November 21st, 2011

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My roommate is in Tanzania for the remainder of the month and left us the key to his car so we could get it running and move it around (our area, though higher-income residential, is still urban and has been the target of car prowls). I went out tonight and it started making clicking noises like the battery was dead or, worse, the cables had been eaten through by acid. I pulled my car up and jumped it just in case it was drained but it still didn't start.
Should I attempt to get a hold of him so he'd not blindsided when he gets back into town and has to scramble to find a tow, a garage, and a way to work?
Or should I let him enjoy his trip?

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
What do you think of Thanksgiving, as part of American history?
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I'm on three cups of caffeinated delicious English Breakfast Tea. It is 6:08 in the morning. This is my first official all-nighter as a sophomore in college. I feel this event should be commemorated. I am writing a paper, but I am actually so hyperactive right now that it is a miracle I am sitting down. Is anyone else awake and wanting to talk about random things/groan about annoying ones/have a picture/.gif party?

DK/DC who knew being this ridiculously hyper would make me so incoherent?

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In the unpacking of my boyfriend's stuff, I found a 32oz  cup full of pfennig and mark coins. The Deutschemark has been out for 10 years now, so what on earth can I do with these coins?


DK/DC - How anal are you about things in your house matching, like flatware, towels, glasses, etc?

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1) Are there any movies you're looking forward to coming out in the next month?

2) What are you responsible for making for Thanksgiving?

3) Do you go into retail establishments on Black Friday?
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I'm taking my old car to the junkyard in about an hour. I feel bad about bringing it to the junkyard and would like to save a little piece of it. I know this is completely ridiculous. What would be a good small part I could remove and save?

Edit: It's a 1998 Mercury Sable.

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I just got called to go to an interview at Tutor Time but the girl said to wear khaki pants and a solid shirt with sneakers.

I do not own khaki pants and make it a personal life choice to never wear them.
There is an extremely good chance that I'm not going to work there.
Do I buy the khakis?

Does anyone else seem to get interviews for jobs that are totally wrong for you but no calls for the things that you'd be perfect for?
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Do you watch reality TV? What's your favorite reality show?

Do you have any tv shows that you are embarrassed for watching and don't tell people that you watch?

What's your favorite museum? Where is this museum?
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Americans: How familiar are you with the ratios between pints, quarts, and gallons? Should I stop privately judging my customers because they seem unable to grasp the concept that two pints equal a quart?

EDIT: Apparently the answer to this question is yes. I shall try to stop.

Everyone else: Will you taunt us Americans with descriptions of delicious food we can't get here?

The 'what the hell am I watching' post

Is this not possibly the worst video clip ever made?

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Douchebag wearing trucker hat AND spandex? check. Bad lip synching? check Strange air force theme? check

Please post videos that you think are also terrible. Tacky, poorly executed, badly thought out. Whatever. Let's make this the most heinous post this community has ever been a part of

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My hair has been thinning really bad lately. I'm taking vitamins for it and it seems to be slowly helping, but I am desperately ready for a haircut and could use some advice.I am SO bad at picking something that looks nice, and I also want my hair to look full. Thanks! So TQC, could you help me pick out a flattering haircut for my face?

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what should i do for my 21st bday that is coming up in the next month? i want to do something big like ive never done before. im not sure if im going to drink or not yet but im inviting around 10 people i want to hang out with. half of them drink the other half are straight edge. some are good friends with each other, some never met. im really worried about everyone having a good time, i want everyone to have fun and not feel awkward.

what did you do for you 21st?
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Help me D:

TQC, I'm writing an anthropological fieldwork report. Our professor wants us to identify two major aspects of the evening; our syllabus says that this should consist of "observations and analysis about behaviors, interactions, and your own participation, reflections on the experience, analysis of quotes, and anything else of note" but she also said that this shouldn't be a "how I spent my summer vacation narrative". I'm so fucking confused by this.

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DK/DC: What do you want to eat RIGHT NOW?
What are you favorite shoes?
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Caption contest

This picture was posted on Facebook.

Can you name some of the inappropriate comments this picture received? Do you think the majority of the comments were racist, homophobic, or sexist? What are your general thoughts on this?

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Are there any web hosting sites that are free and not ad-supported?  I pay about $175 (godaddy + wix) a year for my business website, and need a second one specifically and only for my artwork, and absolutely do not want to combine the two, nor really want to pay any more.  Suggestions?

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tqc, i have a mysterious lump. its on the side my right leg, just below my hip. theres a dull pain right now, but i cant say whether that's just because im thinking about it or not. i havent noticed the pain before now. it feels a little mushier than the rest of my leg. i noticed it less than a week ago. i cant say whether it has grown. 

do i need to go to the doctor? should i wait some period of time to see if it goes away? how long should i wait?

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TQC, on a scale of one to ten, how badly would it annoy you if your SO decided to go home and clean his apartment rather than coming to see you, but also said that "you're welcome to come over and help clean" if you wanted? Assume it's been a couple of days since you saw him/her and they previously said they'd come over to your place.

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Does it bother you that in ladies razors commercials they shave an alraedy shaven leg? In a way it bothers me because I want to see the before and after, but on the flip side I don't want to see hairy leg action.

I don't really notice men's shaving commericials, but do they shave an already shaven face?

What do you think happens when the actor runs out of facial hair and the people making the commercial didn't get the take they wanted? Do they bring in another actor? Does he come back another day?

Also, does it bother you that in commercials advertising toothbrush or toothpaste the actors don't use toothpaste when they're brushing their teeth? Same question for face wash.

