November 8th, 2011


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Teequesea!  I have to do a presentation for my pharmacology class!  It can be on anything drug (legal/illegal) related...from licking frogs to hangover relief techniques.
I need to have a topic picked by tomorrow, what would be something fun and unique to do it on?

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Why does cleaning my ears feel so damn good?

What is my cat doing when she makes muffins (that kneading thing that they do)? Like I know what she's literally doing, but what does that action mean? Is it a comfort thing?
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Part 1
Should I make the switch from a PC to a Mac?
I'd be getting the newest updated Macbook Pro 13.
Do you think the most recent update is worth it or should I just buy one with the last update before that to save money?
...if that makes sense?

Part 2
Let's say there's a guy who I've seen in various lectures over the past 2 years and we've always been aware of each other.
And this semester we have a discussion together.
At some point, he started sitting next to me.
But neither of us has said anything to the other.
Should I say something or is he just not interested?
What should I say?

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Would you ever put a friend of yours on a show like Scare Tactics?

Because my bff loves haunted houses and stuff and she's always dragging me through them although she knows they terrify me and omg the idea is so tempting...But I'd be afraid of giving her a heart attack or something.

ETA: If you were going to put them on, what kind of scenario do think would frighten them the most?


Demonic Cows?

TQC, last night I was at my sisters, who lives across the street from a bunch of cows. The cows were freaking out, literally mooing bloody murder. Creepiest sound I've ever heard. They did this for about 6 hours, possibly more. We thought they were being slaughtered or something. What would make a bunch of cows sound like they're in horrible pain/suffering ALL night?

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Whats the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

I just watched the new episode of House and the ending...omg, I was laughing so hard I started crying and my husband had to come see what was fucking hilarious.

Whats the last thing that made you cry?

I looked in the mirror last night after I got out of the shower...yes, seriously..Im ridiculous I know.


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can you explain to me the allure of a Keurig? i feel like i'm missing something. are they easier to use? aren't the k-cups more expensive than just buying coffee? what's the deal?

do you love the fishes 'cause they're so delicious?

when you make coffee on a normal coffee maker, do you not just measure out the amount you'll need for the amount you think you'll drink? does everyone in the world but me make a full pot every time when it's just for them!?

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Inspired by my recent lunch hour:

Women of you know how to change a flat tire? Can you/have you changed one before?

Men of TQC..if you saw a woman trying to change a flat tire, would you offer to help?

I just spent a portion of my lunch hour in a gas station parking lot, changing a tire on my car. I didn't realize it, but while I was putting the jack in position, I had three guys gather around and just stare at me. After I was o_O, they offered to help..but they all acted like they've never seen a woman change a tire before.

Also...since I missed out on eating...should I hit the vending machines or bite the bullet and order Dominos?
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TQC.... I come to you in search of some much needed objective advice, which I have received from you in the past.

I am in dire need of change. I'm from a small northern Manitoban town and I will be 23 years old in December. I've pretty much done nothing with my life up until now. I have no savings even though I work two jobs to afford living on my own, and I have little motivation to go to university because I have a hard time focusing in school. I have debt, a vehicle, a cat, an apartment.... Up until now, I've made some poor choices that have done nothing for me.

I have all sorts of ideas, but I really need to lay something out and I'm quite terrible at planning. I really don't know anyone in the major cities or areas. My mom is terrified of me moving somewhere where I don't know anybody, but she's willing to help if I can show her something solid.

My questions are... What are my options? Where can I go? Where should I go? What can I do?

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New Orleans

Have you ever been to New Orleans??

What must I not miss? We are staying in the French Quarter, and we will be there for 3 full days. Sights, restaurants, experiences, music, shops, anything!

FOOD is especially something I'm interested in, any price range.

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Do they make flatware set without salad forks? I don't need them if I take a notion to eat a salad I can use a fork fork!

how about without salad forks and with Iced tea spoons? I love long handled iced tea spoons!

where should I look for such a wonder?

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So I'm spending my first Christmas with my boyfriend... not with him. Cause he has to work, and my family goes away every year.

I want to do something special for him for the weekend SOOOOO what I want to do is give him a big box to open on like friday at 8 (when he's home for work), and IN this big box, I want to wrap up a bunch of little gifts that each have a date and time that he's allowed to open them.

The question is - what little things can I buy him (like 10 dollars under) and wrap up that ARE NOT crappy things that he'll just throw away??

So far I'm thinking a nice card, some candy.... maybe deodorant or toothpaste or something?

It's more just for the thought than anything else...

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Hi tqc
Due to have to get all four of my wisdoms removed, as well as some other jaw surgery + complications, i will not be able to open my mouth wider then about an inch for at least two weeks, and have been instructed to avoid using my front teeth to 'tear' or 'chew'. As I understand it, wisdom tooth removal means i cannot eat small things that are hot, nor will fall in to the holes like rice, seeds, ground beef, etc...but because of everything else i have to eat more soft foods for a longer time then id like. I also cannot 'suck' things like hard candies or chocolate in the case that i 'bite down' said my dentist.

So far on the list of things to eat i have: blended soups (squash, tomato, mushy peas soup, blended cauliflower and cheese, broth, etc), puddings, sorbet, jello, juices and soy milks, smoothies, mashed up bananas, apple/fruit sauces, scrambled egg, licking peanutbutter or jam off a spoon...can anyone give me any more ideas for foods that dont have small bits in them (like lentils) or things that require me to open my mouth a substantial amount (like popsicle?). Even if you have kinds of soups that would be fun to make thats great! I also cannot eat dairy :(

If no, hove you gotten any dental surgery done before?
Do you think i could eat french onion soup without the cheese top/crouton part?
How did it go? How was your recovery? Where you prescribed anything? :)

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Do your kitties talk to you?
What weird habits do your kitties have?
Ares always meows a bunch when he comes back inside and he won't stop until I meow back. He also grooms my chin/touches my face with his paw when I'm too busy to pet him.

