October 30th, 2011

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Has anyone else with multiple cats/litter boxes had this happen?

I have 2 indoor cats, and 2 litter boxes. Except for a few occasions, they generally only pee in one box and only poop in the other.

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Have you ever written a personal manifesto? If so, what kinds of things did you put in it? (Or you could share a link if you posted it online.)

We had to write manifestos in a creative writing class I took in college. I was thinking of writing another one now that I'm older, but I don't think I did it properly the first time because I was just rambling about my quirks and values. Isn't it supposed to be some kind of declaration?

dc/dk/tl;dr: Will you google a nonsense word and post whatever comes up? e.g. I searched for "doot doot" and found a song by that title from the 80's.

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What do you do to help if you wake up and are still drunk from the night before? I know I could sleep but I dont know if I could get back to sleep now.

What else helps?
veet baby @ the beach

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What is your Halloween costume?

Can I see it?

Can I see photos of other peoples' funny costumes you saw while out partying last night?

My answer in the comments - Happy Halloween!
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Did you ever date someone who already had kids?

How old were they?

When did you first meet them and how did that go?

If you haven't:
Would you still be willing to date someone who had kids?

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To those of you with pets. Do you have health insurance for your pet? Is it worth it? Does it cover much? Are there outrageous deductibles? I know this largely depends on the area but I'm curious of an overall picture.
i ain't into that!

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Where should I study abroad?

Meknès, Morocco
Paris, France
Sydney, Australia

Relevant info: English is my first language and I understand French fluently, speak it conversationally and study it in school. Money is an issue - I'm a college student on a tight budget, though my scholarship will pay for tuition and room and board. I'm black (not sure if racism is an issue in North Africa). I'm from the United States.

Any input, especially from people who have been to/lived in these places, would be awesome! 
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Explain yourself!

TQC, help me make my homework more fun!
I study English as a foreign language, and this is a task our professor gave us to improve our writing skills, but basically it's just for fun.

Obviously non-serious answers are expected and welcome!

1. Why were you climbing through your neighbour's upstairs window?
2. Why were you running through the park as a gorilla with a lot of gold jewellery around your neck?
3. Why were you driving your car on the wrong side of the road?
4. Why were you chasing a policeman down the street?
5. Why were you throwing money off the top of a building?
6. Why were you washing your clothes in the Rhine (river in Germany)?
7. Why were you angrily throwing stones at a large Coca-Cola sign?
8. Why were you pushing a celebrity down the road in a pram, carrying a gun?

So, TQC, can you explain yourselves?
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Do you find some comedians offensive?

I'm watching the Roast of Charlie Sheen and so far there's been two suicide jokes in regards to Steve-O that were pretty awful. You could defnitely tell it crossed a line with him.

I was expecting some good laughs, but this was just let's see who can be the most offensive, maybe people will laugh.

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What is something you do that is probably someone else's pet peeve?

Meat eaters: Would you never eat meat again for $20,000?
Non-meat eaters: Would you start eating meat for $20,000?
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My friends are getting married tomorrow and asked me to officiate. I was only asked on Wednesday, so it isn't that I have been sitting around with this information for months. I have no idea what to say in the ceremony.

Do you have any funny ideas/stories for wedding ceremonies?

I have been looking at scripts for a few days and am trying to piece together something.

this is an extremely casual thing, taking place at occupy olympia, so it doesn't have to be serious.
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This one might be sort of a homework question, but can you think of any arguments that people use in favor of reducing funding to schools?

Ooh, just thought of another: have you ever had to replace a key on your keyboard? My Control key broke off permanently (little bits of the plastic that hold it on have broken off), and my sister told me about websites where you can buy replacement keys, but...have you had any experience with these sorts of things?

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Hey TQC.

Why do women put on makeup and wear perfume?

...Because they're ugly and they smell bad.

I am wearing a jester hat to work tomorrow for halloween in an office environment. Will you please share some fun jokes that I can tell to people at my office that don't get too offensive?

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How do you eat your candy bars?

Apparently my co-workers think I'm insane for eating all the sides/top/bottom of any type of candy bar first. I thought this was how everyone did it. Back me up here.

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Has anyone here been following what's going on with Qantas? Thoughts on the issue?
Do you think Qantas is going down the shitter?

Should I redeem my frequent flyer points while I can?
I have enough for either a 32gb iPad 2 (I don't really want one though) or a $1000 gift card for Myer/Harvey Norman. I was saving up for flights overseas (less than 8000 points away) but they won't do me a lot of good if Qantas dies.

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I'm going to be traveling to my home country soon and I want to change the currency on my bank account from dollars to pesos. But I don't know if my automatic payments would go through if the currency on the account is change.

Will I be able to pay my bills if I change the type of currency?
Walking Dead


I was looking at college crime rates and one of the stats they used was "non-forcible rapes."

What would be a non-forcible rape?
Do they mean if one were drunk and gave consent?

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I have some instant pudding mix

but i have no milk of any sort...just eggs and vegetable oil. would either of those be a successful replacement?? or would it be too gross? what else could i use?

how you doin' tonight?

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I'll be finishing my English Literature degree this year, and it's totally put me off reading.
However, i'm really excited to get back into reading again once I can read books of my choice, so i'm building up a wish list of all the things i've wanted to read in the past 3 years and not been able to.
So far I have the Lord of the Rings trilogy on it, On Stranger Tides and Ovid's Art of Love. I'm looking for 'must read before you die' books that are also easy to read.

Assuming i've read the majority of the classics, what should I read?
Gravity's Rainbow

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What's the worst or most uncomfortable sleeping experience you've ever had? (It has to be a time that you actually slept, not a time you stayed awake all night.)

What are some foods that taste better than they look?

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I plan to take the GMAT soon (for those of you who don't know what the GMAT is, it's like the SAT for business school).

I tried downloading the practice tests on the official website, but it turns out that the tests are only PC-compatible. I have a Mac. All of my close friends have Macs.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I might be able to find 'free' PC-access??
FYI: I live in NYC, so it's impossible to get into a school library without an ID :(

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So I live in southern California, and I'm driving up with my family to Danville (near San Jose-ish) for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to stop and visit my friend at UC Santa Cruz.
My question is, does anyone know if it's possible to get from the 5 freeway to Santa Cruz without going two hours out of the way? Like a train or a really long bus? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)