October 29th, 2011


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tqc, i would love your advice!

i want to make a special dinner for my so (for us, halloween is a big holiday), but the thing is that i am reeeeally inexperienced (and unskilled) at cooking. What should I make him? Needs to be relatively easy, vegetarian would be a plus, and something a little more special than pasta, which is the sole meal in my current repertoire. Thanks for any help!

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this is based on things I've been told by other people/friends:

Pretend you aren't super cool you, but general population...

Is 30 too old to have a tongue ring?

Is 30 too old to dye your hair blue?

As a woman soon to be turning 30, do I need to start considering settling down?
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are you more likely to initiate the first kiss, or wait until the other person makes a move?
where was your last first kiss?
do you follow the "third date" rule?

edit: "third date rule" = no sex until the third date.

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I am going to work on a lesson to show kids who plot, characters and setting interact. I think I'd like to use fairy tales, but I'm wondering-
Do you think it'd be better to use fairy tales or alternative fairy tales?

I am having trouble finding alternative fairy tales online but I worry that if I use the fairy tales they are familiar with, we'll lose the reading aspect and they'll fill in what they know and guess on the rest.

Do I drag my butt to Barnes & Noble and hope they have Politically Correct Bedtime Stories?

EDIT- jk. Called B&N and they don't have anything by that author in stock. Can you please direct me to an online alternative fairy tale/ bedtime story? Ideally I'll use 6 but even one would be a great starting place.

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Can you help me with a last minute halloween costume?
I have a tutu, trousers with thick black and white stripes on them, a corset, and access to a couple of small party shops and other bits and bobs. (I'd rather not have to buy too much). I'm a zombie every year, and am pretty nifty with the liquid latex. I thought of Beetlejuice but don't have the jacket to go with the trousers. Thanks!

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Guys. It's snowing. To do my two-hour shift at work later today, I'd have to walk a mile and a half in the snow, which I have no issue doing. The issue is mostly the fact that my grandma has Alzheimers and today is a bad day for her; she's come up and asked to go home (when she already is at home) three times in the past hour. The older ladies I normally ask to watch her won't come out in the snow. I don't really feel comfortable at all leaving her alone for three hours (two hours to work and an hour's walking time). Is this a valid reason to call out today?

DK/DC: do you like gnocchi? I just tried it for the first time yesterday and was surprised at how much I liked it.

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How do you feel about people who state the obvious?

I sometimes wear make-up to work. It goes in phases... like i'll wear it for a few weeks then not wear it at all for months then wear it a day or two here and there. EVERYTIME I wear it, multiple people come up & are all "OMG- you're wearing make up" like 1- Yes, I am aware I did it this morning. 2- You say this everytime I wear make-up.. so it's not an earth shattering event.

This probably sounds really petty but it irks me...

Does anyone do this to you? Like mention/make a big deal out of it when you put a bit of extra effort in your looks? How do you feel when people say "you look tired" or "you look pretty today"

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If you had to make a halloween costume using only items you already have in your closet, what could you be?

(i know, i know, ugh halloween costume posts, but really, i'm just curious what random crap you all have in your closets...i have not one but TWO fake beards. AND a plastic ax!)
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Hey, hey, TQC, I'm all bubbly feeling and excited, I have a date to a haunted house tonight. It's going to be freezing tonight, but I want to look cute. What should I wear? Jeans, skirt, dress with tights?

Please help me!
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It seems that the U.S. has decided to skip fall and go straight into winter, which means I have begun my yearly ritual of freaking out about how cold it suddenly is and shopping for warm things.

Right now the only winter-appropriate outerwear I own is a purple Columbia ski jacket and a cropped wool pea coat, which is black. I tend to wear a lot of long shirts and vest-type things, and since buying those coats have moved to a part of the country where it tends to rain more than snow. Not only does the cropped wool coat look ridiculous with longer shirts, but it also isn't really designed for rain.

TQC fashionistas, can I get your help?

