November 3rd, 2011

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Are there any words that you don't come across often, that your brain tends to wildly misinterpret? For example, I have no idea what a hackey sack is, but whenever I hear the words, I get this mental image of a sort of burlap sack filled with all sorts of minging slime and harbouring various diseases, primarily sexually transmitted, with an overall flavour of gonorrhoea. And yes, I realise that is a weirdly detailed image.

EDIT: I am now fully informed as to what a hacky sack is, thanks to you lovely people (although I clearly still cannot shake the gonorrhoea associations). The question of your own misinterpreted words still stands.

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i just got some lined taffeta curtains. they don't seem TOO heavy, but they are certainly heavier than most curtains. do you think a regular curtain rod will be sufficient? are the decorative ones actually more sturdy, or are they just thicker?

dc/dk/next time ask the store employees, you idiot: what are some good interior design blogs or websites? do you care for interior design?
how much effort have you put into decorating your living space? bonus points for pictures.
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The jean post reminded me I need to buy more pants since I only own one pair. As of this year, I've finally been buying clothes that fit properly rather than buying really baggy ones. So this may be a bit of a silly question, but I'm still really new to shopping and trying things on. How do you find the right size? I'll find the perfect one in store, buy it, wash it, then after a few hours of wearing it it gets insanely baggy. If I get it a size smaller, it'll grip way too tightly on my waist and look unattractive. I'm jealous of all the girls walking around with nicely fit jeans. How do you get these? Is there a particular material or something I'm unaware of? Can you list your favorite jean store?
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I'm trying to name this puppy. I pick him up tomorrow and I'm sure a name will come to me once I spend some time with him but in the meantime, for fun I need some help picking out names for a dog with a white chin and a white belly. Anyway, a name based one his looks would be fun! He's a boston/pug mix aka a bugg. Ladybug would be cute but it's too female. Here's what I'm thinking!


White chin
Colonel Sanders

White belly

What do you think?

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If you have a lot of dirty dishes, and they don't all fit in the dishwasher, do you do the rest by hand, or leave them until the dishwasher's done?

If you have to wash a lot of dishes without a dishwasher, do you fill the sink with water, or do you just wash them all under the running tap?

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Which one?

Moist, fresh cupcake
Moist, fresh urinal cake
I can't decide. They both sound pretty good

Which one?

Kissing the celebrity of your choice
Getting to second base with your first cousin
I can't decide. They both sound pretty good

Which one?

Erotic stimulation of your genitals
A hard kick from a steel-tipped combat boot to your genitals
I can't decide. They both sound pretty good

Which one?

Receiving a check for $300
Receiving a bill for $300
I can't decide. They both sound pretty good

Which one?

Finding money in the pocket of an old coat you haven't worn in a while
Finding the remains of a cookie in the pocket of an old coat you haven't worn for a while
I can't decide. They both sound pretty good

Which one?

A week-long cruise to the Bahamas, in spacious VIP rooms
A week-long stay as a guest at Jesus camp
I can't decide. They both sound pretty good

Which one?

Being treated to an expensive dinner
Being treated for rabies
I can't decide. They both sound pretty good

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I just got a letter from my health insurance telling me to get tested for chlamydia. The bottom of the page has a tear out with a place for the doctor to sign and it says it needs to be post marked by X date.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

What was your WTF moment for the day?

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i have to go to a work event tonight, and im wearing a black short dress and heels.
its november and im in canada Its 10C now and I think tonight its gonna be 1C (I dont know in degrees sorry.

Do I wear pantyhose? If so, nude coloured or black, or something in the middle? Or just go bare legged and suck it up?
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1. Have you ever made a real wish on your birthday? What was it?

2. Have you ever idealized any particular birthday? (10th, 16th, 50th, etc.) Which one(s) and why?

3. Have you ever dreaded any particular birthday? Which one(s) and why?
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In the Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack found all the doors that lead to all the holiday worlds. While looking for the restroom at an Applebys, you come across the same scene. All the passages to every holiday world. You have some time to kill. Each land will be populated with endless celebrating or excessively themed to that holiday. Which world will you visit?

Arbor Day
New Years
St. Patrick's Day
Mother's Day
Columbus Day
Labor Day
Independence Day
I turn around and walk back into the restaurant. This is too weird

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Why should it matter if homosexuality is a choice or not?

