November 7th, 2011

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I woke up this morning and when I blew my nose it was almost all blood, but my nose wasn't bleeding. I'm going to die, y/n?

Do you actually buy kleenex, or use toilet paper or paper towels that you already have?

What are you putting off right now?

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For Christmas I'm going to purchase my boyfriend an hour and a half back massage, because he has regular pain in his upper back and my hands just aren't strong enough to give him a good massage. I know he'd like it.

But I want to actually give him something physical on Christmas. I don't know if the place gives gift certificates or not, but what else should I give to him that relates to the back massage theme?

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so ive fallen in love with a man who is 50, im 20. hes honestly the most beautiful person ive ever met in my life. hes not conventionally attractive, but we have this connection. he says he likes me to but hes very set in his ways he says and not looking for a relationship but if he was it would be me and that it could happen to but not to get my hopes up but he wants to stay best friends for now. he is very insecure about himself he thinks hes not good looking, he thinks because hes overweight its disgusting. how do i show him that this is not true?

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I'm thinking about selling my 42" Sanyo flat screen tv. I bought it last year for 678.00 at Wal-Mart.

Where should I advertise it?
How much should I ask for it?


are you having a case of the Mondays? :(

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TQC, have you ever moved in with a romantic partner? How long into the dating relationship (six months, a year, etc) did you first discuss the possibility to living together with your partner? And how did it all happen? Are you living with your partner in a house, apartment, etc.? How's that working out for you and your relationship?
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What are some good luck/good fortune things you believe in or that you were raised with?

I was always told that if lady bugs hatched in your window, that was good luck. The amount of spots on a lady bug's back were how many days of good luck you'd have. And if you caught the sunrise and it was beautiful, good fortune would be heading your way.

What are common sayings you grew up with and/or believe?

"Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in morning, sailors take warning."
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Um, how creepy is this craigslist ad for a roommate? I want to reply with something funny/mean. Non-serious please.

Also, I'm filling out an apartment application and they require banking information. I don't want to give them my full checking/savings account numbers because wtf why. Will they be able to check this?

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I'm about to schedule my last semester in undegrad in 90 minutes and I'm nervous. Why am I so damn nervous about this? I can't find it on my school's website anywhere, but generally what is the maximum amount of credit hours that you can take per semester? I've taken 18 before (6 classes, 3 credits per class) and I'm doing that next semester and I wanted to add a 1 credit just for fun class.

Is scheduling classes stressful for you?

dk/dc: What game would you want to play if you were on the Price is Right? (besides Plinko, obviously)

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i just started this job a month ago.
i had to take last friday off bc of a funeral, and now i looked at my agenda and i have a doctors appt i have been waiting for since the summer THIS friday. if i cancel, ill have to wait another month and a half for an appt.
i have 2.5 vacation days allowed for this year. im not sure if i technically used 1 of them last friday, im not sure how that all works.

what the heck do i do in this situation?

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How do you decorate your Christmas tree usually? What did your tree last year look like?

1. Example: Make the yarn balls for ornaments and make the white backdrop as a window covering.


2. Example: Blues and silvers, peacock feathers, and mini picture frame ornaments

bodily fluid etiquette

Outdoor athletes/active types:

Does your nose run like a faucet when exercising?
How about the saliva/mucus factory? Notable increase? Specifically in the chilly months?

What do you do about it?

When I'm out and about, riding and jogging, walking and doing the stairs, usually amongst other fitness types, is it okay to alleviate such fluids as necessary? (ie, snot rockets and spitting)

Carrying kleenex is not conducive, obv.

Not alleviating isn't an option because the build up impedes my workout.

So what's the etiquette here?

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I was just watching a show, and kids were off school because it was an election day. Do you have elections on weekdays? If so, how do you find time around work to get to the polling booths? We always hold them on a Saturday.

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TQC, two related questions!

I lost my job last month. I've got a part time job but it barely nets me $300 a month and it's a 1099 job. I'm thinking of going on unemployment but I'd probably have to go to a hearing since I was fired. Have you ever been to an unemployment hearing? Was it as scary as I'm imagining? What happens during it?

Since I'm broke, I'm making things for Christmas this year. I'm already making vanilla extract, but I want to make something else for close friends and relatives. I don't knit but I definitely can cook. What should I make that isn't your average Christmas baked good?

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I accidentally paid one of my credit cards not only through my bank website but also the credit card website, so I paid my bill twice and therefore over drafted on my bank account. I forgot that I set up one of the payments. I have no money until one of the reversed payments get refunded to me.

What was the last idiotic thing you did?

