November 5th, 2011

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1. When was the last time you found out someone liked you and it totally surprised you? Why?

2. How often do you drink and/or get drunk?

3a. What is your favorite TV show, if you have one?
3b. Are you looking forward to the return or premieres of any other shows?

for me....
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With swollen glands from sickness, is it normal for there to be big lumps and little lumps? I accidentally touched them and they feel gross and are freaking me out.

I should write 4000 words in the next 28 hours, with 8 of those hours being sleep. do you think i can do it?

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I have a coworker who has Asperger and really enjoys silly jokes. One of her favorites is "Hey (name of person she is addressing), what time is it?" "4:30" "No, its peanut butter jelly time!!!" And then she sings the PBJ time song while doing a little dance and laughing her ass off.

Giver her limited ability to understand sarcasm, and our work place setting, can you tell me some silly jokes that I can share with her?
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TQC, what was the last small thing that made you unreasonably excited?

Brought to you by the fact that I get to sleep in tomorrow (no 6 AM wakeup for 7 AM work!). I am ridiculously pumped about this.
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Fashionistas of TQC!

I have this dress that I bought a long time ago and never got around to wearing:

Now it's coming up on Winter and I was hoping I could pair it with boots or tights (or both), but have never pulled off any tights aside from black ones and gray ones because I am pretty unadventurous when it comes to clothes (my wardrobe is very heavily neutral). What could I wear with this that would not make me look like a bumblebee?
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You know the metal cap/loop part that sits on top of the neck of a tree ornament, where you attach the hook? What is that part called? I have a bunch of ornaments that I'm planning on using this year but that top part is bent or the wrong color, so I want to buy some replacements, without needing to purchase a ton of ornaments to just throw out or not use. Anyone know their name of those things or where I could find some?

I know this seems really early, but I plan my tree really early in case a particular decoration turns out to be hard to find (which seems to happen every single year, bleh!)

UGH, of course the second I post this I find them! Hahaha. So, new question:  Anyone have a REALLY good hummus recipe?  I can't seem to make decent hummus and I can't figure out why.

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A few days ago I posted about whether or not you would choose a roommate who pays the bills or your ex-con uncle who doesn't pay anything and who doesn't have a job to live with you....

Sadly my roommate chose his uncle over myself. (I figured this would happen)

The question now is this:

how do I go about getting my half of the security deposit back?
How long should I give my roommate to get the utilities turned over into his name?
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Which is better/cleaner/more hygienic?

  1. Dust my room first and then vacuum?
  2. Vacuum my room first and then dust?

Also when should I change my sheets? Before or after dusting and vacuuming? Or between the two activities?

My room is quite dusty, if that makes a difference...

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Should I go to my friend's shindig tonight?

*It's an hour away
*I'm still hungover from the night before
*My friend kinda gets on my nerves.

DC/DK: what are your plans for the weekend
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Which Classic Doctor Who episode should I watch tonight?  It has to be on Netflix Instant.

dk/dc did you ever have pet fish? What were their names?  Right now we have 3 fish and their names are Herbert, Ophelia, and Inadequate. I didn't name them lol
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should I just fire this week?

TQC, this week was really stress-inducing--work was horrible, home was incredibly busy, I have been waking up at 5:00 every day just from the anxiety--and now I think I'm getting a cold to top it off. Should I just drink a hot toddy, set all the clocks back and go to bed? I can't even think of a reason to stay awake except to do even more housework.
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When writing in a tip on a receipt at a restaurant and adding it to the total amount for the meal, what happens if you get your math wrong and there is a discrepancy between the tip and the total? Which amount do they take as the tip?

Example: the total comes to $24.90. On the tip line you write $6.10, but on the revised total line you write $30 (indicating a tip of $5.10). Is it standard for them to take the $6.10 or the $5.10?
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I have a really dumb question.

When a dog bites someone, provoked (child/toddler smacked it, child/toddler pulled its tail too hard, dog thinks man attacked wife when they were simply having a verbal argument -- all real life situations), is it normal to put the dog to sleep because of that?

The thought behind that is once the dog bites someone, it'll do it again. Is this normal? What are your thoughts? Have you heard of this before?