November 13th, 2011


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So I went to sign into gmail and both of my passwords weren't working.
I changed them and saw that someone logged into my account about an hour prior.
OKCupid just sent me an email asking me to reset my password...I thought I deactivated my account close to a year ago.

What's going on?

I recently started using tumblr which apparently had the same name as the okcupid account- would there be any kind of random ass connection?

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My friends and I were sat in my front room chatting at about 1am, when the front door handle started to move and a guy poked his face up at the glass in the door. We screamed and he started shouting how he loved us etc through the door. He went away then came back again, at which point we said we'd ring the police if he didn't leave. I live at the top of some steps which are quite a major route out of the town centre, so I do get a lot of drunk people passing by.

Whilst he was obviously just some drunk guy, why do you think he was trying the door handle?

Creative exercise I just made up

Grab the nearest book/magazine/instruction manual/whatever. Open to random page. Move finger down to random sentence. What is it? Write it here. Now, by itself, this sentence may not be the most lucid. Using your creativity, add additional lines and make a paragraph, putting this line in a new perspective

For instance

(reads back of cereal box)

There are lots of small things you can do every day! (in reference to changing your community)

New paragraph:

Simon had a hankering for midget hookers. Nothing could detract him from taking his Friday rodeo clown pay (they always paid in cash), and bringing it over to 'Over the Rainbow', which was Madam Petunia's midget hooker emporium. There, immoral pleasures of the flesh could be had, courtesy of tiny hands and tiny orifii. Yes, this den of filth will be how he spent his Friday and Saturday; getting freaky with tiny women galore. Yes indeed. There are lots of small things you can do every day!

What fun can you contribute?

The more removed from the sentence's original intent, the better

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So let's say, that you've been getting closer to a guy for the last five months and you reached a point where you'd hang out together alone and text everyday for hours, and you'd both told the other you like them, and did sweet things like texting good luck before the GRE and every single night of a play's run and before a band's show and what not. So all of that has happened and then you see each other this past Monday, at his request, you have a good time, and then he stops talking to you. When you text him, he texts back, but the responses are short and there's never a conversation.

So this whole time you've only been friends, but now you're confused, you don't know what happened, and seeing his stupid face now makes you sad. Would you ask for an explanation or just let it go?

Clearly this isn't hypothetical, it was just easier to type it like it was. 

Edit- Thanks for the advice everyone! I texted him (in a round about, non-accusatory sort of way) and he apologized; he didn't realize how little we'd talked this week until I said something and we made plans for this week. Happy ending!

Apple Real, or phishing scam?

I just got an email, seemingly from saying they are offering to replace old iPod Nanos from several years ago. Mine's broken anyway, and so is my newer iPod so I'm tempted. But is Apple doing this swap deal for real? Or is it a scam? Does anybody know anything about this?

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Do you think poorly of women who don't wear makeup at all for whatever reason?

Inspired by a friend claiming it's weird and immature if a woman is not interested/refuses to wear makeup.
colored grass

waterproof cameras/underwater cameras

I'm curious about waterproof/under water cameras. I want to do an 'underwater' shoot - being a mermaid in my friends pool!  I talked to my friend who is a photographer & a camera pro & he said he wouldnt advise me to get an underwater camera because they are pretty shit - low quality etc.

However, he's a pro & I'm just doing the shoot for fun - so I'm wondering if I should just get a cheap underwater camera anyway ?  Is the quality so shit that the photos are actually fuzzy/blurry?

If you have any photos youve taken with your camera underwater please post them!  & please tell me ~how much the camera was / what model.

I'm going to be so sad if i cant do this shoot :(  
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TQC, I'm new here. Hi!

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How do I cope with my issues? (And yes, I talk to him about these kinds of things. It just makes him feel awkward in his friendships, so I'm trying a new outlet.)

I did a poor job of explaining this, I think.

And the thing is that I know all of these things. I know that if I keep it up, I'll eventually drive him away. I know that it's contradictory to say that I trust him and yet get jealous.

