October 28th, 2011


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I edited a bunch of pictures I took, had them printed and then mailed them to a few family members.
None of them have said anything to me about them.

I did it because I wanted to but...am I right to be a little annoyed that I haven't heard anything from them?

Why is it so dead here?
What do you want to talk about?
I'm bored out of my minddd!


today i got kisses [would have gotten more but my little brother was home "sick"].
and these weren't cheek kisses either. these were turn-his-head, duck-down, little-bit-of-tongue, in-front-of-my-family lip kisses.
i think we've [we being the S/O and I] leveled up as a few months ago I would have been lucky to have gotten a kiss on the cheek much less a purposeful planned kiss on the lips.
what do you think?

dk/dc/what the fuck: Are you doing NaNo this year? Got a topic in mind?


I heard that in Butte, Montana, there's a religious group that likes to sneak up on people and overwhelm them with literature before they can react.

Q: What would you do if you were the victim of SURPRISE BUTTE SECTS?

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So, my dog sleeps in bed with me, and last night I woke up to find a bunch of worms all over the bed =/. Totally grossed out.

I'm getting her medicine and stuff later today, my question is: Do I just wash the sheet/blanket like normal? Should I run them through twice? Should I burn them?

With not-so-great power comes not-as-much responsibility

Which limited superpower would you like to have?

Ability to stop time, but for just 5 seconds every 24 hours
Ability to fly, but for only 5 minutes a day (better wear a watch)
Ability to see through walls, but only after swallowing a spoonful of wasabi. Each spoonful grants you an hour of seeing through walls
Ability to make someone turned on/sexually stimulated, using only your mind. You can use this power once per day
Ability to turn invisible. 10 seconds each day
Ability to read minds, but only if they're wearing the color purple
Ability to be physical invulnerable, but only as long as you hold your breath
Heat vision. You can scorch people or set things on fire. However, after every usage your vision is blurry for the next hour
Photographic memory, but it only works when you're humming the theme to the Brady Bunch. You have to hum the theme when you want to remember, too
Ability to change your appearance into anybody else (including famous people). Just 5 minutes per day
Super strength. Can lift cars and shit. But, like Popeye, you only get strong after eating an entire can of spinach
Ability to know how to please every single person, sexually. You'll be the best they ever had. Ever. Each time you use this power, you get a severe, excrutiating migraine that lasts 15 minutes
Superspeed. You can do anything twice as fast as normal. However, you have to consume 2,000 calories right before. Each 'boost' lasts an hour
Power to turn back time 5 seconds. This is good for preventing bad things, or maybe certain betting scenarios. You have to throw up immediately afterwards
Ability to heal one person a day. Any kind of injury or disease. Each time you use this power, you take a week off your life. Heal 4 people, and you'll die a month sooner

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I bought a few items of clothing the other day, and upon checking the receipt just now, I saw that the idiot sales associate rung me up twice for one item. Do I have to physically bring in the shirt that was charged twice, or should I be fine just bringing in the receipt?

What I'm unsure about is how they would know that THEY were the ones to charge me twice rather than thinking that I was trying to lie by claiming that I was charged twice for an item that I actually meant to buy twice.
I guess all individual items in a store have a completely different barcode even if they're the exact same item?
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Weekly Status Reports

I work for a company that does projects. Sometimes one project will end with a few weeks until the next project begins.

The last year, the company enacted a policy where you have to report to a manager and explain to them what you've been doing while you are between projects. I haven't been project-less since this policy was created, but now I am and I really have no idea what to write on my status report.

Have you ever had to B.S. your way through or explain to an employer that you've had nothing to do for a period of time?
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Inspired by my remembering how much I wanted Better Blocks a couple posts below:

What toys/video games/etc did you covet the most as a child? Did you ever get them? What is your unrequited toy love?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Do you know what a taqueria is?

Where are you from?

If you're out super late one night (say, 2am) and you get hungry, where would you go to get food (and you gotta go to a restaurant or something similar. You can't go home to eat and you can't go to an all night grocery store/corner store/etc.)?

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the shoes i was going to wear with my Doctor Who costume tonight have holes in the bottoms and it just rained.

what should i do?

wear my cowboy boots
not wear socks to the place i'm going and put them on when i get there

would the cowboy boots work with the DW costume? i've got a white top with pink flowers, black suspenders and bowtie and grey pants. the boots are medium-dark brown.
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Problems with Guest Houses/B&Bs

In a relatively small guest house or bed & breakfast, think maybe 5-7 rooms max, what kinds of issues might the owners come across? I'm talking guest problems, maintenance issues, specific monetary problems, etc., especially if the owners are fairly young and inexperienced at the business. Any ideas?
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My friend is telling me about a terrifying book she had as a kid, and now I desperately want it. She did say this may be two separate books, but I'm hoping someone recognises it:

It was about a china doll that moved and possessed children. And stole their hair. It's hair was made up of all different colours because it had a strand(?) from each child it had stolen. Then one day it had a strand of the little girl's hair that owned it, and the girl was missing.

Any ideas?

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Guys, my grandma was just diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. I'm calling her tomorrow but I don't know what to say. She's a lot like me in that we don't like to be fussed over, but I want her to know I'm thinking of her in this time of need. There's the added complication in that (due to circumstances that would take too long to explain) I haven't been able to see her in 6 years and I have only talked to her a handful of times since then. I'm afraid I'll break down crying or say something that will just make her feel uncomfortable as well as (obviously) depressed/scared/etc.

What in the world do I say?
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How many battery-operated devices are in the room you're in? My living room has three Wii remotes, two cell phones, two cordless landline phones, a wall clock, a car key fob, and probably half a dozen TV/component remotes.

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Unlike me, my sister only likes gifts that have a definite purpose.
Since I'm going to cheat and go for edible gifts: would you rather get a sampler of random ass, high end chocolate or a sampler of six red wines?

If those are lame--any suggestions for something that has a *purpose* for someone who loves to cook and exercise?

What are you up to tonight?
Should I make myself some french toast?

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Sup everyone, I need some recommendations.
I have a hosting site that doesn't have an ecommerce shop that supports selling downloadable PDFs. I need a separate source that will support selling PDFs as well as the option for people to "buy" free immediate download PDFs. As well as provide a direct link to put on my website. And that will be PayPal supported, even better if they take credit/debit cards as well.

Any recommendations?