October 24th, 2011

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Does doctor-patient confidentiality also apply to other / different doctors?  
E..g.  a person is over 18 and they have a general practitioner and a psychologist;  would the psychologiat be able to access the person's general medical records?  (The person lives in the United States.)

(Note:  This doesn't sound hypothetical, but it is.  I'm writing a story and trying not to get my facts wrong.)

Given the choice, what pattern of band-aid would you want:  Unicorns,  Robots, Zebra print, 'Star Wars' themed, or just plain beige?

Either robots or unicorns.  I might ask if they had a robot-unicorn pattern.
MLP - pinkie chicken

I enjoyed this last time - let's do it again!

What are some songs you think, in your opinion, everyone knows the words to?

Make individual comments for each song - so don't lump them all into one comment. Then go back and comment on all the songs you don't know!

(eg: someone comments that everyone surely must know the words to "hotel california" - you comment and say "I don't!")

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Have you ever had to be air lifted due to an accident or health-related issue?


If your insurance company sent you a check - in your name - to pay for the air flight services in the amount of roughly $15,000-$30,000 - would you do what is right?

Yes, I'd immediately send in the full amount. I don't want to be sent to collections and potentially have my wages garnished.
I would send in most, or a part of it. Why not have a little fun?
Hell no, that is MY money!
WHY would the insurance check send the payment to me in the first place???

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My boyfriend asked me this question the other night, and I think its a good one, so I'll ask you.
When Osama Bin Laden was killed, there were clips on the news of people out celebrating on the street. 
Why was nobody celebrating like that when Obama announced that the war in Iraq would be ending soon?

ETA - most of the people who are *happy* are also kind of cynical - like "well now what is going to happen? have we contributed to a civil war? what are the contracting companies going to do etc, etc, etc"

Digital Record

I'm going to buy a record player. I need one that I can connect to my computer and record the music and save it to the hard drive. Does anyone have a suggestion on which record player would be best? Software for doing it?
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I know that somewhere there is a way to make it so that, on my entries, my "current mood" etc stuff shows at the bottom of the entry instead of the top. Does anyone know where I can change that?
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Have any of you ever purchased anything from Moosejaw? I am so dumbfounded by their website and customer service attitude. It's ridiculously chipper and just.. absurd.
"Thanks for the email. We can't wait to read it. Opening email is super fun. Surpassed only by unexpected gifts and jack-a-lope sightings."
"Way to go. You've won the best email receipt we've sent out all day. We recommend either printing this receipt and framing it in your foyer or using it as a screensaver. It would probably also be nice for you to forward it around to a couple friends and maybe even an enemy or two."
"If you're bored, check us out on Facebook or Twitter. Our CFO said he doesn't understand why anyone would use Twitter. He also thinks that a narwhal is a made-up animal. Please don't tell anyone about it."
Oh gosh, so amused.

How's your day goin'?
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Psychology Majors/Parents Help

Ok, this is sort of a homework question, but I'm not a parents don't do psychology (and it's not for a psych subject), it's just something that I'm curious about in regards to my internship.

At what age does a baby start to develop attachment? Is three months too young? I'm ready up on Bowlby's attachment theory, and Ainsworth's, and I think one of the children that comes into the health centre where I work has Avoidant Attachment behaviour (i.e. shows no reaction when separated from mother, doesn't smile, shows no reaction when tickled or shown affection etc).

Can a three month old have Insecure attachment or is it too young? Also do babies at that age generally smile when they're with their mothers or giggle when you tickle them? Or are they still kind of in the 'blob' stage?

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What's the most drastic thing you've ever done?

It could be adventurous, like skydiving, or dramatic, like cutting yourself off from an entire group of friends, or something that broke the law...whatever comes to mind.

dk/dc What's your favorite holiday?

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Do you remember the show animaniacs? Do you remember the character from one or two episodes who was a deer/fawn? and i think it was supposed to be a male, and like african-american (as much as a cartoon deer could be?idk) and would say "mama didn't raise no fool?"

what was his name??? this is important lol
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Assuming the stranger is attractive, which of these lines would make you inclined to go back to his/her place?

"God, I drank too much. There's only one thing that prevents hangovers for me and that's hours of hot, passionate sex. Can you give me a hand?"
"Would you like to come back to my place and see this one painting I'm working on? I'd like your opinion"
"There's this water stain on the ceiling above my bed that, to me, resembles the Virgin Mary. Would you like to lie on my bed and see it?"
"Please walk me home to my apartment. I'm a little too drunk to get there by myself"
"I've decided to give up celibacy for lent, but I don't know how to give it up. Got any ideas?"
"I'll sleep with you only if you guess the number I'm thinking of between 1 and 4"
"Did I mention that I'm in a band?"
"You really haven't seen the alternate ending for Clerks? I have it at my place. Wanna see it?"
"Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?"
"Oh, you think you can beat me at Scrabble? I challenge you to a game. Now"
"Come with me if you want to live!"
"Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?"
"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I get a fat penguin? Shit, I think I mixed those 2 pickups lines up. What's your name?"
"Me Tarzan, you next! Me get cab!!"
None of the above. Just ick
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How many animals do you have before you're a hoarder?