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Guys, I've been lazy and forgot to take anything out to make dinner for my boyfriend and myself. What is something that either will thaw quickly or doesn't require thawing that I can make? I'm probably gonna make some bow tie pasta and mix in some peas, corn, and carrots for a side dish.
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Selling goods

You own a camera, a Canon G10, that you bought new 2 years ago. In the past year, you have not touched the camera and decide to sell it.

You take it out of the case it's been in all year, examine it, take a few practice shots to make sure it's good and then list it for sale (not eBay). You list it as in 'excellent condition'.

Someone buys the camera from you and pays cash. They leave, seemingly happy with the purchase.

The next day they call you and say that they noticed that it appears that the camera had been dropped and that the casing is about 1mm to 2mm out. They claim that they took it to a camera guy who says it would be $150 to repair.

They are asking for $100 of the sale price back.

You are not 100% convinced this injury exists on the camera or that it is worth that much to repair.

Do you refund the money or take another course of action?

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When do you thank people in public?
when you purchase something
when you get off a public bus
when someone does a nice gesture (bless you, blahblahblah)

what's your thanksgiving dinner going to be like?

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As a guy, on which hand can I wear a ring and not give off the impression that I'm married?

If you see a guy wearing a metal band on his ring finger, do you note which hand he wears it on?
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This evening, I found myself in the rare position of passenger while running an errand. We had pulled up next to a young person, sitting behind the wheel of his car TEXTING (at a stop light). Cue me acting like his mom and actually yelling at him to put the phone away and pay attention, gotdammit! He put the phone away and apologized.

Have you ever caught yourself acting mom-like at strangers and scolding them in public? I mean, what came over me?
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I'm deciding between two cars (and I'm not willing to consider any others, tbh), the Honda Fit and Honda Civic.  So, if you have one of these cars, will you tell me about it? Tell me why it's awesome (or, alternatively, why it sucks), why it's worth it to get, etc.? Also, if any of you have driven in both, what are the differences?

Basically... which one should I get?

ETA: I'd be getting a 2012 Honda either way.

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how often should a man shave??

i like the smoldering stubble look
you mean his face right?
bring on the lumber jack look!

Do you like peen?

No. Hell no
Yes...but not yours Haji
I have one thanks

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Which would you rather do?

Take a lukewarm bath in the same tub that a homeless man just used to wash himself. Just sit there and soak in his bathwater
Suck on a homeless man's big toe for 1 minute

Which would you rather do?

Tattoo a 18" pentagram on your back
Tattoo your social security number on the back of your hand. Each digit will be 1" high

Which would you rather do?

Masturbate using a dildo you found on the street. You're not allowed to wash it first
Walk 3 miles in the sewers barefoot a day after it rained. The water level will be up to your ankles. Skanky, dirty water

Which would you rather do?

Eat 5lbs of super rich fudge in a 12 hour span
Eat 5lbs of tofu in a 12 hour span

Which would you rather do?

Be trapped for 3 hours in an elevator with an incontinent donkey
Be trapped for 3 hours in an elevator with an old lecherous pervert who wants to give you a massage to 'relieve your stress'

Which would you rather do?

Get a tonsure
Shave your eyebrows and draw them in with a Sharpie until they grow back
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Are you tidy? What makes you get off the couch to clean?

I've been busy and letting my place go lately. I feel guilty because I love my place and it deserves better but at the end of the day I'm just too pooped to do any proper cleaning. :(
I love you

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My new dog Millie is very ill and the vet doesn't know if she'll make it. I want TQC to distract me, and I want to know if you'll tell me something that embarasses you?

I dated someone for a really long time and now he's a Juggalo. Even though he wasn't when I knew him, it still embarasses me.

Is it true if your hair is dyed, you can't get highlights on top of the color?

I'm moving to Alabama in a few weeks. How many bottles of this local wine I really like should I stock up on before I go? I'm thinking 2-3 cases.

Will you send some good thoughts Millie's way? The vet says if she makes it through the next 2 weeks, she has at least 9 months healing time before she feels better.

Edited to add a picture.

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For those of you who are photofreaks, I've been wanting a DSLR for years now and don't know what to get.
What do you have?
How do you like it?
And what would you recommend for a sort-of beginner? (I know my way around a 35mm SLR for the most part.)
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D you have movies or TV shows you put on while studying? What about other things, like falling asleep?

I often put on Bicentennial Man when I'm writing an essay cos it's long and not too distracting.

How long would you expect someone to stay in hospital if they've gone in because they've had gastro for 15 hours and are dehydrated?
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Inspired by the soda post and how a lot of the comments were like "I wish they had this in my country"... what is your favorite food/drink that you've tried while visiting another country that they do not have where you live?

Mine would have to be Trits, which I had in Costa Rica, and they are AWESOME but they are currently not in most of the US... mostly in Jersey although I guess they have random deals to ship them anywhere. Google it, it's this really amazing ice cream sandwich that can only be explained by just trying one.

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Dear TQC:

The weather in New England is getting colder, and warm beverages are always comforting at night. But caffeine keeps me from sleeping, and I don't have decaf coffee. I don't care for most teas, either. Can TQC please recommend some comforting, warm beverages? Alcoholic is fine but not required.

All I can come up with other than decaf coffee is warm milk.

Sort of tldr

I've been an English tutor for the same girl for five years. I used to go to her house weekly with my own assignments. She has improved a lot over time but we decided this year that I would only come over for tutoring whenever a random assignment popped up. However, she has emailed me a bunch of times to look stuff over.

She emailed her last essay but said she wanted to do it "on her own". I offered a few suggestions and told her to reread it a few more times. She got a C on it.

Should I have edited it more?
If she needs that much editing, is it fair for me to basically give her free tutoring online?
Is there any way to bring this up without coming across as super greedy?