November 19th, 2011

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Apparently my Yahoo email has either been hacked or the address has been spoofed. Some friends have been receiving bogus e-mails from me. I don't see any of the e-mails in my sent e-mail folder. I have changed my password and scanned my computer for everything. I thought it was fixed but it's not.

What happened, TQC????

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Whats the stupidest thing you have been witness to lately?

Some fucking dipshit decided last night that setting his car on fire would be totally awesome.

It was two spaces down from us and when it exploded the heat warped our tires,wheel wells and fucking pissed off, you cannot imagine.

Of course the fuck has no insurance so we are screwed unless the whole apartment complex takes him to court together for damages because we cant afford to do it ourselves.
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If you could pick just one luxury to have in your home that it doesn't have right now, what would you pick?

I keep thinking I'd really like a fireplace. I could read and have glasses of wine in front of it! It would be so cozy!

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More and more people tell me that they drink prior to a first (or second, or third) date to calm their nerves.

Do you do this?
What is your game plan? *if you do drink before a date

How do you feel during the holidays? Anyone else get a little mopey?

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So i have a friend on here who is feeling quite ill. She is talking about killing herself quite often and saying she has it all planned.
I want to help her, but she wont talk to me about it. I was thinking that i could call the Psych team or police to try and get her admitted so she will stay safe and hopefully get some help.
Would that be wrong and nosey of me to do so?
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uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... does anybody else have the "Lovely Owl" video stuck in the foreground of livejournal??

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I can scroll through behind it, and it stays fixed in that position. Only on lj.


Edit: okay, Lovely Owl has disappeared. idkwtf. New question, how hairy are your legs right now?

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I have not been close to my dad's side of the family for many years, only keeping in touch with my aunts via Facebook. There was some tension after my mother revealed that my dad is not my biological father and a paternity test proved this to be true. Now, they didn't seem to hold this against me, but things were a bit awkward for a while. I'd gone to live with an aunt on my mother's side of the family and we didn't really keep close contact with the other side.

I've seen my grandmother maybe two or three times in the last five years. Now she is dying, and I got a call from an aunt saying my grandmother wants me to come by to get this gift she wants to give me before she passes.

This is really awkward and uncomfortable for me. I love her of course, I do want to see her before she passes, but I don't know how to handle this situation. I've always been really, really uncomfortable and unwilling to visit people that I know are dying - I know this is a selfish sentiment, but I just... I don't know. It's a scary thing.

Will you tell me about times you've visited dying friends/relatives? Or reconnected with relatives you haven't seen in a while? Tell me reassuring things to help me do this? Cute kitty pics?
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Flat iron help

I have a cheap straightener, mostly to make my bangs behave. However, I really prefer the look of curls done with a straightener vs. curls done with a curling iron and my hair will not cooperate. When other people curl my hair with a straightener (but nobody else has ever tried with mine), it works fine. What am I doing wrong? I have a feeling this should not be this difficult to accomplish.

For what it's worth: my hair is almost waist-length and fine, but I have a lot of it. When I try to do this, my hair just comes out straight, even though I'm turning the straightener before I pull it through.
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TQC, my English professor is ridiculous. I am a transfer-sophomore who is being forced to take a typically freshman, entry-level English course in order to declare my major and, actually, continue attending my university.

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This paper is due tomorrow.

Just what, exactly, does this woman define as an A student? How do you guys feel about this? Bitch with me, because I'm almost done with the paper and have time to do so.

In unrelated news, I am no longer drunk.

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I'm really bad at charging all my electronics, but it comes back later to bite me in the ass when I need them! I remember seeing something on TV a while ago, like this table that you just put your electronics on and it charges them. I can't find this thing anywhere! Anyone know what it's called/is/where I can find it?
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I'm going shopping for a winter coat today. I'm completely lost on where to go and would like to have some general plan of what to do. What are some brick-and-mortar stores I could get a relatively non-expensive men's winter coat? I suppose a women's winter coat that isn't obviously women's would work too. I live in SE Pennsylvania, FYI.
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I have looked everywhere in my history and through a couple of days of TQC and I can't find it. Does anyone have a link to the Bank of America window signs that said offensive things like "Together we make 100%"? I need to show it to someone and my google-fu has failed. Got it, thanks!

DK/DC/Why are you asking us this shit, bitch?: Are you celebrating Thanksgiving? Are you having it at home or at someone else's house?
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Whats your favorite type of cookie?

For boxed ones, I really enjoy the Peak Freans (or however you spell it) digestives with chocolate on them. I'm having some now with my tea.

For homemade I really enjoyed some simple chocolate chip cookies I made once. I got the recipe from the back to the chocolate chip bag. They were milk chocolate chips and I added shredded coconut to the dough. It made them nice and chewy.

I also like these pain d'amande cookies.

They're a wonderful combination of buttery and crispy. Mmmm. Plus the dough freezes well so I can just bake up a few at a time and they last forever!

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1. What is the function of a rubber duck?

2. My husband and his friend planned to go to the Maker's Mark distillery today. However, they have discovered sports on TV. They've had the directions printed for almost an hour now- when do you suppose they will leave?

3. What am I forgetting on my Thanksgiving shopping list? I've got the items for turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, apple pie and some bread type item.