I'm looking at my 5 dogs, 4 cats, 1 guinea pig and wondering....how many animals does a person have to have before you consider them animal hoarders? And does it matter if they live in the city or in the country, own or rent their home?

I don't consider myself an animal hoarder, everyone but the guinea pig is fixed and they all get shots, eat good food, etc. They are all indoor animals, we have 3 litter boxes and the dogs come in and out all day. They were all rescues in one way or another, we own our home and live in a small town.

I just realized it's a little overwheming when people come to the door the first time.

The reason we have so many is that we are a blended family. I had two dogs and two cats when we got married, my husband had two dogs. We wound up with dog # 5 from his mom when she couldn't keep her and the two extra cats wound up in our yard at just a few days old. They survived when the vet said they might not ( literally, their eyes were still closed), so we had to keep 'em.

I couldn't have told my kids and my husband couldn't tell his kids " Guess what, you're getting a new stepparent and two new siblings, we're changing schools and moving to a bigger house in a different neighborhood and you get to lose at least one animal. Aren't you happy for us? Yeah, all the kids would have just been so happy about the marriage, lol

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do your questions have a reoccuring theme? what is it?

I'm pretty anxious so I often ask will I die/will my dog die questions. I also seem to ask questions about food but at least I'm not alone!

If you don't know, will you post your username and let TQC tell you what you post about often?
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Hey Guys

Yo guys,

I just moved here to Texas from Massachusetts.

My neighbor is abusing his dog. He tells me he is "an outdoor" dog.

He has one additional "indoor" dog. WTF?

Is this sick or what?

How do I change his worldview?


Chained to a post.

No food or water visible.

Update: Brownie is now dead. This sucks......

Triple digit heat.

Barking all day and night.

Owner is not alarmed as to his fur which has many briars and mites.

You guys get the idea. The old southern guard dog mentality.........


Kitten question

I'm still tending to the stray kittens and need to know...

Do I need 3 seperate bottles for them or will one due if washed in between kittens?

How long do they need to be bottle fed for? meaning when can they be weened?

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So my boss has been super flirty with me. How do I discreetly let him know I'm DTF?

ETA: We text.. What text message can I send him that says "interested" without saying "desperate/trashy"?
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Say you're buying an item that happens to be on sale. The cashier makes a mistake and gives you a bigger discount than is correct, but you don't notice until after you've left the store. Do you go back & tell them they under-charged you? Or do you just smile at your good fortune?

Does it matter if the item is expensive?
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Two Subjects

#1 My son is turning 1 soon and I am planning a party.  Other children will be in attendance (ages 1-5-ish).  How long should a party of this nature be?  Is 1-4:30 too much?  Parents will be staying for the party and obviously can leave whenever they need to.

#2 My mom has recently had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and is trying to help control it through diet.  My parents have always been the "meat and potatos" kind of people and my mom admits that since us kids are all grown she often doesn't feel like cooking.  Where is a good place for me to find her easy-to-prepare recipes that can help her get on track to deal with these health issues?  What sorts of foods/ingredients are good to include and what things does she need to cut most?
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Have you ever had the opportunity to tell someone "I love you and all but I can't believe he burnt your furniture where we used to have our men's night"?
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I'm going home to visit my family in California for Christmas, and on January 3rd, I need to fly back to Alabama, where I live. I am currently looking at flights that have a layover in Chicago. What are the odds of me getting trapped in a ridiculous blizzard there? Should I try to find another flight that doesn't go through Chicago (or any city where it snows a lot)?
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1. What are your favourite cheap meals?

2. What makes you feel attractive?

Questions for women:

3. What term(s) of endearment do you use for other females (girl, dude, etc.)? How do/would you feel when/if people call you "man" in a casual fashion (e.g. hey man)?

4. Mothers: how did your body change after having a baby?
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Can you think if a movie scene (something like adam sandler or chris farley probably), a scene from SNL or Kids in the Hall, or something like that where someone falls down the stairs slowly and ridiculously? like feet over their head kind of? They're not hurt but their clothes are all rumpled.
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So I was just sitting on my couch, when I noticed something black and small on a nearby blanket.

I think it was a flea.

Here's the thing: I don't have a pet. I've never had pets, actually, so I really have no idea what a flea looks like. But it did hop around quite a bit.

However, there's a very friendly stray cat that sometimes sits with me when I sit outside on my porch, but I've only sat with her once or twice for about an hour. I pet her and sometimes let her sit in my lap.

Did I just inadvertently infect my apartment with fleas?
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For Halloween my costume is going to be really simple...a cat.  I have cat ears (well actually they are leapard but w.e) and it also came with a tail.
Do you guys think the tail is stupid, or should I wear it? I wasn't going to but now I'm thinking I might because it's such a simple costume.

Any other suggestions on how to spice up a cat costume?

Are you dressing up?
(sorry if this has been asked already, haven't been here in a while)

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If you're the type of person who friends people on Facebook, would you friend someone you met and spoke to briefly once? To be specific, they are the friend of an acquaintance's friend.

I normally don't friend, but I developed a small girl-crush on said person and I kind of want to look through their pics, etc.

Maybe I should wait until we maybe cross paths again?
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I turn 21 in a week and a friend is flying up for my birthday. What should I do the night of my birthday?
If I can remember I'll make a sloppy drunk post on here, too!