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Recently I have made pumpkin pancakes, lemon poppy seed pancakes, and chocolate chip pancakes.

What flavor pancakes should I make this weekend?
I'm going to make a lot and freeze them, so I can make some quick instant breakfasts.

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Which of these meds would you take, based on their applications and warnings?

Helps reduce allergy symptoms. Risk of cancer increased by 25% in lab rats
Fiber alternative. Complaints of loose stools by study group
Helps prevent depression. Avoid heavy machinery, light machinery and technology of any kind for at least 8 hours between dosages
Increases female orgasm sensation. Increases UTIs by 39% in study group
Helps alleviate symptoms of heartburn. May lead to irregular heart rhythm, and death
Sleep aid. May cause uncontrollable emptying of bladder during usage
Helps reduce rectal itching. May lead to rectal prolapse
Reduces symptoms of sore throat. Caused paralysis in 75% of lab rats
Greatly reduces sensation of 'restless leg syndrome'. Increases chances of 'spontaneous human combustion'
I'd try all of these in a New York minute if they existed
They all sound terrible. The rewards are greatly diminished by the side effects
Golden Girls- Blanche Marines

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Hi TQC, I am 26, and good friends with a guy who is 49. There is a definite possibility for something more there- he makes me laugh, I find him easy to talk to, we have similar views/attractions, etc.

But the age thing- for one thing he's from a different generation and some things are hard to relate to. But more so, if it got serious, he would almost certainly die before me. I don't really want kids. Also, I don't want to lose our friendship.

What are your thoughts? Should I try to take this to the next level? What about the age barrier?

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Does it bother you when people use contractions in writing and/or speaking? (i.e.  Don't vs. Do not)

asking because my professor doesn't want us to use them in our final papers
also, i don't get why tqc won't just answer the question. i know not to use them in academic papers. that wasn't my question. i was simply saying what inspired the question.


Classic pun

I'm planning on getting a tattoo for my next birthday. I was thinking I'd show it to people in here, but only if they show me their boobs first.

Would you be up for that?

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Do you believe in the "soul"?

Do you agree, or disagree, with this sentiment? (And why?):

The answer to the question Do you believe in God? comes down to this: It depends on what you mean by God. The God Harris [author and neuroscientist] doesn’t believe in is, as he puts it, a supernatural power and a personal deity who hears prayers and takes an interest in how people live. This God and its subscribers he finds unreasonable. But he understands that many people especially in progressive corners of organized religion and among the spiritual but not religious often mean something else. They equate God with love or justice or singing in church or that feeling I get on a walk in the woods, or even the awesome aspects of existence I’ll never understand.

(quote taken from this article)
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Person X moves in with Person Z. X leaves a few boxes in the kitchen, telling Z that they will unpack them when they get home, which Z okays. X comes home to their kitchen boxes unpacked. X thinks it's odd, but appreciates that Z was trying to do something nice and thanks Z. X goes to cook their dinner and preheats the oven. After a few minutes, X smells something burning. They open the oven to find all of their plastic cookware melting (the pans are oven-safe, but their lids are not and have melted into the cookware).

Who is at fault? Z for storing stuff, other people's stuff, where it doesn't go? X for not making sure there was nothing in the oven before turning it on? Both? Does Z owe X new cookware?

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you have a class with three exams and only the two highest grades count toward your final mark. you got an A on the first one. would you bother to study for the second one, which is during a busy month or would you just assume you can ace the final, which you have several days to focus on studying for?
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what's a ridiculous lie you've told someone?

The gerber graduates fruit puree pouches were half off at safeway. I really like them so I bought a few.the chatty clerk asked me about the baby so I went along saying they were for my 10 month old daughter.

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what's good for a little care package?

my friend is in Austin until early January. he's really home sick and sad. he doesn't have any friends right now, just his sister, and she's in the city(he's in the suburbs with their parents). he mostly needs stuff to fill his time since he gets really depressed when he's not busy. i was gonna send him a couple of my books and have him bring them back with him but what else could i include?

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TQC, my boyfriend and I are going to a party this weekend. We've become known for our Jell-O shot making abilities and have been ordered to bring some. Last time we did a two-layer shot; the bottom layer was made from vodka, sugar and heavy cream (so it was like whipped cream) and the top layer was a riff on a Tom Collins, with raspberry vodka, triple sec, regular vodka, Sprite and cherry juice. What famous drink should we Jello-fy this weekend?

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What are some nice soothing things for my respiratory infection I can pick up from the grocery store right now?

What's your favorite kind of decaf tea?

What are your favorite OTC and home remedies for coughs and sore throats?

