November 9th, 2011


Roommate advice?

I live with my best friend and it's been great. We've been complaining to each other for the last three years about roommates we hated, so we knew what to do/what not to do when we lived with each other. 

But she's not very outspoken and she frequently lets people walk all over her, so she sometimes doesn't tell me things because she thinks I'll be upset. Today she told me my typing keeps her awake. It's November. I stay up later than her almost every night, typing, and we've been living together since August. 

How can I convince her that I want to know when I'm doing something that's frustrating her or that she just doesn't like? This isn't the first time it's happened and it frustrates me when I find out from other friends, especially when it's an easy fix like this one (we have a living room I can go into after she goes to bed) and I want us to still be friends after we graduate. 

Help, please! 
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I just tried Jello Gingerbread Instant Pudding. It was delicious!

Do you like to try new foods?

What was the last new food you tried?

Did you like it?

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I have this awesome Columbia fleece hoodie. It is my favorite item of clothing.  I picked up a dog today that, despite two de-skunking baths, still stinks pretty badly. Of course, I didn't realize this until I picked him up.  Now my hoodie is skunky.  Will regular washing get this out? Can I use the dawn/peroxide/baking soda mixture safely on clothing? Can you help me?

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What to do with Empties?

I have a bunch of empty whiskey bottles..and handles I think..haha. From months worth of drinking that have just been lying around. I'm not exactly sure what to do with them.

I brought a bunch of sam adams empty bottles to wymans to get some money for them. But i also brought an empty Captain Morgans rum bottle and they said they couldn't take it.

So what do I do with all these empties? Can I still give them to the liquor store and just not get any money back?

Whats your favorite liquor?

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1.) I have a cold. No fever. Just sore throat, chest congestion, cough and a little head-achy. Would taking a short walk hurt or help?

2.) Do you watch Roseanne? What's your favorite episode/moment?

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TQC, what scents/flavors should I make my sugar scrubs for the holidays have? I'm thinking about peppermint-vanilla (so like a candy cane) and honey-something for a "regular" variety. But what should the "something" be? Would you use a sugar scrub if you were given it for a gift, or would it be one of those "eh, that's nice but I'm just going to let it molder in the medicine chest" kind of things?
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Have you ever raged against the machine?

I was a little snippy with one once, but I didn't rage
The conditions of the court settlement state that I cannot comment
Only when I'm driving

Which machines have you raged against?

Cell phone
Hair dryer
Washing machine
Automatic flushing toilet
Pay phone
Automatic checker at supermarket
Garbage disposal
I've never raged against anything inanimate

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How should I go about convincing my husband that we should go eat out tonight (at the sushi buffet place) even though we have a kid now?

What do you think when you see someone out at a restaurant with a young infant?
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Is it always the case that when a deal is too good to be true, there's something bad about it?

I need to store my car. The storage places in my city and nearby are about $300/month. There's a little place though about 40 minutes away that's only charging $100/month. The unit is 8x20 instead of the 10x20 everywhere else, but that's fine. Should I be concerned about the cheaper price? What can be so bad about a storage place? My insurance will cover any possible damage/theft to the car by the way, so I don't care if they cover that.

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Can you name all of the Canadian provinces and territories?
Can you name all of the states in the United States?
Can you name all of the states in Australia?
Can you name all of the countries in the United Kingdom?

Where are you from?

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a friend just texted me saying that someone asked her if we were dating/sleeping together, and then told me she didn't plan on telling me who it was that asked. i'm not one to make a scene or cause drama, but i'm still interested as to who would ask that. i'm also really baffled as to why she outright refuses to tell me.

has something like this ever happened to you?
it would've been better for her to just not tell me, yes/no?
would you be annoyed at this?

i'm not very annoyed, and i'm not going to pester her about it, but it just seems dumb not to tell me who is asking questions about my personal life.

DK/DC: does this week feel like it's dragging for anyone else? it feels like friday :/

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I'm doing that thing where you haven't been to the grocery in ages and you're cleaning out every tea bag you own. I've run out of my lovely favorite Twinings Irish Breakfast and now am finishing what's left of the Twinings Mixed Berry black tea, and I've got some leftover (not very good) chai after that. But I'm in the mood to try a new tea. I like black fruit tea mostly, and really spicy chai. Any recommendations?

Renting a House

I'm looking to rent a house, and I found the perfect one. I mentioned to a friend that I probably don't have much chance because a couple applied for it as well, middle aged and so probably more financially stable than me (even though I can afford this place).
The friend said that I had a chance to negotiate with the agent so that I did have a chance. Even though it's just like, you go in, look at it for 10 minutes (the inspection sessions are only 15 mins) and then get an application form while the agent is on the phone.

Is there any way that I could have 'negotiated' this? I dressed nicely and professionally (nice blouse and hair and not my ratty old handbag, etc), and I acted enthused about getting the place (because I was). Any thing else I could have done, for next time, if I don't get this place?

Can you tell me how you've decorated your rental properties? (when you're not allowed to paint).
I love you

Be my life coach, TQC!

How do you distract yourself when you're so angry with someone you try to blow them up with your mind? (One day it WILL work, I swear!) Talking to them is not an option, because they have decided that they will not speak with me like a reasonable person. We communicate through email only, and it has to be cc'd to our respective spouses. This person is my ex-husband.

I am physically unable to relax my muscles. I was thinking that I would get a massage to try to help, but I can't stand being touched. So it would be a waste of time and money to try to do that, right?

What's the most valuable thing in your home? I always worry that if someone breaks in, they'll steal my dogs. The dogs are worth more than anything else in the house. After them, the computers, I guess.

