November 11th, 2011

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dear tea queue sea,

i went to a bar tonight alone with the specific intent of getting hammered without anyone bothering me (the liquor store is kind of a jog, i don't own a car, and it's chilly and dark and this is a college town). i'm getting the feeling that several of you are smacking your foreheads at my naivete right now.

help me out here. i'm approaching thirty, but i've only started drinking very recently and i have no idea how this works. how do you go to a bar and drink in peace without people fucking harassing you about what book you're reading or what major you're taking? these goddamn kids are driving me out of my mind here. if i wanted a one-night-stand i'd call their mothers.
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Libido help

Hey TQC.

So, my wife and I recently had an amazing baby boy and everything's been pretty swell. But, my wife's been noticing a rather major decrease in her libido. Potentially due to breastfeeding. She wants to know, is there anything she can take or do (that's safe while breastfeeding) to help?

Any input would be appreciated. :)

Kitty :(

I just saw a orange cat outside sniffing at the garbage bags. I went to go pet him and maybe give it some tuna but it ran away. so, TQC, I am wondering-

Do you think it's a stray? It's pouring out right now and it was dry, so I looked kind of thin to me but that might've been just me.

Should I leave a dish of milk out for it? I'm getting hollered at by a friend not to because she says cats are lactose-intolerant. Cats drink milk all the time! Is she right?
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For those who have/had restraining order violatations/reported a violation.

I am unsure how the process works, so any help would be appreciated.

If a restraining order was violated by a person coming to your place of employment, though they are forbidden to in terms of the order, what actions are taken next?

It was reported to the police, who came and gathered information from several witnesses (since the person had left by the time the police arrived.) They considered getting video surveillance, but opted not to since there was more than one witness present and willing to testify in court, as this is not the first time it has happened [more like 10-15 times - with one witness being able to verify most of them, the other witness, just to verify the current.]

What actions happen now? Do the police file a complaint with the court directly and then summons the witnesses? We are going down today to get a copy of the police report, but I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight before we go down and begin asking questions there. A little of "what to expect" out of the situation.

Thanks in advance!
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So, a girl I go to school with has been acting very strange the last week or so. At the begging of the year she was telling me about her LD boyfriend and I didn't really think too much about it, but then she started going on about he's an FBI agent and he was in Italy for a while for something and then he was supposed to come home and he got waylaid by some investigation over fraternization in the dorm he was staying at. Well, when he was finally supposed to come home from that he didn't show up at the airport and he went missing in Italy. My friend was really torn up at this point b/c apparently she hadn't seen him in about 8 months, but then like, a couple weeks after he went missing he was found in an abandoned car with. like, 4 broken ribs and he had to have surgery b/c two were in danger of puncturing his lungs. And when he went into surgery he apparently had really good chances of survival, but then he died. Which, was really shitty b/c my friend was all upset.

TL;DR: I think my friend made up her boyfriend and then killed him off for attention. But she seems really upset. What should I do? Talk to a counselor, confront her? I'm really worried about her.

Also: I'm going to have to check this when I get back from school b/c I have no internet access there, so if I don't reply that's why. :/

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I've got a paper due at noon that I have completely failed at - I choked up on something minor, psyched myself out and now really have nothing. I'm going to talk to the instructor before class and explain but I really feel like "I psyched myself out" is such a pitiful explanation. I intend on continuing to work on it this morning but it's at the point where realistically it's not going to get finished. I have never ever had a problem with a paper before like this so I feel all sorts of ashamed and am questioning my abilities.

What would you do in this situation?

ETA: Perhaps through the process of posting this (thanks for kicking me in the ass a little, TQCers), I've since made a TON of progress and although I'll have to ask for an extension still it's allowed per the syllabus. I should be able to finish it tonight if I can just stay in my current mindset. Thanks!

Confused Canadian!

What IS Veterans' Day? How is it different from Remembrance Day? and Why does Memorial Day exist as well?

DK/DC- what are you looking foward to this weekend (I'm seeing Wild Flag tonight, and I'm so excited because I never got to see Sleater-Kinney live, and Wild Flag has two of the people who were in Sleater-Kinney)
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For $1000,000, would you....?

Poll #1794192 For $100,000, would you...?

...Date someone like this for four months? People are going to think certain things

52(77.6%) a flight and then carry a hand grenade in your carry-on luggage? The grenade has the words 'KILL EM ALL' painted on it. You can make up whatever story you want, how you don't know how it got on there, how you left your bag alone, etc. If the story's good enough, you may be exonerated. You may be put on a watch list, but your lifestyle won't raise any eyebrows, right?


