November 2nd, 2011


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I'm barely sort of friendly with my mom's coworker. We have one mutual friend who I'm also really, really not close with. I was invited (along with about 40 other people) to get sushi and go for drinks tomorrow night. Last time I went out with him, I felt really awkward and we mostly just talked about my mom.

Should I be honest and tell him I feel sort of weird (he has social anxiety, so I think he'd get it)
or tell him I'm busy? (total and obvious load of shit since I have no life)

How would you handle it? Would you only go for drinks or something? What should I doooo?

i probably ask too many school questions. sorry :\

I'm writing my paper (for those of you who remember my earlier post, I didn't get an extension, I'm just pushing through and doing it, yay!) and I have a pretty big question about citations. We're supposed to use APA style.

In my paper, I am quoting someone, but it's not from any "source," really, it's merely from a conversation (erm... interview, kind of) that I had with him. He knew that he was being asked questions and would be used in my paper, it's not some random thing and I decided to use a quote. I, of course, introduced him the first time I used his name (i.e., John Smith, director of ABC Libraries, explained to me that blah blah blah.).

Do I need to cite him in a works cited page?

Thanks, TQC!


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For those of you who know how to play King's Cup, what are your favorite rules to make up?

My favorite are no pointing, accents, and raising your right hand while laughing. The last one isn't so much to make someone drink, but everyone looks really silly with their hands up in the air and you end up laughing even more.

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My husband kinda badgered me into going to an open interview for a part-time job tomorrow at a video store. I've never been to an open interview before. Do I take anything? How do I dress? Is it less formal than a regular interview?

Also, I'm not really... enthusiastic about this job. We need the money and I already applied online with them about 2 weeks ago but they never called me. This place is open 10-midnight, 365 days. I pretty much know that I'm going to have to say that I can/want to work holidays to get this job but I totally don't want to and it's not just me being a brat. I also have 2 applications in at places that close either early or altogether on holidays and holiday eves. My family lives about 2 hours away so we always have to do at least 2 celebrations of each holiday which means an entire day of driving and then the stress of at least one family being pissy because we spent 8 minutes longer at the other party or whatever.

Adding to that is the fact that my parents are getting divorced and my family is literally my mom and 2 siblings right now because the everybody else is my step-dad's family and we're sure as hell not going to be hanging out with them. So I already don't get to see my mom more than a few times a year and I really want to see her during the holidays. But we need the money and I don't want to sound like I'm acting like me seeing my family is more important than another co-worker (if I'm hired). Before I moved, I lived in a college city where I never had to work holidays once I mentioned that I go home during breaks since it was pretty common for the college kids. I go to school here too but it's a huge commuter college and me going here and not being local is not the norm so most employers don't give a damn :(

So that whole rambling was meant to ask this question: Am I going to be subconsciously sabotaging myself on this interview because I'm overthinking my family/holiday situation and still hoping for the better job at the other place to call me back??
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how do you get yourself through nausea?
how do you stop yourself from puking.

please help.
i am dying over here. :(

i tried eating, im drinking water, i put cold compresses on my pulse, nothing is working. and im at worrrrk.

im not sick, or pregnant, i took double of my meds last night and this is what happens, so i screwed myself over here.

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What's the creepiest?

Hearing the door move in your room in the middle of the night when you know you're alone
You take a shortcut down an alley. Midway through, you notice there's a mime about 20' behind you. Is he following you? You reach the main street and notice he's still behind you
Your shower drain is clogged. You fish out the hair that's blocking it. It's a handful of really long, red hair. Really long, like 2'.
Your doorbell rings at 2am. You shamble out of bed to check. It's a small child in a white sheet. "Trick-or-treat", she says. Halloween was days ago
You get a text in the morning that says "I'll be in the red car. Look for me". It's from a number you do not recognize. As you go to work/school, you do notice a red car with tinted windows moving slowly down the street towards you. It follows you
You watch a zombie movie at home, where the dead claw their way through a wall. The clawing sound they made as they dug was distinct. As you're brushing your teeth later, you swear you hear a similar sound coming from outside
You're eating at a restaurant, when you notice someone outside the window, staring in your direction. 10 minutes later, he's still standing there. You call over the manager, but the man is gone, but he returns when the manager leaves, stares more
You're at a shoe store. You suddenly hear a bloodcurdling scream from the next aisle. Suddenly, the power to the building shuts off. It's now pitch black
You wake up to find a camera tripod set up right above your bed. The camera is not attached
Your home is broken into. Nothing's missing. However, sitting on a table is a small statue that you've never seen before. A statue of a smiling demon
Your fortune cookie says "Leave this instant. Run to your car as fast as you can. Your life depends on it"
You get a text that says "Do you believe in ghosts?". It's from an unfamiliar number. When you try to show someone the text, it's no longer on your phone
You watch a strange, convoluted video you got from a link on LJ. After the video concludes, you get a text from an unknown number. The text says "Seven days"
You hear a small child say to his mom "why's that big scary man following him/her (referring to you)?" The mother says there's no one there behind you, but the child keeps saying "You don't see him? He's really big and angry looking"
At the supermarket, you see an old man/woman who's wearing the same exact outfit you are. Same height, even the same hairstyle. Sort of looks like you too. He/she looks at you and smiles sadly and leaves before you can approach

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Hasn't anyone else had problems with their federal loans lately? switched to in mid-October and it's been nothing but crap for me and many other people. Auto-payments are late and messed up; their help site, when not crashed, is full of complaints; nobody has payment history anymore, and it's extremely difficult to reach a rep.

