October 26th, 2011


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So, this is gross... but my friend has been complaining about bug bites for a while now. She went to the doctor because it was so persistent and it turns out she had scabies. Google tells me it is only contagious through direct skin contact, but now I feel paranoid. I have done things like sat/leaned on her bed, and sat in her bean bag. I found a couple of bug bites on me that look and feel like mosquito bites, but are they? Do I have scabies? Or am I just freaking out for no reason?

What's the ickiest illness you've encountered in real life?

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Just got asked on a last-minute date to see the Footloose remake. I'm a little wary because most remakes usually aren't very... good. What's your opinion on remakes? Do you have any good ones to recommended? Horrifically bad ones to avoid?
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For women who use hormonal birth control:

What method do you use? Do you like it?
What methods have you used in the past? How did they work out?

I have been on the pill which I found to be too much of a hassle to remember to take it at exactly the same time every day. I was on Implanon for the past year and a half, but then I stopped having periods regularly (I would skip every other month or so), and for some reason that makes me uncomfortable. Am I dumb to be worried that skipping periods could affect my fertility? I don't need birth control to prevent pregnancy; I'd like to use it to lighten my periods which are naturally very heavy. The Implanon also left a pretty big scar on my arm. I want to find a form of birth control that isn't a big hassle that will just make me have a normal period. Any suggestions?
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My boss is being unfair what can I do?

I graduate this December, and my current boss assumed that I would be getting a new job by January (like the job market is so good right now). Anyways I think she kind of promised my position to a girl that works here who I oversee. While that was their plan they were extra nice to me. Somehow it came up on coversation if I was going to get another job and I told them that it might be hard to get a teaching job in this city, so I was going to keep this job until I found something else.

Well from this they deduced that I would put their plans to promote that other girl on hold. Now I feel like this girl is watching me closely and whatever little thing I do wrong, or differently, she goes and tells my boss. My boss however does not confront me, instead she gives me extra work, that is unnecessary and just plain "busy-work."

I have worked here for about 3 yrs. now and my boss gives excessive work to people she wants to drive into quitting, so I am afraid she wants me to get overwhelmed, quit, then her current favorite gets my job.

Not long ago she fired a guy, not following proper procedure, that guy got hold of other people and was able to keep his job because his firing didn't have enough bases. So, she kind of has a record on this.

What should I do about this. Should I start recording religiously this girl's harrasement? Should I confront either of the two? I don't know what to do...what would you do?

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I have the nicest xbox on the market and its my prized possession and when I let other people use it for some reason it bothers me so much to the point where im going to cry. I've made the mistake of letting my room mates use it and they use it way to much and its driving me crazy but im to afraid to be an asshole and tell them they can't use it. What should I do?
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In your opinion, who is the best villain in all of movie history?

You have a whole orange in front of you, and you want to eat it. How would you describe the process you take to eat the orange?

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I am going for my first 'informal' job interview ever. I am more nervous about this interview then I would be for normal interviews.

Can I please have some funny gifs to me ease up a bit?

For a million dollars, wouldya...?

Poll #1789916 For $1,000,000, would you...

...get a tattoo of the goatse.cx guy over your bellybutton? You're not allowed to have it removed


...make a youtube video about geography, where you get America and Africa mixed up? You end up calling Chad 'California' and New Mexico 'Ethiopia'. You'll be a youtube sensation and the video will get like millions of hits. You'll be publically known as one of the stupidest people on earth. People will imitate your video for comedy sake. You'll be filthy rich, but have a bad reputation


...move to a small agricultural town in Wyoming (population 41), where you'll have to stay for the next 4 years?


...wear only animal furs every time you leave the house for the next 10 years? Only clothes made from animal furs


...go a month eating only the skin from KFC chicken, smothered in gravy? That's the only food you can eat for 30 days. Someone else will have to eat the chicken meat


...take steroids for 6 months, while lifting weights daily?

Grammar love!

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So...I have recently acquired a pair of platform shoes (gift from my grandmother. Yeah yeah my grandma's awesome :)). Something like this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41WfO6gZv4L._AA280_.jpg except they're shinier (patent faux-leather).

