November 1st, 2011

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Do you want to help me think of a Christmas gift for my future Father-in-Law? I have only ten more days to shop. It can't be crazy-expensive, liquid, perishable, or too big to easily transport in a suitcase! I know next to nothing about the guy and my fiancé isn't helping at all. My usual go-to gift of edibles won't work in this case because of the perishable ban. ~.~

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did you have orthodontic work done when you were younger?
if so, have you noticed your teeth reverting to their original places as you've gotten older?

i had braces in middle school, and when i had them removed, they gave me a retainer. i wore the retainer at night for a few years, but it was made of plastic and has cracked and gotten gross-looking since then. my teeth have been slowly moving back and look a little crooked.
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Poll #1791740 Which would you rather do?

Which would you rather do?

Attend your next high school reunion wearing ONLY Saran Wrap (nothing underneath)
Attend your next high school reunion wearing a Glad garbage bag, with arm-holes and a head-hole ripped into it

Which would you rather do?

Go waterskiing in gator-infested bayou waters for 3 miles
While on roller skates, get pulled behind a car on the freeway at 20mph for 3 miles

Which would you rather do?

Eat 50 cupcakes in 6 hours
Eat 8 sticks of butter in 6 hours

Which would you rather do?

Do a 5k wearing 20lbs of rocks in a backpack
Do a 5k wearing skintight leather pants

Which would you rather do?

Put up a picture in your Facebook where you're only wearing just enough shaving cream to hide your naughty bits (just dabs), and leave it up for 1 day
Sext your boss or teacher, with the standard "What are you wearing, sex machine?"

Which would you rather do?

Be shot with a taser
Wash down a horse laxative with a large cup of coffee and then get on the freeway at peak traffic hour (bumper to bumper)

inspired by an earlier post...

are you a member of / have you ever given or received a membership to a "__________ of the month club"? what was it? did you/the recipient like it? do you think it was worth the money? any stories about them?

edit: since the answer to that seems to be no...has anyone ever had braces as an adult? what was your experience like? if i get this job that has dental i'm totally going to see if i can go for it, my teeth are awful and it's painful.

Inspired by the non-hypothetical

If you have an assignment due, when do you usually start it? When do you usually finish it?

Do you sit down and write a whole paper or do it over the course of a few days?

How many all-nighters did you pull in school that were 100% absolutely necessary and not due to procrastination?
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I have a 2 year old French bulldog. He has a sensitive tummy, so he eats a limited ingredient food from Nutro.

I just got an 8 week old Bull Mastiff puppy. She is going to be massive. She came to me eating Eukanuba large breed puppy food.

I feed them at the same time, and I have to constantly keep her out of the frenchies food. She seems to like it much better. It also has not upset her stomach, but it is for adult dogs.

Would it be okay to transition her to his food? I don't want to do anything to hurt her health, as I know she's going to go through a rapid growth cycle and I want to be sure she has adequate nutrition.

I feel like I've become one of THOSE people. I talk about my dogs too much. So in that spirit:

DK/DC: What kind of hobby should I get so I have a life?
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Sitting next to this girl in the library who is reading a novel for class. She is underlining almost every sentence - at least 90% of each page is underlined. What the hell is the point of underlining a book when you're underlining the whole thing?

Do you write in books? Highlight?
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You're on a first date with someone you met on the internet. This person seems pretty interesting, and their picture was attractive enough. You're meeting at a coffeehouse, and this person said they'd be wearing a blue jacket. You gaze into the window. There's only one person inside wearing a blue jacket. There are, it appears, some deviations from the description you had built in your head. The other person doesn't know you're outside, so you can leave if you feel compelled to. Which of the following differences would be too much to overlook for an first face-to-face encounter, and would make you stand up the other person on your date? Anything you don't check means that it's merely a minor issue and you'd continue on with the date

Date looks about 10 years older than the picture
Date looks about 40lbs heavier than the picture
Date seems about 8" shorter than he/she said they were
Date doesn't have the physique you thought they did (either small boobs or lack of muscles)
Date is of a different race/skin tone than the picture
Date is of a different gender than stated
Date seems to be religious (t-shirt, yarmulke, whatever) when he/she said they weren't
Date was disingenuous about tattoos. You can see neck and forearm tats
Date was disingenuous about piercings. You notice at least 3 on face
Date said he/she was single, but you notice what looks like a matrimonial-type ring on their ring finger
Date said that he/she had a degree in archeology, but he/she is flipping through an 'Archeology for Dummies' book
I don't judge people by appearances. Speculation may lead to mistaken assumptions. I walk in regardless of what I see
Every one of these is a dealbreaker. If he/she isn't truthful up front, how can I believe anything they say in the future?
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Did WalMart screw up my car?

So, I took my car to WalMart for an oil change a week and a half ago (I know, I know, you get what you pay for, bad choice, etc). I was broke and they were convenient.

ANYWAY. I had a small oil leak, but nothing major or catastrophic. It was next on my 'to fix' list. So, I get the oil change, get my car, move along. A week later, my low oil light is on. I check, and sure enough it's just about dry in there.

So, I put a bit more oil into it until I can find time to go get it looked at. The low oil light is back on before I'm even halfway to work, right after putting the oil in.

My question: is this something the techs at WalMart caused? If I were to take it back to them, would they fix it without charging me an arm and a leg for it? Before, it was maybe a few drops of oil. Now, it's practically hemorrhaging.
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Do you consider people who refuse to drink and/or smoke (cigarettes or pot) prudes that just need to "loosen up"?