Do you have any federal loan woes? If not, what site do you use to pay back your loans?

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I have a box of grape tomatoes from the supermarket. How do I wash them? Do I need to wash them? I usually wash my fruits.

Are you trying out the Starbucks' seasonal drinks?
Smoky hallway


You're walking through the park. You pass under a bridge, when you see a black satchel. Curious, you open it. It's filled with money. There's a note. It reads "Here's your damn ransom! $10,000 in small bills, like you asked. Now stop blackmailing me about my affair. My wife doesn't need to know. Please". What do you do?

Close up the bag and walk away. I'm not getting involved in this
Take some of the money. No one would know it was me. You know someone else will find this bag and take all of it, so I may as well get some
Take all the money. His wife should find out about this guy's infidelity
Not only do I take all the money, but I leave the bag and change the note to say "Fuck you. I'm not giving you a single penny. I dare you to tell my wife, you bastard"
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What do you do with/in your notebooks?

I have quite a few lined notebooks and I just... don't know what to do with them. I don't want to sell them or give them away because they were either gifts with sentimental attachment or really really cute, aha. So I'm wondering what you do with yours, other than for keeping a basic journal.

Also hi I haven't been on here in like a year. o_o

Thanks for your help!

Tragus infected

Yes, interesting subject for an interesting topic. :)

Doctor prescribed bactroban ointment for my infected tragus = good to use or no?
Any other things I could be doing other than sea salt and tea soaks?

For people that don't care: 

what electives for college do you want to take?
curly haired gals, hair regimen for winter? 

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if you get more than just slight cravings/hunger as a symptom of pms, do you avoid having the object of your cravings around or let yourself have it and risk seriously overindulging?

because i think i ate more chocolate covered almonds today than i have in my life. D:

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What was the last thing you got that made you SUPER HAPPY?

I was having a shitty day (Woke up to my dog having flung his feces EVERYWHERE) and then my new glasses from Zenni arrived. Way faster than I thought, and OMG glasses that fit, yay =D

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my godfather sent me a check (and a CD) via USPS last Tuesday (belated birthday present). it's coming from Illinois to South Carolina. it isn't here yet. at what point should he cancel the check and send a new one? it's been over a week now..

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i have a job interview at a movie theater tomorrow. someone pointed out they're probably going to need me to work the week of christmas (possibly even on christmas day itself), which i absolutely cannot do as i'm going home for the holidays.

should i cancel my interview? do you think it's pretty probable they won't hire me if i tell them i need dec 18-26th off?

i don't NEED this job, but it'd be nice to have one. i applied mostly for the free movies.

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Will you tell us about your siblings?
If you have a big age difference between you and your siblings: what is your relationship like?

My sister is turning 39 next week (I'm 23) so it got me thinkin'.


What's everyone up to tonight?!
i like calzones

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What do you worry about?

Also, do you have tips for opening a jar that wont open? I just made this smoothie and it's got banana and chai icecream and cinnamon and honey and I'm so excited to drink it but I can't get the lid off the magicbullet and I'm going to die if I can't drink this smoothie.

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I want to make one of these dishes. Which should I make?

Which of these should I make? What would you rather eat?

-edit- the pita bread and the babaganoush are a two-fer. If one of them wins the poll, I'm making them both.

What was for dinner tonight?
bjork 2
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Does your significant other have hobbies that you don't like? What hobbies? How do you work around that?

How much leftover Halloween candy did you eat today?
Someone brought in three bags of Smarties to work and I can't keep away from them. I think I ate six rolls.

G'day mate!

My friend just left for Australia. Which nasty thing will happen to her??

eaten by a great white shark
drowned by a croc
kicked by a kangaroo
mauled by a drop bear
molested by a wallaby

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Alright TCQ, serious questions time. I've been in a great relationship since my freshman year of college. I'm independent and confident in myself (so is he), making our relationship sturdy and realistic. We've dealt with short long-distance situations well, have great communication skills, etc etc. I love him.

Here's the deal. We both just graduated from college and went separate ways: me to a dream job in a great city with friends, him to a seasonal position in a small town with his closest friends, staying for free at his parent's rental. Swag. So we're long distance now, with no cemented plans for the future (but lots of ideas).

Here's the second deal. While I've been granted with a fantastic relationship, I never got the promiscuous college years out of my way. I still have the urge to be with a few other guys before getting super serious, and being in a new city with new boys, I'm tempted. But then I'm like WHAAAAT you have a great relationship/boy that I could be with forever... be happy!

I'm pretty sure a "open relationship" is out of the question. Way too tricky and kind of stupid. Would it be wise to take a break while we're apart to jump back into the game? Or would that threaten my potentially long long term relationship? GAH. HELP.

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Does anyone here use VK (Вконтакте)? I just found out about it because it's one of the identification options for posting comments on LJ. Is it cool or is it whack?

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Does anyone know if the tip of coating a new cat in tunafish oil and closing all your kitties in a bathroom or kitchen and letting the others lick it off to get them to warm up to him actually works? Do you think this might work with older cats who have lived together awhile and have suddenly stopped liking one of the other cats?

*ETA* Cat in question weighs 25 lbs. I'm not too worried about his sisters eating him. :) Also, he likes his sisters, they just don't like him anymore for some reason.


Can you tell me finny stories of people you know talking/walking/doing other hilarious stuff in their sleep?
My husband talks in his sleep all the time and it's hilarious. :D
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What's a great gift you could get for someone that is related to travelling around Europe, and more exciting than a backpack or something similar?
(Useful, but also a bit different or fun/interesting)