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My friends just found out they are having a baby boy. This is thier first child and had been trying to have a baby for 6 yrs.

What should I send them for a baby/new parents gift?
What is one thing that new parents shouldn't go without?
or what is one thing new parents absolutly need?

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Inspired by an episode of Friends:

You have just moved into a new apartment.  That day the President of the Tenants Commitee comes to you and says that the handy man is retiring next week and everyone is chipping in 100 bucks for a gift for him.  Do you chip in? 


I'm thinking of getting Amnesia: The Dark Descent. How scary is it, REALLY? Also, is it the type of scary where there's a lot of SUDDEN POP-UPS WITH SOUNDS? Cause that's the kind of horror that I just can't handle. Halp!

DK/DC- Recommend any good PC video games? I like pretty much anything.
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I think I sprained my ankle about a month ago. Or something.. I hurt it badly, wasnt able to walk on it for a day, and then the next day I could walk on it but it was pretty painful. I can walk on it fine now but I still cant bend it in certain ways. Should I be worried about this? Have I damaged my ankle for life?? If you have a sprained ankle and walk on it and dont let it properly heal, is there irreplacable damage done?
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Worst flavor for edible underwear?

Rice cracker
Miracle Whip
Sea urchin
Steak tartar
Rocky mountain oyster
Oyster (regular)
Unsweetened chocolate
Malt liquor
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People who don't live with their SO....

1. How often do you see your partner?
2. How many days in the week do you spend the night at each other's place? Where do you usually stay the night with each other - your house, or theirs?
3. What is something you do that your SO doesn't like?

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What makes your house smell pretty?
air fresheners?

I have a new obsession with candle tarts...tonights flavor is Beach Walk by Yankee Candle


Should I watch Covert Affairs, SOA or Chopped tonight ????

Song title

I know there is a community for this sort of stuff but just checking here first :)

I'm after the name of a 'song' ~ its mostly talking but it does have some more lyrical bits in it.

A lot of it is talked, and its about the idea of the one you love being 'somewhere out there'... which i tried searching but didnt see anything.. and 'somewhere' is a popular song title..

it starts off talking about how if you rush up to every corner you wont find him because he wont be there, he will be somewhere.  Its a bit of a comedic song - one bit is about how the current boyfriend took her to the family house and got out the family snaps as you do and theres the pic of the parents and of the family doggg and ops one of the 2 kids and the wifeee...
and then he says he wants to be with her so lets you and me babe go somewhere else just you and me no one else lets go. (she replies: what just you and me? no one else is coming?). and then goes on about how she should give up her nice car and nice job etc.. then it goes back to the chorus of ~somewhere out there, somewhereeee

any ideas?  :)

thanks <3
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craigslist living

Has anyone found a roommate or a place to live through craigslist? I was looking at renting out a room once I move out, to save on bills - have any of you done this and have any advice? Any appreciated - tyvm.

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my apartment feels gross; it's humid and infested with fruit flies.
how do i get rid of (or at least keep under control) the fruit flies? there isn't anything obvious that would be attracting them; the garbage is in a bin with a lid (kept closed, of course), and there's no food left out.
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I just signed up for Netflix Instant, which, I mean..I don't ever watch TV or movies. What are some good series I can watch? Some good movies?

What do you like to do while sipping a nice glass of wine?
Favorite LUSH item?
Favorite way to bathe?
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What's this movie?

When I was a kid there was this movie that scared me to death and I need help remembering its title.

The boy in it went on an errand or something and fell down a big hole in the forest and when he woke up his family had moved and no one knew him. Later he's an adult and his family comes and finds him and his younger brother is older than him and they tell him he's been part of an alien experiment or something. He then has the choice to live knowing he was part of this huge experiment/conspiracy or else go back to when he was a kid and live his life like it should have been, but if he did that he'd always know it was false.

i asked this here about a year ago and forget what you guys told me so i'm asking again. THANK YOU

Kind of important

Hi tqc! it's been awhile. This is kind of a weird post, but bare with me. Most of you know that last year a girl from this community stayed with me and stole $5,000 worth of things (including family heirlooms) as well as medication and other vital things.

I just got a notification from an anon that she is begging for money again. this is her account and was also found. It's clearly begging for money. I KNOW for a fact she's fine and living with her mom. We actually received $100 from her yesterday, and now I just found that this might be other people's money.

As for my question. Has anyone seen any of her begging posts around and could link me? I'm not active on livejournal any more and really need some help. I need the posts because I'm going to call the police in the morning.

Also, what else can I do? Would livejournal be able to shut down her account? Can you help me spread the word that she is NOT in need? It makes me sick how much money she's raising.

Thank you.

ETA she wrote

I know she stole from freakshownia and tried to steal from highplaces.

I notified paypal. thank you for all of your support.

oh and

She does have a bad home life, but she just sent me a hundred dollars yesterday. If she is in such a need of money, why is she sending me money when she didn't send money for about 5-6 months.

after sleeping on the entire situation I realized that I should not be taking this to the internet. I was just worried, wanted to alert people and get help getting all the links. Thank you to those who helped me compile them. I spoke with my parents and we are going to do what we thinks is best. This entire situation just kind of blew my mind and I acted impulsively.
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TQC! i'm embroiled in an intense debate re mississippi's initiative 26 (which would have amended the state Constitution to define life “to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.”).

help me out: is "conception" usually defined as fertilization?

or is it fertilization + the zygote's implantation in the uterine wall?

google was not terribly helpful--lots of conflicting info. thanks!