I had an argument with a friend irl about this when she found out I refuse to do the above, despite the fact that I have very personal reasons for not doing so, and said people like me are sticks in the mud and are boring to be around. :(
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What does it mean to to be on a band's "guest list" at a concert? My boyfriend sold some music to (but has never actually met) a fairly well-known artist a few months back, and the boyf e-mailed him a few days ago to let him know we'd be attending his show (it's gonna be at a club.) The reply said that we'd be put on the "guest list." Is that special? What do we do when we show up? What does it even mean? Thanks TQC.

How creepy does this guy sound to you?

I'm one of those people (who it now looks like should really know better) who sometimes accepts FB friends requests without checking the person's profile.

I accepted this person in the last few days (whilst I was at London Expo he sent me a message complimenting on my pictures but I didn't engage him due to Crowne Plaza Docklands only having 30 minutes of free internet per room per day and I didn't want to waste it by talking to a stranger)

The following conversation started this morning (and is still going on)

Him - Hello how are you today?

Me - I'm fine, just a little tired today

Him - How come?
It's almost mid-week
Grainne? (Note if I don't answer him immediately within a minute he responds with "Grainne?"

Him - Are you there??
Will you marry me Grainne?


Him - Hi again Grainne
Are you feeling any better now?

Me - A little

Him - That's good
So are you single or have you a boyfriend

Me - I'm single

Him - I'm single as well
would you let me kiss you?

Me - I hardly know you

Him - Lets both get to know each other better first

Me - Eh, you have hardly any info on your profile and no pictures

Him - I'd prefer to tell you about myself and to send you my picture if you have a camera mobile phone?

Me - I'm wondering why do you start prompting me for a reply if I don't answer you immediately?

Him - Grainne?
I keep on thinking that you have left without having typed back to me

Um, would it be wrong of me to type back that I think he's single for a reason?
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Do you buy into the whole "He's Just Not That Into You" culture? I have a roommate who is obsessed with this book and treats it like her bible. The premise is essentially that if you have to question whether a guy is into you, he isn't. If he wants you, he'll make it known, he'll call you, he'll sleep with you*, etc.

*Let me clarify this: not that if a guy sleeps with you, he's into you, but rather that if he wants to sleep with you, he'll sleep with you (i.e. if you invite him up after a date for a nightcap and he turns you down, he just doesn't want to sleep with you.)

Alternatively, do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Are you the type that goes for what you want unabashedly or the type that plays hard to get?

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My lj community got spotlighted and I'm excited and all, but seriously we went from like a post a week to a post every half hour. We've had 20 intro posts today! Have you been in a community that was spotlighted? Does everything settle out back to normal after a bit? Did all the precious established members get scared away?

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Do you(general you) think it's important for family to know the sex of your(general, again) baby? Why or why not?

Personally, I don't really plan on telling anyone the sex before the baby is born when/if I have children. I think it's not very important, and don't want people to be influenced by it when giving gifts/visiting/etc.
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I finally made the move to get on an oral contraceptive and am curious; does having sex without a condom feel very different? My boyfriend and I have had sex a handful of times with a condom and it's always been easier for him to get off with a blowjob.
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When you’re eating candy with different flavors (e.g., jelly beans, Skittles, gummy bears, Starbursts, etc.), do you separate the flavors or just put a handful in your mouth all at once? Do you eat them randomly or in some kind of order (e.g., save your favorite flavor for last or eat complementary flavors together)?
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dear tea queue sea,

would you ever get fake married to someone? as in, would you marry someone with the understanding that it was merely a formality to secure some benefit?

an example would be if you were in the military and you had a friend who needed medical coverage. by getting "fake married", you secure bonus payment and they secure free insurance.

please explain why you would be willing/unwilling to do this.
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Somebody offered me a Fruit Roll Up earlier. I ate it by folding it into quarters and eating it all at once, because otherwise I'd get all sticky and ew. Everyone thought I was doing it a stupid and inefficient way. How do you eat Fruit Roll Ups, TQC?

ETA: no shapes to pop out, just an unperforated sheet of processed fruit.
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I dyed my hair pink for Halloween using Manic Panic. I regularly work on a freelance basis so I figured I could just hang out with funky hair for a while until it fades, but now I've been called in for a job interviews on Thursday. It was really unexpected because I applied for the job two months ago. The thing is...the job is a really far commute for me, so I don't REALLY want it...but if they offered a job for me I wouldn't be able to say no.

Now, what should I do with my hair:

- Just leave it the way it is?
- Wear a wig?
- Buy brown hair dye and cover it?
- Bleach it?

The problem is I really like the way it looks so it would suck to have to dye it brown if I don't end up getting the job.

Also, the job IS for a more creative-type position so it's possible they wouldn't mind it being pink.

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For my friend's 21st birthday I made a scrapbook and had all of his friends write him love notes.
His 25th is this year and I'd like to do something sort of similar... any suggestions?

What's happening tonight?

hypothetical question....kinda (now edited)

Say you had to choose between an Uncle (who was recently released from prison and is on parole)
or a current roommate (who pays bills, cooks, cleans, works and 90% of the bills are in that persons name)

Who would you choose to have move out?

Is blood always thicker than water?

EDIT: I'm the relation to the uncle
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Inspired by earlier question. How "boring" is TQC?

Poll #1791804 Cigarettes and Alcohol

Do you drink alcohol?

Not any more

Do you smoke cigarettes?

Not any more

Do you smoke pot?

Not any more

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what's your favorite beauty tool? favorite process?
what about least favorite?
what product/tool do you want to try?

i really like ceramic hair straighteners. i've been looking into them recently because i have a gut feeling that my ancient straightener is going to crap out soon. and i fucking love peel-off masques! so satisfying.
i hate tweezing my eyebrows because it's tedious and makes my eyes tear.
i really want something like this.