November 12th, 2011


Resume advice

So I found out the other day that I'm likely to lose my job next month. That means it's time to rework the old resume. The problem I'm having is giving focus to my resume; I am a jack-of-all-trades release engineer for over 3 years. I worked with test automation, scm admin, create patches and delivering updates to customers, fixed some software bugs and maintained server updates. So I've had my hands in many things, but I'm a master of nothing.

Can TQC put their serious business hats on and help me pull my resume together? I'm staring at a word document that's pretty barren right now, and I just can't get my thoughts together.
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(no subject)

What's the weirdest thing your pet has ever done? I turned around to find my cat snuggling my TV remote, licking it, and possibly trying to mate with it (she was doing something with it :/). Then she looked up, stared at me, and kept doing it. I'm afraid a little.
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You're about to board a 6-hour flight. You made it into first class. There's 15 available seats. Who will you sit next to?

Lindsay Lohan
Dr. Drew
Sasha Grey
Ron Howard
Betty White
Katy Perry
Al Gore
Kathy Griffin
Kanye West
Simon Cowell
Victoria Beckham
Tim Gunn
J. K. Rowling
Maynard pen
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What's the last thing to make you laugh, TQC?

Last night I was having a twitter conversation with Adam Baldwin. For those who don't know, he's an actor, and his twitter feed is full of political shit that personally I don't agree with.

Anyway, I guess the argument didn't go the way he wanted it to, because I woke up and all of his tweets directed at me have been deleted. Thankfully, I still have the notifications in my email inbox, so I know I didn't imagine the whole thing.
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(no subject)

As you all know, I'm undertaking this family photo scanning project. I'm almost done. I'm also not working right now (I'm still in the huge bureaucratic process to get permanent disability) and I've discovered something I can do that's productive and non-stressful. My mother suggested that after I'm done, I offer my scanning services on Craigslist for other people. I think this is an interesting idea.

My question to you, TQC, is this. How much should I charge per photograph? It takes me about 2 minutes to scan, crop, adjust and label a single photograph. Right now I'm scanning 40-50 pictures a day, and it takes me about 2-3 hours, but then again, I'm also doing other things at the same time, so I'm not concentrating on scanning 100%. How much would you pay someone to scan all of your old family photos?

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I need to use my leftovers up in my house.

Which of these should I make for lunch?

What's the last thing you ate, TQC?
How was it?

I had a cupcake for dessert last night and it was goood.
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(no subject)

I applied for a job at one of my favorite clothing stores. If I get called in for an interview, would it be a bad idea to wear a head-to-toe outfit of clothes from the store?

Unrelated second question: do you like chili with beans or without? Explain your answer.
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In the world of power and influence, have you ever had the chutzpah to suggest the truly impressive, successful display is going up the management chain to work for those under you instead of taking it and then giving what you've taken?

(no subject)

How do you feel about painting an accent wall (where one wall is a different color and stands out more)?

If I do cream walls, would a brown accent wall look okay? I'm having trouble deciding.

I have a lot of rooms to paint, so can you please show me some of your favorite paint colors/themes for bathrooms, bedrooms, etc?  
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(no subject)

Theres a bag I really like on Ebay, but the leather could use a cleaning and there are some pen marks on the back. Can I clean leather myself or would it be better to bring it somewhere? What kind of places clean leather?

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I'm plotting out a D&D campaign to hopefully get started in the next month or so. For those in the know, it's a 4.0 Forgotten Realms, most likely malfunctioning portal hopping and foretelling nightmares being the main themes.
However, I plan on this being a LONG campaign.
Will you suggest some happenings or plot twists to throw into it, silly or serious? I'm huge on the RP aspect of the game and want to keep it varied.
What class would you be?

"Oregon" printed on clothing?

