November 14th, 2011

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If someone was to write a thesis on the representation of women in popular culture, especially cinema, what particular subject or movies maybe do you think would be interesting to explore?

I know this is a very thinly veiled homework question but I think some of you might be able to really help me with this or even be interested in it.

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Would you ever tell someone's S/O if they were hitting on you? How close would you have to be to either party?

I wouldn't say something to his SO because I've met her maybe once... but this (mildly attractive) religious man that I met at my church, and is twice my age seems to like facebook iming me an awful lot. At first I thought that maybe he was computer inept and just sounded creepy via IM.. but it's pretty obvious he's hitting on me, which I am not interested in at all. Tonight he kept trying to video chat me and told me it would be "our little secret" (complete with a winky face)... uhhh no. I feel bad for his gf though, because Im pretty sure Im not the only one he's creeped on and she's very pretty and nice.
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If you want to get a second bachelors degree do you have to redo all the general education requirements? Basically, do you have to start from scratch again, or do the gen. ed. classes you took for your first bachelors count for anything?
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validation post, sorry.

1. Would you be annoyed if your roommate*...

a. Ate your food without asking?
b. Drank your beer without asking?
c. Used your expensive nail polish on her cat without asking?
d. Let her little brother sleep in your bed without asking?
e. Had little brother smoke in your room without asking?
f. Had said little brother hack into your computer and type "I just fucked a 17-year-old" onto your Facebook?

* you are on good terms with your roommate but wouldn't exactly consider him/her a friend.

2. How private of a person do you consider yourself?

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Does anyone have access to any academic journals through your university? Can someone check and see if the article California Rehabilitation Center: A Critical Look by Howard A. Katz is available?

I'll love you forever.

nevermind, apparently I do have access

When has TQC helped you out?

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TQC, every month I do a "fun day out" with my boyfriend on the weekend closest to the 16th (so this coming weekend). I wanted to take him apple picking but the apple picking season has ended. What sorts of fun/cute/romantic things could we do? We like going out to eat, "nerdy" things like radio, theater, Internet memes and movies. Last month he took me on a flying lesson, and then we went to a sex shop and then a restaurant, so I've got a lot to match! NYC is an option but I'd prefer to keep it in southwestern CT if at all possible.

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My husband unclogged the toilet YAY!!

Who should have to mop up the shit water, me or him?

I mean, granted..I clogged it...BUT HES THE ONE WHO SHAT IN A CLOGGED TOILET!!


Dk/dc: Whats the last song you listened to?

Im listening to Seals version of "A change is gonna come"...and I like it better than the original.

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Am I overreacting? The sitch - I often get photos prints made at walmart to send to my mom. The photos are almost always of my son and I just do the instant prints. I carry the photos to the photo desk and hand the cashier the ticket and the photos. I only hand the photos because they slip them in an envelope for me. The last two time I have done this the cashier LOOKS THROUGH all my photos before cashing me out. Then they make a comment about how adorable my son is. Im annoyed. It seems to me that their job is to receive payment for the photos and shouldnt be thumbing through them
eta i have no problem with someone looking through them if they have a legit reason ( which it sounds like there might be). I was annoyed bc it seemed like they were just being nosy.
ps sry im posting on my new phone i hardly know how to ise.

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Best rom-com actress?

Anne Hathaway
Kate Hudson
Amanda Seyfried
Jennifer Aniston
Kristin Bell
Julia Roberts
Reese Witherspoon
Sandra Bullock
Emma Stone
Katherine Heigl
Rachel Mcadams
Amy Adams
Mila Kunis
Natalie Portman

Best rom-com actor?

Ashton Kutcher
Keanu Reeves
Steve Carrel
Matthew McConaughey
Colin Firth
Gerald Butler
Robert Pattinson
Justin Timberlake
Jason Segal
Zac Efron
Channing Tatum
Ryan Reynolds
Dane Cook
Jake Gyllenhaal
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rental question

The place I'm renting has a septic tank for sewage disposal. Lately, if I wash a load of laundry or if we take more than a 10 minute shower, water seeps from the top of the tank.

We don't have sewage backing up into the house, but ewww, sewage water in the yard.

Is it the landlord's or our responsibility to get this fixed?
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My friend recently started working around 70-80 hours per week. From what he told me he pretty much stopped making food for himself and only eats granola bars.

He mentioned that he loved a turkey chili that I gave him a few months ago.
Would it be weird if I made him some and left it in his fridge while he was at work?
He gave me a key to his apartment but I'm not sure if that's creepy!

If some random food could magically appear in your fridge, what would you want?
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Poll #1794953 For counterfeitfake

Best action star of all time?

