October 31st, 2011


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What costume would you think of if I said 'circus strong man'?
We're having a moustache party and I want to go as one, but im not sure whether to wear a stripey leotard or leopard print one, or if people would even get what I was meant to be.
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I am a student and I intern with an adjunct faculty member in an office in the same building/department where I take my classes. I was talking to my intern advisor about my future plans and told him that I have been applying for administrative assistant positions so I can get my foot in the door. He immediately told me that I should speak to a professor I know about the possibility of working at the school as admin in the department I know and love.

Well...I emailed the professor and she just got back to me saying that the deadline to apply had already passed and they were planning to conduct interviews next week, but if nothing worked out she would let me know. My husband seems to think I should be a little pushy about it to try to get into the applicant pool, mentioning that I'm already familiar with the department and that a faculty member suggested the position to me, but I don't want to be too pushy since I'm still a student under these people. TQC, how pushy would YOU be in this situation?

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Does anyone know where I can find an HDRI (not HD, HDRI) photo of a beach or tropical landscape?

I've been looking everywhere and that's the one location I can't find. Tried Google, but they weren't really HDRI...

It's alright if it costs. I just really need one for a work project.
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TQC, I'm in an odd bind here. I just found out that I never got added properly to my fraternity's bank account when I got elected treasurer, and there's a clusterfucky mess that I have to take care of with them. However, my idiot ass misplaced my driver's license this weekend, and since thanks to one of my scholarships, I have to keep residency back in CO, I have ~3 weeks until I get a new one sent up here, but I can't wait that long to get added. The only identification I have right now is 1) a passport that expired last year, 2) my birth certificate, and 3) my student ID (I go to a state school if that matters). Is the combination of all that enough to be able to get added or not?
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How long would it take to heal if someone's leg was broken and possibly in multiple places by a chunk of cement falling on it? eta: probably get at least basic medical attention, maybe have their leg set and get crutches.

What are some jobs that one could do online or that don't involve a typical office job to earn enough money to pay for a house and car and food and basic bills?(like, as in the person stays away from being in public as much as possible, all the time)

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Say you're going out to a bar tonight. Said bar already had their Halloween party over the weekend. Do you still dress up?

I want to dress up, but I'm not sure if I should.

dk/dc. If you work, does your job let you dress up for Halloween?

I work at a grocery store, we used to be able to. But now we can't, I'm kinda bummed about it.

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So I have an iphone 3gs with the contract ending in june 2012 (it's a 2 year contract)

So today I dropped my iphone and cracked the screen pretty badly (even though it has a protective case on it) It still works okay, but I don't know if it will one day stop responding, will it? Anyone have any experience getting this fixed? (I'm in the UK btw)

Looking at it, O2 and Apple seem ridic expensive, but Uk ipod repairs seem cheapish and reviews make me think they're legit. What would you do TQC?

Oops, I forgot the candy!

I haven't bought Halloween candy yet. I expect about 50 trick or treaters.
Do you think I will find and candy when I go out to run errands in about an hour?
When you were a trick or treater, would you rather get crap candy (the kind the late buyers gave) or no candy?
If I can't find any decent candy, what should I give out instead (not spare change)?
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Why don't more non-Australians know about David Wenhem? In terms of movies he's been in, he's definitely up there with Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and Abbi Cornish, and a much better actor than Sam Worthington or Sam Hemsworth, but yet he's not a big star in the US. Why? Why?

DK/DC- What are some good books on demons, especially Christian demonology, and Satan? A lot of the books I've seen have been just general mythology books with no references and basically just a half page summation. I need some info about Baal, people! And the war in heaven!
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The piercing question below reminded me:

I got my belly button pierced 11 years ago and kept a barbell in the piercing until about 3 years ago. I haven't had anything in the piercing since then, but the other day I decided to see if it had closed up. I inserted a (new and sterile) barbell on Friday and it went in pretty easily. I noticed last night it was red and a little painful with a small amount of discharge. Should I treat this like a new piercing? How should I take care of it?

What do you have pierced?
I also have three holes in each ear.

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Are you doing anything for halloween? did you do anything during the weekend?

Hows you're day going so far? (I've felt randomly felt queasy for the last couple days and idk why. it sucks :(  I'm gonna blame it on sleep deprivation.)
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Do you ever get like a piece of food stuck in between your teeth? And you can feel it with your tongue, but when you try to pick it out with a finger, you can't find it! Happens to me all the time, especially with popcorn.

What other little things like that annoy you?
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I know we have this post from time to time but I like it... :)

What are your favorite documentaries?
I just saw Murderball a few days ago and really loved it.

What would you be interested in making a documentary film on?
Political apathy. Charity. Protest culture.
Grammar love!


For those who are staying in and handing out candy to the kids tonight, what candies are you giving out?

I bought a bag of mini Snickers (regular and almond) and a mix-bag of Reeses cups, Almond Joy, lollipops, Kitkats, Take-5, and Whoppers.
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Today I bought 2 bottles of mouthwash from a major supermarket because they were on a special 2-for-1 offer. However I got charged for 2! I complained and was told that the offer was over but it was their fault for not removing the sign, so she gave me back the price of 2 bottles of mouthwash meaning I got 2 bottles for free!

What was the last thing you got for free?

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What is the last irrational thing you did ?

I took Jasper out today with me to run some errands and got so irritated by all the " OMG IS THAT A BABY!!" reactions...I mean seriously, I had him in a pouch sling on my chest, mostly covered up and people were still trying to grab him...BACK OFF!!


Dk/dc/I make sense all the time:

Do you have any specialties when it comes to cooking, or just something your known for?

I got pretty famous for my sloppy joes when I worked at the daycare, I used brown sugar and threw in okra,corn and stewed tomatoes too.


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Are the characters from "Wizard of Oz" popular costumes for halloween where you live? I live in Kansas, it's a popular group/family costume idea, I don't know if it's just because we live in Kansas though.


My left arm from the elbow down has begun to ache. Sometimes I get a pulpy mass (that doesn't hurt) on top of my hand near the wrist. It feels like my arm is weak...but its not. Aspirin or Tylenol helps for a while. T%his lasts for a week...then comes back randomly.

any ideas what it could be???

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"So what's wrong with you?"

So for those of you who have experience on the dating scene:

Have you ever been asked the question "so why are you single?"

How the hell does a person respond to this question? Do they want the truth? "Because I am an alcoholic with Borderline Personality Disorder, oh, plus I'm still in love with my ex?"

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Pretend you and your friends are boycotting the Takasmitha clothing company because their clothes are made by stolen abused cancer children in dangerous mines, and their CEO eats kittens.

You're out thrift store shopping and there's this awesome Takasmitha jacket that fits you perfectly. It's $5 and you love it.

Do you buy it and wear it out?

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A very good friend of mine's house burnt down this morning. He hasn't actually lived there for about a month or so but his mother, two sisters and cousin pretty much lost everything.

Any ideas of what I could do to help them out?

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What was the highlight of your day?
What was the not so great part?

Is there anything you'd like to talk about?

Edit since it's dead here:
My dog and cat had fleas...I haven't seen one in my room or on them in probably close to three weeks. Apparently they die after the first frost and we've already had frost and snow...Can I let them sleep in my room again without fear?!