November 10th, 2011


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What was the last good thing that happened to you that you didn't expect?

I asked for an extension on a project because I was dealing with some depression issues and then missed the deadline that my professor gave me. When I finally turned my project in a few days later, missing a few components(at least a week after it was originally due) the professor didn't mind and said he wouldn't dock any points.
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Can we have an anything post? I want to have something to wade through tomorrow while I'm avoiding homework.

Can it have a theme? I'm thinking: things that make you go 'hmmm.' Weird, educational, anything. Just 'hmmm.'
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Sorry for coming to you guys and bothering you with this, but I am very sad and want to smile - will you tell me your favorite/best joke?

DK/DC: What's your favorite snack?
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Many questions I bring you tonight. Let's start with an easy one.

The moon looks about full. A bit below it and very slightly to the left of it is a bright light. It's not moving; I checked it when leaving my dad's and then when arriving home fifteen minutes later. Also does not appear to twinkle, so I am inclined to think planet. Tell me, TQC,

1. What is that light in the sky below the moon tonight?

Question two takes a totally different tack. I was rambling conversationally at my dad earlier, and happened to mention my personal theory that the whoever-the-hell-runs-the-world-in-your-conspiracy-theory-of-choice has a vested interest in keeping us scared of sex. Sure, there was the eighties, but now my generation seems to view AIDS as a standard STD that we avoid with the standard luck, prayer, and occasional barrier contraceptive. Fortuitously, we've been given chlamydia to keep us terrified of sex. The bit that surprised me was my dad turning round and saying that, actually, chlamydia was a pretty unknown thing until a decade or so ago. So question two has to be

2. When did you first hear of chlamydia? Amongst the gamut of lurgies in sex ed class? Sometime different? Do you worry about it more or less or equally compared to other plagues of the groin?

And a question three has to follow, because I'm unsure...

3. Is that whole "OMG the scary world is full of evil penis monsters of doom that will infect you with chlamydia and you will die!" thing peculiarly English, or do other parts of the world get equally vehement about its evils? For the sake of clarity, I should note that the emphasis around here is generally on the "you will die!" aspect, rather than the "omg penises!" part.

Question four requires very little backstory.

4. What have your responses been when someone (of the lover variety, not the family variety) has said the L-word? I'm particularly interested in what your response was if it wasn't "Ditto" - whether because you didn't reciprocate, couldn't get the words out, or whatever.

Question five may have backstory, but I can't be arsed to type it out, so on with the question!

4. Has erectile dysfunction ever played a part in your life, and if so, how?

And, last but not least,

5. Why is this cat convinced my hair is a monster that needs to be pacified?

EDIT: And a speedy edit, I hope; no email notifications of replies yet so I may have slipped this one in in time.

6. On the telly in the pub tonight, which I am led to believe was on a music channel, I could have sworn I saw Ron Weasley playing guitar and singing like he was in a boy band. Am I going mad, or is this an actual thing that really happens?

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Where do you set your thermostat for heat and for A/C?

If you are heading toward winter in your part of the world, have you turned your heat on yet?  How cold is it where you are?

If you are heading toward summer in your part of the world, have you turned on your A/C?  Do you have A/C?  How warm is it outside?

I currently have my heat set for 69 and my A/C set for 74.  I've been using both recently because TX can't figure out what season it is and we will go 2 days in the 40-50s and 2 days to nearly 80.  With the heat set at 69, I am still cold, but I am trying to limit my bills.
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So apparently my dad went onto god knows what website last night and according to my mom the computer has been wiped.

What are the odds that the information has been stolen as well? Because for some reason they had copies of their SS cards and licenses on there.

I figure the odds are low but I only know a minimal amount about computers. TIA.

