November 4th, 2011


food stamps/assistance.

I applied for food stamps in my county and I have to go for a face to face interview tomorrow. What are they going to ask me? Do they give me a decision that day or is it just to get more information?

The letter asked for the following things from each household member applying for assistance.

1. Identification, Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.
2. Shot records for each child under the age of six.
3. Proof of income from any source.
4. Utility bills, rent receipts, mortgage book, property taxes or insurance receipts.
5. Verification of life insurance policies, burial agreements, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, motor vehicle titles or registration.
6. Letter of verification of school attendance or training courses.
7. Voter registration form.

I'm the only name on the application and listed my husband as a household member. Do I need to bring his SS Card too? He won't be home in the morning so I can't take his drivers' license. Neither of us have our birth certificates.

I'm bringing the last 2 pay stubs that he got from a few days here and there of substitute teaching.

I have our rental agreement from last year, but I don't have the new contract. I do have the cancelled checks of the rent payment in this year's amount.

I don't have any life insurance, mortgage, property taxes, insurance receipts, burial agreements, stocks or bonds. I have my bank statement that goes back about a month. I don't have the title to my car because a. it's in my mom's name and b. my stepdad stole it when he was taking stuff out of the house (going through a divorce), but I do have the registration to my car.

I only have a copy of my school schedule with my name/address/identification numbers on it. To get a letter of verification, my school takes at least 2 weeks to mail them out and I only had about a week to gather all of this stuff. Will that be enough for them to see that I'm enrolled in school?

I'm just confused because I don't have all of the stuff that they want to see. Is it going to be a problem that I only have a few of the things that they want? Or is what I have enough? This feels like a very difficult process and I have no idea what I'm doing. I tried to call but I sat on hold for about a half hour each time before I got frustrated and hung up. Will they let me know if there's anything else that we're eligible to receive? I'm in Ohio if that helps.

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I have a question for all the crafty folk out there:

A friend of mine wants to put a picture of a Dalek on a scarf for her fiance.  The one she's looking at is wool.  Is there some kind of fabric paint  we can use or transfer paper we can print a picture on, and then iron onto the scarf?

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Yet another "friend is mad at me, what do I do?" post.

So, Readers Digest version. I've been friends with this guy for a while, and in the past few weeks he's been very flirty and physically affectionate (wrestling with me, ruffling my hair, hugging and pecks on my cheek). It's no secret that he wants to get in my pants. And I have a boyfriend whom I love very much, so that's not going to happen. Yesterday, he was *very* physically affectionate and it made me really uncomfortable, but when I'm flustered, I tend to giggle and not sound as serious as I actually am, which can make my "no" seem like a coy "yes." Told the boyfriend about all of this, which prompted him to leave a harsh voicemail on my phone. Now I think my friend is pissed at both of us, and I feel guilty, but I don't really know what to do. What would you do?

DK/DC: Have you ever been to a chiropractor? How'd that work for you?
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Has anyone here seen 50/50? Did you find it funny and inspirational or super sad?

Cancer is super prevalent in my family but it's been a while since we lost anyone and so the wounds are not so fresh. I think I want to see 50/50 but not if it's going to make me bawl my eyes out. Do you recommend it?

Prepared for the dumbest poll you'll take today?

Poll #1792524 With respects to Poison

Every rose has its _______

Heft price tag
Slash (Guns N Roses reference)
Jack (Titanic reference)
Intent of romance

Just like every night has its ______

Jay Leno monologue
Insomniacs, asking questions in TQC
Hookers and blow

Just like every cowboy sings _________

His sad, sad song
For his dinner
In a cowboy hat
About the girl that left him for his best friend and took his dog (sample country song theme)
About the Alamo

Every _____ has its _____

Rose, thorn
Otter, belly-table
My Little Pony, sheer multitude of userpix
Lohan, inability to just go away
lolcat, cheezeburger
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So my SO got a job in a different country and his new company is paying to have all of our stuff moved. Am I suppose to tip the movers? and if so how much? It's a lot of stuff (a full house in boxes).

DN / DK: What are your plans for thanksgiving?
It's my first one in the states so I'm going to cook a small chicken and then prepare for Black Friday shopping.

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How do you feel about a SO ordering for you at a restaurant?

Do you have regular hours at your job? What are they?

What would your prefered hours be for working 40 hours in one week?

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i have a bottle of literally the worst vodka i've ever tasted. i've tried shooting it and even though i'm not crazy about juice+vodka, i've even tried mixing it (which only resulted in me having to pour a lot of my favourite juice down the drain because every sip of the mix made me want to gag :(). should i just leave it somewhere for someone to pick up or just keep chipping away at it? it tastes worse than any other vodka or... anything really, but it's also really effective. :S

what was your last disappointing purchase?