What would be a good halloween costume with these shoes? I am out of ideas. I'm down for almost anything except video game or fantasy-novel/Harry potter movies/etc characters since I'm not really into such things.

I have a lot of belly-dance costume pieces, black-and-white houndstooth tights, a huge flamenco skirt and probably other stuff as well. But the costume doesn't have to be limited to these items.

dk/dc: Are you dressing up for halloween? Do you have a costume in mind?

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I am going to make homemade truffles for Christmas presents this year.
What flavor truffle would you like to receive, if you were going to receive a selection of them?

I'm planning to make three flavors that all are harmonious together.

Do you make homemade presents? What?
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Would you like to play a game?

Congratulations! You've found a genie. This is a special genie- it can grant you any one wish, no matter what. However, this one wish comes with a consequence; a price, if you will.

Knowing this, and knowing that the commentors have free reign, what would you wish for, TQCers?

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There's a collector that keeps calling my office for someone who has not worked here for over two years. I've told them several times that that person is no longer employed here and to stop calling, yet they keep calling and insist they work here, wtf? What can I do to get them to stop pestering me?

i can just stick a bandaid on this right?

How do you know if a cut needs stitches - I cut my middle finger on a can that was in the sink while I was cleaning up, its not a big cut, its a little over a centimeter, but its bled through a bandaid. I'm assuming I can just keep changing the bandaid and it will be fine?  (At least, this is what I'm hoping, my travel health insurance ran out a couple of weeks ago)

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Help me prioritise TQC!
Do I work on a pretty tough essay due in for next monday (i'm busy this weekend and the next, but won't cover one of the texts involved until this monday) or do my reading for tomorrow? I have another essay due in this monday which is nearly finished, but I may have to redraft after a meeting with my tutor tomorrow.

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To those of you who get tips at your job, what do you do?


I run the daycare portion of a boarding facility.


On average, how much do you get in tips per day/week/month/however you want to break it down for us?


I usually get $80-$100 a month. It can almost double in the summer.


What's the biggest tip you've ever gotten?  How much was the bill?


A client just left a $150 tip on a $1500 bill and I get 1/3 of that.


DK/DC/I don't get tips - Have you ever not tipped for lousy service?  What happened?

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I'm not sure how many kids live in my neighborhood but I live in a converted house so the front door is always locked and just leads into a foyer towards apartments. We also have two sets of stairs to our front door, each threeish steps. Would it be creepy/weird to leave a bowl of candy and maybe a lantern of some sort towards the top of the first set of stairs? Or just a wasted effort?

What's your favorite type of jam?
Favorite lunch food?

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Questions for Canadian TQCers or those interested in Canadian politics:

A friend told me that Queen Elizabeth has dissolved the Canadian parliament several times. I didn't believe her so I looked it up and apparently it's true. My questions are: I didn't know that the queen still had that much power over Canada, why is that? Is having the parliament dissolved a good thing or a bad thing (in general)? Why hasn't the queen dissolved the English parliament (if she has, I don't remember so an explanation of it would be helpful).

Explain this like you would to a five year old. I'd really appreciate it!
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My friend and I were talking about the saying, "it is what it is," and how it's perfect for every situation. Then he posed a question: "Is there ever a situation where you'd say, 'it is what it isn't'?"

Can you guys think of one?

Additionally, can anyone recommend a good Livejournal client? My semagic client is being weird.

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1) Without looking it up, can you name any movies or TV shows that Lindsay Lohan has appeared in within the last five years?

2) Do you speak any languages other than your native language? How long did it take you before you considered yourself fluent?
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If you were going to be fired anyway, would you rather they fired you at the start of the shift so you could just go home or at the end of the shift so you'd be paid for another day? Assume you don't have a second job.

Someone I know recently got fired, and I was trying to decide which would be the lesser of two evils.
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Another Halloween question, sorry. What elements should I incorporate into my elven druid costume? (I'm on a budget so inexpensive suggestions would be best!)

What are your favorite mythical creatures?

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I just got two eight-week old kittens, and the male kitten just starting peeing on the carpet. He used the litter box just fine for the first week, and still poops in it, but he won't pee in it. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow, but does anyone have any ideas? He's not fixed yet.

