November 20th, 2011

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My blind cat recently has decided he wants to explore the hallway outside the front door (I live in a condo). He occasionally bolts out whenever the door opens. Everything out there petrifies him though and he tries to run back inside, except that he doesn't know his way out there well enough to remember where home is. TQC, why is he so curious after years of not caring? Srs/non-srs answers.

What bizarre things have your pets decided to do lately?

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My husband wants to get a small limit credit card, maybe 1k or so.

He has Ok credit, he has a 3 year car loan that he paid off in 1 year on his credit but he also has some unpaid medical bills.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a credit card he may be able to get approved for?

Come on! We want a flat screen for Christmas!!


Dk/Dc: What annoys you about the holidays?

I swear, if one more person on my facebook types CHRIST-mas, I am going to go apeshit.

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How bad is expired contact lens solution? It is from 2009 and unopened.


DK/DC - Have you ever had to unpack stuff that's been in storage for a while? What's the story? How did that go for you?


My bf and I moved in together this weekend and his stuff had been in storage for 2 years. His whole apartment had to be packed quickly so he could move in with his sick uncle to take care of him. I've tossed an amazing amount of expired drugs already.

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sg already know them

Long trips and safety

You're going away on a 6 week vacation. A house in your neighbourhood was recently burgled.

On a scale of 1 to OMG!, how paranoid would you be to leave your house alone for 6 weeks?

Would you hire a housesitter or would that only lead to more panic while you are gone?

**based on actual events.
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my bf just told me that he would like to slow down/cool down and become friends again rather than have a relationship, and then see where that takes us. we had sex for the last time yesterday but we're seeing each other today again. i asked him if this is us breaking up and he said no but when i asked him if he will date other girls, he said maybe. give it to me honestly, tqc: is he just breaking up with me without wanting to say it? i'm so confused. where should i be drawing lines now that we've had this talk? we're still on good terms and i would like to keep it that way - i just don't want to get more hurt in the future.

also, can you give me some tips for getting over him? i would like to but we go to the same school and have the same studio so we'll still inevitably be in each other's lives.

edit: thanks tqc, you guys rock. being able to talk (or type) about this has helped me feel like i have a handle on the situation!

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How often do you vacuum? If you have a bagless vacuum, how icky is the mess when you dump it?

Any other girls here (or guys, possibly) like to wear dresses?

I try to vacuum every day. The mess is always gross. I guess 5 people living in the house along with two cats can really get the carpets dirty. Not to mention the dogs that come in every so often.

I love dresses! I just don't wear them because they're impractical.
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Help me write things, TQC.

My mom has a second house and the renters are moving out, so she's giving it to me. The renters said they'd be out by November 10th. They said they had a place, but they apparently never looked at it before as they came to my mother and asked for an extension. Then they were supposed to leave December 5th. They found a place, repeat process. So my mother said they could stay til spring.

I understand the first extension, but my mother didn't even set a date this time. We fought about it because I could easily see this turning into a year or more, and I am NOT living with my mother that long. She said she'd set the date to January 30th on the condition that I give them this news.

How do I write this contract? I'm doing this in writing in case they try to pull a fast one on us. I'd like to be polite but firm.

tl;dr: How do I write a contract saying "renters, get out by this date"?

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My dentist keeps bugging me to have my wisdom teeth out. I'm 30, I only got the top ones, I've had no problems except they're kinda dropping down since there aren't bottom teeth under them. Anyway he says they'll be a problem eventually, or could be, so get them out just in case. What do you think?

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let this be space for NFL's week 11:

who is your team? how are they doing today/overall season?

dk/dgaf about football: what's your main form of entertainment where you're rooting for another person/team?

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Do you tend to plan what you're going to eat before you go grocery shopping, or make special trips to get items you need? Do you buy for individual meals or try to get items you can use for multiple dishes? What are your favorite recipes?

I'm trying to spend my food budget more wisely, but since I'm not really a cooker it's a little difficult. I've completely taken fastfood/takeout/eating out off the table for myself, because I wasted a ton of money this summer/fall by eating out so often.

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1. Are there any bargain deals out there that are too good to pass up? Clue me in.

2. What wii games would you recommend that are old enough to be fairly cheap, but have good shoot-em-up action?


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Im in the mood for a good pirate film. Any recommendations?

I kissed a boy last night, who is a friend of a friend. I had to go to help my friend, but left it with 'if you want my number, get it off X'. This was the right thing to do y/n?
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I'm on break and even my work is closed for the coming week. As such, I have decided to go CRAZY and bake lots of cookies for the holidays. My boyfriend's favorite kinds of cookies are peanut butter cookies and oatmeal cookies.
Can you recommend a good recipe for either kind?
What is your favorite cookie recipe of all time?
What are your Thanksgiving plans (if you celebrate it)?
I'm going to my bf's father's place for the holiday. I will get to spend a few days at a beautiful old house overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks and get to meet his crazy family and eat too much turkey. Glorious! I cannot wait!
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i have a mole on my scalp just past the hairline on my head. i originally thought it was a wart but my nurse told me that was a negative.
so she whipped some nitrogen on it and i was told within 2-3 weeks it would fall off. it is coming up 3weeks now and the only thing that has happened is that the top scabbed a bit and came off but it still looks pretty untouched.

so, when do you think this bad-boy will fall off? or shall i go back for round two with my nurse?
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So yesterday I contacted Demi Moore, since shes single now.

