes. I also have a defensive streak a mile wide but am too passive-aggressive to do anything with it.
tralfamadore ampersand

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Will you comment with a suggestion of something other members should take a photograph of? Then if you feel like it, will you go through and take pictures of the things other people have requested and post them as comments to that request?

I'll go ahead and say the requisite "Tits or GTFO!" just to get that comment out of the way from the start. :P
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What sort of thrifty type things do you do when you're grocery shopping, if any? I have to go grocery shopping soon and am curious if there are things other people do that I haven't thought of.

For instance, I buy a 23 + dollar pork loin and end up with like 30 pork chops after cutting it up and it lasts us forever. I pretty much do that with all of my meats.

Also, who came into my kitchen last night and ate all of my shredded cheese?
It wasn't me, my son says it wasn't him and my fiance says it wasn't him. But our cheese was gone this morning and the bag was left on the counter.
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What nicknames do you have for your relatives? Why? What does it mean?

Everyone in my family calls my grandmother on my dad's side motherdear. I was just at the mall and this kid referred to his grandmother as meema (sic).
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I learn new thing.

Have you ever realized how batshit conservative the Salvation Army is?

They have an official Code of Conduct for men that states that you can not buy porn, visit clubs/bars, or buy magazines that sexualize or exploit women.

They also oppose gay marriage and unions and have a funny stance on homosexuality. This is brand new information to me.

Edit: And this just in, they're not fans of abortion and believe in chastity before marriage.


i have a droid optimus for virgin. lately when i go to send texts, the predictive text goes apeshit and will not let me simply type my text. for example, every time i try to type the word "to" i will type the two letters, press the space bar, and the predictive thing will put down "tok", "the" becomes "thet" ect. i have to go back and fix it every time. also, when i try to add punctuation, as soon as i press the period button for instance, it will get rid of the keyboard and go back to just the bubbles with my text in the entry bar, and then i will have to go back and add my punctuation. and finally, if i type whatever word i want and dont press space before i send it, that last word wont go through.

it was never like this before about a week ago. whats the deal? i dont see anything in the message settings to fix it. am i missing something? 

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Biggest lesson you've ever learned and how you learned it?

You can learn things the easy way or the hard way. I learned what I should have understood by taking the hard way. I am more at peace now that I understand but I lost everything I wanted to get to the understanding.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Ladies, where do you buy your bras? I am so sick of having terrible undergarments.

Everyone else: What do you have planned for this week?

What are you listening to?

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So I got a job as a brand ambassador (girl who gives out free liquor samples) for tomorrow. I'm super nervous and was wondering if anyone who has done this before can give me any tips or suggestions? Unfortunately, my "training" (an hour long conference call) is scheduled for tomorrow and although I asked my contact at the agency for more info on the brand, I'm still feeling a little unsure. Please tell me anything you think I should know.
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Quick survey

Hi guys,

I am doing a survey on family relationships and I would like to get your help! This will just take a minute, and your responses are very appreciated! Thanks in advance. The 4 questions are below:

Q1: Please list your siblings (if any) with their ages and genders
Q2: Who in your family would you say resembles your mom most? ('None' is an option)
Q3: Who in your family would you say resembles your dad most? ('None' is an option)
Q4: Would you say you are closer to your mom or your dad?

Please feel free to elaborate on any of the answers.
Please list your gender and age as well. That's it! Thanks!
Kill Bill - Elle
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I haven't left the house today*. Is it worth it to shower, dress, and go to Target? I live in urban Seattle so the closest one is a 20 minute drive. Should I wait until tomorrow?

What do you feel the need to bitch about? Welcome~

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My neighbor has a cat and asked me to watch her while she went home for the holiday. I gladly accepted and warned her I had a dog, and she said that her cat gets along with dogs. I went over and got her and upon getting into my apartment the cat is freaking out and kissing and trying to attack my dog. So I put her in his big kennel while the dog walks around not taunting her at all and the cat still hissing. What the hell do I do to make the cat more comfortable here for the next week? Am I doomed?

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If you opened some prepackaged freezer food and saw that the plastic seal was broken, would you heat it up and eat it anyway?

What are you actually supposed to do? Is it mostly harmless because it's frozen or is it really really bad to eat it?

This always fucking happens to me with Trader Joe's food.
last unicorn

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What is your favorite time of day? What do you like about it?

I like early morning. I like the quiet peacefulness of it, and I love having breakfast and a hot drink when the sun is coming up :)

Also, what do you think it is exactly that makes thequestionclub so addictive?
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Why the hell has my laptop suddenly decided to not play youtube videos anymore?
It only displays a black square and I don't know why.

I apoloogize if this is a stupid question and it can be fixed with three clicks. <___<°
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I'm trying to find something to get my dad for Chrismas. He's really into making his own beer and hard cider lately. I'd love to get something along the lines of that hobby. He submitted a beer to Sam Adams for fun and actually got really good reviews.
Any book suggestions?
Maybe a brewery/beer shop around Detroit?
T_T my dad is so hard to buy for!
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How strong do you like your tea? Do you put anything in it- milk, honey, sugar, cream?

Not a tea person? How do you take your coffee?

Caffeinated or decaffeinated?

Don't like either of those? What's your favourite way to prepare hot chocolate? What's your favourite mix/flavour/brand?

My answers are in the comments.

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Why do they put celebrities on Sesame Street (and possibly other kids tv shows) when the kids probably have no idea who the celebrities are? I understand them possibly knowing Katy Perry, but Seth Rogen and Mila Kunis?