I just have self-esteem issues. I'm working on them. It's a thing that takes time.

I guess I'm just hoping someone could offer some insight?
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Back story: I started running regularly, but had bad shoes. I didn't realize how bad they were. After a few weeks of running 3-5 times a week, my achilles tendon started hurting. I took a few days off, but the next time I went running, it hurt way worse, so I stopped running. Took some time off, went and bought good running shoes for my feet. It never hurts when I'm not running, so after a week of not running, I tried starting light by jogging, and after a mile, the tendon started hurting again (but not as bad as the last time it hurt). So I'm resigning from running to biking for now, but am wondering...

Q: Have you ever gotten a tendon injury from running/exercise? How long did it take for you to recover? Could this be really serious, long term, or permanent?
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Let's just assume that you know you'll die peacefully in your sleep on a certain night. What are you going to eat all day on your last day on Earth? (also assume you can eat just about anything - no health issues or dental problems). Pictures are a bonus.
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What have you done lately that was probably a little insane? Having watched about half of the videos by the Yogscast, I'm starting from the first video and watching each one. There are 1,151 videos as of today :/

DK/DC: What's your favorite word?

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Hey, TQC. I've noticed a trend recently in my working habits and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me about what I can do to fix it. When I start a new job, I'm super on top of things and a really quick learner, and everyone's impressed with me. As I get comfortable at a job, though, I get complacent and comfortable, and I start making careless mistakes, and everyone's like, "WTF happened??" It seems like I always either have to be "the new girl" or terrified of losing my job in order to pay attention to detail. Is this completely bizarre? Got any advice for me apart from "trick yourself into thinking you're going to be fired at any moment"?

DK/DC: What's your favorite "around the house" chore?
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Since I got my Macbook last year, I have sorely missed the Sims games I had on my PC. I tried getting the Sims 3, but it glitched horribly on my Mac so I ended up selling it. I would like to try the Sims 2, since I am already familiar with it and I miss it so much. Does anyone have the Sims 2 on a Mac? What do you think of it? Does it work well? Are there any issues I should be mindful of?

DK/DC/Don't have a Mac: Have you ever played the Sims? What are your favorite expansion packs? What is your favorite part about the game?

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What's something you did as a child that got you into huge trouble?

My little sister tore up a book of mine, so I grabbed one of her toys and hit it against the wall. I was grounded, but of course, my sister wasn't punished. Apparently my mom thought at 5 she didn't know any better.
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If you have a cat:

Does your vet recommend more wet or more dry food in their diet?
How much wet food do you feed your cat in a day?
How much dry food do you feed your cat in a day?


I teach in a town with no diversity. The kids are almost exclusively white and for many of them, I was the first Jewish person they've met. I have two Black students in my reading classes. There is little to no opportunity to learn via exposure. So we frequently talk about and combat stereotypes in my room.

Many of my students have beliefs about Black people that I didn't even realize still existed. One student told me that Black people tend to be better at sports because they have extra bones in their legs to help them run and jump. o.0

Another student told me that if Black people really wanted to get out of the ghetto, they would. They just aren't trying hard enough.

Ladies and gents, how do I remove this brainwashing?

I do my best to explain why the stereotypes are wrong and all that, but I often find myself using too sophisticated terms for them to understand. I am teaching 7th graders and I don't realize I'm telling them that their actions perpetuate hegemony.

How can I explain all these stereotypes and hegemony and gentrification and all that stuff in middle school friendly terms? And in a way that sounds more appealing than the garbage they are being fed at home?

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what shift do you work ?
what is your sleep pattern like?

for those of you who work third shift, do you nap when you get home or do you just stay up?

I work early mornings (3 am)
My sleep cycle sucks lately
I try to nap for an hour or 3 when I get home then go back to bed around 7 pm to be up at 1 am

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I want to get a cat/kitten to keep my cat company, should I get a male or female? (my cat is female) I am tempted to get a male for the prospect of little kittens but would two females get on better?