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We have some furniture that we are getting rid of, one very good friend has expressed interest but he is assuming he is getting them for free. We are quite broke and would not mind getting something for them.

How would you go about approaching this situation?
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What was the last book you read for pleasure? Did you like it?

What book(s) are you currently reading? Do you like it(them)?

I just finished Haruki Murakami's After Dark and am planning to check out more of his books from the library.

TW's for anxiety attacks and throwing up.

Lately I've been having anxiety attacks, sometimes something sets it off, and sometimes it comes out of nowhere. I'm having one right now and I've been throwing up and crying and it's a little hard to breathe and my heart is going a million miles an hour..I was never a worrier, so I don't know what the hell is going on. Right now I'm scared because my husband is going to the hospital (he has blood in his stool) and I'm partially scared that he's got something serious and I'm partially scared that he'll be staying there and I'll have to sleep alone. I can't sleep alone.

TQC, can you please tell me how you handled your anxiety attacks, or if you've never had any anxiety attacks, can you tell me calming, reassuring things and/or distract me so I feel batter? I just want my brain to shut the fuck up!
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Let's say you live with three other people. Dishes accumulate pretty rapidly.

Let's say there has been a pasta pot (is that what it's called? mmm!) that has been unwashed for a few days and is lying in the sink (you are not the one that originally used it). Tired of waiting for the person to clean it, you use it (RINSING IT OFF A LITTLE BIT BECAUSE YOU ARE LAZY), unwashed, and then stick it back in the sink.

Should you be the one to wash it ?

*EDIT: Just a note! I guess I gave the impression that the thought of washing it never occurred to me. Yes, it did, but there have been a lot of times I did everyone's dishes and was basically met with a "you missed a spot" kind of reaction, prompting me to not want to do anyone else's dishes ever again.
After cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes and making it beautiful, I made myself food. I left some food on the counter so I could eat it later. My roommate came in and just said "Put your food away". This is why I don't want to do her dishes.
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For those of you that have Showtime- Do you know if I would be able to order Showtime just during the months that Dexter season 6 is playing, and then cancel it? Or is there a 1-year minimum or some other tricky catch?

I love Dexter so machhh, I'm actually willing to pay to support it (I usually try not to spend money unless I havvve to.) I'm feeling guilty about watching it online.
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I'm trying to think of a couple more holiday-centric activities for my advent calendar! I need one more "family" activity and two more "couple" activities for my husband and I when the little one is at his dad's house. Any ideas?

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Isn't it selfish when queer people live closeted, especially in sham marriages, enjoying heteronormative privilege, because they're afraid of being shunned/discrimination/funny looks? What do you think about that?

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So we have a bag of Hershey's and a loaf of French bread. When Hubby lived in France, he loved eating a bread that his mom bought- it was basically a chocolate bar shoved into a loaf of bread and baked. He would like me to try and replicate this with the loaf and chocolate we have on hand. I have no idea how to go about doing this.

Do you have any ideas or recipes that I could follow? HELP!
Kill Bill - Elle
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Do you know of any letterpress, fine paper goods, or stationery stores? Where do rich people buy their cards?

How cold are you right now?

What are you doing tonight?
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I need your music help tqc.

Every few weeks I make my boyfriend a new cd of embarrassing or fun songs, it cheers him up and we have fun cruising listening to them :)

I'm starting disc 5 and so far only have Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy, Right Thurr and Candy Shop.
Previous cds have included Spice Girls, Aqua, S Club 7... songs such as Pumped Up Kicks, Tonight I'm Fucking You...etc

Suggest me some fun and/or embarrassing music please? :)
I'm leaning towards more 90s stuff right now, but I'll take anything!
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So my mother has kindly offered to, in a few years, buy me a new piano for a wedding gift. I have a piano now, an upright Rudolph-Wurlitzer that is at least 25 years old as we inherited it when we bought the house that I've lived in most of my life. It's probably older than 25 years (the only picture of it I have). I haven't really kept up to date on modern pianos since I quit taking lessons about 10 years ago but have continued playing without lessons.

What would be a good piano that wouldn't be too expensive? I'm not looking for a brand-new one by any means, maybe one that was five to ten years old. This one is so old that it literally cannot be completely tuned anymore at the highest notes, according to the last time we had it tuned.

DK/DC - What are you doing right now? I'm drinking and being nerdy by reading about historical linguistics.


How would you react if a coworker admitted s/he had a crush on you because s/he thought you "looked hot outside of work clothes"?

serious and non-serious
live forwards

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What's the smoothest way for a girl to make a move? Serious or not always welcome.

And totally unrelated... Do you ever go to bed hoping you'll dream about something specific? Does it ever actually work?