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my non-boyfriend very nicely booked an appt for me to get a "real" back massage.

what should i expect? is it gonna hurt?
i had a bad car accident 3 years ago, and i had massive amount of injury. i went to physio for a year and a bit after and got massages of such, not real ones. should i let the masseuse know this? do they ask about this kind of stuff previous to the sensual MA-ssage? do you think it can cause damage to the "healed" injuries.

basically, if you cant tell, im nervous.

How do I get McAfee off my computer?

I tried to delete McAfee from my computer just now and I got the message that I need the permission of an administrator to do so.

Only problem is, I AM an administrator.

I'd be fine with McAfee being on the computer quietly doing its McAfee thing, but it pops up and causes the games window to minimise when I'm playing Mass Effect with the message that my computer isn't protected (it is only with AVG instead of McAfee).

Also, are there any virus protection softwares that you don't like?

Whilst McAfee is currently being a bother, I absolutely LOATHE Norton


I'm having someone visit me (in NYC) from London in January.  I'd like to see something on Broadway.  Does anyone have suggestions?

Ideally, it'd be something that he couldn't just see in London (Wicked, Phantom, etc.) and something it's humanly possible to get tickets for without selling my firstborn.  Off-broadway or other show suggestions are welcome too.  

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Is the smell of silicone caulking harmful to breathe in? I googled.. I've read that it is from some people and that it isnt from others :S My whole apartment is almost unbearable to breathe in after my shower was recaulked.. its so bad that my entire apartment floor hallway reeks of something along the lines of burning acid vinegar. Im just concerned because I have 3 cats and I dont want to do any damage to their poor lungs :(

I've got all my windows open and shit but this is pretty hard since, y'know its November and its COLD out. I wont be able to keep them open all night...
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Can you tell me a book, movie and/or TV show that you have loved for a long time? Preferably the first one you can remember, as long as you still enjoy it now. How about the latest book, movie and/or TV show that you've really got into?

Roald Dahl's children's books, The Lion King, um probably The Nanny or Home Improvement or something.
The Hunger Games, X-Men: First Class, Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones

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What is the coolest gift you've been given?
Are you excited about anything you're giving someone for the holidays?
Or have you given someone a really cool gift before?

I can't justify spending $15 for a box of personalized poptarts for my friend but I know he'd love them. haha

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Why has there been a black cat in my yard for several days at a time? (Non-serious answers preferred)

Does your town allow cats to roam off-leash?

When you see a cat wandering around, do you assume it has an owner or that it is a stray?

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Does anyone know how much codeine comes standard in promethazine w/codeine syrup (cough syrup with codeine). I fricking have a drug guide and am too addled to wade through it. It's not printed on the drug info.

I"m wondering because I'd also like to take my norco and muscle relaxer for my back, but would want to adjust the norco dosage if the codeine content in the cough syrup is a large amount.
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So, I just got a new box of (Iams) treats for my dog. I took one out of the box and stuck it on top of the microwave so he could just grab it for her when he brought her back in from her walk... Except when they came in, the treat was gone.

My cat stole the dog biscuit, guys.

Is my cat going to die, or just have some seriously rank poop later?

What kind of weird shit do your animals steal? This is the first time my cat has stolen a dog treat.
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loaded question

Does your employer portray a false sense of character by being the better of few evils available to its customer base only to overcompensate for its lack of true value by splurging on gifts for itself?

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I usually go to the forums on one specific transgender support website every day, but lately I have not been able to access it at home. I tried my computer and my mom's and get the response of Oops! Google Chrome could not find So I tried IE and that didn't work either, nor did firefox. I can get on it fine at school. But I can't on my or my mom's computer. Could it be our internet? How can I fix this? It was working fine monday but then I stopped being able to get on it tuesday.

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Are menstrual cramps a valid excuse for bowing out of things- class, seeing friends, getting dressed like a normally functioning human being...? 

How do you get rid of/distract yourself from really bad cramps?

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Do I want hot chocolate with marshmallows or ice cream with hot fudge?

This is life or death here, people.
Influencing factors: It is a little warm for the season but still on the cool side. I had ice cream with hot fudge a couple days ago, but that does not detract from its deliciousness.

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I called my doctor's office and left a message on her secretary's voicemail last night asking her to call me back about a particular medication.

If you were me, when would you expect to be called back by?


Have you ever sent in a post secret?
Are there any in particular that you have saved and want to share?

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Can you solve this maths puzzle?

40 + 40 x 0 + 1= ?

is it..





This is all over my facebook! The boyfriend and I say its B. His ex says A. Another friend says D.

What say you TQC?
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winter tires little snowfall has made it clear to me that my new car with its new all-season tires is not adequate for RL driving and I will need to get new winter tires, since the ones for my old car won't fit the new car's wheels.

Has anyone ordered tires from a company online? Have any recommendations to share? Local retail is hella pricey for winter tires and I'm hoping to save some money on this.

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my friend just told me i can't have a PS3 without an HD tv. obviously, he didn't mean it won't work without one but he says it's just NOT THE WAY TO DO IT.

thing is, i hate HD. is it really going to make that big a difference? he says i won't be able to see some things like certain text and the color won't be as good blahblahblah but all i want is netflix streaming, a second DVD player and FIFA. so much FIFA.

Breaking up is hard to do..

1. Have you ever broken it off with a s/o only to regret it within the next few days?
2. Do you agree that there should be time where you're not communicating before you can talk and be "friends" again? ugh don't know why my ex bf wants to still talk to me and "be friends" with me right after I dumped him 2 days ago...
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Just doing a bit of cliché-checking ;) 

If I say 'France', what are the first things that come to your mind ? 
And French celebrities ? (can be in any domain)

Would you want to live in France ? Why/Why not ? 
Would you like to travel there ?

(Please correct my mistakes, I'm trying to improve my English!)