October 25th, 2011

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What are some films you might recommend to a self-described literature geek (save for Bright Star, Dead Poets' Society, and the more mainstream/modernized Shakespeare adaptations)?
Sue Dummy
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Is there anything you know a lot about just because it was something that interest you? Just something you, yourself have learnt about over time for no real reason apart from you found it interesting.

I know a lot about The Tudor period/The Elizabethan era, WWII (I love history in general but I'm most drawn to those) and nail polish.
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What's that word that basically means to upset and ignore a group of people because you do or believe in something they don't agree with?

For example, it's might be used when a very conservative politician supports gay rights or the right to choose, and the conservatives who previously liked the politician would accuse him/her of doing this to them. It's something like isolate, or violate, or something-ate. I can't remember the word and I can't find anything close to it on Thesaurus.com.

Do you know what word I'm talking about?!

Duh, the word is alienate. TYVM :)

Uhh.. so how's the weather?

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Hi, TQC!

I want to ask your opinion on my situation.

I'm 20. I'm a girl. And ... well I've never had been dating. I've never kissed a guy. And nobody ever offered me to date them. Never there was any sexual subcontext in my relationships with guys.
I'm not fat, not ugly. I'm trying to wear good clothes. I'm studying a lot... learning, so I can be an interesting person to communicate with, not only for that of course, but that's not the point.
I really want to understand what am doing wrong in life, if I'm 20 and single?
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Cat people:

When it comes to kitty litter, do you go for cheap or good? What brands do you recommend? (We've been doing cheap for years, but with four cats, I'm wondering if a higher-quality litter would last longer.)

All-inclusive second question:

Do you eat breakfast every day? (Coffee with sugar and/or cream doesn't count.)

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Should I spend $33 (plus service charges) to see Feist in November? like, is it worth it? (I saw her live once, probably about 5 years ago, when she played Vancouver Folk, before she was really big)

What's the most you've spent to see a show? (not a festival. When I saw Tegan and Sara, it was $40)

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I mailed a check with my grad school application on the 17th of October.
My bank sometimes takes up to a week for things to show up.
Is it even possible to call the school to ask if they received the packet I sent or does that make me look like a way too eager idiot? Or should I wait?

The deadline is a week from today.

What's your next meal going to consist of?

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I just lost my full time job. I have a part time job that requires a 1099 so it's not technically "on the books." My dad thinks I should go on unemployment even though I have the part time job. Do you think this is a good idea? 'Cause I'd really rather not go on unemployment if I can help it.
>> for blue skies
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I have a job interview on Thursday for a fairly posh restaurant. I am not an interview pro; I don't remember the last time I had one. I really need this job!
Do you have any tips? What to wear, what to make sure I do/don't say etc?

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I need some cleaning help.

I'm moving into a new house in a month. The house itself, however, is not so new. It's about 50-60 years old, and for the past 5 years or so, no one has taken care of it. Pretty much everything is being redone in the next month before I move in. The cabinets in the kitchen, however, are probably going to stay because cabinets are expensive, and they're not in terrible shape. They are dirty as fuck though. There are mouse droppings in a few of the cabinets (which I looked up how to clean; soak with a 10% bleach solution?) and roaches have crawled all over them, etc. You get the idea.

Obviously, I don't feel comfortable putting my food and dishes into these cabinets in the condition they are in, but what is the best way to get these as clean as can be? They are wooden cabinets, which is where my concern is at, because I'm not too sure how to disinfect wood the best way. Should I just do the 10% bleach solution over everything and leave it at that? Will that be enough?

Tell me how to clean effectively so I don't contract some terrible disease, please. haha.   

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What are your favorite Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other fall/winter holiday side dishes?

How about desserts/cookies?

How many different places do you have to go eat on these holidays?

I have 3 or 4 places to go, and I need ideas of what to bring!

Also, what should I name my baby girl, who will probably have the middle name Jewel?

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You're looking for a last minute costume, but the Halloween store's been picked clean. These are the only costumes left. Which will you wear?

Troll (nude bodysuit, big colorful hair, gem for your bellybutton
Tower of London
Sexy beekeeper (female)
Steven Segal
Mary Poppins
Sexy plumber (female)
Patty/Selma (Simpsons)
Zombie Justin Bieber
Judge Ito (costume's dated 1997)
Sumo wrestler
Sexy sherpa (female)
Y2K (use your imagination what this costume looks like)
Hilary Clinton
Just won't dress up this year

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For those of you that are in school, what particular problem or subject is troubling you?