It would still be a valid choice, no? Even if someone chose to be homosexual, there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to marry another man who also chose to be homosexual.

I'm confused as to why we have to convince people it isn't a choice. Even if it was, who cares? It's still valid.
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Where should I move?

So, I got laid off today. I'll have enough in unemployment benefits not to have to worry about the basics. I have no bills/debt other than my student loans, which I can put into deferment. I'm paid up for all my bills for the month so I have ~3 weeks to decide what to do.

I also have 5,000 dollars of my own money.

I want to move somewhere neat.

Where do you live? Is it a good place to live? If not, where would you like to live and why?

Or just where should I move in general?

DC/"I'm not saying where I live, you freak!": Have you ever gotten laid off/fired?
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If you were downtown in a big city and you saw a car tap someone else's bumper while parallel parking, would you say something?

Also: when I'm expecting visitors I open my front door and unlock the storm door for them. I always warn my mom when I'm about to come over or when to expect me, but she usually leaves the front door closed and locked. Should I knock before I let myself in or not bother since I warned her I'd be over?? Right now both seem really weird to me!

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Hey guys! Housemate question time!
So I have a roommate who is possibly one of the most wasteful people I know. He bought a frozen family-size lasagna a long time ago and baked it in his own Pyrex dish. He ate one serving of it, offered it to the me and our other housemate, and put it in the fridge. I had one helping of it, he ate some more of it the next day.
Fast forward to at LEAST a month later. The dish is still in the fridge, half-filled with moldy lasagna. I ask him to clean it up and am met with an indignant response of "I figured you guys had eaten it and cleaned it already!" He grumbles about it and I have to nag him for several more days.
Instead of cleaning it, he threw the entire thing, dish, lid, and all, into the trash bin.

I want my own set of Pyrex. Should I:
a.) retrieve, clean, and keep the dish? or
b.) buy my own set? or
c.) other!

And if I keep it, how do I claim the dish as mine? Should I tell him immediately that I cleaned it and plan to keep it, risking several months of Bitchy Defensive Housemate, or wait to tell him I've claimed it until I move out in May?

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Iranian soccer players face lashing for butt grab. What do you think of this punishment?

WAY too extreme
Excessive, but that's how they roll in that culture
Honestly, I think they got off a bit light
That's all they might get? I hope the indecency mobs grab their asses...with the Jaws of Life! Take that, perverts!
In Iran, sexual harassment is serious business. That's all I have to say
I wonder if you get a stern lecture and a warning if you're caught scratching your own ass in public

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TQC, can you think of any gifts that are appropriate for almost everyone? I'm invited to my boyfriend's mother's wedding but I've never met her. She's about fifty, I think, and judging by her house she has great taste but has a lot of stuff already.

Also, any tips on what to wear to this november wedding? ETA: A relatively casual wedding.

ALSO, only somewhat related but I'll ask it now anyway: my boyfriend is leaving on a world trip soon and I won't see him for seven months. How the hell do I deal with this? Have you ever been away from your SO for so long and how did it go?

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what are you looking forward to the most this weekend? what's been the highlight of your week so far?

what kind of car do you have? when was the last time you filled your gas tank all the way up? how much do you usually put in there? how about the last time you had your car washed? oil changed? other maintenance done?

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  1. What curse word do you use the most?
  2. Do you own an iPod?
  3. What time is your alarm clock set for?
  4. What color is your room?.
  5. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?

DK/DC  What do you need from the store?

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I am writing and essay about Yiddish and I want to put a Yiddish quote out of one of my sources in the essay title. Can I put a footnote in the title? Or is there some other way of referencing the quote?

So that this isn't only a homework question: Tell me about pest problems you have had? I just moved into a new house and I think I heard some kind of animal in the walls.

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Poor kitty. :(

My cat is getting older and apparently his tummy is very easily upset, so much so that he's losing a bit of weight because he pukes up half of what he eats. Any food recommendations for kitties with sensitive stomachs?

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I'm applying to a paralegal certification program at a law school. They're asking for a supplemental statement about why I chose that school and what I can bring to the legal world.

They don't have any mention of how long the darn thing should be.

If you were in my position, how long would your supplemental statement be?