....climb into a tiger cage at the zoo for a few minutes? While at the zoo, the little boy next to you throws his dad's fanny pack into the tiger's habitat. The father will pay you 100k to fetch it. The pack landed about 10' from the nearest tiger, who is not asleep. There's 2 tigers total. You just have to climb down, get the pack, and then climb out. If you get help, you obviously don't get paid, since the father will give the money to whoever physically fetches it


...attend the next event that Michelle Bachman is doing, and when she's nearby, hop the security fence and try and hug her? You'll be wearing a t-shirt with her face on it, and a baseball cap that says 'NO. 1 FAN'. If you can get to her long enough, you have to ask her to sign your chest. Security may tackle you. You may be arrested. Odds are, the whole thing will probably be caught on tape and aired on news programs and the Daily Show, and everybody will believe you really are a crazy Bachman booster. But hey, 100k


....gain a pound a year for the rest of your life? For this last question, the 100k is recurring. You'll receive a check every year for life. However, every year you will gain a pound. You cannot lose it no matter how hard you try. Not even lipo will get it out. This is on top of any normal weight you may gain per year. So, at the end of 10 years, you'll have earned $1,000,000, but you'll be at least 10lbs heavier, at the end of 20, $2,000,000 and at least 20lbs heavier, etc.

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Questions of course

Ladies, do you shave your legs and/or armpits? If not, do you feel pressure to? If you do, do you sometimes wish you didn't need to?
Gentlemen, how do you feel about a lady with unshaven legs/armpits?

Runners, joggers and power walkers: What kind of sneaker do you find best for jogging and/or power walking? Links appreciated.

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I have a huge container of pumpkin puree that I need to do away with (I need the freezer space and this thing is unfortunately huge), what should I do with it? Links to recipes please!

What kind of sushi should I get with my udon soup for dinner today? Alternatively, what would you order from this menu?

dk/dc/I have never eaten food and have no preference: Will you look for houses for sale in your area and show me the most expensive/impressive/extravagant one you can find?

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This is a hypothetical question. Just accept the perimeters of the question as being realistic, even if in real life, you have no cat, don't live in an apartment, etc. Ok. There's an emergency and you have to leave town for 3 days IMMEDIATELY. It's on really short notice, and none of your friends or family can watch your cat. You're getting frantic, and as you're bringing out the garbage, thinking of what to do, you bump into your neighbor, who asks you what's bothering you. You tell him, and he agrees to take care of your cat in your absence for $20. This guy's in his 30s, blue-collar type, unemployed, real-conservative type, and not doing so great financially, but from what you know about him he's a decent guy and trustworthy, so you agree. You show him your place, show him the cat food and the litterbox, and anything else. You give him the $20 and the key to your place. You return in 3 days, and go into your apartment. It's a mess. Beer bottles all over the tables. You check your fridge, and most of your food is gone. Angry, you check the cat. The cat food is still there, unopened, and the litterbox is overflowing, and the cat is howling from hunger. You take care of the cat, and look to see what else is wrong. Your bed's been slept in, and there's a wet stain on the sheets that smells like beer. All your toilet paper is gone, and there's vomit in the sink. You're pissed. You go to the computer, and notice a lot of porn has been downloaded. You're furious now. You know this guy's got no money, so he can't pay you back for anything. You're about to go to Facebook to write a pissy update about all this, when you notice that your neighbor is still logged into Facebook on your computer.

Poll #1794229 Hypothetical

Hmmm. What happens now?

I log him out to make my update
I change his password so he won't be able to access this account again
I change the email on the account, so he won't receive any notifications
I change his icon to something he wouldn't like, like a picture from Equus
Add to his 'likes' such topics like bestiality, sodomy, buggering animals, abolition of heterosexual marriage, or something else topical
Make a status update of how he's been unemployed and has more time on his hands and has been watching all kinds of porn, and has discovered new things that turn him on. Things he hadn't realized until now
Pick on his FB friends. Maybe target the ones with pets. Ask if he can petsit for them, how he'll do it for free and how their pet looks 'frisky'. Throw in a 'giggety-giggety'
Make an update about how he's got a sweet gig, how he doesn't have to pay rent, but rather, gives oral pleasures to the landlord twice a month, and how he'd do it for free anyway
Add as many creepy pictures as you can into his folders, like many images of horses
Probably wouldn't do anything that bad. Just write in his FB what an asshole he is for messing up your apartment and ignoring his duties

This all takes place before you have a chance to confront him or exact revenge

slow carbing

Have any of you ever followed a "slow carb" diet? If so, how effective was it? What did your shopping list / meals consist of?

And more importantly, for those of you who eat low carb, what do you order at the bar? I know I shouldn't be drinking any calories while dieting, but I only drink 1-2 nights a week. I'm going to try to limit myself to two drinks per night. I prefer cocktails over beer. I usually drink Beam and diet coke.