Demi Moore e-mailed me back!! What do you think she said??

Sure...hit me up!
Sure...hit me up!
Do you have a pool...AND a cute girl friend?
Give me a call after Ashton has his crap out of the house
I only date younger men. You ARE younger...right?
Sure...hit me up!
I think LiLo is more your type. Give her a call.

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TQC, what was the last book you really just out and out *hated*?

I'm trying to read Eat Pray Love because the movie was good and some of the quotes I read were good, but I'm like a third of the way in and I'm just consumed with dislike.
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What are some fruit-based mixed drinks that aren't overly sweet? Recipes?

Do you have any good tips for throwing a party to keep it fairly inexpensive? I want it to be cozy and fun. Recipes (meatless)?

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I've been painting ceramics recently and my aunt just saw the mug that I made and loves it. I usually end up giving her a mug for Christmas as it is- would it be weird to give her the mug that she likes or should I paint her a similar one?

Do you have any gifts that you get or give every year?

I always try to find my mom the most obnoxious pajamas possible. Last year's pair was hot pink with squirrels and balloons on them!

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I just got three pet apple snails, and I have no idea what to call them. I'm at a loss. It's not like they have terribly unique appearance or personalities that would inspire names. 

What should I name these little dude/lady snails?

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What's the worst way a restaurant ever fucked up your food?

I went to McDonalds and ordered two sausage McMuffins. When I get home I notice neither muffin has sausage in it, only cheese.

For those not familiar with McDonalds breakfast, this would be like ordering a cheeseburger, and not getting the patty with it. It's pretty important for the sandwich.

What should I do, TQC?

I've moved to another place a few months ago. Recently the internet that is provided to us has been working badly/not working at all more often than it is working.

The landlord's office is next to our place, and they tell us that if we need something we can go there, but last time I went there, no one answered.

I don't think I can be level-headed about this, because...well, pathetic as it makes me feel, I really do need to have a working internet. Most of my friends are back in my hometown or live in other countries, and I have to send a lot of my assignments online.

How can I approach this with my landlord? I don't want to be rude and screw things up, but if I am too soft I fear nothing will be done.

Advice? Tips?
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What are your thoughts on this picture? From my understanding, some guy originally posted it on his Facebook, and it's currently circulating around the Internet.

tw(?): blood
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I finally asked the guy I've been seeing/talking to/hanging out with for the last few months if we're just friends and if that might ever change and I'm still waiting for an answer and I'm pretty much in panic mode. How would you take your mind off of it? 

Change in interests- Let's say you texted a guy to find out if he's interested because you've been skirting around the issue for a while and you deserve to know if it's going anywhere (and this is after months of talking daily, hanging out, and generally being really invested in each other) and you've waited for more than an hour for a response when you know he isn't busy (because facebook) , what would you do? 

I mean, now I feel like this isn't going to end positively, but I'd still like to know, you know? Do I keep waiting? Text him again? Email him and ask why he insists on tormenting my poor, wounded soul? 
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playing for keeps

1. Have you completed Skyrim yet? What race did you choose?

I haven't yet. I'm playing as a female Nord.

2. Do you consider yourself a hard-core gamer, or more of a casual gamer?

I fall somewhere in between.

3. How many times do you usually play through the campaign mode of a game before you get bored with it?

It depends on how many different ways there are to developed the story and character.

Don't care about video games? How long is it going to take for me to teach this "smart" phone to speak Southern?
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my useless, clumsy, dumbass spilled nail polish on the carpet. a lot. How can I clean it up, or am I completely fucked, so good-bye deposit?

I tried carpet cleaner & nail polish remover. it's not working. I'm fucked aren't I?
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Do you have any 'morbid fascinations'?

For example, I found reading about Jon Benet Ramsay really interesting, I've always been fascinated by stories about the Titanic. And I reading about serial killers etc interesting too.

Now I've just watched the Zapruder JFK assassination video on youtube and I'm wondering, why does he look like he's choking just before he's shot? Apologies if this is common knowledge- It was before my time and I'm not american so we were never taught anything about this at school or anything!

Care to share any conspiracy theories?

DK/DC Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


I was just wondering if anyone knows of some really good online (free) yoga tutorials? The tutorials would have to be for beginners  and ideally for about 50 minutes - an hour? 

I have to miss yoga class this week and I don't want to be really stiff when I go back in a weeks time. Plus I really enjoy it and would like to do more at home. 

I have tried a few general google search's and youtube but all the video's seem to be in loads of 1 minute parts or no more than 15 minutes long.

If anyone could help me or point me in the right direction that would be great. 

Thanks :)