November 16th, 2011

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Watched Brokeback Mountain last night.
I can't get over this movie now!
Listening to this song won't help me either. (The chord at 0:21 is pretty much a punch to my stomach, ooh)

What was the last movie /film that left you emotionally distraught?

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Should I go to work today or tomorrow?
I'm an intern with no set schedule. The only day I actually need to be at work is Friday. I have a paper that I need to write for my boss due Friday. I have all the research done, but I need to compile it. I need to go in either today or tomorrow to finish it.

I originally had planned to go today, but now I'm just not feeling up to it. But I don't know if I'm making the right decision and I need to figure it out before I get dressed.

When should I go to work?

- Work is a half hour drive in each direction.
- If I don't want to take lunch, I don't have to.
- Money is of no concern as I'm unpaid.

- If I go today I have to miss one of my classes where attendance is taken.
- I'll be able to stay from 10:30-4:30.
- I have to be back on campus at 5:15.

- If I go tomorrow I have to miss a class, but the teacher said going tomorrow is optional and attendance won't be taken.
- I can only stay from 12:30-4:30.
- I have to be back on campus at 5 for another class.
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What are three of your favourite:
Comedy/romantic comedy films
Crime/Gangster films
Drama films
Period drama films
Horror films
Musical films
Sci-fi films
and Western films?

Dk/dc: What are you up to today?
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what to do? what to do?

Breakfast has broke, the house is tidied, and now I have a choice: rent On Stranger Tides for a buck and change, or play Skyrim. I can't do both as I don't have that much time. Option 3 is take a nap and feel completely guilty about it.

Update: Just got the septic system fixed, so it's laundry and Skyrim!

What simple thing made you happy recently?
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Oven Cleaning Tips?

So, my landlord who is an awesome landlord to have, is having a new oven/stove delivered to me tomorrow and I have to clean my old oven.

Unfortunately, it's not a self-cleaning oven!

Any hints, tips, or whatever so I don't have to break my back cleaning it tonight when I get off work? (I won't get home until close to 10 pm from work tonight, I'm guessing, by the time I get dinner. :-p) I also don't want to use something super toxic and smelly because I have two cats and I prefer not to poison the atmosphere here. 

I'd like to have it sparkling clean so the recipient charity - Loving Hearts - can just either put it out for sale or donate it out right

DK/DC:  What's the plan for dinner tonight? (I'm planning on soup & salad at Gingham's in Ellisville.)
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How do you feel about dead pepole having a facebook page? There are some people I know who have died and their facebook pages are still up and running, and some who have "in memorium" facebook pages. The ones that were never deleted are kind of eerie to me, because there's so much life in them. The in memorium ones I can handle a little better.
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Okay so.. I would've posted this to bakebakebake but the posting is moderated and I am craving chocolate and impatient.

I was thinking of making these brownies and putting this chocolate sauce IN the mix/batter. I was wondering if that would be ok.
Would using the sauce in the mix make the mix too liquid-y? Or should I substitute the sauce for.. maybe the water in the brownie recipe? Or do you know of any other good chocolate-y recipes that don't need milk, eggs, margarine or butter?


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Which would you rather do?

Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, except do it on a pogo stick
Swim 2 miles in shark-infested water covered in chum

Which would you rather do?

Using the computer you're on now, disable the firewalls, anti-virus programs and any and all security programs, and then spend an hour going to random porn sites, downloading content
Post completely nude pictures of yourself in your journal. You can't lock the post. You have to keep it up for at least 1 day

Which would you rather do?

Wear makeup like Taylor Momsen for an entire week
Wear an outfit like Taylor Momsen for an entire day (a weekday)

Which would you rather do?

Get lime-green extensions. Really long ones, like 18". Keep them in for 2 months
Get your hair cut into a mullet. You have to keep it for 2 months

Which would you rather do?

Which would you rather do?

Carrying a sign denouncing gays, join the Westboro Baptists as they protest a funeral
Take part in a minor topless protest (Toples Day 2011 for instance). Only about 15 people are protesting, so you can't hide in the crowd. You can't cover up in any way

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TQC, I need a bombshell for my NaNo. I was thinking it's either going to be a family secret that's just come to light, or a major plot twist, like a flock of marauding, carnivorous flamingos. I'm leaning more towards the family secret, though. What should it be? Some kind of genetic illness? Stolen jewels from Bonnie & Clyde hidden in the basement? A parent presumed dead who's not actually dead anymore? WEREWOLVES?