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TQC, a job for a local jewelry store was posted on CL last week, asking people to apply in person. I dressed up nice and dropped my resume off, only to be told that they'd already filled the position with someone who had worked for them previously. Today the exact same ad is up. Should I call them and remind them about my resume, or would that be obnoxious?
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Is there a type of food that everyone on the planet seems to love but that you're just not into?

For me, the obvious one is meat, which I don't eat. But I also don't get what the big fuss is about apple pie. I find it pretty uninteresting.
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Can you please tell me what the fuck this guy's intentions were?

I am so angry right now I could breathe fire. I started an OKCupid account, per TQC's suggestion, went on a coffee date. And during conversation the guy randomly says, "You're nice, but I don't date black people."

Um... what in the actual fuck? Why would you meet someone off an internet dating site if you had no intention of dating? WTF? Was he trying to steal my kidney? Serious or non-serious answers please!

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Which lyrics best describe you?

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
I've got the moves like Jagger
I'm happy, I'm feeling glad. I've got sunshine in a bag
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me
I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here?
I cry when angels deserve to die in my self-righteous suicide
Sometimes the best intentions are in need of redemptions
You're so consumed with how much you get. You waste your time with hate and regret. You're broken
Cause I'm kind of like Han Solo always stroking my own wookie. I'm the root of all that's evil, but you can call me cookie
We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control
I'll eat my candy with the pork and beans. Excuse my manners if I make a scene
There's so much time to make up every way we turn. Time we have wasted on the way. So much water moving underneath the bridge. Let the water come and carry us away
I still haven't found what I'm looking for
Us girls we are so magical. Soft skin, red lips, so kissable. Hard to resist so touchable
So, by keeping her heart protected, she'll never, ever feel rejected. Little miss apprehensive

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So, I'm in kind of a weird situation where this casual, and relatively new, friend has started coming on to me pretty strongly out of the blue. I mean REALLY strongly and REALLY unexpectedly. The thing is, the casual friend is in a relationship. You'd think if he were attempting to fool around behind his wife's back, he'd be discrete about it (and he has IMed me privately a couple times), but a lot of it is largely over Facebook where his wife could totally see it if she happened to just wander onto my profile (because I'm friends with her, too). The whole thing leaves me a little confused. If it's just the way he is and doesn't mean anything by it, or he's maybe in an open relationship or something, I don't want to jump his ass or rudely ignore him, but I also do not want to inadvertently get caught up in a messy affair situation by continuing to be friendly with him if his intentions are, er, dishonorable. 

So, should I just ask him wtf is up? Just stop responding to him in any fashion? This is stupid, but I don't really know how to approach it.
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What is the correct context in which to use "anymore"? I've noticed people use it a lot in a way that seems kind of odd to me... like "I do that all the time anymore!", as if it means the same thing as "now". Does that makes sense? I'm not sure how to explain how its supposed to be used, though. Help?

Also, how important is the difference between anymore and any more?
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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Poll #1792596 I have the house to myself! And there's a dust storm..

What should I do for the rest of the evening?

Play The Sims
Something productive (I don't have anything in mind, but I'm sure that I could find something that needs done)
Watch Troop Beverly Hills, followed by Adventures in Babysitting and then a marathon of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!
Eat an entire bag of caramel-flavored candycorn

baby bilo and baby biggles laughing :)
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Who here is frustrated with their MAC charger? I have a MacBook Pro and I have already had to replace one charger because the charger just...stopped. Now, it's doing the same thing. What the fuck. Has anyone had this problem multiple times with your Mac charger?
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fries with that

When is the last time you ordered and ate french fries?

I can't remember when I has to have been months. Maybe a year? I don't know. I was reading a friend's LJ post where she mentioned getting fries and it got me thinking.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I'm going to a football party tomorrow night, and I need to bring finger foods for ten people. They need to be "relatively healthy." I also have no time to make something from scratch, since I have to work all day tomorrow.

So what should I bring?

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TQC, it is snowing heavy right now, and I am mad. I updated my fb status with "noooo." A friend of mine replied "Yeah, he only had that one good song and keeps showing up anyways."

What? Does anyone know what that means? Is it some joke that everyone knows but me? If you don't know, what do you think it should mean?

EDIT: Question resolved!! Will you now post a picture of your cat? If you do not have a cat, perhaps something that looks like one?

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If you are a watcher of the Food Network, and in particular, Ina Garten- I have a question for you.
The running joke is that she's always calling for "good" ingredients- "Good" vanilla, "Good" mayo, etc. etc.
I'm making something for my friend's birthday and since we always laugh at Ina, I want it to be Ina inspired.

What would be some arrogant, condescending and or entirely ridiculous things that could go next to "good" for my Ina drawing to say to my friend for his birthday? (It can be non-birthday related)

Do you like the Food Network?
What are your favorite shows?