November 17th, 2011

Kill Bill - Elle
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OH MY SWEET LOVING CHRIST. I came across this accidentally on Google.
"Leeches should not be applied to the pregnant womb, without its being plugged with cotton wool, for their taking inside the cervix would most likely bring on abortion. A friend of mine applied six leeches to a patient who was suffering severely from extensive inflammntion in the fourth month of her pregnancy. Only four of the six leeches were accounted for, and as the other two could not be recovered by the finger or by injections, it is almost certain that they bit inside the cervix; for the pain of their application did not subside until abortion had taken place on the following day."

What is the last thing that made you go NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE?
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Homemade Planner

So I'm making a planner out of boredom for 2012. I already have a section of monthly planner than a weekly section. I have one section left which consist of tear out pages.

What should I do with these pages?

I already own a separate address book.
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My husband left his laundry all over the bathroom floor this morning (we live with my parents). I basically told him that it shouldn't happen again. Now he's angry with me.

Should I feel guilty? I don't mind if he leaves his cloths on the bedroom floor, but I feel like we should keep our mess in our bedroom. We don't share a bathroom, but it can be seen from the hallway. Am I being unreasonable?

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Looks like this "Go The F*** To Sleep" thing is on its fourteenth minute. Let's usher it into obscurity. Who would be the best person to do the last dramatic reading of this book? Who would be the worst?

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TQC, what do you think about Dr. Phil? I'm watching his show at the moment after not having seen it for years and it's just so sad.

Have you tried the oatmeal cranberry dunkers from Trader Joe's? What's your favorite TJ's product?

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Is there some setting on gmail that makes it not show the contents? I'm clicking on the emails in my inbox and it shows the title and then the reply box and nothing else.

note: I can see them on the iGoogle gmail app but not in gmail itself.

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TQC I know I just posted and I'm sorry, but I'm going to drop off an application at a coffee shop today for possible employment. I need advice on what to wear! I have nice dress pants and nice dark jeans, and a nice sweater that I can wear with a camisole underneath it. Would you go with the jeans or the pants? And if I have all my work information printed on the application, should I still bring a copy of my resume as well?
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Ignoring the actual date of the solstice, when do you feel winter starts in your neck of the woods? ETA: Or summer for you lucky ppl who live in the southern hemisphere.

It seems like winter already in Michigan. No snow, but it's so cold, and most of the leaves are gone. :(

What is your opinion of businesses being open on holidays? How would you feel about working on a holiday? Assume you get extra pay, but would miss holiday festivities with your family/friends.

I think it is helpful for some businesses to be open on holidays. Not everyone celebrates, and many people who do forget last minute things. I've worked at a place that is open 24/7/365 for five years now. It sucks somewhat, but I've learned to plan around it.
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Do you have a relative or loved one in a nursing home? If so, how do you feel about "expose" reports that show bad conditions in a nursing home?

My stepdad (stroke) and grandma (Alzheimer's) are in nursing homes, and whenever the news 'exposes' a nursing home, it makes my mom irate. I think they may be stirring the pot, because the homes Dad and Grandma are in are quite clean.

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Do you ever hear a playback (in your head) of something you just said, and over-analyze it?

In your own words, why do you think death of loved ones tends to be so hard for us to deal with?

Cooking question!

Anyone here made ever Cornish pasties? I'm making them for camping and I'm not sure if I should cook them at home and re-heat them in the campfire coals wrapped in foil, or if I should assemble them at home, wrap them in foil raw and cook them fully in the campfire coals. Any tips?

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Concerning Batman: Arkham City- I have a rental of this game. Is there a way to switch it to HD? Or does it depend on the disc as to whether it is HD or not? Because right now, what shows up of the game is just a square, and I saw online that it is possible to get it to fill up the whole screen (widescreen).

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I need some Tv and movie suggestions pronto!!

I spend about an hour and a half to two hours in front of the computer without the use of my hands 5-8 times a day pumping and feeding my baby and Im running out of stuff to watch while doing so.

I love shows and movies like Arrested Development, Up All Night, Modern Family, Suburgatory,Dance Moms,Dexter,House, horror/gore, comedy movies...etc.

I also love well done documentaries.

Soooo, What should I watch?

dk/dc: Whats the last good movie you watched?

I swear to god if any of you bitches say "Breaking Dawn" I will cut you.

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(no subject)

What is the last thing someone said to you that got to you in a way you weren't expecting?