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how much can you do on a Mac now? like, are we out of the dark ages where you weren't able to do anything? i'm assuming yes but i'd like to know the extent 'cause i think my current laptop is on its way out and i'd really like to go back to having a Mac now that i have a little money to spend on a laptop.
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Keep Strong and ..........

You know those "Keep Strong and carry on Posters" that you see everywhere? Now people have substituted other things like "Keep stong and eat cupcakes etc...
What phrase would you insert into a "Keep Strong and Carry on " poster? Keep Strong and.............
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I'm going to an Italian resturant later with the boyfriend and his parents. I'm vegetarian and have celiacs (can't eat wheat, basically) what is the likelyhood of me finding something I can actually eat? (other than salad)

DC/DK - is it snowing where you live yet?

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  1. Would you be offended by someone who was overweight (size 16, 18, 20+) making fat jokes about themselves?
  2. If you're a female, do you shave your underarms? Why/ why not?
  3. Have you ever found yourself scoping out the world via Google Maps?
  4. What is the best birthday you have had so far?
  5. What is the next birthday you are looking forward to?
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Will you help me ID a spider for me? I don't have any pics, but it was about the size of a quarter all told, with long brown spindly legs and a golf ball looking butt.

I live in the South East. Any ideas?

(googling golf ball spider really isn't helping)

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Er. So I just found out I'm on academic probation and I have a just under a year and a half left in my fucked am I? Is it even possible to pull my marks up to a B-ish range? (I'm not capable of doing well, Its just that I totally fall apart under stress, so I have grades ranging from A-s to Fs)
Related to that - Am I still able to apply for BC/Canada student loans? Google is failing me on that question. 
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I'm in the market for some new dishes and silverware. Where is someplace that cute and not too expensive stuff?

EDIT: I've already looked at Target, IKEA and BBB. I'm looking for something with a bit more personality.
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I ordered 2 pairs of heels for work from zappos. When they're on my feet they pinch at the widest part of my foot and kinda squish my toes (they're round-toed). However, they almost seem too loose at the heel. Size too small? Width too narrow? What's the remedy? :[
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Band On Suburgatory

Okay TQC, the show Suburgatory had a band that they called Average Shelf Life. I liked what I heard but my Google Fu is failing me and this band doesn't seem to exist. Who was the band REALLY?

Who is your favorite not very well known band or singer?
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Fellow gamers...

What games have you been playing lately? I'm playing Saints Row The Third and Red Dead Redemption.

Have any of you played Skyrim yet? What are your thoughts so far? I'm thinking of getting it but I'm not sure if it's for me. I've never played any of the other games in the series.

DK/DC: What's for dinner tonight?

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I accidentally cut my dog's paw somehow clipping her nails. Blood everywhere! But she got her paw wrapped up and got a few treats out of it. She's happy.

How long should I leave it wrapped? Until the bleeding has stopped?
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Job or Money

Generally speaking what is more important to you, loving your job or loving you pay?

I have a job I love with the best boss I could ever ask for (for example she surprised me with a wedding present today consisting of a bottle of nice chardonnay and a $50 gift card to a restaurant.) I make enough but not a whole lot.

I know a relative who could get me a job at a hospital making fairly good money but I'm just not sure I want to leave my job now.

I'm curious to see your opinions on what is more important to you, job or money.
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Do you wear black and brown together? what about black and navy? Is it ever possible for those two colour combinations to look good together?

Whats your least favorite fashion trend?
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To people that enjoy supernatural scary movies: Would you consider Paranormal Activity 3 to be one of the good ones? (And, if you've seen them all, did you like the first one? The second one?)

I'm debating whether or not I should see the 3rd. I loved the first one. Second one was kind of laughable. But I hear the 3rd is potentially better?

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I am going cockling tomorrow ( It's at a beach(obvs) but I dont know what to wear. I know I will more comfy in my jeans but logic is telling me to wear a skirt as to not get my jeans wet and sandy. I am not a beach goer and dont have any bathers
what do you think?

DKDC: When was the last time you were invited to something random?

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You know that feeling you get if you miss a step when going down the stairs? I've been feeling that for the last two days. Heart pounding, feeling shaky, etc. It was so bad I couldn't sleep last night and I'm worried that I won't sleep tonight either. All google has come up with is anxiety but I've nothing to be anxious about. Have you experienced this? If so, how long did it take to stop? It's starting to be a problem.
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