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I heard a song the other day on the radio and google is not helping, can you figure it out?

It was a really crappy rap song, the dude kept using fast food terms to describe this chick and what he wanted to do with her...stuff like "Ima super size order can your double cheeseburgers handle that?" or was hard to hear due to static...but it was HILARIOUS...


dc/dk: Whats up doc?

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have any of you ever heard anything positive about scientology? i don't think i really have, a few celebrity interviews notwithstanding... or, if you know any scientologists, have you ever discussed it with them? what kind of vibes did you get? etc

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What's the last volunteer work you did?

I just got home from volunteering at a Clean Slate clinic, where we help people fill out paperwork to have expungements of their criminal convictions.

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I'm going to a Christmas lunch party with all of my cousins (ages range from 15-80). My mom really wants to get something for everyone (I imagine between 40-50 people).

Do you have any fairly reasonably priced suggestions?

I was kind of leaning towards doing some fancy hot cocoa with some homemade something or other and writing "Cousins are Sweet" or something totally farty like that.
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Last night I went out to this bar and it was the first time I had ever been to a place that had a bathroom attendant. The pressure to tip someone for something I could do myself had they not taken the soap and paper towels stressed me out. What are your thoughts on bathroom attendants?

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TQC, I'd like to make my boyfriend and his family a trifle for Thanksgiving since we're going over there for dinner. A trifle is traditionally comprised of three layers: cake, cream (ice cream or whipped cream) and fruit. However, my boyfriend has said that he'd really like a Milky Way-themed dessert. Now, since Milky Ways are chocolate, caramel and nougat, I was thinking of using brownies and caramel ice cream for two of the layers, but how would I translate the nougat? Do you think if I made my own, it would be good and not too sticky? Or should I make a sort of nougat-flavored whipped cream instead?
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TQC, do you find it annoying when you're in an area with seating and there are tons of seats open but someone comes in and decides to sit right next to you?

I'm on my break at work and I was the only one in here but this older lady came in on her lunch and sat right next to me. I don't even know her and she's crunching and open mouth chewing and ew.

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Have you ever known anyone in a cult or part of a brainwashing type of religion?

I just watched a documentary about Jonestown & had never heard of it before. It just blew my mind & terrified me a little bit..
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So, yesterday one of the beads on my eyebrow piercing came unscrewed while I was at school and I didn't notice until I got home. It was the bottom bead and I knew I could get a new one today. However, the bar came out during my sleep and I was unable to put it back in. I have not, as of yet, been able to go get a new bar. What I'm worried about is will my eyebrow have closed already? Like, will I have to get my eyebrow re-pierced or something?

Went and got it put back in. It didn't hurt at all. ^_^

Will you tell me your favorite joke, or just a really funny joke if you can't choose a favorite?

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if you pressed "follow" on someone's instagram, and immediately pressed "unfollow", does that person get a notification? :O

i accidentally someone i like but don't know! i'm hoping he didn't see it or i'll die of embarrassment......... :(

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say your SOs ex sent them this text:
wow! you've really gotten your shit together since we broke up, wanna grab a beer sometime and talk?

would this bother you ?

are you friends with your exs?
if so, how good of friends are you?

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I just got a hair cut and little hair snips are falling on my keyboard.
How long do little hairs fall out of your head after a hair cut??? often should a man shave his face?
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possessed stereo

We haven't used our stereo for quite a while, because something is wrong with the speaker setup and right now nobody cares enough to research this, so it's just sitting there and we're all using iPods. However, twice in the last week a stereo component has randomly turned itself on--first it was the receiver and just now the CD player started cycling through all 12 slots, looking for a CD to play.

Why is the stereo suddenly acting weird? Srs and non-srs answers, please.
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Where do you buy your workout clothes? Best pants for this purpose?
Runners: what shoes do you prefer?

What are you looking forward to this winter?

What are you craving right now?

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I would love your two cents:

I'm an out of work teacher. I need my Master's to keep my certification along with extensive hours of professional development, whether I'm employed or not. I'm waiting to hear if I got accepted to grad school.

My dilemma is that I'm about to spend my entire savings on grad school and I'm sort of thinking that I'll end up exactly where I am now, but with no money when I'm done.

What should I do? Should I just go get a 9-5 somewhere and give up on the teaching thing?

if you don't give a crap: is there anything you'd like to talk about?

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I kind of screwed the pooch on planning my daughters birthday party which is...tomorrow. I have no menu planned out and now I'm struggling for dinner ideas.

So far I have a fruit bowl and veggie tray. Soda for adults and juice for the kids. We had pizza last month for my sons' birthday so I don't really want to do that again. We were looking into Chicken Shack but it's looking like at least $100 for our 30 guests. I'd like the food to be around $50 or less. I don't think grilling is really an option because it's pretty cold out right now.

Any suggestions?


You guys are awesome!! Thanks for all the ideas!!
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I haven't really been into Christmas for several years and this year is no exception. I'm not religious and have no "Christmas spirit". Do you know anyone else who feels like this?

ETA: It feels good to know I am not alone in feeling like this. I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me.
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dear tea queue sea,

this video is about a subject that very much interests me, and i'd like very much to know what you all think of it. would you do me the favour of giving it a looksie and then sharing your thoughts?

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