Also, I've noticed that sometimes when he's playing with the female kitten, she'll mew a lot. I've been trying to let them sort things out themselves, but I'm afraid he's bullying her or being overly aggressive. I haven't had kittens since in fifteen years so maybe this is normal kitten behavior, but it bothers me that she mews like that. Advice?

ETA: He'll also attack humans when we're not even moving. I was just sitting here reading something and he ran up and started biting my arm. Wtf?
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question about a restraining order for those who have had previous experience, preferably.

last year, a restraining order was issued while tim lived in a city which is a 25 minute drive. it expires (but will be renewed) in january of 2012.

in 5 days, tim is moving a 1 minute drive from the person who has a restraining order on them. currently, the order says tim is to stay 20 yards away (they will be moving 5 blocks away.)

there is a court date for a custody hearing in two weeks. could/should these issues be brought up to the judge, and what are the odds that the restraining order can be modified to make the keep-away distance longer?

as a bit of info, so long as tim drives by the other person's house, they can be arrested. for this reason, it's kind of idiotic to move so close but tim loves chaos, drama, and the "thrill" of it.

any and all help much appreciated.

eta- past history on "tim": has a restraining order for disrupting plaintiff's workplace, for threatening plaintiff, for harassing and badgering plaintiff, for returning to plaintiff's workplace though advised not to. though those seem mild in the grand scheme of things, the order was prolonged because of tim's history -- anger management, several other restraining/harassment protection orders which have been violated, domestic violence, road rage, etc.
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A mother of two school-aged children is aware that her husband is physically abusing the kids, but supresses this reality and, effectively, ignores it. She essentially allows the father to continue abusing them using the rationale that if she reports him, child services will remove the kids and possibly place them in a foster home, which she doesn't want to happen, as she can't afford to raise them on her own even temporarily.

Is the mother partially responsible for the abuse? Should she be charged with abuse? Neglect? Something else? Nothing at all?

Would you report it, even if you had no proof beyond a few photographs and a 30-second video? Would you not mention the mother's ignorance and hope the she & the kids could get out together, or would you tell the whole story and pray for the best?
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Why are my asshole neighbours setting off fireworks at 9:58 on a school night in a neighbourhood full of small children?

Srs/Non-Srs answers welcome.

Edit: I went out and confronted the neighbours about the noise because I know they're not celebrating Diwali and my cousin is in a panic. They called me a variety of not so pleasant names and reeked of beer, but I threatened to call the cops and they stopped. Yay!

Share your favourite macros/gifs?

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If you're prone to nightmares- do you ever wake up so scared that you have a difficult time going back to sleep? What do you do?

What are you up to tonight?
Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to?

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My parents got their paws on my laptop for just TWO HOURS and it is all messed up now, specifically with facebook. Is there something new that happened to FB in the past evening, like I'm hoping? I can't access Words with Friends, can't click links like "Read all 4 comments" or "older posts" but I can click to people's own FB pages and can successfully click links to other pages. However, if I click on the messages icon on the top I can't get to the page. When I click on the "read all... comments" link, this is the blank page I'm taken to: http://www.facebook.com/ajax/ufi/modify.php

All they say they did was use IE instead of Google Chrome. What happened? Can someone PLEASE help me? I am worried there's some virus or crap, but Kaspersky is telling me all is well. But STILL why so weird?

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For my class, we have to do two library visits, interview the librarians, etc. etc. I already did one, but I haven't heard from the second one. I emailed him and I've gotten nothing (only sent one e-mail). The assignment is due the 2nd, and I've been hesitant to email someone else/a different library, because I don't want that guy to finally email me back and I would then have to be like, "o, sry, I don't want you anymore I found someone else to interview" lol.

Would it be... dumb to e-mail my professor and explain to her my conundrum and ask her if she has any solutions about how to go about it from here? I'm worried she'll be like, "Ugh, you're an adult, you should be able to figure it out yourself" (she wouldn't actually say that, but you know).

*If this makes any difference, I'm in graduate school.

Thanks, TQC! :)