Hello TQC,

For Christmas my Dad asked us what we wanted; my girlfriend wants a cardigan, hoodie, or shirt with Oregon on it. (Like you know those kitschy state t-shirts? In the UK everywhere is fucking OBSESSED with Minnesota, like, come on guys Fargo isn't even in Minnesota so I don't know where it comes from. Last count there were three Minnesota shirts in New Look alone, wtf.)

The reason she wants one is that we were in Portland visiting family this summer (I'm not from Portland, I'm from Vancouver, I'll 'fess up)

So my question is: where can you get appropriately kitschy and awesome shirts/cardigans/hoodies with Oregon (either the word or the state shape) printed on them? Any good examples or links? NO UNIVERSITY GEAR PLEASE. We are not Ducks or Beavers fans in this house.

ETA: What about knitted jumpers (sweaters/pullovers) or your good experiences with custom embroiderers/companies which do custom embroidery?

DK/DC? What is your state bird or, if you aren't from the US, what is your favourite team sport to watch?

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TQC, yesterday my favorite horse at the stable I work at had to be put down after he broke a leg in the pasture. He was really young (only five or six years old) and I'm really sad about it even though I only knew him for a month. Today I came in and saw that the barn owner had put a note in my box that said basically, "you haven't been doing the work fast enough and there have been complaints" without really specifically saying what the issue is (apart from me being slow). Should I call her today to talk about the problem, or wait a few days to let the dust settle from the horse dying?

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Am I crazy for using "The Jabberwocky" with my students to teach using context clues to figure out words? (This is for 7th grade, btw, or 12 year olds)

I think it could be a good way to use part of speech as an indicator of meaning but I am afraid they'll give up on it.

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alright, dr. tqc. what's wrong with my back? at some point mid-day yesterday, i began to feel like i'd been hit in the back/left shoulder with a hammer. it hurts to move my arm very much (i yelled in pain last night when i accidentally moved it too much) and it hurts when i turn/twist my torso to that side. it also hurts when i roll my neck to that side, and if i bend down or take a too-deep breath. sometimes it hurts all the way through to my chest, so i'm thinking maybe it's ribs? i didn't do anything to it or get hit by anything, i haven't been sleeping in any weird positions, and i just don't know what's going on. i figured it'd go away overnight but no dice. is my rib broken? AM I GONNA DIE? any ideas?

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I have a baby...

If my husband and I only spoke in a french accent around him, do you think he would pick it up and speak with one too?

Totally trying this...


Dk/dc/Im ridiculous: What did you have for breakfast?

Its 1pm and Im about to have pancakes :D


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Most of you know that my roommate moved his uncle into our house after he was released from prison.

This morning as I was getting ready for work I noticed his bedroom door was completely shut. When I came out of the bathroom from taking my shower, his door was opened about 3 inches.

He is also using my laptop for look at porn when noone is home. He never asked my permission to use my laptop, he just helped himself to it (the only reason I knew that he's using it is because he left his facebook and email logged in and I saw it the next time I used my computer)

What are some realistic reasons for his door to be open that much at 1 am ?

Would this bother you at all ?

Is it wrong of me to put the parental controls on the laptop so he can't look at porn?

Thankfully, I only have to live here until January.

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I have two friends, Curly and Moe, who used to be marginally close to each other, but only through me. I'm still close to both of them, but they don't talk much anymore. Curly wants to keep up the trio thing, and has asked me on occasion to include Moe in our plans, but Moe has told me that she feels it's awkward when we try to get together now. She still does it anyway, but I know it's not something she really likes to do anymore.

Curly and I are making plans for later this week, and she mentioned in passing that she wants to see Moe. Should I ask Moe anyway, knowing that she will come out of obligation and not enjoy herself? Or do I make an excuse to Curly and say that Moe probably can't come? What would you do? Have you ever been in a situation like this?

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How well do you deal with having no plans on the weekend?

I'm all alone TQC!
My options for tonight are stay in (which i'd really rather not do, but it'd be good for the bank and my health) or go to the local gay night. I'd be going with one guy i've met once before and his two friends I don't know, then a good friend would be joining us later (though I could go in with her). If it makes a difference, i'm not gay, but i've been before and had fun.