I saw my dad for the first time in nearly a year. He said, "I miss you, I miss when we used to go for walks and talked." I'm still trying not to cry. I miss my dad.

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My internship placement is having a potluck tomorrow. I don't have to bring anything, but I'd like to. Of the options left, there's drinks. Someone is already bringing soda. What should I bring?

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TQC, will you suggest names for my new puppy? We haven't been able to think of something we like so far. He's a 9 month old australian sheperd/corgie mix, very cuddly, quiet, and quite smart.

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Also, would you show me your pets and tell me their names?

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i have a interview at starbucks and i REALLY want this job. i seem to fail at interviews though because i get really nervous and dont know what to say and my answers sound dumb. can you give me some pointers to having a good interview?
what should i do when i freeze up?

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So I was told today that my mom set up a savings account with my name on it before she passed. Neither my dad nor I knew about this account until today. I'm going to give the bank a call tomorrow morning to claim it, but how much/what do you think is in there, TQC? I'm going with pirate gold, myself.

DK/DC: What do you think about job recruiters? Are they legit? I've been contacted by two of them in the past day and I'm on the fence as to how I feel about them.

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does any medical professional/therapist have access/can gain access to your medical records?
i went for a massage and the therapist made me fill out a information sheet, pretty basic stuff.  however, does this mean she can gain access to my medical records with that info, or does she have to ask permission from me directly? (i live in ontario, canada, if that makes a difference) i called public health, and they really didnt have much info to give me.

im just a paro case about this kind of stuff.
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Putting the mmmm in mmmmythology

What dishes would you try, if offered to you?

Minotaur kobe burger
Mermaid casserole (just the fishy parts)
Dragon jerky (very tender)
Cockatrice mcnuggets
Kraken beer-battered calamari
Centaur sirloin steak
Salad made from pieces of a nymph
Pegasus buffalo wings
Griffin submarine sandwich (both red and white meat)
Phoenix spicy-hot strips (like chicken strips)
Satyr kabobs
Roc omelette (they used a quarter of the egg, due to its size)
Jabberwocky 'mystery meat' pot pie
Unicorn sausage
None of the above.

Roadtrip Edition

You're going on a road trip.
What do you like to listen to, if anything?
Any snacks/drinks you particularly enjoy?
Who are your favorite road trip companions?

Any good road trip stories/the best road trip you've ever been on?
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(no subject)

Do you believe that some people are more in tune with the universe/spiritual realm? As in, do you believe that some people really are psychic and that some people can channel energy?

If you don't, why are you close-minded about it?

(no subject)

I went to orientation at my new job on Monday. They told us they would call us "tomorrow and wednesday" to tell us when we would work our first shifts. It's Thursday night here and I still haven't gotten a call, should I call myself or do you think they just haven't gotten around to everyone yet? (They hired about 11 other people.)

What are you doing right now?

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Do you know any non-English words for "porn" or "sex"??
Care to share them?

Cause apparently my filter only blocks words in English...

EDIT-O-MATIC: Ok...that doesn't work thanks anyway

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Has anyone tried those cake-in-a-mug recipes? Are they any good? I've been looking at the recipes but all the comments go from"This is awesome" and "This is horrible, too many eggs, oh god it tastes like rubber" with no in-between.

Does anyone know of any other quick dessert recipes I could try? I have basic baking supplies (flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, milk, cocoa) and several spices and extracts, and I might be able to swipe some mini marshmallows from my roommates if I ask nicely. I can't go to the store because I have no money, or else I'd just buy a box of cake mix and make that.
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Heading to Vegas next month. Been about 4 years since the last trip. Staying at the Tropicana. Looking for ideas of what to do that is different and fairly cheap this time.

We're all going to a Cirque show, Mystere. Really wanted to see Love instead but it's dark that week. Also seeing a comedian on Fremont Street.

What do you do in Vegas when you are a super low roller and not all that into the clubs?

Can you aim me at some really low key bars (In a hotel or otherwise) or great places to eat that are more local faves? Which buffet is your favorite?

What do you do in Vegas?

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I got an Angel from the angel tree at the mall. The girl is 7 and she said she wants a play kitchen set.
I got this. It says for ages 3+. Is it too baby-ish? Should I take it back and look for something else? When you think of play kitchen set what do you think of?
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Most people nowadays have caller I.D. I don't think you can even get a cell phone without it anymore.

