November 15th, 2011


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which of the following erotic (but also possibly funny) story premises appeals to you the most?

-sexy eye doctor takes exam a little too far!
-sexy choir director bangs a singer in the church!
-sexy stranger on the train gets a peep show, followed by semi-public train sex!
-snowbound dinner party turns into orgy!

other suggestions?
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You have been deemed a danger to society and are to be executed. Zombie infection, convicted of war crimes, unexpected fascist regime, whatever scenario you like. You must choose the method of your demise AND the person to administer it - must not be suicide. How will you go and who will be responsible? Tell us why!

If you can't choose a method, the who part is more important anyway.

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If it only takes a check 2 days to clear (the funds have already left the check writers account), why the fuck does my bank require a 14 day hold on it?

Dk: When was the last time you tried something new and how did it turn out?
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I got sent home early on Saturday so I could go to the after-hours clinic. They told me at the clinic that I have the flu, and gave me a note excusing me from work until Tuesday. Now it's Tuesday and I still feel like crap, and I barely have a voice. Should I bother trying to go to work today? I am one of those people who always feels intensely guilty for calling in sick.

Edit: I called in, and feel exceptionally guilty about it. :P

Now that that's settled, what video game should I play today when I'm taking a break from grad school stuff? My choices are Dragon Age 2 or Mass Effect... well, I mean, I have more games than that but those are the only two I really ever feel like playing.
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if someone were to ask you to draw a "sugar skull owl face with a moustache" would you think they meant an owl skull with a moustache or an owl face with a moustache? either would be decorated like a sugar skull

did your older sibling(s) ever make you do anything that you now question?
or, if YOU are an older sibling, did you make your younger sibling(s) do anything ridiculous?

my sisters used to make me check all the rooms/doors if they heard a funny noise when we were home alone (i was about 8 or younger, they were about 16 or so). they also made me do "tricks" when their friends came over, "tricks" like... drink a cup of pickle juice (which i thought tasted good so i didn't get it)

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TQC, how do you keep from getting discouraged and hopeless when looking for jobs? I've been out of full time work for about a month (I have a part time job) and I've been sending out resumes nearly every day, but I've only had two interviews, and those are the only jobs who've responded to my inquiries. Got any job hunting tips?

Getting my sexy back...

So there's a gym 10 mins near me and prob the only one I'd go to since its that close. It's $59/month, no contract...what option should I take?

A) $59/month now (even tho its only two weeks left)
B) Do 3-Free Day Pass sometime this month and wait to pay the $59/month next month

ETA: I called the lady and she said if i start now I'd pay a pro-rate fee (Roughly $30)
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What TV shows do you watch right now?

I need to find something on Netflix or Hulu Plus to watch while crafting. I already watch/have seen: 30 Rock, Parenthood, Arrested Development, Raising Hope, HIMYM, Once Upon a Time, Parks & Rec, The Office. What should I watch, TQC?
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Is there anywhere online where I can watch The Food Network? I only get the most basic of channels down here at school and Food Network is definitely not one of them. I mean, obviously the Food Network's website has some episodes up, but I want to watch it live if possible. Or anywhere where a lot of episodes from the past are hosted?

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I know this has been asked a million times (or more...) but I don't care..

TQC, what is your take on internet dating?
Have you ever met anyone on an online dating site?
Which one?

After being on OKC for 6 months and getting nothing but skeezers, I've met someone who seems like a perfect match for me...definitely wasn't expecting it.

dk/dc: Whatcha doing for turkey day? What's your favorite turkey day food?

Sex in the mall

Have you ever had sex with someone in a clothing store fitting room or a rest room at a mall?

One of the store clerks heard loud moaning in a fitting room yesterday evening. When she went in to investigate, she found a girl giving her boyfriend a blowjob in the fitting room.

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So I'm going to order the iPhone 4S soon, and I'm completely torn on which color to get.

I used to have a black 3GS, so I thought white might be a good change. There's also something about the white one that reminds me of the first generation iPods.

However, part of me feels that white iPhones are popular among girly girls, which I'm definitely not.

Do you associate white iPhones with a certain personality type? What about black?
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tech question

if i buy an external hard drive and move all of my music from my itunes library to it, can i remove the music from my internal hard drive and still use itunes like normal (i.e. playing music, updating ipod, etc.)? or do i have to keep all this music on my internal hard drive in order for itunes to operate normally?

idk if it matters, but i use a macbook pro.
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What speaks to you?

Right now, I cannot get enough of Florence + The Machine's new album Ceremonials. It's so real to me and seriously hits home, at least the majority of the songs.

Is there anything in particular that gives you that feeling of a deep connection with someone? An artist, a musician, or what have you?
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Whats the scariest, creepiest or most chilling thing you've ever experienced personally? If you don't have any terrifying experiences personally, whats the most terrifying things you've ever heard of thats happened to someone else?
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How are you about sharing food with family, friends, and strangers? Are you a person who will offer no matter what? Are you a person who won't offer, but will share if asked? Or are you a person who probably won't share even if asked? Or does it just depend on the circumstances? I mean if you planned the meal to be only enough for you really.

DK/DC: How often do you change your sheets? 


for those of you who have a kindle...

 What kind do you have-- the kindle (regular, I guess?), kindle touch, or kindle fire? What do you love about it? Why should I get it? Basically, tell me anything you can about your kindle because I know I'm getting one of the three :)

ETA: For those of you who have a kindle, how much does it cost to download books?
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I want to isolate a couple of clips from an audio recording I have.

Do you know of any software (preferably under $50) that I can use to make sound clips from a larger audio file?

How about software that can convert sounds clips into ringtones?

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Hey TQC. I need 4000 dollars to buy my coworker's bitchin' ass car before she leaves for China. It's a 2005 dodge neon. I have a full time job and a history of payin' on my student loans on time. My dad is willing to cosign for me.

Where should I look for a loan? I already tried my normal local bank. They will not give me a loan for a car older than 2006.

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How bad is it to submit a story to a writing contest that's a few hundred words below the "maximum"?

Do you have any pictures lying around of cats eating human food? Please post.

What's something you thought you'd never learn to do, but now you rock at it?

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If you suspected weird things happening while you were sleeping, would you have the balls to video tape yourself while asleep and watch it later?

I wouldn't. I don't want to know if some ghost is in my room while I am asleep.

Inspired by Paranormal Activity 3.