November 6th, 2011

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When you go to a concert and there is the music playing while you wait for the concert to start or between the opening act and the headliner....who chooses that music? Is it the venue that chooses which songs are played or the artist that is playing that night?
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The other night, I had a dream I was riding a motorcycle that was way too small for me and racing with Valerie Bertinelli. It was dusty, dark and I was scared to death. When I woke up, I discovered that my favorite pair of sunglasses had the lenses popped out and the ear pieces cleanly broken off. (in such a way that they had to be snapped, no way this just happened with them simply falling off my nightstand) apparently I broke my sunglasses in my sleep. I like Valerie Bertinelli just fine, but why the hell I would be motorcycle racing with her is beyond me.

What in the name of sweet justice does all this mean?

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TV series that may get rebooted

Which of these reboots would you be excited about?

Which reboots make you want to lay hands on the producers involved?

Bonus question: Say they combined two of these series into one new series, like X-Files and Golden Girls, about retired FBI types having adventures and dating and old people stuff. What's the best combined rebooted TV show you can think of?
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What's the last simple, possibly silly thing that made you feel happy and content?

The sun is shining, my bed is warm, and there's a fat black and white cat chilling out on my leg and purring at me whenever I pet her head. Life is good.

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Is it rude to offer homeless/street people your restaurant leftovers?

I ask because last week we went out to our local pizza place and came out with almost half a pizza in leftovers. My husband thought we should give it to the person on the corner. I thought it was an iffy gesture at best. Thinking that if we wanted to be generous we should go and buy them their own pizza.


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Pretend you're a teacher.
One of your rudest students asks you for a letter of recommendation. They passed all the tests but did no homework and handed in a major assignment seven months late. They were also pretty terrible behavior wise just about every day.

If they could never see what you wrote:
would you write a negative letter?
would you decline?
Or would you just write something generic anyway?


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Hi all!

So for Thanksgiving this year it will just be my SO and I with the two kitties.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes/ do you think that just making a turkey breast type dish would be okay instead of a giant turkey?

Because this is such an AMERICUHH question: What is your favorite holiday?

also, in case anyone was wondering.. there is NO bun in the oven :D

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My husband and I used to live in the apartment across from us, and the former neighbours just moved out. My landlord left the apartment door open, and I went into the apartment to see the condition the other people left the apartment in and to see if anything was left behind. The former next door neighbours left behind a nice stoneware pizza pan and metal rack holder thingy. Also, they left behind a nice muffin pan. Should I go in and get this stuff? My landlord will just end up throwing this stuff out.

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TQC! I'm finally getting divorced tomorrow after being separated for a year and a half. The hearing is at 9:00 a.m.

I did the paperwork myself, so I have no lawyer to consult with. Do you have an idea of what I can expect?
The ex and I agree on everything, so there won't be any surprises brought up in court.

What should I do to celebrate?
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I cracked the screen of my iphone. The options so far are:

- wait a few weeks for an ebay $15 diy kit, take the chance the repair doesn't work = cost of new phone. I'm fairly confident with my fixing skills but don't want to wait that long.
- get it repaired locally, cost is $150. not sure of risk if it's further damaged
- buy a new phone through my mobile provider. According to apple, that will cost me $199. I call bullshit on that because brand new, it's $550 on their website.

What would you do? I think I'm leaning towards the local repair dude...
Do you have any other options?

Thanks club.

edit: This phone was an upgrade with a new contract signed in February of this year. I'm not elgigble for another for quite some time.
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I've never really had a migraine before, and this past week I've had two. They have been accompanied by really strange visual effects-- wiggly, hazy bright lines of light in one or both eyes. Anyone familiar with this? What could be causing it?
I currently am having weird vision stuff but no head pain, nausea, or sensitivity to light or sound. I would like it to go away so I can do my reading. :/

DK/DC: TQC is having a potluck! What are you bringing?

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You know how at the end of Titanic Rose dies and her spirit goes back to the ship where Jack is waiting for her (essentially the best time of her life)?

Well, if this is what happened when you died, what time of your life do you think your spirit would go back to?
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Did you (or do you) ever buy magazines like Tiger Beat or Teen Beat?

Which pin-ups went on your wall? 

I personally had a pretty unhealthy sized Mark-Paul Goselaar collage.  I used to blow all my chore $$ on those mags.
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I feel an itch to do something new and different that I can be proud of, like train for and run a marathon or take a more responsible volunteering position, or writing for publication. Do you ever feel this way? What do you want to do?
Any ideas on how to cure this restlessness?

Favorite wine?
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awaken sleeping sick person?

My son (age 15) has had a bad cold for a couple of days. About an hour after dinner he came downstairs wrapped up in a blanket and announced that he had a headache and felt pukey. This is not an unusual symptom for him with a cold, though he always forgets that and thinks it's a big deal. I gave him some ibuprofen and seltzer, and a few minutes later he decided to eat the Doritos his dad left out for a snack. Then he turned off all the lights, rolled up in his blanket on the floor between the coffee table and the big armchair and lay there talking to me for about 20 minutes, and then suddenly he went to sleep (also not unusual, he does that in the car all the time). I finally turned on the little light under the microwave and went upstairs to take a bath and change into PJs.

It's 9:50 and I want to get in bed and read now, and he is still asleep on the floor in the living room. Do I wake him up and make him go to bed, or just leave him there all night? Chances are he will be pretty stiff and sore if leave him there, but if I wake him up and his head still hurts, he'll be rather put out and might be awake for a while.
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Criminal Minds?

I'm need to watch other shows on TV than just Intervention and Hoarders. I'm getting into Criminal Minds but too impatient to just start at the beginning. Anyone know any good episodes to get going on and why they're good?