What should I do?

(no subject)

I've been eyeing these pouches at this etsy store has a potential Christmas present for my cousin. Unfortunately, the shop has run out and despite emailing the shop owner if she knew if she would be restocking them, I haven't gotten a response.

Based on that pencil case and me knowing my 19-year-old cousin would love it, what similar things could I get her for Christmas?

I like to get my shopping done early.
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I am a fruitcake missionary and I want to make my relatives really good and delicious fruitcakes for Christmas. However, my mother cannot find her really good recipe. Do you have any recipes that you've made for fruitcake that turned out really well? Preferably ones with booze in them and lots of it.
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So, I kind of lost my mind and invited a co-worker and his family for Thanksgiving, after originally planning just my family. I need free, festive decorative items. And then it occurred to me: nobody felt like carving the pumpkins on Halloween this year, and they're still on the porch. I could carve them for Thanksgiving instead. I am totally art-and-craft impaired. TQC, what should I carve into these three pumpkins for Thanksgiving? Srs and non-srs answers, please.

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Have you ever made a drastic hair color change?
How old were you the first time?

How can I become brave enough to dye my hair blonde when I've been a brunette for 26 years?
I'm afraid it will look awful and everyone will hate it.
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

What fictional groups/organisations do you identify with? Like, if you existed in that universe you could see yourself as a member.

eg Houses at Hogwarts, Jedi, Starfleet, House Stark, Torchwood, X-Men etc

(no subject)

If you have a duvet with a cover, does it move about inside the cover?
I have one duvet which NEVER stays where it's supposed to in the cover. It's not the covers because other duvets are fine in them.
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(no subject)

For those of you who watch Lets Plays, what are some of your favorite LPers? Preferably on the lesser known side. I like HuntHerKillHer, Raocow, the Yogscast, Mangaminx, and Slowflake (these are the last five I watched, just off the top of my head).

DK/DC: Will you post the cutest picture of your pet that you can find if you have one? My Maine Coon likes to pose.

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Have you ever seen parents who seemed to really favor one kid over the other?

I baby-sat for my mom's friend today. I baby-sat two of their kids, Hunter, who is 8, and Emily, who is 3. If they finish all their dinner they get a treat, which is a small plastic cup of soda. I set out a blue one and a green one. Right away Hunter grabbed the blue one and Emily demanded it. I said, "He got it first, you have to have the green one." She started to cry and sat under the table and threw a tantrum. I said her soda would be in her green cup if she wanted it, but it wasn't getting it in any other color cup. She sat under the table the entire time, crying and kicking her legs. I just ignored her.

Her mom came to pick them up, and asked how the evening went. I told her about the soda incident, and she asked, "Well, why didn't you give her the blue one?" I said, "Because Hunter got it first." She said, "Well, Emily is just a baby. Next time, make Hunter give it to her."

Wow. Yeah, that kid isn't going to be a raging bitch, is she?
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(no subject)

TQC, will you talk to me about your body image problems? For those of you that have had body image issues, has this impacted your life negatively in any way? I've personally went through a phase several years ago (during weight gain) when the weight made me actually anti-social. I just didn't want to be "seen in public." It heavily detracted from the quality of my life during that period of time and sadly, a lot of it was just psychological.

I have a friend who is convinced that her legs are fat and that jeans make them look worse. Today she put on a pair she had recently bought to "demonstrate" this - I felt that the fact that her jeans were a size 2 (she's around 5'7) should have been objective evidence enough for her that her legs are fine. But when I pointed this out to her, it didn't really seem to impact anything. How do I convince her she looks fine?

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When you are bringing a new young pet home, how many days do you take off when you first bring it home?
Do you think two will be fine?
Its been so long since I've had a kitten, I don't want to over crowed it or make it feel abandoned.