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You're attending a funeral for an elderly neighbor. You didn't know him that well. You show up a tiny bit late and the only seat available in this packed church is up front in the second pew. The ceremony continues as normal. During a reading, a man sitting next to you starts up a conversation. "Hey. Mr. Jonas died owing me money. It pisses me off. I'm willing to pay you $10,000 if you'll do something for me. At some point, they're going to invite people to go up and pay their last respects to the body. Seeing as we're so close, we'll be one of the first people in line. I want you to put these on the body". He holds up a bumper sticker that says "PROUD PEDOPHILE" and a pin that has a swastika. "Just bend over, hug him and place both on him, and then exit the church. I'll meet you in the parking lot where I'll pay you. Nobody screws me over". Do you do it?

Yes. Not my proudest moment, but 10k sound solve a lot of problems for me
No. That's just messed up
I stand up and announce to the congregation what this guy plans to do. I expose the rat bastard
I try and up the price to 15k. Only then will I do it
I don't do it because I have a feeling someone this obsessed with money wouldn't pay me 10k for posthumous humilation

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I asked last night about how long it should take for a doctor/doctor's secretary to return a call.
My pharmacy gave me a new type of birth control but said it was the same as the one I was on before. When I looked online, it said it was the same with a few differences in the other ingredients.

Is it really unnecessary for me to call the doctor to ask about it or is it not unheard of?

I just called the secretary back again and left another message but I'm curious if she's just not calling back because it's not important.


Do you have any plans for today?

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What's on your to-do list for today? What are you excited about doing today? Anything fun going on?

I've got dishes to do and NaNo to write for, but I also get to meal-plan for this weekend and then go grocery shopping, which has become a fun thing for me (oh god my life is sad, lol).

DK/DC: What've you cooked recently that's been really good? Care to share a recipe?

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have you ever felt like you have to watch what you say around someone? what about a significant other? how did you deal?

i feel like i have to kind of watch what i say around someone, bc i feel like sometimes they take things the wrong way and/or shut me down etc. while they completely dont watch what they say and are in fact somewhat insensitive (and they know it) when speaking with me sometimes and im not sure if its bc im too sensitive/i analyze their responses too much.
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TQC, I've been asked by Dr. A, one of my favorite professors ever, to write a letter of recommendation for Dr. B, one of my other favorite professors ever, because Dr. A is nominating Dr. B for an award*. Dr. A asked me because I completed my undergraduate work at this school and am now back for my graduate degree. I said I would write the letter, and now I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing!

How exactly should I do this? I'm going to talk about what I have observed as a student through her classes and work within the campus community.

Should I mention how long I have known Dr. B? I've known her since my freshman year (2004) and I really respect her. She was my first adviser and I took several classes with her as an undergrad. She's actually the reason why I bit the bullet and applied to my MA program.

Is there something else I should do here? The letter doesn't need to be long, but I do need to have it turned in to Dr. A by Monday.

*The award is for those who go above and beyond to promote diversity on campus and in the community. It's a pretty big deal here at my school.
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Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster, etc. I've read in the rules that homework questions will cause you grief, but this is more of a survey, so I really hope that's alright. I have to interview British people for a project I'm doing at University (I'm Dutch). Obviously, I'm going out on the street and conduct actual live interviews, but I'd really love it if anyone over here could answer my questions too :)

So, is anyone British here and would like to fill out my survey?

Where are you from? (as in, which city?)
What’s your name, age, gender? (you don’t need to share this if you don’t want to)
Do you have an accent, and how would you describe your own accent?
Do you always use the same accent?
Has the way you pronounce English changed at all in the course of your life?
Do you feel that a person’s accent influences one’s judgment of that person?
Does the term RP mean anything to you? What about BBC English or the Queen’s English?
What kind of reaction do these terms evoke?
Do you have anything else to share that might be interesting regarding your accent?

Also, if anyone knows where else I could post this, that would be lovely!
Thanks in advance :)


Found dog

I found a dog on Monday night (In the rain! Poor puppy!). She had a collar, but no tag. My parents took her because they have a big yard/more time to take care of her. We've put up ads online, around the neighborhood, and taken her to a vet to check and see if she had a chip. So far, no luck.

My parents have fallen in love with her. How long should we wait before my parents claim her as theirs?