EDIT: ok I will get her spayed, now should i get a male or female to keep her company?

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I forgot to pick up basil pesto at the grocery store today. For something I'm making tomorrow I need pesto, unfortunately, I do not have time to go to the store tomorrow and I don't have any basil. I was looking line and I could make the following recipes for my dinner tomorrow.

The other components are shrimp and broccoli.
Which of them should I make?

Which of these should I make?


-edit- OR pea pesto. I can't edit the poll, but if that sounds better tell me.
-edit2- OR Parsley Pesto

dk/dc: What's the last time you had to make do in the kitchen because you either couldn't find or didn't have what you would have needed?

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Have you ever slept with a coworker? Dated one? Was there fallout because of it?

Could someone with an IUD please reassure me that I'm not impregnito?

Can boobs get sore from over use?

Should I have another beer?
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Are you horny?

Do you have a kink that you think most people wouldn't share? (You don't have to name it, just yes or no)

Will you list the first letter of your name and let us guess what your name is? (mine is B - technically E but I go by B)(eta: clearly you figured it out. :P elizabeth - beth)
>> for blue skies
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My boyfriend said he would do whatever I wanted to for my birthday, incl watching a movie he would never usually agree to or doing any activity he usually wouldn't.

If this was you what would you like to do with your boyfriend for your birthday, your call?
I want to come up with an ingenious idea out of this situation.

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When's the last time you had trouble sticking to a hard decision you made? How'd you get through it? Are you still dealing with it?

Asking because I just went through a long-ish and difficult break up and would like to feed off your stories of perseverence.

dk/dc: What's something you're craving or just itching to buy yourself or for someone else?


Inspired by something I witnessed in a restaurant recently:

At the end of a meal, do you lick your plate?
In public? At home/in private? Ever?

I used to do it when I was a child, but this was the first time I've ever seen an adult do it in public.

[Edited to add: glad to see I'm not the only one who thought this was... a bit gross! lol]

for whom the bell tolls

Someone just called me from a number I don't have stored in my phone.  Usually when this happens, I google the number afterwards and it's Comcast or a car company or someone I have no interest in talking to.  But this time, it seems to have been a real person in my general vicinity!  Who was it?  Do I call back?

srs/nonsrs answers (I'm hoping it's my ex)

Today is not my day...

Last night I was at a fancy themed event when a huge decorative archway detached from the wall and fell onto my head while I was sitting down. The pain was not so severe then, but I don't remember actually be hit, only the noise before, and a minute later when it was pulled off of me, and I found the whole thing hysterically funny and laughed a lot. It wasn't so bad earlier today, but slowly my headache has gotten worse and worse and now my neck is throbbing as well and I'm incredibly irritable, which is unusual for me. 

I'd see a doctor, but I don't drive, it's 10:54, and my roommate who does drive isn't here tonight. My parents know about this and made me promise to call them if it gets worse, but they live two hours away and they're both teachers who have to work tomorrow. 

Am I being stupid to try and wait this out until tomorrow when I can just walk to the clinic in town? I've never had a concussion before (I'm assuming that's my problem) and I'm not sure if this is normal or not...

edit- There is no public transportation in rural Indiana. Literally none.  
editedit- In looking for a friend to drive me, I discovered my RA's uncle? Totally a doctor. We chatted over the phone and he says I can wait until tomorrow. 

...and using the nearest cab company would cost me around $120 to get to the nearest hospital. I'm not kidding when I say I live in the middle of nowhere


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Dear phone savvy people of TQC, 

I've just been given a Samsung M8910. I'm attempting to set my Gmail account up in my bookmarks but every time I try to log in, the phone keeps telling me that my browser has the cookie functionality turned off. I've been into every setting I can find and cookies are definitely turned on. Short of hitting it with a hammer, what can I do to fix it? My facebook keeps me logged in, so I don't get why gmail cookies aren't working :(