Any help / advice is greatly appreciated :)

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I'm ~200 miles overdue for an oil change.

The soonest appt I can get for one (because apparently you need an appointment) is Monday afternoon.

I have to drive to and from work, today, tomorrow and Sunday.

Is this going to be a problem?/How screwed am I?

DK/DC: Do you drive? What kind of car do you have?
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I need a hobby, TQC. Are there any knitters or crocheters in the house? Which one is easier to pick up/learn without someone physically there to teach you? (if it matters, I am left handed). Any suggestions for sites/books to help learn or materials?

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My friend ordered something from Italy.
He recieved an confirmation email, but we dont really understand what they mean by certain things, things got lost in translation.
What do you think this means?

"we inform you at this time the (product name) are finished. there will be delivered for the end of november. please let us know whether it will remain on hold of cargo" 

what does the bolded part mean?!  remain on hold of cargo? WHAT?

edit: wow pardon my multiple mistakes i just got up from a nap. :S

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How cheesy is it to make a note on Facebook with some of your wishlists and a reminder that your birthday's coming up? Does it matter how old you are?

Would you roll your eyes if you saw someone did that?
tacos > drugs

TQC help me make important life decisions plz.

Poll #1794263 nom noms

I'm HONGRY and craving specific foods.* What should I eat?

Sushi - it's healthier
Nachos - you already had sushi today, bellapalmera!
Neither, I have a better suggestion!

For those who selected neither: what could you POSSIBLY suggest that is so much better than sushi and/or nachos?

*In b4 "u pragnent?" - babby is NOT formed.

Also, for those of you who name your cars, what is your car's name? What have your previous cars been named?

My car is named Laney Blue Supercar. My previous car was called the Blissful Blueberry.
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Did you have a camera as a child? How old were you? Was it a kid's camera or an adult camera?

Parents: would you buy a camera for your small child?

I found this really cute digital camera for little kids today and I bought it for my cousin's child. She will turn 4 right after Christmas. I had a 110 camera when I was that age (I think Playskool made it - I need to google or go to eBay) and loved it.
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My husband and I are in an apartment. The living room is pretty long, but not very wide. The way it's structured almost makes it three separate areas, especially with the way we have the furniture set up now. His parents are giving us a small love seat (we need extra seating, and it's free), and since we're getting it in the next few weeks, I'm trying to figure out how to rearrange the living room. Can you help?

Collapse )

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :)
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What was your most recent, non-everyday purchase? Not a cup of coffee or batteries or anything like that, but something somewhat out of the ordinary?

I just won some really beautiful dark brown leather boots on Ebay that I'm pretty jazzed about :)

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Can we have a "post rad things about your job" post?

Because today my school had a clap-out for the teachers who have had perfect attendance this year and it freaking rocked! (A clap-out is when the honorees walk down each hall and the students and staff clap for them- it's usually students. This morning we did science fair winners)

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ok, i've googled extensively and haven't found exactly what i'm looking for and i didn't buy the exam guide so i figured this is the next best place to ask.

1) did you take the TEAS V for nursing school? i'm taking it tomorrow. i don't need it for all of my applications, and this will be my second bachelors, so i'm not too stressed about it, but i have no idea what the scoring is and i don't know if you're supposed to answer all the questions or not. i'm a naturally good test taker but i just want to know if it helps or hurts to try to answer all the questions.

if you don't care:
2) what do you think about Kim Zolciak and Kroy on Real Housewives of Atlanta? i love them together which kind of scares and perplexes me because all this time i kind of thought Kim might actually be a man. "DAMN DAT ASS."
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Do you like the horror genre (including books, movies, games, tv, etc.)? If so, what are some of your favorite films/books/shows/games? I'm currently obsessed with Marble Hornets and Slenderman in general, and Silent Hill.

DK/DC? What is your favorite song and why? What is your most hated song and why?
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My husband works at a Pizza Place. He is STILL not home yet.

What is going on at his work place that they won't let him come home?

non serious answers, please
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for those of you that use online dating sites, what would you think if you got a message that just said 'go out with me?' positive or negative reaction?

for all people, same question but irl?
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TQC, my kid just threw up and he has a fever. It's midnight. I have a 9am-2pm class tomorrow. We are allowed to miss one class. If we miss more than one class, he is forced to drop us (not his choice). Should I miss class tomorrow?

Things to consider:
My husband can take care of our kid
I work in a group with other students and don't want to get them sick

It's hard to balance the right thing to do with missing such a big class. FWIW, I'm not doing very well in class and it's not something I can make up at home.

Should I stay home tomorrow?

Yes, stay home
No, go to class