Save my Computer

I got a new laptop about 6 months ago. It's an HP, it was brand new when I got it. It gets REALLY, REALLY hot. I asked my aunt and she said computers just have a tendency to overheat, but I don't think this is normal. It gets so hot the side closer to the mother board burned my thigh when I sat it on my lap wearing shorts. (I should clarify when I say burned, I mean it hurts and I yanked it away, not that it actually was hot enough to leave a mark).

What can I do? The fan seems to be getting louder. I don't want to ruin my computer. I have an ice pack under it right now.

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What have people's experiences with Wii fit been? My mother's been wanting to get one for a while, but my Dad says it won't work and will be a waste of money. Has anyone actually lost weight/gotten in better shape?
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Do you have any ridiculously embarrassing nicknames for your SO/friends/relatives/children?

What are they?

I sometimes call my husband Honey Bunches of Oats.

Did you have nicknames as a child?

Does anyone still call you by those names?

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TQC, I decided to clean off the top of our microwave (which evidently hadn't been done in a really long time). I thought it was just going to be boring legal papers and miscellaneous stuff, but much to my delight, I found about three dozen (maybe even four dozen!) old recipes, some of them family heirloom recipes, that my mom had saved and kept up there. I also found about twenty family photos that she'd taken in the year or so before she passed away. What was the last thing you discovered that really surprised you in a good way? Could be music, a great new pair of shoes, a new recipe, anything.
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I need a handbag that can hold a 10" tablet + other items (medicine, keys, wallet, that kinda stuff), made of a durable material that won't stain and will last a long time, under $70 preferably, and isn't a ridiculously massive size.

What would you buy in my situation?

Random, unrelated questions

1. How do get over my initial fear/anxiety of first time driving on the highway alone? I have my drivers license and all and have driven on the highway like a few times (w/ someone and with no traffic)
but the fear and anxiety of me driving alone on the highway freaks me out. The cars are go reallly fast and lane switching/merging at high speeds are very scary to me. Sigh I really would like to visit my friends without having to ask people to drive me (hate depending on people for that) or take the bus for such long distances.
2. [For the ladies] Do you feel like all the pain medication targeted towards period-related symptoms don't work? I feel this way..I took Pamprin max formula and it doesn't seem to everything else. I just kinda want this back cramps to go away... but at least stomach cramps are gone for now.

DK/DC: What's your favorite cover of a classical rock song or any genre of your type?
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I'm still looking for a job. I realized that there's only so many hours per day I can poke around the online job boards and check my email, so I'm considering doing volunteer work at the hospital.

Does anybody have any experience with volunteering? Did it lead to gainful employment?

Obligatory, non-related second question: What are you craving? (I really want a veggie corn dog right now, with lots of old-fashioned yellow mustard.)
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11/11/11: the coming of the binary future

Tomorrow is 11/11/11! When the time is 11:11, with 11 seconds past the hour, what do you think will happen?

The Greek gods will take back the world. The Immortals movie is giving us a heads up
I'll get abducted by a UFO. After the preliminary anal probing, I'll be released with the cure for cancer and the secret to cold fusion
I'll find a nickel in the street. Now that's a lucky break!
I'll have to take my morning poop
Rick Perry reveals he's the antiChrist and is seeking the Presidency to bring into existance a prolonged period of suffering and misery (moreso than there is now)
I'll have a powerful orgasm. Hopefully, I'll be with another person at the time, and hopefully, in bed and not at a board meeting or something inappropriate
I'll be attacked by a flying squirrel. I don't know where it'll come from, but it'll latch onto my face
The world will blow up
Jesus will return for the second coming. Everybody will be sent to heaven or hell, and earth will be used as storage space for all God's excess stuff
Probably nothing more significant than what happened at 11:10, or what will happen at 11:12
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Have you ever been given information by your family at what could be considered late in the game?

Thanks McGinnis women for telling me Tom died with Alzheimer's.