I can't for the life of me figure out what equation to use to figure out solar radiation and illumination of a skylight in a lecture hall. Its for my Architecture and the Environmental Response class. My brain is mush. Its a group project and none of my group members seem to have the equation either.

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One of my classmates was ever so nice and sent me notes from a class I missed after I made a facebook post promising baked goodies for anyone who would help me. She of course said I didn't need to make something, but I bake all the time anyway, so I told her I was going to anyway.

Of these options, which should I make her?
I know all of these are fine for her dietary-wise.

Which should I bake?

dk/dc: What's the last nice thing someone did for you?

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I had a costume idea based strictly on the punnish name 'Typhoid Marty'. Only trouble is, I don't know how to execute it. I can't think of any famous, recognizable Martys, and how does one typhoid-up a character?

How could I pull this costume idea off?

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i just moved bridge to terabithia to the #1 spot on my netflix dvd queue because i loved the book when we read it in 5th grade. am i going to regret this decision? (i know it's for kids but does it suck?)

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I'm fairly socially awkward and I'm absolutely crazy about a friend of mine, which is a fairly unfortunate combination. I'm positive he feels the same way, but neither of us will make an actual move. We've made some moves, he gave me his number, I asked him to hang out, but we're still just... friends. I really want to do something because it's been five absolutely ridiculous months, but I don't think I can do it in person without passing out or forgetting how lips work or sweating excessively. SO. 

How socially acceptable (or not) do you think it is for a senior in college to text someone about ~feelings? 

Totally unrelated- Do you like bacon, eggs, one or the other, or neither? I hate them both violently and I have been informed this is odd.

Update- Socially acceptable or not is yet to be determined, but it did work, and that's all that matters. He likes me too, so. There we have it. 

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Is there something particularly appalling about the recent Airborne commercials (which I haven't seen)? Someone on my Twitter keeps complaining about them, but she's an animator (I think) so I was wondering if maybe there's some inside joke I'm missing??

By complaining I mean she is flipping out repeatedly that these commercials have given her nightmares and ruined her life. Someone else must have noticed, she's an Adventure Time person >_> Unless this is a conspiracy to make me feel totally in the dark about some amazing joke that doesn't actually exist.

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Partially advice, partially curious:
Imagine you've started seeing someone and it's going well enough but you don't know each other extremely well yet. Simultaneously, an ugly and unexpected burst of depression/anxiety/your mood disorder of choice begins to rear its head. Would you let the person know what's going on since they'll find out eventually anyway and it'll make things easier to be honest, or do you try to conceal it until you know each other better so that A) they don't run away from you and B) they don't have to bear any of the burden of it?

Don't know/care:
When is the last time you did something TOO SOON?
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How should I do my 6 year olds hair for Crazy Hair day tomorrow?

I told him I'd let him choose from whoever comments here's choices
Collapse )

Which is why when I asked what he wanted to do with his hair tomorrow, he said, "I don't need to do anything, I already have crazy hair!" But I told him I think it'd be fun to participate and he agreed. But neither of us can decide what to do!

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This is about a rap/hip hop song. I barely know any of the lyrics, but the chorus goes something like "bla bla bla bla bla and everybody knowwws' and the 'knows' is kind of drawn out. Sung by a guy. The song is more poppy than like hardcore rap. And it's a current song.

Anyone know what song I'm describing?

EDIT: Got it! highplaces is a rockstar. Or a googlestar. Something.

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are you attracted to a certain race/nationality more than others? why is that?

what is your race/nationality?

i am a white american female and i'm INSANELY attracted to middle eastern men, especially israelis, and my boyfriend is indian (not middle eastern, but brown, lol). I LOSE MY MIND over israeli men, i have no idea why. lol

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What was the last book/movie/game you finished that you feel the need to pimp?

I just finished a fantasy novel called Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson...omg so good. To be fair, I listened to the Graphic Audio version (which has a cast instead of just a narrator) so that may have influenced how I feel about it.
i say

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Do you have any strange or random interests?

For example, I couldn't care less about nautical history/events/ships/what have you, but I totally geek out any time I see anything about the Titanic. I've probably got a couple dozen documentaries recorded, and I definitely have a pile of books, I think I even have a puzzle and a model somewhere in storage from when I was a kid. The movie doesn't count. I really didn't care for that.

a difference of opinion

if you were going to the movies tomorrow wit your friend adn they were like, "Hey, my SO is coming and they're bringing a friend. It's kind of a double date." would that upset you or would you be excited?

we're watching The Inbetweeners and Will is upset, and my friend was like, "Oh man, I'd be so mad if someone did that to me." but man, i'd be excited, especially if the guy was fit.