Do you prefer that people answer the phone with the traditional questioning "Hello?" or does that seem weird to you? Does it bother you when they answer the phone with a "Hey (insert name!"? Do you feel insulted when a close friend or family member answers like they don't know it's you?

Was just thinking about this because I find myself doing both, even with the same person, and I wonder if it bothers people either way. I've always had very good phone manners, but caller ID just changes the game. My mom does the same thing when I call; even though I am the only person in the 510 area code that would ever call her, half the time she answers like she doesn't know it's me. I don't really care either way, but the familiarity vs. the general greeting sometimes throws me.
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My dad just exclaimed how happy he was that he never once physically abused me, my sister and my mom. Then I said "That's a lie. You abused me all the time" and then giggled (cause it's totally not true). He said "You're the most abusive person in this house! And you've abused my wallet too!" I laughed and said "What the hell are you talking about?" He then talked about how we got into a fight over his slipper one night, I let go and he knocked the thermostat clear off the wall. He said my abuse cost 60 dollars. I looked up the thermostat up on and it was only 40 dollars. He then proceeded to come over and try to attack me. So I started punching him in the boobs. He said "Rock-Um-Sock-Um Robot" style. My mom almost pee'd her pants.

Is this funny to you?

No? Well..why the hell not?

Perhaps if you saw a picture of my dad you'd understand better?

Alright fine. Is the picture under the cut funny to you?

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Books for teaching kids about Down Syndrome

Hey TQC!
So, this post starts off on a kinda sad note: my cousin and his wife found out a couple days ago that their daughter (due in February) has Down Syndrome and some pretty serious cardiac problems (which might necessitate open-heart surgery at 4-6 weeks after birth). From what we know, there's basically no family history for this, so its been pretty tough for the family. The pregnancy is going well in all other respects. They already have two daughters (ages 4 and 1) and they're obviously going to try and prepare the two of them (mainly the 4 year old, obviously) for the arrival of the baby, and were wondering if anyone knew about any good books appropriate for 4-year-olds about Down Syndrome. Any suggestions? Thanks, and if you want to keep the family in your prayers, that's awesome too.

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How do you respond to a rude statement someone gives you in public?

e.g. Some of my friends, who were wearing Lolita fashion, went to the mall and a girl loudly complained "I hate it when white people wear Asian fashion." Like wtf how do you respond to that? What's the comeback?

dc/dk What song are you listening to right now?
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I really want to buy new candles but because of my health all my shopping has to be done online. Does anyone know of a good site to buy candles from? Maybe someplace you've personally purchased from and liked?

What kind of scents do you like for candles?

Have you done any holiday shopping yet? What have you gotten so far?

online junk

for people who have met boyfriends/girlfriends on Facebook or other online things...

What is the online dating model?  I've just started talking to someone I met through a friend on Facebook.  We texted, now we're phone talking... is the next step a real live date?  

I'm new to all this, please advise : )
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(no subject)

When did you last hurt yourself on accident? What did you do?

I accidentally burned the side of my right arm closest to my body on the oven door while baking cookies earlier- there's a white welt going right through the middle and it's a couple inches in diameter. D:

DK/DC: How often do you cook meals from other countries (i.e. German, Italian, French, etc)? What have you made? Success or failure?

I've made wiener schnitzel, green bean salad, and Black Forest cake for a meal before- tomorrow night I'm making coddle!


Do you think too much on stupid things? Stupid things meaning your relationship, school, work, projects, etc. Is it a waste of time if you are happy? Do you distract yourself?
 this is so vague i know.

(no subject)

Do you try to rectify drunk texts that you sent but regretted the next day? How?

There's a boy I like, but I got frustrated with him last night because I don't know what's going on between us and told him when drunk that he probably shouldn't text me anymore. He never responded. Its probably for the best that I just leave it at that. But I really just want to text him and tell him sorry, but we don't know each other that well and I probably just messed up the entire situation.

DK/DC...what's the worst drunk text you've ever sent?
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(no subject)

What is the last thing you saw that left you completely unsure how to react?
For me, it's definitely this.

Are you planning on buying anything of Black Friday?
Possibly a sewing machine or a food processor or a set of Pyrex... I don't know. I can't afford them all and I don't know that I want to brave the madness that is retail on Black Friday.

(no subject)

I like to use all of what I can in my house before grocery shopping again, to avoid waste. How should I use the ingredients left in my house this week?

How should I use my leftovers?

The latke link is broken. It is here.

How often do you go to the grocery store?