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So let's say you've been seeing your significant other for a couple months, and they stay over on a regular basis. The normal accumulation of stuff gets left at your place, shampoo, change of clothes, toothbrush, etc. You're at the point where you trust them, and one morning you have to leave the house before they do. You leave a key on the coffee table by their pile of stuff to take with and on your way out, you tell them it's there, and ask them to lock up when they leave.

Would this be considered "giving them a key" to your place?

You come home to find the door was locked, but only with the turn on the knob, not the deadbolt which can only be locked with the key after exiting. You notice the key was moved from original spot in order to pick up their belongings so you know that they saw it and made the conscious decision not to take the key.

What would your reaction be if you came home to find the key you left for them was still on your coffee table?

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You're on a first date. What skills, accomplishments or acquisitions would impress you about your date? Anything you don't check doesn't exactly wow you. It's ok to be ho-hum about someone's achievements

Can speak fluent Italian
Can speak fluent Klingon
Competes in an annual 5k
Once set a city record for the most consecutive hours of tv watched
Owns the entire series of Twilight Zone on DVD
Owns a substantial action figure collection. They're still in their boxes!
Can cook and enjoys doing so
Knows sign language
Owns Butch's watch from the movie Pulp Fiction. The actual watch
Is in a band (bass player)
Manages a band
Can juggle knives
Has ascended to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro as part of a mountaineering group
Was an alternate for the Olympics swimming team in 2008
Is an artist specializing in uncooked spaghetti (glues it to the canvas in fascinating ways)

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If you could post one question to TQC and anyone whose eyes fell upon it would be hypnotically compelled to answer... what would you ask?

ETA: Is LJ shittin' the bed today for anyone else? Like displaying the navigation bar but no page content until you hit refresh about five times?
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What kinds of things do you buy or bid on off of ebay? 

DK/DC: If you had unlimited money, are there things that you still think you couldn't justify spending a certain amount on?


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If I create a Facebook group, can I change the name of it later?

What's a good name for a vegetarian/vegan book club? I can only think of "Green leaves" (reference to books having "leaves"), but that's a bit crap.

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TQC, I have mid length very straight hair with a sideways fringe.
Whenever I go out I usually just have it straight or curl it slightly.

What are some nice up-do's I can do?
Pics would be great!
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I'm trying to find a flash animation I saw a long time ago. I have no idea what it was called. I don't even remember what it was about. All I remember is that it had Putin on the phone, saying, "Da... nyet... nyet... da... nyet... pivo." And then some crazy music would start.

Do you know WTF I am talking about?
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1. If you were travelling and you didn't know the area at all, what "landmarks" would you like a map of? So far I have grocery stores, a Target, and some restaurants.

2. I've heard people referring to "disposable" cell phones, just cheap things you can use for a week and then toss or whatever. Where can I buy these and how much do they typically run?

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What would get a boy that's turning 8 and having a birthday party next week?

Interests (from order of "I Know He Loves It" to "I Know At Least He Had Interest in the Past, But I Don't Know If He Still Likes It"): Camping, XBox 360, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (earlier books), Netflix, Spongebob Squarepants

Must be reasonably priced. Srs/Non srs answers.

(no subject) got it right. The only major flaw Hollywood can give the lead actress in a movie is clutziness. Predictable. Seeing that TQC is majority female, what flaws/quirks would you like to see lead chicks have in movies?
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is this really OK to put on your eyelashes

OK, so the kind of mascara that forms tiny tubes around each is safe to have that on your eyes? I mean, does it not eventually loosen up and then don't you have tons of little tubular particles just waiting to get into your eyes?

I have a problem with almost all mascara and am down to one brand. I would like to try these tiny tubes, but my eyes are really sensitive and if tubes are going to detach and fly under my eyelids, OMG NO.

Job interview!

I have an interview for a job I really, really want. (It's .75 cents more an hour, a closer location, has holiday pay and benefits and is amazing!) The interview is not until next Friday. I'm afraid I'm going to be heartbroken if I don't get it, but I don't know how to talk myself down!

When was the last time you really wanted something? Did you get it? If not, how did you make yourself feel better when you didn't?