Harrison Ford
Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Chuck Norris
Jackie Chan
Steve McQueen
Bruce Lee
Charles Bronson
Jason Statham
Sylvester Stallone
Steven Segal
Sean Connery
Jean Claude Van Damme
Angelina Jolie
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I never know how to answer this question, so I'm asking you!

When you ask someone where they are from, how do you expect them to answer?

Where they were born
Where they've lived the longest
Where they went to high school
Where their parents live
Where they spent most of their childhood
Where they lived most recently before the place they live now

If you moved a lot as a child, where do you say you are from?

Where you were born
Where you've lived the longest
Where you went to high school
Where your parents live
Where you spent most of your childhood
Where you lived most recently before the place you live now
I answer differently every time
I didn't move much (or at all) as a child

DK/DC/This poll is stupid: What woke you up this morning?
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Hypothetical. It's 2am Sunday morning. Let's say a roommate decides to invite a random stranger into your home at that time. The stranger was found sitting on the ground outside of a fast food restaurant with no socks or shoes. The stranger claimed they had been left there by their friends, they have no cell phone, no way of contacting that friend. That person is now sleeping on your living room couch courtesy of your roommate.

How would you handle this situation?

What do you say to the roommate?

Do you allow the stranger to continue sleeping on your couch?

Do you tell the landlord?

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police reports.

How do you place a property value on a stolen credit card?  The credit limit? The card is useless, it's deactivated, so it has no value other than it's weight in plastic.

Also, when filing a theft report and multiple cards were stolen, should I list them separately, or just enter a quantity and lump sum?

Also, when filing a theft report and an ID was stolen, how do I value that?  There's a mandatory spot for property value.

Sorry I'm asking here, google wasn't specific enough or only covered identity theft. I'd call the police station, but my phone was stolen, too.

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Let us pretend:

You are on line at the grocery store, there is a customer in front of you. The customer behind you is SO CLOSE to you that they would be too close even if you were having a conversation with them.

What do you do?
Is there any nice way to say "back the FUCK up"?

What's your favorite way to eat hard-boiled eggs?
I just made 18 of 'em.
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Zombies are always howling for 'BRAINS', but what if they really wanted this? Zombies really just want to give you oral, and after you let them, they shamble happily back to their graves. Suppose that, to best combat the zombie invasion, is not to arm yourself with tools like shotguns, chainsaws and flamethrowers, but, rather, crotchless underwear, assless chaps and dental dams. In light of this new information, what would you do during the zombie apocalypse?

Grab guns and ammo and take to the streets, ready for action
Not grab any pants but grab a yoga mat and take to the streets
Hide. Dear God. Hide. There is just too much wrong in the streets. TOO MUCH
Get a camera and start shooting some of the most effed up porn the world has ever seen
Invest in metal chastity belts. That should make me nigh invulnerable to your foreplay-obsessed dead guy

Just close your eyes and see it as a sexual tryst with a really smelly frat boy. Ok, slightly worse than your garden variety frat boy.
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I'm looking for a toothpaste that is free of silica, fluoride, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Is this impossible? Must I make my own?

Do you consciously pay attention to the ingredients you're putting into your body, be it food, cosmetics, or otherwise?
What do you totally not care about?

How's your Monday?

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for whatever reason, you are required to purchase something from the sephora website. taking into consideration practicality and your rl financial situation, what do you purchase? if you're not interested, it can be for a friend.

i'm looking at this and this right now.

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If you play Scrabble (or similar) how often do you swap your tiles? What letter combinations usually make you swap?

When was the last time you did laundry?

I have to go to the social security office today. Will the line be long?
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What to do...

How to you approach a SO, whom you live with, to tell them the romantic feelings have faded?
I'm willing to try to work on the relationship, since we've already invested 2 years of our lives on it, and I still care... I just feel like lately I'm the only one trying. I feel under-appreciated, and definitely neglected in the romance/affection.
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What does this bring to mind?

So, I'm a massage therapist and the other day, I had a client who told me her job title was, "Swing Keeper."

Now, this brought to mind a vision of someone who keeps swings and made me giggle inside. 

What do you think it means?

And, for the DK/DC Question:  What's for dinner?
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A week ago you told me I was fine to come up on Tuesday because your break started Wednesday and you wouldnt have classes. I did more research than has ever been done, and I bought a 63 fucking dollar train ticket, and my whole fucking family is going out of their way so I can come see you.
And NOW. A week before I plan to come up you tell me you actually do have class on Wednesday?! REALLY?! You couldn't have fucking found out sooner?!?!
fuck you.


my question: how do I respond to this like adult instead of telling him how much I want to pull all of his hair out?

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What makes you feel better when you feel bad? Anxious, scared, sad, angry- please share.

