November 18th, 2011


this is a long shot, i know.

Do any of you work for Verizon/know a lot about Verizon? If so, do you know if there will be new basic phones (aka not smartphones) coming out soon? 

I ask because I have an upgrade coming up but I don't want to use it if new phones are coming out soon!

ETA: Do any of you know of any basic verizon phones that have IM style messaging similar to the iphone, droid, etc.?
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If you play/have played a musical instrument: Do/did you name your instrument? (The baritone sax I play is called Harley, after the motorcycle, after a trumpet player behind me remarked it made his seat vibrate like he was sitting on one.)

Don't play an instrument/Want another question: how clean is your living area right now?

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Sexiest thing a guy can wear under his pants?

Boxer briefs

Sexiest thing a girl can wear under her pants?

Normal panties
Boy shorts
Granny panties

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Does anyone here have experience with someone with ODD? My son was recently diagnosed with precursors to the disorder. I'm taking it kind of hard. Blaming myself and whatnot. He's a very difficult child. How do I deal with this? Any parenting tips for me?

Did hajiomatic's daughter's boyfriend ever tell him what he wanted?

What's a book you think EVERYONE should read? For me, it's Maniac Magee.

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whats your favourite bible verse/scripture?

(i dont do religion but i do knitting: I am a newbie knitter, and everytime i start to knit, whatever im knitting twists around the needle and when im done a row i have to basically untwist the whole thing, why, oh why is this happening?!)

(i dont do religion OR knitting, you freak: what is your favourite dessert EVER?!)
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TQC, I have a dillemma and am not sure what to do with my cat over the holidays. I am planning to go back to my parents place (6-7 hours away) for about five days over christmas, and everyone I know in my current city is also gone and cannot look after kitty for me. Do I:

A) leave him alone for five days. I have a feeder/water bowl that will last him that long, but I'm worried about if the feeder jams or something and no one is there to check on him, he'll be without food most of that time. Also, he's a very social cat and would definitely hate being left alone that long.

B) Take him with us. This is the one I'm leaning towards, but Im worried such a long drive + a new environment for a week + another long drive would be stressful for him.

C) Take him to a cat kennel. I really don't want to do this one, but will admit its an option. But it's expensive and this is also a cat that's been taken back to the SPCA three times before we got him; I cant imagine me dropping him off at a kennel would be a pleasant experience for him.

Also, will you tell me some of the ridiculous things your pets have done? My kitty learned the other day that hiding behind the curtains and jumping out at unsuspecting people is hilarious. :\
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male power

I went to to search synonyms for power and when I scrolled down towards related words I found this:

Collapse )

Why does male appear before any other word? The rest follow alphabetically.

I know traditionally power is associated with masculinity (bleh) but does the English language employ some sort of masculine/feminine distinction like French/German?

Power being 'manlike' is annoying enough.
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What's the term or phrase that you find almost annoying when others use it? (I know, similar post yesterday, but not asking what your least favorite word is).

For me, primarily ASOLJ (as seen on LJ), I hate it when people use the term 'whilst' in place of 'while' and I can't stand when someone uses the phrase "fallen pregnant" as if it were something that just happens to you without your participation.

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Which one would you rather do?

Parachute into a Jesus camp, wearing a devil costume and carrying the sign 'KEEP ABORTION LEGAL'
Parachute into an Occupy: Wall Street protest, wearing a suit made of money with a sign that says 'THE 99% CAN SUCK IT, SIGNED, The 1%'

Which one would you rather do?

Wake up in bed, naked, next to the Situation. You don't see any condom wrappers
Wake up in bed, naked, next to your first cousin. You woke up first

Which one would you rather do?

Crowdsurf at a concert held at a retirement home. Everyone in the crowd is over 60
Be in the crowd for a concert at a nudist colony, and help carry along 20 naked crowdsurfers of all ages and body types

Which one would you rather do?

Chug an entire full bottle of maple syrup (like in Super Troopers)
Eat one balut egg. Google it if you don't know what it is

Which one would you rather do?

Go to a gas station restroom, go in barefoot, and then take a poop without any seat covers. No hovering
Go to a Dennys. Stand by the door. Kiss...with tongue...the first person who enters after you, regardless of gender or age

Which one would you rather do?

Spongebathe 2 sumo wrestlers
Spongebathe a John Doe at the morgue

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What are some creative or festive recipes that I could make for an upcoming thanksgiving dinner party with friends? The simpler, the better though as I'm not too crafty in the kitchen :/

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please, don't clean up my mess; you'll confuse me and screw up my world. (unless it's the kitchen, go for it)

what do you think of that quote? how much does this apply to you?


eta: in regards to an office setting. at your desk or similar place where your "mess" is organized to your needs.

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The mankini

Gentlemen, would you wear this to a pool party on a dare? How about a $100 bet?

Ladies, would you be seen with your man at a pool party if he wore this? Would you allow yourself to be chatted up by a cute stranger who wore this?

Thank you letter?

I had an interview today, and I think it went well! They said they'd be making their decision by Thanksgiving. I'm so impatient, it;s killing me! But I really hope I got it!

Question: Should I send a thank you note? Should I email it, since they'll be making their decision so quickly? Or should I still snail-mail it? Also, if I email it, I don't want to seem too eager. Should I wait until later tonight, or until tomorrow?
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Do you have a lot of friends? Are you good in social situations? Do you make friends easily? Are you ever afraid others will think you're boring?

Would you find it weird if someone you didn't know that well called you up and asked you to hang out?

I'm 27 and I only have 2 proper friends, one of which I hardly see. I feel awfully pathetic sometimes but I find it really hard to make friends. I know a few girls casually that I think I'd like to be friends with, but I don't feel like I know them well enough to just call them up out of the blue and say "hey, wanna hang out?". Plus, it seems like everyone else already has a set group of friends and doesn't need more. I feel like I have this barrier in my head when it comes to social interactions, like I can never get it quite right. I don't often seem to be able to get past small talk. I think a big part of the problem is that naturally I want to be friends with smart, interesting, fun people, but I'm often intimidated by them at the same time.

I think I'm feeling a little down on myself for spending yet another Friday night at home on my sofa :P
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I went and saw Twilight today and there was a trailer for Titanic which is being re-released in 3D in April. I was so excited to see that trailer. It was totally awesome. Is anyone else excited that they're re-releasing Titanic on the big screen?

ETA: There are now some Twilight spoilers in the comments so enter at your own risk.
Beatles - More John and Yoko

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Today I was at Trader Joe's buying everything I need for my fruitcake that I'm making everyone for Christmas, and I was bad and bought a tub of Dark Chocolate Orange Jelly Sticks.

When was the last time you bought something that you shouldn't?
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TQC, I'm drunk. My boyfriend basically just told me that it doesn't bother him if I do something with someone else (physically speaking, of course). How would you feel about this? Especially if you're like me and don't support "permitted" polygamy, cheating, etc, in a relationship you think is strictly monogamous on both ends.
Blank Stare.
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Have you seen pictures of krokodil users? I live in the US and it is not a thing here (yet?) but holy jeez, that shit is bananas. Why would someone do that to themselves???
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Has anyone seen Insidious? I'm sitting here watching it, alone in my house (my roommates are hours and continents away) and it's making me jumpy. :( I can't tell if it's because I've had too much hard cider or what.

What was the last thing you cooked? What are you craving right now?