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the kiddos

Hating on Halloween?

Did any of you folks NOT like trick or treating as a kid?

Did you hate dressing up in costumes in general or what?

If you didn't want to go, did your parents make you?

Inspired by my five year old who hates costumes and is refusing to go trick or treating even though I said he could go as Caleb in his regular clothes. He still doesn't want to so we're not going to force it but I kinda hope that on Halloween he'll change his mind because its so much fun!
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I'm having Brussels sprouts for lunch. I only can eat them when my so isn't at home. He really doesn't like them, but I do. So, TQC, do you like Brussels sprouts?

Poll #1790723 Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

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Baby Sling Thing?

You know when someone has a baby and they use this giant sling of fabric to hold them against their body? It looks like a mini hammock/wrap that goes over the mom's shoulder and head and turns into a cradle for the infant. Is there an official name for those things?

I'm looking to buy one used and if I had a name to search with it would be a huge help! Thanks!
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Where do you watch movie and such online if it's not on instant netflix? I have a preference for gorillavid.

What made you FFUU when you couldn't find it on instant netflix? I FFUUed very hard when I couldn't find Criminal Minds or the US version of Queer as Folk. :/

DK;DC: What have you been doing this weekend? Vegging out. Being a lazypants.

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I just bought a bread machine for $4.99 at a thrift store. What should my first loaf be? Difficulty: no dairy or eggs, although I can sub margarine for butter.

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There was a cookie recipe that made graham crackers look like dominos. I think both sides were dipped in chocolate and the dots were mini chocolate chips and small decorative candies. Does anyone had a clue where I could find it? I've tried Googling, but none of those recipes look remotely the same. :(
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A few years ago my then-best friend made me a little framed collage full of stuff that meant a lot to our friendship, inside jokes and such. A few months after she made it we had The Biggest Falling Out Ever and I shoved it into storage and forgot about it. This was almost two years ago, I haven't spoken to her since. I just found it and I have no idea what to do with it. Throwing it out seems kind of callous, because as negative as my feelings towards her now are, she was one of the best friends I've ever had and the memories still mean a lot. Should I shove it back into storage and revisit in another two years? Throw it away anyway and get over it? Option C?

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You knock on a door. The person on the other side says "Yes?"

Does that mean you should open the door and walk in? Or is it just the start to a conversation held from both sides of the closed door?

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iPhone 4 Noob

Has anyone updated their iPhone 4 software to iOS 5.0? Was it a good choice? Or would you rather just stick with what you have? I'm a little hesitant since I'm still new to the world of smart phones. :(

Any advice/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

DK/DC: How has your weekend been so far? Are you going to any Halloween parties?

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How do you deal with your anger...specifically irrational anger?

I dont know what to do at this point and Im starting to feel self-destructive...


Dk/dc/always happy:

What is the last movie you watched and how was it?


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I asked awhile ago about a former student who bypassed getting extra help from an unhelpful teacher for writing her college entrance essay. It's supposed to be about something/someone that has had a major impact on your life. At first, she said that SHE has had the biggest impact on her life. I told her to make an effort to pick a person according to what was being asked.

I just got two versions of a paper stating that *numbers* have influenced her life. (As in, she's 17 years old and writing the paper, she was 8 when blah blah happened). This is still totally wrong and at this point, it's more effort than I feel like making.

How would you handle this?
Should I just edit what she gave me or tell her AGAIN that it's not what they're looking for?


What are you up to tonight?
Anything you'd like to talk about?

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i just got a phone call from work saying that i don't have to come in. it snowed a ton today, so my roommates and i just did celebratory snow day shots of pumpkin liqueur mixed with cafe patron. several of them.

what was the last delicious thing that entered your body/mouth/sensual orifice?

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What are some ways you have raised money?  I'm going to be selling some stuff on eBay, and am crocheting beanies to sell around here (school colors and camo) but other than that IDK what I could do. I've thought about having a kegger or something of that sort.