What was the last thing that made you feel sad in a good way?

Can anyone suggest simple exercises I can do at home to start getting into better shape? What do you do for exercise? I can't afford a gym membership and I do try to walk every day, but I am tired of having a tummy and bad arms.
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Polish speakers:

My late grandfather's nickname was Strop, he never went by Edward for as long as I knew him. I'm pretty sure (99.9%) it is Polish. Does anyone know if Strop really means anything?
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Favorite Simpson?

Abe 'Grandpa'

Favorite Brady

James (the Brady Law re guns)

Favorite Fox?

Matthew J.

Favorite Lee?

Robert E.
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Has anybody been to a health department to see a doctor, specifically for depression/anxiety?

What should I expect? What might they ask? And, do you know what they can prescribe? And since it is the health department, would they know to prescribe something with a generic option/something cheap? I figure they would know, but I just want to check.

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I've decided to do my English lit dissertation on Fairies!
I'll be covering from about 1850 onward, and looking at representations of certain aspect from folklore to modern contexts.
One chapter will be on the idea of Changelings. What should my other two sections be on? I'm interested in Silkies and Kelpies particularly (and other sea-fairies) and the seelie and unseelie court, but its such a huge range I can't decide.

If you could do a project on a certain type of fairy type creature, what would you chose?
(Disclaimer: This isn't homework help because i'm genuinely interested in what interests people about fairies/mythical beings)
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Do any of you watch The Walking Dead? How is it making you feel?

I hate Sophia so much, I don't even wish a zombie death on her, I hope she trips on a root, falls down a cliff, and lands teeth first into a rock.
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I have to write a 2000 word creative writing piece for uni and I have no idea what should happen. The 2 main characters are both guys, about 24 and 30 and they end up romantically involved but that is prettymuch all I know. I think they met in a minor car accident that was both their faults.

ANYWAY please help me get over my writer's block by suggesting things that could happen between these two? Plausible or implausible, whatever you like. Attacked by pirates, secretly both spies, one of them finds out he's got a kid he doesn't know about, really, anything. Might help get the ball rolling to just write SOMETHING.

Does anyone else watch Game of Thrones? Who are your favourite characters? I haven't read the books (I'm reading the first one now) so no spoilers beyond the first season/book please.
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What do you do to treat yourself? Whats the last thing you did to treat yourself? Big or small :)

What books should I read to make me smarter?

What are some 'girlie' things I could do to feel more girlie? Or feminine, rather.

Do you wear high heels? How high is too high? I'm currently considering 5-inchers but they have a platform...I hardly ever wear heels though, mostly flats.

Just who the hell do you think you are?? (serious or non-serious, take your pick)

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So, I'm looking for historical movies that feature really rough looking women (particularly prostitutes/saloon girls/etc), but I'm having a hard time coming up with a significant list. Can you guys recommend some? So far I pretty much only have Moulin Rouge and Cold Mountain.
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I just found out that both Violent J and Shaggy from Insane Clown Posse both have the first name "Joseph" and grew up together; I've also seen other famous pairs who share first or last names and have similar circumstances. My name is Scott, and I've had a couple friendships with different Scotts in my time on this planet. (also, my last name is Hatfield and I was good friends with a McCoy when I was a kid)

So, have you had any similar experiences or rivalries with people who share your name?

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Are there any stipulations in your lease for random inspections?
Do you think they are just looking for any illegal activities or that there *are legit reasons to check an apartment more than once a year?
In the contract, could you opt out of allowing maintenance people in your home when you weren't on the premises?
If so have they ever entered without letting you know?
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Can you guys generate random episode titles for a hypothetical scifi fantasy tv show. Three seasons worth, 20 episodes per season.

DK/DC: Favorite currently airing (not on hiatus or in reruns either) TV show?

In search of toffee...

My mum has been getting all nostalgic for a certain type of toffee she used to like when she was younger, I'd like to get her some for Christmas if it still exists but I haven't been able to find any that matches the description she gave me, any help would be adored.

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Alternatively, what should I buy my mum for Christmas if these toffees turn out to be a figment of her imagination? She likes scary things, like horror stories/films, so something along the lines of an overnight stay in a haunted house, anyone ever done that? What was it like?
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is anyone else having problems doing lj-cuts? I tried on my journal and it didn't work I tried making to post to a community and no matter how many times I tried (and I do know how to do them) it wouldn't work. It's like every time I clicked the button for finish on the cut nothing would happen. Am I alone or is my computer completely wonky?
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What was the last painfully hard thing that you did?

I'm writing a letter to my group of far off friends in a confession about a huge mistake I made and taking full responsibility for my stupidity, and I'm scared as hell of what will happen.